Egyptian Spiritual Science Mastery: The Numerology of Oneness, Duality, and the Trinity

Finally! The secrets of the ancient science revealed in a simple straight forward approach by connecting and contrasting Christianity

  • Tired of disconnected facts and trivial knowledge from memes?
  • Has the Egyptian spiritual science thoroughly confused you with so many different people teaching different things?
  • Are you sick of the negativity and attacks of others in regards to this knowledge?

  • Is learning in a positive environment something you crave?
  • Is being compassionate towards others and their beliefs and soul journey important to you?
  • If so, you have come to the right place!

In this e-course you will learn:

  • Why you should know the difference between a monad and the number one as a foundation to build self-confidence and self-acceptance
  • Why a deeper understanding of the number two is practical to men, their health, and quality of life
  • Why the basis of the number three is proven scientifically and important to creating success in your life

What Christian misapplication of the Atum myth led to the subjugation of women?

Who would benefit from this e-course

  • Christian Ministers transitioning from Christian dogma to an inclusive spirituality
  • Anyone that want's to connect and teach others the origin of toxic biblical doctrines
  • Those who want and need practical application of metaphysical knowledge
  • Christians and Ex-Christians that struggle with self-loathing and self-acceptance
  • Those that want to understand the structure and framework of the ancient Egyptian Science

Do you want to learn a deeper practical way to access the ancient wisdom?

Totally Confused about the Egyptian "gods?"

I know the feeling because I have been there. I was getting so much input from so many directions. The information was often times contradictory! If I had hair I would have pulled it out. Talks of different cults, syncretism, middle kingdom, late kingdom and it all was a jumbled mess in my brain. As an ex-school teacher part of my training was to look at ideas conceptually and find the common themes between the new concept and previous knowledge of my students. Any good educator knows if you can't connect the new concept by analogy or metaphor learning would not occur. And if it's not relevant, there will be little to no interest in what is being taught. That's what connecting Christianity does with this information. I compare what is familiar to anyone that has a background in Christianity and contrast it to the original teachings. Not to attack Christians or Christianity but to build from a common and relevant source of knowledge.


What is not well known is at the essence of the ancient Kemetic/Egyptian science is numbers 1 -10. the myths and symbolism explain the interplay of these numbers and how ANYTHING in the universe works in a predictable and consistent manner. How does the number one "function" in this framework? Learn in module 1.


MY BROTHER....I just had to tell you....THANK YOU....I've studied Khemetic history and spiritual science...and was already familiar with the quote unquote creation story.....but your break down just opened my eye in new ways...and your break down of the divine masculine/feminine principal...took things, a step further...and the breakdown of the principal of Ra...blew me out the water....

thank you...I truly appreciate your knowledge and intellect......and keep doing what you doing


Ra DaGriot

Hi Reginald,

I enjoyed the e-course! Thank you for offering it. A few of the things I enjoyed the most:

  1. The description of Amon, Ra, Ptah, etc., as concepts, descriptions of patterns of nature, rather than characters. That makes so much more sense.

  2. The simple pointing back to the meaning of "the word made flesh" and the quote, "I am Ra. I am eternal. I am the word. I created the word." Vibration manifesting as the experienced reality (forms and phenomena). When I strip away all the Biblical add-ons and just go back to the original Khemetian understanding of the cycles of nature and the reality of us as Source manifesting temporarily as flesh, that says it all. Every other teaching is just details.


How do you get from knowledge to unlocking wisdom?

  • "Knowledge is no longer enough" - Dr. Amos Wilson

Do you know how to extract the clues from this framework? Why is understanding metaphor important? What do you know about the "function" of the number two within this framework? Learn in module 2.

What can you learn from the symbols that you can't learn by reading text from a book?  How does the number three "function" in this framework? learn in module 3.

This project and your posts have really aided me personally in recognizing what the Judeo-Christian's religion affect has (presently) on me. I have been here a short while and already, I have learned truths and principles that have changed my life.

Jacques Evans

Oh wow!

Now this is deep! It’s been in my mind to find a way to bridge Christianity and Kemetic Science because while I do want all my people to be awaken, I often see the whole conscious vs religious thing as chasing our tails. I was thinking that I need to study more to find a way to be able to share this info with Christians, where they don’t feel like they are being attacked or they must give up or replace their beliefs.

Kevin Johnson

Awesome!!! I just love the ideas to make us all more aware of the Creative Power that we All Posses and is at work within us on Purpose or by Default!!! I love the practical application to everyday life that is taught in your e-courses, on ideas that are from Thousands years ago!!! The Khemetians were well ahead of their time. Thank you for using your gifts and talents as an Educator to teach on Life lessons. You are Appreciated!



  • Learning the basic Framework

    You’ve heard the saying a picture is worth a thousand words. Symbols and myths go beyond words. This is important for you to discover intuitively many ideas that simply reading a book and regurgitating the contents will not give you. By taking this course you will begin tap into your own unique well of wisdom. The ancients can help you access that wisdom when you begin to learn the keys to unlock it.

  • Expose toxic Christian doctirnes

    Through ignorance, misunderstanding, and political expediency, Christianity twisted many of the originally beautiful and powerful ideas into doctrines. Doctrines like “The Fall” and “Original Sin” were misapplication of the ancient wisdom teachings and toxic to the consciousness of humanity. By connecting the dots through understanding the philosophy behind the original ideas you will break a cycle of Christian fear and control. You can use that knowledge to help others.

  • Connecting the bible to its origins

    You will be educated on the biblical connections to the Ancient Egyptian spiritual science. This is important when engaging Christians that are curious and want to know more. Instead of attacking them you can compassionately meet them where they are and lovingly educate them.

  • Numerology is the Foundation of Kemetic Science

    From your time as a Christian you know the idea of One God and the Trinity. The origin of these ideas is based on Egyptian numerology. In this e-course learn the spiritual science behind the Christian teachings of One God, Adam and Eve, and the Trinity. A.k.a. numbers 1, 2, and 3.

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Understanding the ancient paradigm of thinking

In order to understand what the ancient Africans left with the ancient science you have to think as they did. That means you must think in terms of Metaphor, allegory, and symbolically. We were taught the Greek way of viewing myths as just fairy tales. As Christians we were taught to see concepts in the bible as literal and historical. In this e-course learn how to think as the ancients and open up a whole new world of practical wisdom for daily life application.

Benefits to thinking in the ancient paradigm

  • You will better balance left brain and right brain activity
  • You will be more creative
  • You will be more intuitive
  • You will be more at peace

Audio and text based learning

In this e-course you will have audio with the text transcribed. Three modules with at total of 10 units. complete at your leisure.

Module 1, three units, total module time [18:20]

Module 2, four units total module time [26:57]

Module 3, three units total module time [21:36]

Total course time one hour and seven minutes [1:07:03]

One Time investment lifetime access 

The invest is a one time charge for this e-course. No recurring charges. You will have access to any updates to the course. Because the nature of the electronic course no refunds.

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