How perpetual renewal connects Lucifer, Imhotep, and Jesus

Ptah and Ausar
Both are different stages of souls migration

Lucifer; Imhotep; and Jesus are all representations of perpetual renewal in the Kemetic/Egyptian principle of the migration of the soul from spirit to life and death.

Ptah and Ausar/Osiris have one leg to symbolize that the soul is genderless outside of a physical body.… Read more

Exposing The Myth of How to Serve God daily to Fight Off Depression

You have been taught how to serve God daily the wrong way! Serving God is a myth and a prescription for burnout and depression that you were taught as a Christian. You burnout due to the theological practice of Christianity that teaches being human and serving God is different than living life Joyfully and authentically as you.… Read more

When sacred is so because of ignorance


That which is often times sacred today was a simple tool or idea in ancient times. Because of ignorance (not knowing) we worship ideas as sacred without background knowledge of its origin or intent.… Read more

Practical application of KRST in you

The Krst (Christ) in you
This meme is expressing the concept of Ausar or “The Christ” very succinctly. It is a divine principle. Divine simply means universal. In other words, this concept the ancient Africans called Ausar can apply with your life as well as the life of a plant.… Read more

Being spiritual does not mean act a certain way

So many people think being spiritual means you are supposed to “act” a certain way. You shouldn’t do this or that because you are “spiritual.” If you hold on to that idea, recognize that you are not being authentically you.Quote

Being you means that you are journeying through this experience.… Read more

Asking for the hookup is a reflection on you

Do we consider the underlying belief system when we go to someone black, in business, and ask for discounts (the hookup)? The underlying belief is that a person of color and his/her product or service is of less value.

Black woman looking in mirror
You see less value in those that reflect you

In a way, it is saying more about the mentality of the person asking for the hookup because they don’t value the reflection of themselves.… Read more

Can you practically apply Kemetic knowledge?

Our Kemetic ancestors lived life based on principles not rules (like Christianity).  One of the basic Kemetic principles was/is that our outer experience is generated from within.

This is a deeply  philosophical existential idea. In other words, human kind has pondered how did God and the universe come into existence?  … Read more