Me, the founder of Khemetic Centered Living

Hi, I am Reginald Khu-Ahkaru. I am a recovering Christian and the founder of Khemetic Centered Living, a metaphysical educational membership site and blog, where knowledge becomes wisdom. I compare and contrast the origins of the Christian religious doctrines versus Where they originated in ancient Egypt. What became Christianity originated as ancient African spiritual science.

Why is this important? Because many people have no idea that Christianity can be fact-checked. And because, most people think of the Christian religion as benign at the least and wonderfully good at its best. But the truth is that people are leaving Christianity in droves and are literally suffering psychologically and emotionally from the Christian indoctrination. This suffering is especially acute in those that believed in and were exposed to authoritarian fundamentalist views of the bible and Christianity since early childhood. But everyone suffers on some level but are not always aware of it because the symptoms of the indoctrination are normalized with so many people living through them.

There are also many others that suffer still trying to live under these authoritarian and dogmatic belief systems. I overcame most of it after years of education and reprograming myself through the knowledge I gained. How do you help people through this pain in a way that I overcame? A beginning is by exposing the origins and reasoning that many of these doctrines were formed from.

Being informed and knowledgeable did help me on a rational level to cope with some aspects of the Christian indoctrination and to know that I was not crazy for questioning. However, how do you deal with the emotional fallout of losing leaving your faith? For me it was a gradual process. Over the years my fears subsided from simply being able to rationally and logically think through so many of the bible stories and expose their idiocy. For example, Adam and Eve had two sons and populated the earth. Really? How could that logically happen?

Like you may be feeling, I had the fear of going to hell because I had rejected my belief in Jesus. Still others speak of the terror of being left behind at the rapture when Jesus returns and being left alone to fend for themselves in an evil world. How do you cope with terrors that are no longer rational? That’s where Kemetic Centered Living is a step above simple informational Khemetic sites (more on that later especially if you are a Pastor, or spiritual leader with questions or know others with questions).

My back story

Personally, I grew up in a pretty staunch Christian family. I was baptized at the age of 13, because I wanted to please my mother. It had no other meaning for me. I remember being taught that it was a sin, to smoke, drink, and dance. To this day I have two left feet!

Because I was a “good boy,” I really earnestly wanted to live the Christian lifestyle. So as my teenage hormones began to rage I started to have a lot of questions about a supposed loving God, hell, sin, and forgiveness. By the age of 15 I wondered if God would send everyone to hell that didn’t believe in Jesus. At that age my heart nor my mind could reconcile this contradiction. God is loving, but will banish you to an eternal lake of fire for not believing? That didn't seem very loving to me then and it doesn't now. 

I asked questions but never got satisfactory answers. I went to college with many of these questions still unanswered. I ended up at a Southern Baptist College on a basketball scholarship. We had to take bible classes. For the first time ever, I heard professors question things in the bible. I thought that was a sin to question God!

Well those classes lead me on a journey of research and discovery. For several reasons, I became disillusioned with Christianity. I decided to be an atheist the whole time I was at that college. It was the only way I could cope with my new found understanding of Christianity and the bible. I kept asking questions though. Fast forward almost 30 years and I discovered ancient Khemet and its connection to the bible. I am no longer atheist. After I got beyond being angry at Christianity I was able to reconcile being spiritual but not religious. I am at peace.

Part of being religious was believing in an all powerful white dude that did terrible things to people because he got angry with them and wanted to punish them. Part of being Atheist was rebelling against that idea of God. In other words, I refuse to accept that type of God so therefore there is no God like that. Through my studies I realized that's not "God" at all. Atheism was not the logical nor intuitive step for me either.

Through study and research, my view of a humanized God has changed. The humanization of God was an error and misunderstanding of the ancient teachings.

Why is Khemetic studies important to Christians and ex-Christians?

Understand that what I teach and share here is not for everybody. Teachers passionate about helping others and believe they can make a difference in this world will find my e-courses most helpful. You are the ones that need good research and value it. I promise that what you learn will put you on the cutting edge of knowledgeable individuals anywhere in the world about this spiritual system.

This is why Khemet is important. Because Khemetic science is the grandfather of misinterpreted, misunderstood and politicized Christian doctrines it can offer a lifeline to those that are feeling rudderless when they choose to leave Christianity, the dogma and indoctrination. WIth research and study, I found that Christian ideology is based many untruths; like the bible is a revelation and the inerrant word of God; that Jesus is a historical person; and that your soul can burn in hell for eternity. These doctrines can really cause so many fearful emotions to well up inside us that it can be overwhelming.

Many people literally suffer the fracture of familial ties, divorce, loss of community, and loss of friends. They suffer from anxiety, depression, grief, anger, negative beliefs about self-worth and self-ability, poor critical thinking skills etc. However, when you learn the difference in Jesus and KRST as a spiritual concept rather than dogmatic concept it can really be uplifting, empowering, and freeing mentally and psychologically.

Many Khemetic sites have good information and knowledge. But because they oftentimes simply regurgitate information and that really can’t help you cope emotionally with a very difficult transition out of the dogma and indoctrination. Because many of those khemetic sites don’t understand the psychological trauma of the dogma, they treat leaving Christianity as if it is as simple as giving up a belief in Santa Clause, like all you need to do grow up and snap out of it. I know from personal experience how leaving Christianity can be freighting and for many traumatic. It's much deeper psychologically and a whole lot more gut wrenching than giving up a belief like Santa Clause. Leaving Christianity can literally cause a mental breakdown. But, many other Khemetic sites don't even consider the psychological fallout and come off really insensitive.

But here at Khemetic Centered Living you not only get the good information, but well researched and documented knowledge. But I go even deeper in giving you the knowledge and tools as the spiritual science were meant to be used. Tools? YES! Concepts like KRST (Christ), The Trinity, and prayer are tools! Not concepts to be worshiped blindly. But you don’t know that if all you get repeated is ideas like the Horus and Jesus connection, Horus raised the dead and Jesus raised the dead, Horus walked on water, Jesus walked on water etc. It’s all really cool knowledge!

But how can it be applied in your life to make you more confident after Christianity has indoctrinated you with ideas like you are a born sinner, bring you peace when you have been taught all your life that you will be going to hell for not believing, or help you cope with a fast changing world that you have been told is evil and that you should be of this world but not in the world?  How can simply giving you Khemetic information calm your nerves when you are stressed out from feeling lonely because you no longer have Jesus to lean on? Has that been your life? That’s the life of many who decide to leave Christianity! It was part of my life.

The Khemetic knowledge is actually deep spiritual principles that connect you mind, body, and soul. Christianity and the New Testament is based on a fringe aspect of this African spiritual science. How do you connect to your higher self or “divine Ka” to help navigate through your daily life and relationships? That’s a question you can get answers to here at Khemetic Centered Living.  Ancient Egypt was the “Holy Land” of the ancient world. The priests were believed to have superhuman powers! Can that happen for you? Can you heal yourself mentally and physically?  You are so much more powerful than you were taught as a Christian. The Khemetic Science knowledge is a true spiritual science.

When you uncover Christianity through a deeper understanding of its Khemetic roots you will find that Even in its early stages Christianity was viewed by many as a despiritualized version of Gnosticism. The roots of Gnosticism are imbedded deeply within the Khemetic sciences but also with misinterpretations and misunderstandings.

What’s different about this site and educational products here as opposed to other Khemetic sites?

At Khemetic Centered Living you will get the good information, but also:

  • Documentation and resources that will allow you to be your own investigator so you may confirm this knowledge for yourself, no more depending on others for your knowledge
  • The beautifully personally empowering original teachings that will aid you in your spiritual journey
  • What the Khemetic symbols and myths mean so you can have tools to use on your journey
  • How it became Christianity so you can rationally compare to the original teachings and why so many Christian doctrines cause self-loathing, Low self-esteem, sexual dysfunction, and lack of self-acceptance
  • Help you to recognize why 2nd - 4th century Christian fathers despiritualized the knowledge so they could legitimize the authority of The Church and keep you in mental bondage
  • How the Khemetic myths and symbols are veiled and show up in the Bible so you can breakthrough living so long with blind faith and having to accept illogical and irrational ideology
  •  And how you can practically apply the information and use it to better your life and no longer live in fear, anxiety, guilt, and shame
  • Become enlightened rather than indoctrinated so that  you can have knowledge AND wisdom that will impact your life and the lives of others when you choose to share

Here at KCL it's much more than just regurgitating information. Here you will step into learning how the ancient Africans thought (their cosmology) so that you can tap into your own inner wisdom as this knowledge was meant to have you do. You will also get it in a positive, compassionate tone.

Are you a Pastor or Spiritual Leader?

If you are a Pastor or Spiritual leader this site will be immensely helpful for you because of the research and documentation.  You probably have people coming to you for answers that you have no idea where to begin to look. I give you book references and quotes that will help you narrow down and begin your own search. This site will save you in time and aggravation. But more importantly it will give you the tools to help people you know that feel lost and confused.

You may be shocked to realize that Christians don’t have to throw it all away. The bible can still be very useful when the symbolism is understood beyond the literal interpretation. As a person that was or is in Christian leadership, you can be a lighthouse to guide others to a safe harbor and land on solid ground when they have been shaken to their emotional and psychological core.  You can’t do that for others with just facts and information. You must know what these ideas were meant to do spiritually, or you are doing a disservice to them when their belief system has been shattered. It’s like emotionally dropping them off the side of a cliff with no net or parachute.

I am a State of Texas certified school teacher in Dallas. It is my gift to take difficult to understand concepts for 13 and 14-year-olds (8th graders) and brake them down in ways they can understand. My gift serves me well to breakdown many spiritual and metaphysical concepts from ancient Khemet here on this site in ways that will bring clarity to you when confusion existed before. My belief is that If I can't explain it to a 13 or 14-year-old and have them understand it, then I don't know it well enough.

Simple knowledge is a good foundation, but not enough though. So many people read the books on Khemetic science but have no idea how it can apply in their life. How do you turn this knowledge into gaining wisdom? That's why the Khemetic Christian connection is so important in the lives of so many. Where there was a spiritual gulf based on blind faith and belief, within Christianity, the Khemetic knowledge can fill in that gulf in an empowering way.

A prescription for a happy life

I believe that the happiest people on the planet are those that live life on their terms. However, it takes courage and confidence in ones self to do so. I have a saying that I taught to my children, and that is define your life for you, by you, and have the courage to live the definition.  One of the biggest deterrents for living life on you our own terms is the belief that you can't. Our major institutions, like public school, corporate America, and religion all bank on our willingness to conform to their norms that will keep them in business and power. 

Conformity is a drug that slowly kills you from the inside out. We must learn to live from our own place of authenticity. Within your uniqueness lies your superpower and your happiness.

A spark of the Creator

This is what I know. Every human being on this planet is born with the potential to transcend their circumstances when they are not to their liking. But in order to do that there must be the ability within that person to realize and connect to their god self (Divine Ka). When you connect to your Divine Ka you will develop deeper intuitive wisdom.

In order to do this, there has to be a recognition and trust in their own being. That trust must emanate from the deepest recesses of their soul and from every single cell in their physical body. Each cell is conscious and "knows" itself or it would not have materialized into physical as a part of your body.

The cell is a harmony of parts that form it. Each organ is a harmony of cells that operate as a unit to form itself. And your body is harmony of organs that operate as a unit to form itself. Your body is the harmony the universe operating as an individualized spark of the creator of all.

Photo grid of me speaking

Speaking and teaching

Harmony is the method of the Universe

Harmonizing is the method in which the All forms any aspect of itself. The All desired to create experience of itself. It "trusted" its nature in order to create everything in the universe from itself. As human beings we can't know the nature of the creator because it is beyond the human capacity to experience. Yet we can experience its effect as ourselves, our loved ones, our communities, and our world.

Illness in all forms is a result of disharmony. Be it physical illness or mental illness. Disharmony is the opposite of harmony. We recognize these dual states of existence in many forms. We call harmony love. Disharmony we call fear.

At the most basic and intimate levels of nature is the tug of war between those two states. You can create with love or fear. You have the power to choose. They are inseparable states that must exist in the All and all things. That dual aspect is a necessary part of our natural physical experience.

You can't clap with only one hand and you can't experience anything without its opposite. It is universal law.

My reason why 

I say all that to get to this realization and why I speak up and out about anything and anyone one that causes you to mistrust your nature as an individual and an eternal soul having a human experience. As part of the soul is the divine spark of the creator within each of us.

The ideas at the foundation of Christianity are a cancer formed from fear within our society that manifest as hate in the form of illness, racism, and sexism on an individual level. And as all types of disfunction on the family, community, city, state and national levels that morph into war and strife in the world.

The Religion that you and I know as Christianity teaches us to mistrust our physical experience and physical body as if being human is a detriment to our soul and eternal existence.

Christian Doctrines like "the Fall" and "Original sin" puts us at odds with our own being and introduce disharmony. Does it really make logical sense that just being born you are already cursed because of what your mother and father did in their lives? Let's put Original sin into context: Your father committed a crime, went to jail for life. You are born, and immediately sentenced to jail for life for what he did? Nah, I don't think so! Just plain Dumb!

Those ideas were not originally taught that way. The origin of those ideas came from the Egyptian mystery systems, and like many African spiritual systems it did not originally contain aspects like evil and the devil. They were not defined in a way that automatically puts you at odds and in disharmony with everything in nature.

Because of my African heritage, I am uniquely connected to this information in a way that makes it much more than a simple rationalistic mental massage. It was deeply moving for me to find out how much of an influence Africa had on the world. It was amazing to find out that Khemetic science developed over tens of thousands of years from interior Africa. There are older spiritual systems in Africa that were the foundation of the Khemetic system. Therefore the Khemeic system becomes a mouthpiece for spiritual beliefs of pre-colonized Africa.

Why I'm passionate about Khemetic studies

My passion is to expose and illuminate these Christian errors of the beautiful and powerful teachings of Khemetic science so that we all may trust, love, and harmonize with ourselves individually first. And then extend that trust and love to family, friends and neighbors in our communities, cities, nation and around the world.

As Christians or ex Christians we all know the scripture "love thy neighbor as thyself." because of misunderstanding we practice that idea as it is written. We try to love our neighbors and everyone else before we love our self.

But it's because we are taught as Christians that we are no good sinners from birth due to the curse of Adam and Eve!

This is not true, and can be proven through my research. As Christians we were taught to accept these ideas on "faith." Most of us did so blindly without ever researching for ourselves or analyzing the consequences of those doctrines on our lives. We must change the acceptance of these erroneous teachings in order to change first ourselves, and then the world around us will begin to reflect without who we have become within.

What I discovered is that even though I stopped thinking of my self as Christian, I don't need to give up everything I was taught. The erroneous teachings we were given and accepted on blind faith still at its foundation is ancient spiritual science. Once the ancient framework is understood you begin to uncover deeper beautiful and empowering information that was meant to connect you to your own inner wisdom.

The Christian fathers just screwed up the knowledge. I know that may seem a strong statement about the Christian fathers, but research proves it. A lot of things they didn't understand or dumbed it down for their followers, and even still politicized the beliefs for control of the masses. They even wanted followers that were not too smart and said so! They were the better "believers." 

Once you understand there is a difference between Jesus and KRST you will enter into a world of enlightenment, personal freedom, and empowerment.

I don't believe in Jesus, but KRST is a part of my life every single day. The Khemetic sciences give a basis of developing the KRST consciousness that is masculine and feminine but not male and female. KRST consciousness is about recognizing how and why you change as you evolve through the experiences of your life. As a teacher, helping you turn on that light of KRST within is my passion.

Facilitating a workshop

Facilitating my Khemetic workshops

I don't hate Christianity

I don't hate Christianity. It exists as a contrast within our experience. It is part of nature as thoughts and concepts. That's simply the dual nature of our universe. However, we have the power to choose to love all of nature and humanity when we can shine a light on the shadows of our existence as gods/goddesses in flesh.

Unity is a paradox. Too many people think that we will unify based on our physical characteristics or based on us all believing a certain way. But the truth is that neither of those things will unify us. These ideas produce hate because people want to "believe" in Jesus without ever understanding KRST. 

The paradox comes when we can love and be in harmony and resonance with our own individual being. When that happens, we will automatically unify with those souls that harmonize and resonate on the same frequency with us. These beautiful souls become our Soul Tribe. We may not all look the same, but we will harmonize and vibe the same. And those souls that harmonize on a different frequency will not be a threat to our harmony but an opportunity to create new and more beautiful harmonies. THAT'S THE WAY OF THE UNIVERSE!

For me it's not about hating Christianity. It's about exposing and illuminating ideas that cause separation and disharmony within humanity. We can correct that by putting a light on the original teachings from ancient Africa, the cradle of humanity. 

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." - Martin Luther King

My goal is not to convince people to believe like me, but to connect with those that know deep down what I feel and they already know but maybe can't put words to it yet. My research and knowledge will help you confirm what you feel is right but can't yet express it. You will feel a freedom and empowerment like neveer before!

You, me, and we are a Soul Tribe searching the universe for our kindred spirits in love and unity. As a Soul Tribe we vibe alike! We don't recognize our Soul Tribe by the way they look. We recognize them by the way they feel.

With this knowledge you will gain the wisdom to create a world of love and beauty all around you.

You feel me?

Reginald Khu-Ahkaru Martin

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  1. Thank you for sharing your site in your YouTube reply to my comments on your videos. I like what I’ve seen so far. Looking forward to learning. What I’ve explored on this site so far is wonderful; absolutely wonderful. I’m excited.

    1. Hi Theresa, Thank you for your feedback. The videos and this site is a portal for me to do what I love and that is to serve humanity through my authentic way of being. That is as an educator. The site will be constantly developing. It will be a resource for research and learning. I look forward to the exchange and the ability to serve you.

  2. I thank you for sharing your gift of being able to simplify your knowledge and or teachings. I found you on YouTube and after a few videos I came directly to your website like a thirsty puppy heaping for water! Then….after reading from your website…I cried like a baby! Like a relief feeling…Like heaviness had lifted off me. Then…I started saying…Thank you…Thank you…I believe I was speaking to my higher self Ka. Yet I have so much to learn, embrace and put to practice…I am more in relief than in fear! Thank you! Thank you!

    1. Wow Sister! I woke up to your heartfelt note this morning. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and feeling about how my work inspired and relieved you! It means so much to hear your feedback. Know that this information is only the tip of an iceberg of knowledge that will empower you beyond what we have been taught. Thank you and Namaste.

  3. I’m really giving my comment some thought why? Because some of what your saying I taught to my children, that we are spiritual not slaves and how we put of postive and negative vibes this came from withn which I related it to insights so now so to speak the dots are connecting …..

    1. Hi Diana, It’s amazing how intuitive that we are. Sometimes we just KNOW. We have everything we need within us to navigate this incarnation. Vibration and frequency is everything!