Kemetic science: Two monstrous reasons the black community keeps chasing Its tail

Disconnected relationships and sex, rage and anger among black men have a hidden but common issue.  In the consciousness community, we have much knowledge about our African ancestors but little in the form of wisdom from their teachings. Why are so young men resorting to violence in too many of our communities?

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Oppression of our sisters must change

To my sisters that are fighting the oppression of men within the male patriarchal system. I always find it peculiar when I see brothers talking about the need to protect sisters from the abuse of racism but can’t understand his own oppressive behaviors toward black women.… Read more

A practical guide on how to recognize all that is divine

All that is divine is really a very simple concept to recognize when you think from the perspective of the ancient Africans.

Today we complicate many ancient ideas due to losing the meaning. Often times some of our most sacred concepts of today were very simple ideas in ancient times that have become venerated today.… Read more

How to apply Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine principle


Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine
Open, in the “light” is masculine. Hidden, in the “dark” is feminine.

The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine or the gender principle is an often talked about but woefully misunderstood esoteric concepts.… Read more