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A few of the articles that you will have access to are:

Ra is taught as a "Sun god," but through the symbolist view of the ancient concepts, I show you a much more powerful and personally practical concept that Ra actually is. And how the ancient Egyptian used it to enhance their daily life. How to apply the Egyptian principle of Ra?

Another example, the concept of getting to heaven is actually a tool to be used every day. But as a Christian, we were taught it was a place everyone goes to after death only if we live a certain way. The bible says how ancient Egyptians taught heaven. But the churches teach us something different. Where is heaven located? And how to get there without dying!

How the ancient Egyptian concept of a trinity manifests itself in our relationships for a deeper understanding of how to develop strong lasting relationships rather than a concept to worship in superstition. Why does love hurt so much?

Or how about dealing with the existential crisis of why we are here and our purpose. As Christian we were taught to follow Gods will believing that it was something different than our passions for life. How does the Christian idea of God often put us in conflict with our own being? Why does the Christian idea of God cause burnout and depression among many Christians? How did the ancient Egyptians originally teach the concept of God that caused you to live life happy and at peace? Exposing the myth of how to serve God daily to fight off depression.

All examples are actually processes that as Christians we were taught to worship but never understanding how to use them in our day to day lives. Originally that was a major component of the ancient Egyptian spiritual science.

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