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The first Christians didn't know Jesus
In this e-course, you will connect the dots of bible scripture from its origins, to discover the origin and identity of Jesus, and have the meaning of the Christ revealed. You will get an enlightened understanding of biblical scripture and concepts that changed from the mother of spirituality to the Christian religion. You will bring to light a deeper understanding of scripture beyond the literal interpretation that has the effect of locking you out of deep spiritual and metaphysical knowledge. By contrasting religion to the spiritual teachings of the originators you will quickly learn the basics of the ancient Egyptian spiritual system that can be used as a framework to develop your own spirituality beyond religion. This e-course is not about bashing Christianity. it's about helping those that have doubts about living with the dogma of religion gain freedom from any fear of hell, guilt over the death of Jesus, confusion about living "right", contradiction over being human and spiritual, and any shame associated with Christian indoctrination. If you are Christian with questions, learn in the comfort of your home in anonymity. Get a quick and basic primer to set yourself on a course of discovery and peace within. You are born spiritual but taught religion. Know that the universe is a safe and loving place. No longer live life through your fears. Total course time approximately 120 minutes of video. You will get the latest information on ancient Egypt in 9 information packed video modules. Total time approximately 120 minutes. Click here to register for the E-course
Module 1 The first Christians [17:57]
The first Christians didn't know Jesus but they did know Christ. How could this be? In this module understand the ancient meaning of Christ before the Christian religion. Total module time approximately 18 minutes. Click here to register for the E-course
Unit 1 The first Christians [17:57]
Module 2 The originators of monotheism [16:09]
How did the idea of God develop? Has God always been thought of as "He" is now? How did the ancients think of God? Did they have a specific definition or not? Contrast the difference in how Christianity viewed mankind and God and how the ancients viewed mankind and God. Two subtly different paradigms in which one promotes an ultimately toxic view of God, self and is divisive. The other promotes a view that helps build self-image, promote unity with others and nature. Discover how in this module, time approximately 16 minutes. Click here to register for the E-course
Unit 1 the originators of monotheism [16:09]
Module 3 Life, Death, and, the Soul in ancient Egypt [22:00]
What is the "real" you? How did the idea of salvation differ originally in ancient Egypt from the Christian view? In this module, we will examine how the ancient Egyptians viewed life, death, the soul, and salvation compared to Christian theology. The Christian religion developed in a way that changed ideas about the soul and salvation to one that is punitive and frightening. This was major contrast to the ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) view of salvation. This module will give you deeper insight into how the ancient Egyptians viewed life and death. Does hell really exist? Find out here. Module time approximately 22 minutes. Click here to register for the E-course
Unit 1 Life, Death, and the Soul in Ancient Egypt [22:00]
Module 4 How myth became history [8:08]
What happens when stories are so old the origin and meaning behind them are lost? What if the Church fathers didn't understand teachings that sounded good but ultimately foreign to them? How do you make a way of teaching of deep universal principles historical figures? In this module get a basic understanding of myth that shows the genius of how ancient Africans express deep concepts. Approximate time 8 minutes. Click here to register for the E-course
Unit 1 How myth became history [8:08]
Module 5 How did the Greek and Romans Miscommunication the ancient Ideas? [6:13]
How did the Greeks and Romans misunderstanding of the ancient myths promote the development of a historicized bible and religion? Why did the bible use parables? The hieroglyphs are a strange way to communicate ideas compared to the way language developed in modern times. Our language has concrete and fixed definitions of words. The hieroglyphs were anything but fixed. The western rationalistic philosophy was already taking shape by biblical times. But, there was even a bigger problem than translation for the Greeks and then the Romans by the time of the bible era. Learn how the ancient Egyptians thought beyond dates and dead people. It will take you beyond history and facts to learn about their psyche, society, and their cosmology. Approximate module time 6 minutes. Click here to register for the E-course
Unit 1 How did the Greeks and Romans Miscommunicate the ideas [6:13]
Module 6 The virgin birth story [13:18]
In this module, you will learn the basis of one of the most well-known Christian stories. Was there ever a virgin birth? Learn the origin and basis of the story that had been long forgotten by the Greeks and Romans. Learn how the ancient Egyptians thought when they developed the original story. It will give you an Aha moment, great clarity and peace of mind surrounding the dogma and miracle. In this unit you will get a better understanding of how the ancient Egyptians developed their myths. It was not arbitrary and fell into a consistent paradigm and way of thinking. Approximate module time 13 Minutes. Click here to register for the E-course
Unit 1 The virgin birth story [8:21]
Unit 2 How can the son impregnate the mother? [4:57]
Module 7 Heru the myth that became Jesus [24:21]
How is it that the life of Jesus can have so many similarities to an ancient myth? What is the truth behind the birth and resurrection? What generated the ideas of Christmas and Easter in ancient times? In this module get definitive answers on whether or not there was a historical Jesus. You will get knowledge that can aid you in a further search for knowledge. Connect ancient writings to biblical scriptures in surprising ways and get a deeper more powerful understanding of the bible. Learn the ancient template that was used for "the greatest story ever told." Click here to register for the E-course
Unit 1 Heru myth to Jesus [8:57]
Unit 2 Heru, Christmas, and Jesus connection [11:22]
Unit 3 Heru the light bringer [8:04]
Module 8 The original Christ [17:22]
How can a Christian not know or have ever heard of Jesus? Was the original Christ a person? There is a very logical and powerful reason why the first Christians never knew Jesus. It lies in the fact that Christ existed thousands of years before. Discover deeper spiritual knowledge beyond what you have been taught as a Christian. Learn how ancient Egyptian thinking about life and death developed so many scriptures that were a foundation of Christian belief system. Connect bible scriptures to ancient Egyptian knowledge and customs from thousands of years before Christianity. It's not about blowing up Christianity, it's about connecting you deeper to the source of all. Module time approximately 17 minutes. Click here to register for the E-course
Unit 1 The original Christ [17:22]
Module 9 The biblical connection and conclusion [5:58]
Do you still have doubts? This is one more fact that will close the case. Learn where did the bible we know today originate? Module time approximately 6 minutes. Click here to register for the E-course
Unit 1 The biblical connection and conclusion [5:58]
Unit 2 Course Transcript
Unit 3 First Christians E-Course Bibliography