Khemetic Spirituality vs Christian Religion


Khemetic spirituality vs. Christian religion cheat sheet

The Christian religion was birthed from ancient Khemetic knowledge. However, just like a classroom game I played with my students called “telephone”, when I was a school teacher the initial phrase started with did not get to the last student. It ALWAYS ended with some totally

Cross and ankh
Christianity vs Kemetic

unrecognizable phrase different from its origin.

This is analogous to the spiritual system of ancient Khemet/Egypt to the religion that became Christianity. Personally, I don’t bash Christianity because there are still some hidden Gems in the bible when the cover is taken off the literal teachings.

What I have done is created a free cheat sheet that is great to compare and contrast the original source (ancient Khemet) to what ended up as Christian doctrines and dogma.

You might be shocked at what was taught originally and what it became in Christianity.

It’s a quick and simple read with an easy “T” chart compare and contrast.



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