Coaching Policies, Procedures and Fees

Why a coach?
Coaching is for those that already have a level of personal success in their life but want guidance and mastery on how to apply the khemetic knowledge to enrich their life. Once you finish the ten session coaching program there will be no logical reason to ever fear going to hell again. Consider yourself like an Olympic athlete. You are already good but you would like a coach to help you hone our knowledge and skills to win the Gold medal.

Policies and procedures

  • Private one on one coaching sessions will be 4 times per month for the time stated for each package. There are no refunds as I wish for clients to be committed to the sessions and the change they want to incur.
  • Cancellation of a scheduled appointment must be done so with a 24 hour notice. We can then reschedule the session as time and availability permit. If the appointed time is missed with no prior notice no substitute appointment will be made. All rescheduled session must be done within 30 days of original appointment.
  • Sessions will be conducted over telephone or computer via Skype voice or Google hangout.
  • Email support will be two emails between sessions of 500 words (1 min per 110 words) or less per email on a topic from the previous session for clarification. if clarification can not be reached by email, one 10 min phone call or video chat session dependent on time availability of the coach.  Response to emails will be within 24 to 48 hours.
  • A topic not part of the previous session in chat, phone or email will be deemed a new session that will be part of next scheduled session. If no scheduled session then payment will be required in advance for a new package of choice. No impromptu chat, FaceBook, social media or email sessions not a part of the coaching package.
  • All sessions will be initiated by the coach. Unless it is an international call which will be initiated by the international client and all additional charges incurred by the client.
  • Payment must be received before the first session will begin

What is Expected from My Clients?

First and foremost YOU must have the zeal for what you want to accomplish equal to that of a man with his hair on fire for a bucket of water. (Coaches don’t truly motivate. No one but yourself can do this – Really! I only assist you in directing your inspiration. Anyone who tells you otherwise is blowing smoke in your face and telling you you’re in a fog…)

Clients must also …

  • … be willing and ready to let go of things that hold them back
  • … be willing to make changes, nurture themselves and grow
  • … be ready to be coached and develop a sense of partnership
  • … be self-starters and motivated to get more out of their life & efforts
  • … be able to invest in themselves – not just financially, but with time & commitment too
  • … be ready to commit themselves to their intended path
  • … be ready to include the word “effortless” in their vocabulary
  • … be willing and able to take full responsibility for their lives
  • … be totally respectful of the servicing coach and all aspects of the coaching relationship

Fees and Packages

One introductory 45-minute session at $85 that can be rolled into the price of the monthly or three-month package. That means a total number of 4 sessions for the one month package and 10 sessions for the 3-month package.

A single 45-minute session is $85 with one email question follow-up within 7 days of the session.

Monthly package is four 45-minutes sessions in a month at $75 per session or $300 total

Three-month package is ten 45-minute sessions at $60 each or $600 total This includes Platinum Level Access to all content and four Group khemetic knowledge enrichment sessions for 90 days on $200 value, ask for bonus access code.

Packages include 2 email follow ups within 7 days after each session and not on the same day of a scheduled session and one ten minute phone, skype , or Google Hangout clarification session within the month as needed if an email was not clear.

Single coaching session $85


No More Damnation Anxiety Coaching Monthly (4 sessions $300.00)

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No More Damnation Anxiety Coaching (10 Sessions $600.00)
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