Christian Hell does not exist

I love this line in the song by India Arie. When I first heard it I had no idea it was from the Sufi Mystic Rumi. But I acknowledge this idea. My hair and my skin are an aspect of the eternal me. In the pre-Christian ancient world, the idea of reincarnation was a given. In the pre-Christian world, there was no hell for someone to go to for eternity.9c55fcf52c1d797f1f9017bef0615bc1

In pre-dynastic Khemet, there was no concept of death. Only the principle of Ausar and all life being a cycle. What we call death and an ending the khemetian called “westing” (as in the sun setting in the west but rising again new in the east). Salvation was having the ability to be “born again” to live another life, not a soul being saved from hell as with Christianity. I have and you have lived many lives and many cultures. Our ideas of race and the hate generated behind them is so misunderstood that it would be nonsensical understanding the broader and enlightened perspective. This was common knowledge in ancient Khemet and the world before Christianity.

My hope is that one day I will be able to teach about the deeper mysteries of life and the universe and not be stuck on the mundane ideas that we fuss and fight over on a daily basis.

You are a god/goddess that lives for eternity and you don’t need any special words or savior in order for that to occur. It is your natural state of being. Does that sound crazy? Blasphemous?

It will lay a foundation for living life beyond the fears associated with being indoctrinated through Christianity. Many of us that are no longer “Christian” still have subconscious beliefs shaped by Christianity. The belief that you will die and that be the end is false Christian teachings.

It’s time to expand and live life from a place of joy and ecstasy! Relax!