Kemetic Spirituality For Beginners E-course Outline

Beginners Guide to Ancient Kemetic Science
What did Africans believe before colonization? This Kemet beginners E-Course is specifically designed for beginners learning the pre-historical Egyptian spiritual sciences. This particular e-course touches on the origins of a couple of Christian teachings and doctrines, that cause torment to millions, as a contrast to spirituality in Kemet. However, the focus is primarily on understanding the basics of Kemetic Science (pre-historic Egyptian metaphysics and spirituality). Learn the paradigm of how the people of this magnificent civilization thought and lived on a daily basis, different than western beliefs. Learn why Ra, Atum, and Ptah were erroneously called creator Gods of different cults within ancient Egypt and how truly sophisticated the spiritual science of ancient Kemet was. It's simple, yet powerful! Discover the truly ingenious reason the ancient Egyptians used animal heads on the bodies of their "gods" and why they were NOT worshiping animals. Learn the framework for what is known today as "law of attraction" that originated in ancient Africa and will help you become more intuitive and connect to your inner self. Get a deeper understanding of the divine masculine and divine feminine and how erroneously it is applied today so that it will become liberating for male and female. Women in Kemet we equal to men, not subservient. Learn the ancient spiritual system and cosmology translated into present-day terms connected in analogy and metaphor that will allow you to get a deeper understanding of ancient Kemetic thinking and raise your level of awareness of self. Get beyond dates and facts! Learn their paradigm in thinking that will transform how your worldview and your life by giving you consistency and clarity in your life that you may have never thought possible. With consistency and clarity you gain confidence. With confidence, you will live authentically and unapologetically you! Become as bold as the ancestors! You will step out of a mental box that can no longer contain a consciousness that is expanded and enlightened! Learn up to date information that is pushing the dates of civilization much much farther back into antiquity. Egypt was not an isolated case with their vast knowledge in ancient Africa. Find out where that knowledge originated and connect to the ancients. Learn a system of though rather than from disconnected meme trivia that may be informative, but nothing practical or useful to change your life. Take this course and you will never again view Africans as primitive and without effect on the world. Click "registration" on the menu above the pyramids to sign up for the E-Course. Click here to register for E-Course
Module 1 Ancient Khemet Introduction [3:08]
Introduction to ancient Egypt and the biases that all of us in the west are educated with. Click here to register for E-Course
Unit 1 Ancient Khemet Introduction [2:33]
Module 2 The Black Land [8:02]
How did Egypt get its name and what does it mean? Was it always called Egypt? How Far back does Egypt go into pre-history and pre-dynastic Egypt? How did ancient Egypt and most indigenous cultures view the progression of time differently that modern times? Click here to register for E-Course
Unit 1 The black land [6:25]
Unit 2 Khemetology vs Egyptology
Module 3 Where did Egypt get its knowledge? [6:00]
Egypt, according to Egyptologist, started 6,000 years ago with a full-blown civilization that had a written language, fully developed mathematical system, calendar, and spiritual system. is that logical? Egyptologist have an "isolationist view" of the development of Egypt. Meaning that they developed their civilization without any knowledge coming from outside of Egypt itself. That would mean they never learned anything from any other African people outside of Egypt. That would be unlike any other civilizations in the past that traded ideas. Evidence and common sense are proving that ancient Egypt was not an isolated case in ancient Africa. The pre-historic phase was a time of development for ancient Egypt and the rest of Africa. How did they come by their extraordinary knowledge? Learn the answer to that question in this module. Click here to register for E-Course
Unit 1 Where did Egypt Start?
Module 4 Knowledge of the stars [6:17]
Egypt had a fantastic knowledge of astronomy, but they didn't come by that knowledge alone. The knowledge of the stars was surprisingly an already ancient science in Africa by the time of the first Egyptian dynasty. In this module, I connect you to other civilizations in what is now southern Egypt, south, central, and West Africa that were star gazing thousands of years ago. The other sites predated Egypt by thousands of years. That means Egypt acquired and cultivated knowledge from other Africans. It will blow your mind! Click here to register for E-Course
Unit 1 Knowledge of the stars
Module 5 Geological Evidence dating ancient Egypt [11:35]
In this module, you will get more compelling evidence that ancient Egypt is much, much older than 6,000 years. We will look at the Sphinx through the eyes of geologist and paleoclimatologist to give you a better feel and understanding of the development of ancient Egypt. Click here to register for E-Course
Unit 1 How old is the Sphinx?
Module 6 Khemetic Science overview [14:04]
In this module you will have a unit of video and a unit of text. Get a basic but critical understanding of how the Khemetic sciences can be so confusing due to misunderstanding and misinformation based on the misunderstanding. Did the Egyptians worship many gods? Did they worship animals? Why did they put animal heads on the bodies of people in their art and wall carvings? What’s the difference between Atum-Ra and Amen-Ra? Did different cults have different gods at the top depending on who was in power? Understanding the essence of the khemetic belief system and how they apply it will be extremely enlightening. It is also a very powerful framework for empowered living today. Click here to register for E-Course
Unit 1 Khemetic Spiritual system overview
Unit 2 The fallacy of ancient Egyptians worshiping many Gods
Module 7 Examining Christianities damaging effect on self-esteem [8:35]
In this module you have video and text based learning. You will examine and contrast one particular Christian doctrine to the original Khemetic teachings. How does this Christian doctrine affect your personal image? What is one doctrine that puts the physical body at odds with being spiritual? If you were raised and/or accepted Christianity you accepted this doctrine. You may have never heard it named, but the dogma arising from it is the cause of untold psychological damage you are not aware of because it is normalized by the sheer numbers of believers accepting it. But, It even affects non-believers never understanding the ideas originated in Christianity. How does each system of thought differ in their views on connecting to the divine? What is the impact on self-esteem in each system? Because of misunderstanding by Christian fathers, the course of humankind has been altered. Reclaim your divine power! Click here to register for E-Course
Unit 1 The Christian Contrast to Khemetic Sprituality
Unit 2 Khemetic Wisdom vs Christian Ideology
Module 8 The Khemetic Cosmology of Confidence [20:06]
In this module you will learn more than simple historical facts and trivia knowledge. You will learn how the ancients thought! You will learn to understand them through their own beliefs and psyche. Through their creation myths and stories you understand how the ancient Africans saw their world. You can’t get that through history memes and trivia. Learn their powerful framework and how they viewed the creation and everything before and after creation. Yes, they were that detailed! That is cosmology! In the second unit of this module you will be given practical application of the Khemetic science. Click here to register for E-Course
Unit 1 The Khemetic Cosmology
Unit 2 How to get to heaven [technical metaphysics]
Module 9 Beginning Khemetic Science book list
At starter kit of books and links for the aspiring Khemetic Scientist Click here to register for E-Course
Unit 1 Kemet study Beginner's Book list
Unit 2 kemet beginners transcript

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