About fact-checking Christianity

Have you ever thought about fact-checking Christianity? You can.

Here at Khemeticcenteredliving.com, you get the facts about Christianity. This will help you breakthrough negative Christian programming that makes you feel as though you are walking in a dark alley at night, in a strange neighborhood with someone walking behind you shrouded in darkness. You’re not sure if that dark figure is friend or foe. Are they there to help with directions or do bodily harm?

That was what my daily experience of God as a Christian felt like. I could never be sure about anything I was doing from day to day and without provocation, I could be in a punishment phase for some unknown and seemingly arbitrary transgression. In many ways, our relationship to Christianity was analogous to being in a mentally abusive relationship.

Have you ever felt or known a Christian that never feels they are worthy to receive good in their lives? As a Christian, I internalized the message that I was saved but barely worth saving; I didn’t deserve anything good that was happening in my life but because of the grace of God I was allowed to have it. That is some toxic crap plain and simple! It gets so deep in you and impacts you mentally in ways you never really think about. It’s a negative program running unabated most days.

We Help you break through the negative programming from Christian indoctrination by highlighting the distortion of Christianity.

What did Africans believe before colonization is one question that many of the African diaspora ask? Because ancient Egypt preserved its spiritual legacy in stone it becomes the mouthpiece for ancient African spirituality. Many of the ideas and concepts on this site were a part of a distinctly African culture.

The knowledge of ancient Egypt was gained over thousands of years from its heritage that traveled from interior Africa up the Nile river.

“Nubia (present-day Sudan) is the mother of Egyptian Knowledge, Ethiopia is the daughter, and Somalia, Kenya, and Uganda is the grandmother.” – Egyptologist Dr. Yosef Ben Jochonnan

We also connect the Bible to its original teachings and intent within its Ancient Kemetic spiritual system roots. A fact check of Christianity is done through verifiable research and facts. Because you discover the origin of so many Christian doctrines it is a fact-check of Christianity and what became their distortions.

You will also get a deeper understanding of the Kemetic spiritual science. this is important for those that want a deeper understanding of concepts like Law of Attraction. All over Africa they built communities and lived their lives based on what we call Law of Attraction in modern times. In the case of ancient Egypt, they built an entire civilization from these concepts and left temples, writings, symbols, and myths for us to rediscover.

One of the things I discovered on my journey from Christian indoctrination is that I can be spiritual without being connected to a religion. Christianity and all religions do have elements of spirituality within them or no one would gravitate to them. However, the absolutes and dogma serve to divide humanity. Being Spiritual But Not Religious (SBNR) has allowed me to be at peace in my life. I can allow others to be as they choose without a need for judgment.

Me, the owner of the site

With Christianity, you are taught that your spiritual and mystical experience is unique only through Christianity. The truth is that it is part of being a soul having a human experience. That’s what you are. You are so much more powerful than you are taught within the Christian dogmatic system.

I will touch on many metaphysical concepts as well.

Once you start to learn the Kemetic origins and symbolism it will give you a deeper understanding of the bible that you will never be able to obtain through the literalism that is taught within Christianity.

Part of my journey was being angry with Christianity and the bible. But through studying Kemet I have learned that the bible can be a source for preserving many of the Kemetic teachings.

Being of the African diaspora here in America there are some unique aspects to how we were taught Christianity. It still affects us to this day. I do address many of these areas in my blog. But the knowledge can help all of humanity.

The fact-checking of Christianity will be done with compassion, caring and respectful of every individual’s personal journey whether Christian, ex-Christian, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, atheist, or theist, you will be respected on this site. this knowledge is for humanity. I don’t agree with those that attack another human being and berate them or degrade them for their beliefs. We don’t all have to agree, but we can be civil and compassionate to one another.

Recognizing the connection and the original intent behind many of the biblical teachings will help you to break free from the limiting toxic box of Christian dogma. The effect of the break will catapult you to new levels of confidence, clarity, and

Fact-checking Christianity
Origin of western religions

competence in all areas of your life relationships, and career. But most importantly it will help you develop an appreciation for your relationship to self,  Self-acceptance, and finding the purpose for your life.

Never again feel guilty over something you thought! Never again feel inadequate as a human being because you couldn’t live up to the impossible, contradictory, and ambiguous rules and doctrines of Christianity.

Fact-Checking Christianity, not Attacking

I want to make it clear that I have no need or want to attack Christianity. Part of the reason is that even though I am no longer Christian it has become clear, through much research and study, that the Framework that evolved into Christianity existed for at least 5,000 years before the Christain religion came into existence.

It’s about uplifting one person at a time that has an inner voice being drowned out by fear and doubt but wants to uplift humanity by showing people they are beautifully human and not broken as Christianity teaches. Come, learn and expand consciously.

Christian doctrines are anti-self-esteem, cause self-loathing, and destroy self-acceptance. I Choose not to participate with others that will destroy the self-esteem and self-acceptance that another human being has for themselves.

I believe that we are all representations of the source of all creation. No, I don’t believe in a white male dude looking down on the marionettes of humanity. But as the ancient Africans believed I do as well and that is there is only one source that all creation extends from. Everything in the Universe is that source in another form. That source antecedes all form and is incomprehensible to the human mind.

“God is a metaphor for a mystery that transcends all human categories of thought.” – Joseph Campbell

With that said, you are here and have read this far for a reason. there are no accidents. If you are looking for answers to tough questions about Christianity that go beyond “faith” and belief, then you have come to the right place. Enjoy your time here at Khemetic Centered Living.

There are basic courses here to further your learning. If you don’t take a course but find value here please donate to keep the site up and going. Thank you in advance.

Reginald Khu-Ahkaru

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  1. Thank you for sharing your site in your YouTube reply to my comments on your videos. I like what I’ve seen so far. Looking forward to learning. What I’ve explored on this site so far is wonderful; absolutely wonderful. I’m excited.

    1. Hi Theresa, Thank you for your feedback. The videos and this site is a portal for me to do what I love and that is to serve humanity through my authentic way of being. That is as an educator. The site will be constantly developing. It will be a resource for research and learning. I look forward to the exchange and the ability to serve you.