Police shootings, Baptism, Jesus and Christ Consciousness

The police shootings are a baptism for the African diaspora in America and the country of the United States of America. Allow me to explain.

People of the African diaspora have always been a deeply spiritual people. Because of systematic racism propagated around the world on POC religious and spiritual systems have been a source of relief and hope for the better.

The problem with accepting the religious system in America is it was formulated and promoted to Africans in America as a tool to subdue and mentally castigate a people.

Until we start to rediscover the spiritual system meant to support and uplift us we will forever be reactionary to the events happening in America.

It’s time to look deeper into the religion given to us by slave masters and question why? Everything that was given to Africans in America by the slave masters was done so in an effort to strip our ancestors of pride, dignity and authenticity.

Because of teachings from the Christian Church, people of the African diaspora in America are suffering from a system that has attacked our self-image, promoted self-loathing, a lack of critical thinking  and a lack of spiritual knowledge of its own ancestral teachings that were taken from Africa and given to the world as a shadow of its magnificence. Christianity is reformulated and repackaged African spirituality.

Africans in America are a group of the most religious people in the world that are unaware of their own natural spiritual nature.

Case in point is the idea of Christ, the baptism, and the deeply spiritual meaning of the ideas.

In Ancient Egypt the baptism was symbolic of being reborn spiritually. You are sumberged symbolically into the water of your original birth from the mother and come up “born again.”  Being human and all the events of life is part the first level of meaning.

The rebirth in ancient Egypt was symbolically by fire or the spiritualized consciousness. it is a transformation of the earthly consciousness to a new level of, thinking, knowing and understanding. Trials and tribulations of life is the fire that births new consciousness. You are reborn and grow from the shit you go through in life. It’s a constant process and not an end.

Christianity misrepresents this process because once you come out of the water you are supposedly born anew. You go through the ritual but have not changed in any way accept to get wet. That is the religious aspect of Christianity at work. It proposes to change people without the internal work necessary for a new level of consciousness.

Ancient Africans saw life as facts that had a deeper abstract or metaphysical principle. So it was with Christ and the baptism. These ideas existed thousands of years before Christianity.

Trials and tribulations of life is the spiritual fire that births new consciousness. You are reborn and grow from the shit you go through in life. It’s a constant process and not an end.

This same idea was usurped and simplified by the Christian Church in the form of Jesus Christ.

What we are dealing with in America today is a shift in consciousness that we fail to recognize as such. We see the effects of the system but seldom consider the deeper currents running beneath the facts that are part of life. Many of us that aren’t even Christian still have a Christian mentality.

What I mean by that is we are waiting on a savior or at the very least hoping for a change of consciousness from a people and a system that is going through their own fiery baptism and shit storm.

Allow me to break it down on a spiritual level. then take it to the practical level.

The spiritual Level

The first birth of Jesus/Heru was born of water from within the great mother. The virgin mother as taught by Christianity. In this incarnation, Jesus/Heru is known as the “son of man.” The biblical reference to the “son of man” is a reference to being earthly and flesh. Born of a woman.

The second birth is a spiritual awakening symbolized by being born again at the baptism or being birthed by fire. In this incarnation, Jesus/Heru is known as the “son of God.” He becomes Christ, the Begotten son of God. Through this transformation, a new consciousness is born. An awakening has occurred.

This knowledge was all part of ancient African spirituality before the African Diaspora was ever Christian. The knowledge not only sustained us it fed us, uplifted us, and propelled us to new heights of creativity and authenticity.

What this means for the African Diaspora now is that through the dumbing down of ancient spiritual and metaphysical knowledge we are trapped in a consciousness and way of thinking that is contributing to our own demise.

The Police shootings and the rise in racism in this country is a wakeup call that we will never answer if we continue to wait on Jesus to answer our prayers.

In life, we’re all born from a mother. We are the sons and daughters of mankind. As we go through our stuff, grow and learn in life we are transformed through those fires and become a new consciousness. The Christ. But because we have been taught that Jesus was a special case we miss the opportunity to transform into our own Christ consciousness.

We wait for a savior rather than recognizing our true power and taking actions that will transform our lives and our nation.

The system of racism changes

The system of racism does not operate the same as it did in 1865. Nor does it operates the same as it did in 1965 or even 2005.

But as a people, the African diaspora in America still operates, against the system of racism the same way we did sixty years ago and talking the same rhetoric as 60 years ago. The conscious of the country has changed, some of it good and a lot of it not so good. But, too many of us, of the African diaspora, operate with the same old consciousness.

Many of us will even propose to use the same hateful consciousness that created racism to fight the system of racism. However, one can never hope to change anything with the same consciousness that created it.

The Practical Level

Heru was born of a virgin from the water of the mother. Through the death experience of Asaur, Heru/Jesus is reborn and transformed into a Christ. Christ is the new consciousness reborn or ressurected from the fires we call life. Life is the baptism. Life should be the agent of change.

The police shootings have brought many of us to a place of anger and a desire to change things. That desire is our inner fire that will fuel the transformation of ourselves and our nation.

The consciousness of a dependence on Jesus and his power to change things has to die in order that we might be born again into our Christ consciousness and create a system that is supportive of inclusion rather than exclusion.

Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, Sandra Bland, Trayvon Martin and others are the catalyst that will birth our new consciousness.

As for many whites in this country, what happens when your self-image is wrapped up in you being superior to all other humans and then you come face to face with the idea that it’s not quite true?

Many whites are grappling with the fear that they will be treated by POC with power, the same as whites treated others. Whites in this country have to deal with their own transformation from a consciousness of exclusion to one of inclusion.

As people of the African diaspora, we are going through the fire of a baptism. That’s what life is for all of us. We have our individual battles, cultural battles, and national battles.

Through our desire for change, we are being given an opportunity to change this country for the better in a way that has never been done before.

But, we can’t continue to pray to Jesus in hopes that he will change hearts and march in hopes that those in power will feel guilty enough to change. It’s time for new dialogue and new strategies.

The old reactionary ways (marching when angry and then going back home) have to die (Ausar) and new ideas be born (Heru). our ancestors never knew Jesus. But, they were very well aware of the power of Christ.

Jesus will not save you. But Christ will transform you and a nation.