The First Christians Didn’t Know Jesus E-Course

The First Christians Didn’t Know Jesus E-Course

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Was Jesus real?
The first Christians were followers of the Egypto-Gnostic Serapis

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You have a 30 day 100% Money back guarantee if you can prove that a person named Jesus existed historically.   But you cannot use the bible as your source or any research that uses the bible as it’s source of “proof.”

Jesus and spiderman
This is not documented proof.

That would be like using a Spiderman comic book to prove the existence of Spiderman. You cannot claim another personage as Jesus Christ, like Yeshua ben Panthera (Pandera) As Jesus. That kinda defeats the purpose of

proving the existence of Jesus if you can claim someone else as Jesus.

If you bypass this e-course and it contents you will continue with the day to day doubts, anxiety and fear.

Do not confuse “faith” with knowledge

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