Egyptian Ra
You are the word, not a book!

Far too many read and memorize the lines but have very little idea on how to apply and incorporate the wisdom. Simple book knowledge is no longer enough. The Egyptian principle of Ra is erroneously known as an Egyptian sun god. However, understanding how to apply the principle can have a major positive impact in your life.

  • In this article, you will learn what the concept of Ra meant for ancient Egyptians (Kemet).
  • You will learn how to connect what you already know from religion to the ancient concept and understand Ra at a deeper level for practical application in life.
  • You will be given a simple, but powerful, technique to apply the principle of Ra that will bring clarity in all aspects of your life.
Ra is erroneously called an Egyptian sun god
The Glyph for the letter “R” also represents an open mouth

What is Ra?

Ra is the organizing principle of the Egyptian Godhead (Amen, Ra, And Ptah) which underlies all manifested creation. Ra is not an “Egyptian sun god” as so many repeated the early egyptologist interpretation of the ancient hieroglyphs. Most have also been taught that the Godhead represented competing theologies. This is just not true.

A deeper study of the ancient Egyptian mystery system will reveal a much more sophisticated ideology than most could ever imagine.

It could lead to wisdom beyond simple book knowledge.

The idea we call God in Christianity is called the Neter of Neters by the ancient Egyptians. The Principle of Ra is the secret sauce to the universe. It is the organizing principle of the universe. According to ancient text Ra is the “opener” of creation. Etymologically notice the hieroglyph of /r/ looks like an open mouth. The /a/ means the active and passive principle or masculine and feminine principles are present.

The ancient Africans were giving you a symbolic clue as to how to apply the idea of Ra even with the name itself. This is always the case.

The Egyptian Glyph is symbolic of what the mouth does on one level. It speaks words or makes sounds. Sound or “The Word” is a metaphor for the organizing principle of the universe the ancient Africans used. It is the idea that vibration/sound is how creation organizes itself.

The Egyptian book of the dead is the oldest religious writings in the world. In it Ra (holy spirit) is described in this way:

I am Ra…I am the eternal…I am the word…I created the word

It is a euphemism or metaphor for the idea that sound/vibration created everything. Ra IS the word and created the word.  We are aspects of that creation. In its own way, science says the universe was created by sound or a “big bang.” Simply, different ways to express the same idea.

John Anthony West quote
Vibration created the Universe
Christians are familiar with this idea

The bible verse John 1:1 originated in the ancient Egyptian book of the dead. It states, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” Unbeknownst to most, the bible is full of references and plagiarization of the ancient book of the dead and other ancient Egyptian writings.

The Ancient Khemetains (Pre-dynastic Egypt) understood the power of vibration and its relationship to creating everything.

They created a civilization based on ideas we call the “law of attraction” in modern lingo. If you want to know how to apply the law of attraction in depth, learning ancient Egyptian mystery system is key.

How do you apply this knowledge beyond it simply being historical facts and information?

The idea of Ra came from within the Egyptian Mystery Systems. The Mystery systems trained its initiates in many areas of spiritual science.

Science is defined as a systematized body of knowledge based on observation and experimentation. The Kemetic spiritual system fits this definition. It spans thousands of years of observation and experimentation. This science was such a part of ancient Egypt that by the time the Greeks came into contact with them much of the knowledge and metaphysical practices were no longer questioned by the Egyptians. Many practices were simply assumed.

If you believe this to be a science, then what are you SYSTEMATICALLY studying, observing, and experimenting with in your everyday life? Or are you doing like most, read, memorize and regurgitate without any way to know how to apply in your life?

To the Greeks the “ancient Egyptians were magical with superhuman abilities.”

The foundation of this spiritual science permeated ancient Egyptian society. They lived life in the moment enjoying it and savoring it.

In ‘The Egyptian Miracle’ R.A. Schwaller De Lubicz states:

“In ancient Egypt, inhabited by what the Greeks called the healthiest and most religious people of the world, EVERYONE is first of all absorbed in the permanent moment of life.”

The ancient Egyptians APPLIED the knowledge of vibration being the essence of all things. Today the ancient Egyptians would make statements like, “thoughts become things.”

Even though Christian doctrines have distorted the original Egyptian teachings there are still many scriptures that will connect you to very deep and enlighting metaphysical nuggets from ancient Egypt.

One of those nuggets applicable to the idea that thoughts become things is proverbs 23:7 As he thinketh in his heart, so is he…

This is important for understanding and applying the principle of Ra in all aspects of life.

A practical use of understanding the “The Word” and the universal principles is the Transmutation Method. It sets a perspective on how to access your subtle vibrational energy.

The Transmutation Method

  1. Understand you are the “Word”/vibration made flesh (John 1:14), not just Jesus but everyone and everything in creation.
  2. Your vibration/feelings are important (as he/she thinketh in his/her HEART) as feelings and emotions connect you to your subtle energy.
  3. What you think materializes into your world, your world is the reflection of your essence; vibration/sound/The Word.
  4. Life is your creation being reflected back to you; you are your life, your life is you. Out of Ra came all of creation. Out of you comes the creation of your life. Life is feedback showing you your subtle vibrations and frequencies as other individuals and aspects of your life. They are symbols of your essence.

I just gave you some powerful directions for practical application! The ancient Egyptian wisdom teaching is like a body builder built up on steroids compared to the modern day law of attraction teachings.

Law of attraction is a start, but its like dipping your toe in a puddle and the ancient Egyptian wisdom teachings is like swimming in an ocean! It’s an ocean of consciousness!

Ra was not a sun god. that is the error taught by too many today. The ancient Khemetians/Egyptians did not worship the sun. Ra IS the universal principle of sound as its organizing principle. The sun is a manifestation of Ra on the physical plane. On another level, it is the idea that all things are vibration. Modern science has confirmed the idea that everything vibrates.

“Tum, in regarding himself, creates Atum (biblical Adam) out of Nun, the primeval waters. The ‘big bang’ theory, which sees the universe as a physical event resulting out of a critical build-up of purely physical forces, is a trivialized, de-spiritualized version of this myth. Egypt created a civilization upon it.” John Anthony West, from the book ‘Serpent in The Sky: The High Wisdom of Ancient Egypt.’

He is stating that ancient Egypt created and built a civilization on this principle of vibration or the “Word” as the organizing principle of creation.

Atum is an aspect of Ra in the Godhead of Ra, Atum, and Ptah. If you believe the idea that each part of the Godhead is relevant only to its particular cult then you have accepted erroneous ideas from biases that allow you to believe in the errors.

There is strong evidence remaining that the ancient Egyptians had knowledge beyond our comprehension. They left a framework for you to learn and apply.

R.A. Schwaller De Lubicz quote
Harmony/vibration is what the ancients knew

When you want to change any aspect of your life, you must change from within and your world will show you a different reflection without.

Trying to change and control the circumstances and people around you is analogous to looking in the mirror and waiting for the reflection to smile.

  • You are Ra, you are the “Word” made flesh. Applying the principle of Ra means you recognize you are a vibrational being. Know that life is feedback from the essence of you as a vibration. Change from within, you inner vibration and the reflection (life) will change.

This is powerful application of the wisdom teachings. You must be a scientist and not a librarian that simply accumulates books and knowledge. Wisdom is the next level beyond knowledge. Knowledge alone is not enough! From this day forward, apply it! Observe your life rather than react! Experiment with the data that you gather through experience!