Practical application of KRST in you

Meme phoenix

The Krst (Christ) in you
This meme is expressing the concept of Ausar or “The Christ” very succinctly. It is a divine principle. Divine simply means universal. In other words, this concept the ancient Africans called Ausar can apply with your life as well as the life of a plant. A flower can die in the winter and be reborn in the spring. Time is irrelevant in this divine cycle of birth, death, and regeneration or rebirth.

Meme phoenix
a simple example of the Ausar principle

When you truly change an aspect of your life, the old you dies and SIMULTANEOUSLY the new you is reborn or resurrected. In other words, “I and the father are one” (John 10:30). Heru/Jesus is the principle of regeneration. Did you ponder the change? did you pray about it? this is the context of the divine feminine (Auset). You had to go within yourself, your mind (the womb) and you were born anew (Heru).

Christianity has complicated a simple concept with all of its dogma based on ignorance of the original teachings.