Khemetic Spiritual System is the Basis of the Christian Religion

The Kemetic spiritual system is the basis of the Christian religion. If you ever want to fact check Christianity you can do so through the ancient Kemetic spiritual system and science. Just about everything in the bible, personages, Christian traditions, and holidays originated from the ancient Kemetic spiritual system.

I was raised as a Christian. It is the foundation of my entry into spirituality. I am no longer Christian and at a point in my past, I considered myself an atheist. I now consider myself a member of the spiritual but not religious (S.B.N.R.) group. Even during that time period of being an atheist, I still had an underlying belief that there was something greater than me. Spiritual but not religious simply means I no longer affiliate myself with any religious group but live life from a spiritual perspective that is without the need for dogma and the guilt, shame, or fear it creates.

As a Christian, I was taught accept and believe all or you have nothing. That is a part of the dogma and I have found is not true. There is a much richer and deeper spiritual connection beyond the dogma. [Learn more here about African spiritual science and the origin of KRST]

Through the ancient Kemetic spiritual system I learned the original intent and knowledge of what became many Christian doctrines. I also learned the truth behind many biblical stories and scriptures. Because of the knowledge and disassociating myself from the dogma and doctrine of Christianity, guilt, fear, and shame is no longer a part of my days as it was when I was religious.

I left Christianity to simply rebel against the organized religion version of God. I rebelled against ideas that caused separation of people based on anything that did not recognize the validity of all people to exist in their own way. In my youth, I didn’t think of it in that way. I just knew deep down that the dogma I was taught was not correct.Kemetic Spirituality

At some point, I recognized that many religions had the same message but expressed in different ways. My intuition told me that these expressions had a commonality and/or were expressing something universal. It started me on a search. My ideas of God have changed radically since my youth.

Ancient Egypt is the origin of Christianity

My search to find the basis of Christianity and the Bible lead me to Khemet. Part of which is the land we now call Egypt. I was astonished and ecstatic! As a member of the African diaspora here in the United States, I was taught that Africa had no history worth noting. I was filled with pride to realize that every major religion in the west copied, plagiarized, and used knowledge gained from the Kemetic spiritual system as the basis of their religions.

I finally found what these religions were trying to express but through ignorance and different agendas they butchered much of the wisdom. Much of what was taught in the Kemet spiritual system would now be considered new age, new thought, earth science, biology, medicine, psychology etc. What we separate in the west as spiritual and secular the Africans didn’t.

The principle of monotheism started in ancient Africa. EVERYTHING is an aspect of the original source of creation in African spiritual science. One aspect of misinformation on ancient Egypt that is still prevalent today is that the ancient Egyptians worshiped many gods and animals. That is completely flase! For the ancient Africans, there is only one source. Monotheism is the basis of all their beliefs.

African spiritual science
Monotheism originated in Africa

But make no mistake the originators of these ideas were from interior Africa. I don’t say that flippantly. There is much documentation trickling out through individuals that call themselves Kemetologist. If you have ever wondered what Africans believed before colonization and slavery then the system of ancient Kemet can be a good start for understanding African spiritual beliefs.

Because of so much documentation on the walls and temples ancient Egypt and the Kemet spiritual system has become the mouthpiece for African spiritual systems. Most of them have common themes just different names.

Formulas instead of dogma

Many of the ideas we read as history in the bible are actually at their root formulas that work across many facets of humanity be it spiritual or secular.

For example, in the bible John 10:30 states, “The father and I are one.” This scripture is an expression of a formula that works across what we would call earth science, psychology, and metaphysics in modern times.

Nature was mankind’s first teacher. primitive people noticed a plant would die in the winter and a new one would grow in the spring. The death and decay of the plant in the winter became the foundation for the growth of the new plant in the spring. It was realized as a part of the cycle of life. Out of death came life. For the Ancient Africans, death and life became two sides of the same coin. One could not exist without the other. Hence, “I and the father are one.”

Psychologically when something happens in your life that causes a shift in your way of thinking the “old” consciousness has died and a new enlightened way of thinking or conscious is born. Without the death of the old way of thinking the new way of thinking and the new you could not exist. Because of the shift in thinking and a new consciousness you were “born again.”

The ancient Africans called it coming forth by day. These ideas were written in coffins. Grave robbers called these ideas “the Book of the Dead.” Egyptologist accepted that name. That same Book and ideas is what the bible is based on. A fringe piece of ancient African spiritual Science.

Most ancient people believed in reincarnation. For the ancient Africans, That same formula applies to us as human beings. Our physical body will die. However, our soul will rise from its physical fetters to inhabit another physical form at some point. You will be “born again.”

The first law of thermodynamics state that energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change forms. In the African spiritual system, you are from one source. You being an aspect of that source means you cannot be destroyed. In the Kemetic spiritual system, YOU are not your body. The real YOU is the soul that precedes the body. That energic or metaphysical part of you cannot be destroyed. In other words, the scientific idea of thermodynamics is applied in the ancient systems by stating that you are “eternal.”

John 10:30 preserved a way of the ancient African thought process and spiritual science. But because we were taught a specific dogmatic way to view the bible we lose the practical application the formula can provide in our everyday lives. We worship the idea not realizing that it has meaning to our very way of being and evolving on our journey through life.

How much more empowering is it to recognize and understand that a part of all change and growth, be it personal or spiritual, a death of the old must precede the new?

It gives an empowered way to look at difficulties that may occur in life.

There are so many deeper and empowering connections like this contained in the bible. But you have to know the original Kemetic teachings in order to uncover the intent behind the dogmatic teachings. If you are Christian you will have to move beyond the fear that you were taught to not question and examine. Faith is much deeper and powerful than accepting beliefs unquestionably.

The Bible was born from the Kemetic spiritual system and science

As I stated earlier the basis of all Abrahamic religions can be traced back to Kemet. A quick search will reveal that the oldest Christian bibles, the Septuagint and Codex Sinaiticus, were both compiled in Alexandria Egypt. The original New Testament was written in Greek.

Kemetic bible origins
Christian bible originated in Africa

That means there is a direct connection from the Greeks to the Bible and ancient Africa, their culture and cosmology. That also means it’s not a stretch of the imagination that Africans, through the Greeks and then the Romans [creators of Christianity], could have influenced Christianity when the most sacred book to Christianity was produced from local knowledge in ancient Egypt. The knowledge of African spirituality traveled up the Nile river over thousands of years and reached Egypt. The origin of Egyptian knowledge began with the African people living in and near the African rift valley.

Kemetic spiritual system
Origins of African spiritual science

But In the land of Kemet, there was no religion. Their wisdom was unparalleled anywhere or anytime on the planet past or present. Egypt was the “holy land” in antiquity. Christianity inherited much of its knowledge from the Greeks who were trained in the African spiritual systems in ancient Egypt.

Plutarch and Greek origins

We are only now unlocking much of their wisdom due to technological and philosophical advances being presently made. Their wisdom teachings were so apart of their society they did not have a name for it. That will make perfect sense when you truly grasp the basis and depth of their wisdom.

Ideas like parables became part of the bible because the Egyptian Hieroglyphic languages could not be adequately translated into fixed western languages. 

African spiritual science

It is time that humanity wakes up and recognize that the dogmatic religious systems (like Christianity) are causing divisiveness. The consciousness of humanity is starting a new cycle of expansion. By its very nature, religious beliefs will stunt the evolution of human consciousness. We must now look to the past and the basis of the religious teachings to understand the power and majesty that is within each of us. It is time to move beyond the cookie-cutter ideas of religion.

Think of it as the difference in religion and spirituality. Spirituality is a personal connection and commiseration with the divine. Religion is crowd control.

You are divine in the Kemetic spiritual system

The major difference in the Ancient African view and Christianity is this; Ancient African spiritual science taught about evolving to realize your own divinity. In the Kemetic spiritual system, you are the divine in human form. It is analogous to you being a drop in the ocean of the divine. The only difference between a drop and the ocean is the magnitude.

Whereas Christianity became more about a relationship to the divine. Through inheriting Greek Gnostic error in ideology human and divine were separate and being human became a detriment to developing spiritually.

Greek error

That’s why you can have doctrines like total depravity within Christianity because as a human you were seen as different, defective and tainted compared to the divine.

There was no such ideology in the original African spiritual science. There is only one source and everything in the universe is that source in its own beautiful form expressing itself in the freest and most authentic way possible.

It’s the way you should endeavor to live your life on a daily basis. in order to truly be happy you have to live authentically. Authentic means “of undisputed origin.” That means you must live life from your own inward directed center. Not from a set of rules and a dogmatic box that you should fit in order to get a reward when you die. You must begin to define your life for you, by you, and have the courage to live the definition.


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