The Principle of Ausar simple

The principle of Ausar is a universal law
Ausar is a really simple principle or universal law

is one of life, death, and regeneration. We see it in nature as vegetation that dies and is reborn anew each spring. Isis is mother nature, Ausar is death and decomposition, Heru is what is born new or regenerated from Ausar. The principle is present in us every day. Often times when we bathe we wash off dead cells. In the place of the old cells are new ones reborn. Our bodies turn over, on a cellular level, every seven years from cells dying and new cells regenerating. In the midst of this complete death of our cells, our body, every seven years we live! We are examples of the cycle of regeneration. We are magnificent beings!

The principle is one that is also symbolic on other levels. For example, there are times is life when we can go through difficulties. Those difficulties can have a major effect on our state of mind.

However, when we come through the difficulty often times it forces us to gain a new perspective on life. This changes our state of mind and our actions.

In this instance, the new action is caused by the birth of a new perspective. With change the old perspective “died.” Through the process of changing our perspective we had to be broken down mentally (decomposition) and the new perspective being born (Heru).

The principle is truly universal. Don’t get stuck thinking of Ausar as a person or even a mythological individual. It is a principle or universal law.

people get lost in the mythological explanation of the principle and lose the perspective on it being a NTR or universal law of NaTuRe. This is so with all the “gods” of ancient Egypt. The early Egyptologist looked at the ancient Africans as primitive and unsophisticated in their philosophy and assumed they were worshiping nature.

This erroneous idea was not corrected until the 1950’s when Egyptologist R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz corrected this error and realized they were a principle of nature.

Unfortunately, the erroneous interpretation has so much steam behind it people still believe the Egyptians were polytheistic.

The truth is they were quite sophisticated. Ausar is a universal law, not a god.

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  1. Thanks for making this principle simple to understand and grasp. You caught my attention when you said Don’t get stuck thinking of Ausar as a person or even a mythological individual. It is a principle or universal law. That summed it up for me right there!!

    1. Hey Kendall, one of the biggest issues to really understanding the Kemetic spiritual system is the personification of the Neters. The myths and stories are used to convey deeper universal truths.

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