Did the Egyptian worship many Gods?

The above question implies a number of biases that must be addressed.
Many translations of the hieroglyphs were made through biases of racist Egyptologist. These translations and biases have been the prism that the world has viewed ancient Egypt through. Present day people of all races have accepted the ideas put forth within a time period that Africans were viewed as primitive and backwards and unable to produce intelligent philosophy and discourse on anything.

I found God when I lost religion
I found God when I lost religion

Modern Egyptology began in 1798 after the French invasion of Egypt by Napoleon. Egyptology, for the first 150 years was viewed from a totally western European perspective at the height of the slave trade of Africans, at the height of racism towards Africa and its people.

Ancient Africans did not have a concept of worshiping as we think of today. That is a religious perspective and bias that did not arrive in the world until circa 2500 BCE. Ancient pre-dynastic Khemetians (before 4500 BCE) did NOT worship. If we view ancient Africans from our present day perspectives and biases we cannot understand, grasp and apply the power of these ancient teachings in our daily lives. THE AFRICANS HAD A DIFFERENT PARADIGM OF THOUGHT.

This will be addressed in the Teleclass. You will be given more than facts and history in my Teleclass. You will be given tools and a foundation that can transform your life. No more fear, guilt shame, and anxiety that the false teachings have produced in our lives.

The idea that the ancient Egyptians believed in may gods was first put forth by Egyptologist that did not understand the depth and sophistication of ancient African philosophy. The modern Egyptologist had never seen anything like the Egyptian mystery system. They mistranslated one word in the hieroglyphs (NTR). They translated it as God. Not until the 1950’s did Egyptologist R.A. Schwaller De Lubicz finally crack the code.

Simply put, a NTR is a divine cosmic principle. In today’s terms we would call them “Universal Laws” but it is the same exact concept as to how the Khemetians believed. They were simply more advanced in their understanding than we are today! Yes, I said MORE advanced! In our western thought process, we raise “rational” and “logical” thought processes above subjective intuition. However, it is only one-half of our brain. Ancient Africans understood that use of the logical and the intuitive. Their writing and their speech addressed both the logical level and the intuitive level.

How does a logical, rational, left-brained trained western Egyptologist address the intuitive ideas of Ancient Africans? We are educated to think the primitive Africans believed in magic! But wait! The pyramids are a massive construction project that we can’t duplicate with all of our “modern” technology! How did the Africans do this? Answer: Aliens did it! Because there is no way primitive Africans could do such things with their magical beliefs.

Magic is defined as the inability to attach cause to effect. Because of their totally different paradigm of thought Africans understood NaTuRe (NTR) or the “universal laws” at a depth beyond our comprehension. The secret and the ideas of the ability to shape our reality through our thoughts fascinated me! But, I wanted to go deeper and learn more about “The Secret.” Where did it originate? In the secret movie it was implied that the teachings were ancient. How ancient and from who?

To truly understand the African paradigm of thought you have to first consider the ideas that we know of as the Law of Attraction and then pump those ideas up with steroids! At that point you will have scratched the surface of understanding the empowering spiritual nature of the ancient Africans and their beliefs.

No they did not worship many gods. But they understood NaTuRe (NTR) and “Universal Laws” at a level that we are only beginning to grasp today due to quantum physics. You want to speed up your understanding? Get on my Teleclass and learn how the Africans thought and how they applied it to everyday life. Get beyond the false teachings of ancient Khemetic science and empower yourself!