Can you practically apply Kemetic knowledge?

The Kybalion

Our Kemetic ancestors lived life based on principles not rules (like Christianity).  One of the basic Kemetic principles was/is that our outer experience is generated from within.

This is a deeply  philosophical existential idea. In other words, human kind has pondered how did God and the universe come into existence?  How did the creator create? Based on the philosophical answer to this question it has been surmised since antiquity that we are essentially mirrors of the creator.

Egyptian teaching passed down through the Hermetic traditions states the all as this:

The Kybalion
What is the all?








Basically, the philosophical idea states nothing can exist outside of the all so everything that exists is created from the “mind” of the all. This “Mind” of the all is metaphorically speaking of course.

The universe is a reflection of the essence of the All.

Since humans mirror the All then your YOUniverse is created from your mind. Your reality or YOUniverse is created from within you. Life is a reflection of your essence.

The outer experience is symbolic of our inner experience. The same inner experience can be symbolized in different ways depending on the person.

For example, a man that “feels” he is unattractive due to his financial status and a women that “feels” she is unattractive because of her weight are symbols of the same underlying principle. But, what is the underlying principle? The answer is one word.

Our ancestors invoked the power of the neters to empower them to create an experience.

In order to overcome the feelings, what neters did our Kemetic ancestors summon? They are very common names within the Egyptian pantheon. Two names.

If you really want to get deep, what was the name of the Transformational process? One word that is very common, even today.

It can all be answered in four words.

If you can’t answer it then you should be taking my Khemetic beginners e-course.  

It will teach you the basics of the Kemetic Sciences. You will get a basic understanding of the practical use of the Neters.

You have been to many sights that you gain knowledge and information from. But, Knowledge and wisdom are two different levels of learning.  As a Christian, I could memorize many Scriptures. However, the ability to recite the scripture did very little in terms of knowing how it could be practically applied in my life.

That the difference in gaining knowledge and wisdom. Wisdom is the inner contemplation of knowledge. Wisdom is what you use to navigate through life. The Greeks called this inner contemplation Sophia.

In my e-course you will be given a foundation to help you gain insight. Our ancestors communicated ideas in a way that invoked insight rather than give you something to interpret.

An interpretation means there is a fixed agreed upon meaning that you are to accept.

Our ancestors did not communicate ideas in this way. They communicated with myths and symbols in a way that inspired your individualized insight. It made the knowledge unique and personalized for you. In other words, wisdom was gained.

Remembering a bunch of facts can be satisfying for those of us that love to learn. But, when it comes to nourishing your soul there must be a level of inspiration involved that just gaining facts can never produce within.

At Khemetic centered living it is about giving you the tools to live authentically and unapologetically you.

Below is a link to the beginners Kemetic E-course. Click it and begin a journey that will inspire from a soul level.

All of this knowledge has practical application. It was meant for applying in our lives not just fun facts and trivia.

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