The Remarkable Breakthrough Truth Exposing the Toxic Biblical Creation Story

Accepting the Biblical Genesis creation story of Adam and Eve as historical is toxic to self-acceptance and self-esteem to billions of people worldwide! The creation story has been justification for the subjugation of women and a major cause of self-loathing!

What you will learn in this article:

  • Where the creation story originated
  • The deep esoteric principle it originally taught
  • Why you should learn the concept of a “monad” and how misunderstanding it caused the error in the biblical doctrine of Adam and Eve
  • connect the bible with its source teachings in a meaningful and practical way to enlighten and free you of destructive self-talk and beliefs

Why you should learn this:

  • Because Christianity teaches a theology that is destructive to self-acceptance
  • Accepting the theology based on the doctrines of “The Fall” of mankind cause you to suffer, on some level, with self-acceptance, impacts self-esteem and puts you at odds with living authentically and unapologetically you
  • Learning the source teaching, that was changed, will give you a foundation to build on with accepting who you are and help you with gaining confidence to bring your unique gifts to the world
  • It will give you perspective on how the error in understanding the myth lead to women being relegated to second class status
  • The original esoteric concept recognizes the feminine aspect as an equal and indispensable half of creation and not a lesser attribute as in the biblical Genesis story

The bible secret

The little known biblical secret is the story of Adam and Eve comes to Christianity through Greek Gnostics from their Egyptian teachers. … Read more

How To Help Our Christian family Out Of An Abusive Relationship With Religion




Many of us that are out of Christianity have a perspective to shake some sense into our Christian family. Because we have knowledge doesn’t make us right and we’ll not win them over if we are verbally abusive to them.… Read more

Exposing The Myth of Serving God to Fight Off Depression

Serving God is a myth and a prescription for burnout and depression that you were taught as a Christian. You burnout due to the theological practice of Christianity that teaches being human and serving God is different than living life Joyfully and authentically as you.… Read more

When sacred is so because of ignorance


That which is often times sacred today was a simple tool or idea in ancient times. Because of ignorance (not knowing) we worship ideas as sacred without background knowledge of its origin or intent.… Read more

Why is the Trinity all male?

As a Christian, I never really questioned the idea of an all-male Trinity. As I studied more of the Kemetic sciences and metaphysics in general I became aware of the ideas of the divine masculine and divine feminine.

I just assumed that the Christian idea was based on a patriarchal perspective.… Read more

The Divine Trinity is a Framework


Divine Trinity
The Divine Trinity is a Framework

The Divine trinity is actually a scientific formula for creating reality. It is divine in the sense that it is universal.  That’s what divine was a reference to in the ancient world.

As Christians, we were taught the doctrine of the trinity meant the God existed as unity of three distinct aspects (The Godhead).… Read more

Practical application of KRST in you

The Krst (Christ) in you
This meme is expressing the concept of Ausar or “The Christ” very succinctly. It is a divine principle. Divine simply means universal. In other words, this concept the ancient Africans called Ausar can apply with your life as well as the life of a plant.… Read more

Being spiritual does not mean act a certain way

So many people think being spiritual means you are supposed to “act” a certain way. You shouldn’t do this or that because you are “spiritual.” If you hold on to that idea, recognize that you are not being authentically you.Quote

Being you means that you are journeying through this experience.… Read more

Masculine and Feminine as functional Equivalents


Functional Equivalent means it serves the same function on different levels and stages in symbolism and myth

There are certain repeating symbols that when understood give you clues based on the function of those symbols

In other words, wherever these symbols show up their function is the same no matter the stage or level they are on

These symbols are called functional equivalents

One of these functional equivalents that is highly misunderstand is what’s called the divine masculine and the divine feminine

Unfortunately in modern times divine masculine and divine feminine are equated to male and female or man and woman.… Read more