Being spiritual does not mean act a certain way

So many people think being spiritual means you are supposed to “act” a certain way. You shouldn’t do this or that because you are “spiritual.” If you hold on to that idea, recognize that you are not being authentically you.Quote

Being you means that you are journeying through this experience.… Read more

Asking for the hookup is a reflection on you

Do we consider the underlying belief system when we go to someone black, in business, and ask for discounts (the hookup)? The underlying belief is that a person of color and his/her product or service is of less value.

Black woman looking in mirror
You see less value in those that reflect you

In a way, it is saying more about the mentality of the person asking for the hookup because they don’t value the reflection of themselves.… Read more

Scientific proof that you are a god/goddess!

Scientific proof that you are a god/goddess, NOT a joke

As Christians we were told to “believe” on faith. That idea became a major problem for me. Because of having to, accept by faith, what turned out to be lies I became a huge skeptic of the mystical teachings.

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Oppression of our sisters must change

To my sisters that are fighting the oppression of men within the male patriarchal system. I always find it peculiar when I see brothers talking about the need to protect sisters from the abuse of racism but can’t understand his own oppressive behaviors toward black women.… Read more

Ancient Egyptian origin of the son of man and son of God

The idea of Jesus being the son of man and the son of God originated in ancient Khemet/Egypt. It is universal principles personified and misrepresented by Christian fathers.

The letter /j/ did not exist in ancient languages. It is the last letter officially added to the English language only about 200 years ago.… Read more

5 major religious beliefs that mentally destroys black communities

Religious beliefs and doctrines that promote low self-esteem like “being unworthy in the sight of God” have borne fruit in African-American communities all across America. They are harming the people in our communities and cause black to people struggle.

What is not recognized is we are participants in our own demise and willingly but unconsciously use psychological tools designed to limit self-esteem and individual self-expression.… Read more

Lynching’s are now high-tech: Adapting the fight is key

Lynching is very seldom done by a rope in modern times. The lynching and castration of the African diaspora has taken a new form the needs to be recognized and handled in a different way than in the past.

Our slave ancestors were beaten, murdered, and raped into submission gripped by fear and trepidation.… Read more

How can we stop abusive religious beliefs from killing black women?

I woke up this morning to a headline on my Facebook newsfeed that says a policeman and a friend on the force murdered a 24-year-old woman because she was not submissive enough.

I am so outraged to see this headline because of a senseless murder but also because I know the language is one that is born out of Christian doctrines.… Read more

Why self-hating slave inspired prayer keeps you trapped in mental bondage

Religion has failed in uplifting the African diaspora in America. Slave programming is still part of our worshiping in America. In many ways, African-Americans pray as our slave ancestors did within the oppressive system of slavery.

Please don’t take this as a personal attack if you are Christian or an attack on Christianity.… Read more