Egyptian Spiritual Science and Mastery: The Numerology of Oneness, Duality, and the Trinity

Egyptian spiritual science and Mastery
Adam and Eve were originally Atum

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In Egyptian spiritual science and mastery e-course learn:

  • Why you should know the difference between a monad and the number one as a foundation to build self-confidence and self-acceptance
  • Why a deeper understanding of the number two is practical to men, their health, and quality of life
  • Why the basis of the number three is proven scientifically and important to creating success in your life

Kemetic spiritual science is the basis of the Christian religion. By learning the concepts that at their basis are Kemetic numerology you will gain a deeper understanding of the bible.

You will also learn that the bible preserved a number of ancient Kemetic concepts that have become hidden in the ignorance (not knowing) of teaching the bible as literal and historical.

Egyptian spiritual science mastery will help you make many connections and decipher the bible and Kemetic symbolism.

By deciphering the esoteric meaning of the numbers 1,2, and 3 you will gain a deeper and more profound understanding of Kemetic concepts as well.

Egyptian spiritual science mastery is audio and text-based. The information in the course is not widely known. This course will expand your knowledge and wisdom on many levels.