Kemetic Spirituality vs Christian Religion

Kemetic spirituality vs. Christian religion

The Christian religion was birthed from ancient Kemetic knowledge. However, just like a classroom game I played with my students called “telephone”, when I was a school teacher the initial phrase started with did not get to the last student. It ALWAYS ended with some totally

Cross and ankh
Christianity vs Kemetic

unrecognizable phrase different from its origin.

This is analogous to the spiritual system of ancient Khemet/Egypt to the religion that became Christianity. Personally, I don’t bash Christianity because there are still some hidden Gems in the bible when the cover is taken off the literal teachings.

You might be shocked at what was taught originally and what it became in Christianity.

One of the misinformed ideas about what ancient Egyptians and consequently ancient Africans believed is that they worshiped many gods and animals. This is false and spread due to ignorance and biases.

The monotheism that is the foundation of Christianity was founded within Kemetic spirituality and subsequently became a part of Christianity.

The Ancient Egyptians were monotheist.

Ancient Egypt was a distinctly African culture. [learn what is ancient Kemet here] The spiritual system that rested in Egypt developed along the Nile river bubbling up from interior Africa. This Egyptian spiritual system became the mouthpiece for African spirituality. The cosmology that is found in ancient Egypt was the cosmology for many parts of Africa south, north, and west.

Many of the African diaspora want to know what Africans believed before European colonization, Ancient Egypt and its Kemetic wisdom is an entrance into precolonial African spirituality. Misunderstood Kemetic wisdom is what became Christianity and the other Abrahamic religions.

African Spirituality monotheism

Here is a quick compare and contrast of Christianity Ideology vs Kemetic Wisdom that Christianity came from and the changes made by the religion.

Christianity Ideology

  • God is the creator of all things but separate and different from “His” creation
  • Example: God created Adam then created Eve from Adams’ rib
  • Patriarchal society (male-dominated)
  • Teaches to give in to human desires is the path to wickedness
  • Because you are cursed, life is supposed to be hard; a sacrifice
  • Genesis 3:17-19

Kemetic Wisdom Contrast

  • Consciousness is prima materia, it is all, The One
  • Out of the one comes all
  • From Atum (became the biblical Adam) comes the great Ennead, the nine universal principles who are the One
  • Matriarchal society (nurturing male and female)

Christianity Ideology

Example: Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding”

Kemetic Wisdom Contrast

  • Trust in your own inner wisdom, recognizes that body and soul are simply different frequencies of the same substance always connected
  • No such thing as spiritual and secular
  • All is an infinite expression of the One

Christian Ideology

  • One must set aside his/her own will to serve the perceived will of God that may conflict with one’s own way of being

Kemetic Wisdom Contrast

  • Within African spirituality, developing your divine gifts on a daily basis will enable you to live through a place of joy, peace and contentment. Knowing the universe conspires to work in your favor because you and it are the same

Christian Ideology

  • An undeveloped sense of self. Lack of meaning and purpose in life because you serve God. disconnects reason and logic to accept unreasonable concepts as plausible. MUST BELIEVE or you are ostracized and punished unmercifully for eternity. The ONLY religion with an eternal hell

Kemetic Wisdom Contrast

  • The ONLY system of the ancient or modern world that is coherent, comprehensive, consistent, logical, rational and intuitive. It incorporated both hemispheres of the brain in developing its language, art, philosophy, science, and culture

Christian Ideology

  • Confusion due to constant conflict in ideology and rules that do not adapt.
  • At odds with the science and philosophy of the day which produces cognitive dissonance

Kemetic Wisdom Contrast

  • within African spirituality, clarity, and consistency is based on principles (what we now call Universal Laws) that are the basis of all phenomenon in the universe.
  • Science, theology, and cosmology are all interconnected and work in concert

Christian Ideology

  • Fear of death, judgment, hell and the end of the world apocalypse (all false teachings of Khemetic sciences)

Kemetic Wisdom Contrast

  • Within African spirituality, before the dynastic era, no concept of death and judgment existed
  • All phenomenon and events are cyclical (example, plant dies and is reborn the next spring)
  • Time is an illusion they believed only the eternal now

Christian Ideology

  • Faith and belief as the ultimate stage of conscious development; in actuality, it is the lowest stage of learning and self-development
  • A certainty without a lack of knowledge is an opinion; that is Christian faith; you simply have to believe
  • Greatest sin of mankind was to eat from the tree of KNOWLEDGE of good and evil

Kemetic Wisdom Contrast

  • within African spirituality, wisdom was the ultimate stage of conscious development; highest stage of learning and self-development
  • Wisdom arises from the INNER CONTEMPLATION of knowledge

Christian Ideology

  • Being separate and different from the divine, you must develop a relationship TOO the divine
  • It is a conditional relationship based on your belief or nonbelief in Jesus as the son of God

Kemetic Wisdom Contrast

  • Within African spirituality you are divine and life is about gaining the wisdom to recognize your OWN divinity
  • All that you do is learning and developing your divinity (no separation between spiritual and secular)
  • You cannot ever not be divine (double negative intended); you are the source clothed in human form

Why is it important to show the contrast between Kemetic Spirituality vs Christian religion?

  • Because we need the ability to see something different to compare and then choose what is best without having the decision made for us.
  • Without contrast in many cases, there is no meaning
  • Without the ability to contrast Christianity to something else then it becomes the norm.
  • As a Christian, contradiction and confusion become normal ways of operating in life and is even seen as proof of reaching a higher spiritual level because you are getting closer to a God which you cannot understand.

Christianity is based on rules to follow

  • Christianity is based on rules that one must follow. They become a mechanism for control
  • Rules work in certain areas of life but may not work or apply in other areas.
  • For example, in Christianity God created mankind. But when he created Adam and Eve he was separate and outside of them.
  • The Christian rule is even though God is different from mankind, he loves mankind
  • This idea works great in theory because you have a loving God.
  • However, mankind is wicked
  • “Every intention of the thoughts of man’s heart is only evil continually” (Genesis 6:5)
  • Because of the rule, man is different from God. Christianity sets up and operates with contradictions that individually attacks self-esteem. Globally it’s followers can attack others that think differently because they are not worthy at some level to exist in their own right.

This ideology allows Christians to love God and in the case of many within the African diaspora have disdain and loathing for self. The idea that you can be different from the creator allows one to not respect other parts of creation. Like other human beings that may believe different, or animals that cause fear, or mother earth that sustains us.

A loving god that is different has been the means by which we can be punished unmercifully and for eternity. In ancient Kemet and within African spirituality there was no differentiation between God and it’s creation. All of their philosophy science, theology, art etc. is based on the idea that everything in the universe is the same thing as “God” only a different aspect of it. This principle never changes, EVER! This is true monotheism.

Kemetic wisdom Contrast

There were no devils in African spirituality, only contrast as a universal law. This was due to the belief that experience can only occur through contrast. It’s analogous to trying to clap with one hand. You need the other hand in order to make the sound (the experience). The other hand is not evil or the devil. It is a necessary component of an experience. The esoteric way to express this idea is the universal law of duality.

Make no mistake that Christianity is African spirituality misunderstood and twisted into ideas that cause confusion and discord.  through The original spiritual system self-esteem and self-love was a byproduct. Unlike Christianity where dysfunction and contradiction become the norm. That’s not meant to be an attack on Christianity. For me having grown up in that system of thought and now being outside of it has caused me to recognize the difficulties it causes. But, because so many people live it and believe it the dysfunction has become normalized. Attempting to live a “Christian” lifestyle is the epitome of contradiction and confusion. I know because I tried my best to live it!

African spirituality is uplifting and freeing. In contrast, Christianity is a life of fear, mental anguish, and torment for anyone that attempts to stay true to its teachings.