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You don't have to throw it all away, learn the difference between Jesus and Christ to free yourself from psychologically debilitating Christian doctrines

Why Connecting The Ancient Kemetic Science To Christianity Is Important

As Christians the fallacy that most of us lived with was the Christianity we have today is what it was two thousand years ago. In other words it came out of the box completely developed. Little did I realize that it developed over hundreds of years and the framework that became Christianity existed for at least three thousand years before.

What became Christianity was from only the fringes of the beautiful and empowering ancient Kemetic sciences. By the time it got to the Christian era those science were distorted almost beyond recognition through its teaching methodology.

This makes learning the Kemetic system important for anyone that was Christian but still spiritual simply because you can see what the original teachings were before Christianity and what they developed into.

It's not about making you pledge loyalty to another religion.

It's about deconstructing the old beliefs that were toxic to you.

  • This is done by showing you the origins of the faith and what the beliefs were built on
  • where the Christian doctrines originated and what they were and how they developed

This becomes a very logical process through connecting you with resources, reliable documentation that can show you where Christianity changed the teaching often times in very negative ways by modern day standards.

The Kemetic System is not a religion. It won't conflict with any spiritual practice. It will enhance any spiritual practice by teaching principles in a systematic, coherent, and consistent way.

The damaging effects of toxic Christian teachings

  • Original sin and being born sinful is toxic teaching that is the foundation of many other Christian toxic teachings. The problem with this teaching is you are born defective through no fault of your own and spend your whole life trying to atone for the defect.
  • Being judgmental is connected to the original sin idea. Because you look at yourself as broken and basically unfixable the only way you can feel ok about yourself is to make other broken people more broken than you.
  • Seeing yourself as broken causes you to live in conflict with yourself. For example, as a Christian I would live a certain way Monday through Saturday and then try to clean it up on Sunday. Having to live two separate lives causes Christian burnout and depression.
  • You feel guilty, ask God’s forgiveness, when "he" does forgive you there is a momentary relief. Until life happens like thinking about sex with your married neighbor, you judge yourself, feel guilty about being sinful and start the cycle over again
  • this becomes a feedback loop attack on self-acceptance and self-esteem, how can you love and appreciate the person you are in this type psychological system? There are a thousand negative nuances that this toxicity causes on individuals, that wrecks families, causes conflict in communities and the world.

What I have felt and you may be feeling

  • If you have left the faith that you grew up with I understand the confusion that turns into anger and can then turn in on yourself.
  • I understand the feeling of leaving behind a support system of friends, family, and community.
  • You might be feeling isolated, your Christian family and friends shun you.
  • You might have some fear that you have done something that might get you sent to hell. Because even though you have your doubts about how you were taught, In the back of you mind you still wonder, what if they are right?
  • You struggle with depression and guilt because you turned your back on God (Jesus).
  • You don’t feel like there is anyone to talk to about your feelings who would understand.
  • Some days you are ok, other days you have difficulty in dealing with something that was such an ingrained part of you.
  • Maybe you are not at any extreme emotionally, but just not sure where to turn next. You're interested in spirituality, but not another religion.

Challenges of the transition from Christianity that will be answered emphatically and empowering

  • I used to pray a certain way. Now that I no longer subscribe to Christianity, how do I pray?
  • Since I no longer believe in Jesus (God), who do I pray too?
  • Since I don't view God as outside of me who will intercede when I need?
  • How do I deal with my family and friends that are now unsure of where I stand?
  • What do I say to my spouse who is still Christian?
  • Christian transitioners find it difficult to get professional help and counseling because they are often times Christian and want to "save" the client or if not Christian believe that leaving Christianity and Jesus is like giving up a belief in Santa Claus.

What type of person would enjoy working with me

  • You take personal responsibility for where your life is right now. And that only you can decide to make the changes needed
  • You are educated and have a generally positive disposition. You see the glass as half full
  • You prefer hearing it straight and to the point
  • You are intelligent and enjoy deep probing analytical conversation about human behavior in relation to what drives you
  • You enjoy theory but crave connecting it to practical life application
  • You have a sense of humor and can laugh at yourself
  • You are a person that knows you have something to offer the world but might not be sure what that is right now or what direction you should go
  • You want to make positive changes in your life like your career, relationships, yourself, and personal development is natural to you

Benefits and results of what you will master

  • Living a balanced life

    As a Christian you were taught that you are broken, sinful by nature and unworthy in the eyes of God. This is just not true! Through Kemetic spiritual science you learn the process of living in balance. You recognize that balance comes from accepting who you are and loving the process of becoming and evolving.

  • No longer judgmental of self and others

    You learn to respect your own personal journey which allows you to respect the journey of others

  • Clarity

    You will gain knowledge of processes that will give you clarity in all areas of your life where before as a Christian you were confused and conflicted was seen as normal and was even defined as being Christian.

  • No more fear and anxiety

    Based on a scientific a philosophical examination of the idea of God you automatically become less fearful and anxious about living life and being in “the world.”

  • Eradicating self-doubt

    One of the by products of accepting the Christian indoctrination is self-doubt that permeates so many areas of your life. If you are a creative entrepreneur the doubt will hit like brick wall and stop you from stepping out of your comfort zone.

  • A more positive outlook

    More than just thinking positive. You will learn the science of spirituality that will cause you to look at life and the world through a more empowered perspective.

  • Learn the soul mirroring method

    This is an ancient powerful process that taps into the deepest recesses of your being to bring what is unknown and in the dark to the light of conscious awareness to help you develop wisdom beyond knowledge, which will lead to enlightenment.

  • The transmutation method

    You will learn a powerful method to aid you in connecting mind, body, and soul where before as a Christian the soul and body were put in conflict with each other and caused you to struggle in many areas of your life.

  • Live life on your terms

    You will become bold and more confident because of clarity you will no longer live life comparing yourself to others, or some impossible standard, or having to check with outside authority to make life decisions

  • Curiosity sparks

    Because you were taught to be leary of teachings about anything that could cause you to question the bible often times you shut down curiosity and learning. But once you lose the dogmatic religious beliefs a whole new world opens up!

  • Embracing your uniqueness

    As a Christian you life and spiritual experience was supposed to fit a mold. Being different was a threat to everyone else. With a spiritually based way of thinking you embrace all things that are unique about yourself. It becomes your asset as an entrepreneur, artist, or other creative individual.

  • Exposing Erroneous Christian teachings

    One of the logical consequences of learning the Egyptian spiritual science is seeing where Christian doctrines originated. You will be able to see where the detour was taken and often times why it was changed. This will enable you to logically dismiss so many Christian teachings that saddled you with guilt, fear, and shame.

Accepting and appreciating your gifts

As a Christian you were taught that pride is one of the seven deadly sins. Therefore you became reticent about looking at yourself and your gifts in a positive light.

Through understanding the principles of Kemetic Science you learn that you should have pride in your beauty, your intelligence, your creativity. They are all gifts that you have that are part of your unique expression of the universe!

It is a grave error and an attack on self-acceptance to teach otherwise!

It's Not About persecuting Christians Or Christianity

As a result of learning the spiritual science behind Christianity and the bible you will realize there is no need to attack and disparage Christianity. It's really about cultivation of a positive energy flow. When you understand the ancient symbolic language and its basis you will recognize that Christianity preserved much of the knowledge passed down from the Greeks. It was just distorted for any number of reasons.

Kemetic Science for Beginners

Coaching Focused On Practical Application

If what you learn can't be translated into to practical life application then what is the point? What I will do for you is take "spiritual" concepts, translate them into modern day language, and connect them to ideas you already know as Christian but were to hard to apply or completely contradictory and confusing.

For example, the idea of heaven or paradise was totally twisted by Christianity and other religions. You are taught they are places you attain when you die if you are a good boy or girl. In reality they are metaphors for joyous and happy states of mind.

Look up the scriptures Luke 17:20-21 KJV. You will see it stated that heaven is not a place. Then look up Matthew 18:3 and see what sate of mind you must have in order to reach heaven. You will immediately see the the value and practical life application of creating heaven within you every day, not waiting till you die.

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