Why parables in the bible

Why did Jesus speak in parables? The Medu-Neter (words of God) known as Hieroglyphs were not words but ideographs or concepts. Today we use words with a specific fixed meaning.

In order to translate the ancient African ideas into fixed words we have to use parables which can mean different things on different levels for each individual.

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Rebus puzzle
The Medu-neter expressed ideas not just words

The Medu-Neter (hieroglyphs) were analogous to a rebus puzzle seen below with the word “roads” crossed. The words actually make up an idea. The idea can have different meanings depending on who reads the message.

It is difficult to transcribe esoteric meaning into a fixed language as we have in modern day English. Most languages today have words fixed in meaning. In other words, the words mean a specific thing.

The reason for parables in the bible


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Namaste (the divine in me, recognizes the divine in you)

Reginald Khu-Ahkaru

What is ancient Khemet?

What is ancient Kemet?

Where was kemet located?

For most people, ancient Kemet is synonymous with Egypt. Egypt definitely owes a lot of its culture to Kemet. However, Kemet is the name for an area in Africa that “bubbled” up from the southern Nile river valley all the way into present-day Egypt.

What is ancient kemet
Ancient Kemet from the African rift valley up the Nile river


“Nubia (present-day Sudan) is the mother of Egyptian Knowledge, Ethiopia is the daughter, and Somalia, Kenya, and Uganda is the grandmother.” – Egyptologist Dr. Yosef Ben Jochonnan

In other words, the knowledge you now see on the walls of ancient Egypt originated within interior Africa.

Kemet means the “black land” or land of the blacks depending on who you asked about the interpretations. The people of ancient Kemet were black African people. This is important to note because western society has been silent on Africa and its history.

Egypt is the only country in Africa that has left a historical record in stone. That’s why we know so much about the history of [ancient Egypt] today, but not interior Africa. The black African people ruled Egypt Exclusively until c.a. 1650 BCE.  This is the time when a “mixed group of Asiatic people” known as the Hyksos invaded Egypt.

That statement is to recognize this point, that Egypt was distinctly black and African for thousands of years. Why is this important to note? Because people of the African diaspora need to recognize that they built the greatest civilization known to exist on this planet. And that Africans had one of the most profound impacts on civilization the world has NEVER known. [Learn more here.]

Kemetic culture was african
Kemetic culture was African culture


That is until very recent times. There are many people now starting to bring forth the truth of the impact that Africa, and its people, have had on the world beyond the slave trade.

I’ve already mentioned Dr. Ben as he was affectionately known. On this idea of Africans, he states: “Egypt is not the first great civilization along the Nile river, it is the last. The only difference is their legacy was preserved in stone.”

Let that sink in! “Egypt was not the first great African civilization, it was the last.” This is being borne out by many people that call themselves Kemetologist. They see themselves different from Egyptologist because they are using multi-disciplinary fields like:

Geology, which is the science that deals with the earths physical structure and substance, its history and the processes that act on it.

Archeoastronomy, which is the investigation of the astronomical knowledge of prehistoric cultures.

And Paleoclimatology, which is the study of climate taken on the scale of the entire history of the earth [weather patterns]. All three of these sciences are being used to uncover the mystery of Egypt and not just Archeology.

Ancient Kemet

The indigenous wisdom teachings date the civilization known as ancient Kemet to around 65,000 years old. Give or take a few thousand years. This idea fly’s in the face of Egyptology who want to date Modern civilization from around 6,000 years ago to fit their theoretical model of the development of civilization.

Egyptologist believe in a paradigm that civilization moves from the simple to the complex. There is starting to be much evidence from the Kemetologist that make this paradigm seem ridiculous!

That’s doesn’t mean all the new information is correct, but it does open up things for a lot more questions. Now I’m not going to make what I share with you solely about race. What I share effects humanity, not just one facet of this fabricated idea of race. However, it does need to be recognized that in today’s highly racialized society that Africans were front and center in the development of the world civilization.

What is ancient Kemet?
Kemet was ancient before there was a Europe

I speak of ancient Kemet to give credit where credit is due for some fascinating ideas in science, philosophy, theology, and metaphysics. Over the past 500 years, this contribution has been completely dismissed or ignored on the world stage. For the African diaspora, this information is relevant and important for the healing of deep wounds.

For other cultures, this idea may be foreign to you for many reasons. I’m not asking [permission] for you to accept it or validate it. Just know from the perspective of one [that is] from the African diaspora that it is real and necessary.

I will be moving forward from here to share some history and metaphysical ideas expressed in the stones that are amazing and life transforming. The focus will be more on the metaphysical aspects with history as a context for the ideas.


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I know you’re probably used to really getting deep into the factual history. But, ancient Kemet and its effects go so much deeper when you understand the metaphysical practices and practical application to your life. If you were raised Christian what you will find often time scripture you thought was literal, was in actuality a Kemetian metaphysical idea that was changed and reinterpreted as a literal and religious idea.

Just one example is John 1:1 and it states: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. This was a reiteration of a Kemetian proverb that was reinterpreted by Christians as proof that God was made flesh through Jesus. [Learn more here]

In reality, it is a reference to a Kemetian metaphysical concept that is thousands of years old! I know this will be a challenge for many to accept, but this is the knowledge we will delve deeper into moving forward.

It’s not just about the history of civilization. It’s not ultimately about race. It’s about transforming and empowering humanity. The truth is, EVERY human being is a descendant of Africa.

Thank you for watching.

Ancient Kemet Post video knowledge

The Greeks are giving credit as the mother of western civilization. But what is starting to come forth is that the Greek Miracle in European civilization was due to the influence of its African teachers. [learn more here]

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You will gain knowledge the will liberate you mentally, physically, and spiritually.
Compare and contrast Christian teachings of fear, guilt, and shame to the true and original Khemetic teaching the will cause you to live a life through joy, peace, and optimism.
If you are coming out of Christianity I have linked you below to a few of the articles that will be of great benefit to you.
With the purchase of a membership, you will get access to articles that help you with ideas like:


Namaste (the divine in me, recognizes the divine in you)

Reginald Khu-Ahkaru

How to apply the Neter Seth

In my workshop on a recent evening we got into the discussion about energy being the essence of all things. In Khemet this was recognized in the mythological story of the Grand Ennead. The Grand Ennead is truly the idea of Universal Laws put into story form for consumption of the initiates. Four of those Ennead are Seth and Nephtys the brother and sister of Ausar (Osiris) and Auset (Isis). These sets of brothers and sisters husband and wives represent opposites or contrasts.

These sets of brothers and sisters, husband and wives represent opposites or contrasts to each other. Of course, an elaborate myth has grown around them over the years that lost the original intent and meaning and essentially obscured the fundamental principles they are meant to express. That principle is for anything to be created there has to be two forces (energies) in opposition to the other.

The Khemetian universal law of opposition in mythological form
The Khemetian universal law of opposition in mythological form

I put forth the idea that energy has no meaning until we define it. In other words, every experience we have has energy as its underlying basis. It is a scientific fact that energy is the underlying source of all in our physical world (E=MC^2). “Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real” – Physicist Niels Bohr. Again energy is the principle that underlie all physical existence. Ancient Africans recognized this fact on every level.

Ancient Africans recognized this fact on every level.  You choose to define a certain experience a certain way based on your beliefs about the experience. A situation that is defined as right or wrong, good or bad is simply a form of energy that the experience is created from. In my workshop we got into a great discussion about “evil” in the world.

For many people the idea of evil is a power that comes from this mythological figure called by many names in English and other languages like the Devil, Satan (derived from the word Seth), erroneously Lucifer and countless others. This figure is a power in which we seemingly have no control.

Evil is the opposite of good

In effect, this EVIL is the opposite of the idea of God. God is powerfully Good and Evil is powerfully bad. For those of us that were raised religious these ideas of God (Good) and EVIL (Seth/Satan) leaves us in a predicament.


It leaves us with the idea that these powers rest outside of us and that we have to hope that what we define as “good”  will prevail when intervening in our lives. We can even abdicate responsibility for our actions and the actions of others to these powerful entities. You know the old saying, “the devil made me do it.”

What we have lost is the recognition that thousands of years ago an explanation on how the Universe works on all levels was inscribed on temples. We have gotten so lost in the tale and myth that we forgot the principle or it has been indoctrinated out of us.

The fact is and will always remain that we create our reality based on our perceptions. The previous statement is a scientific fact. Please see the “double slit experiment” in my beginner guide to Kemetic science E-course, it’s science not “woo woo.”

Energy is not defined until we define it. Evil is not an entity. It’s opposition or contrast to our desires. In one example of opposition or contrast, the principle the Khemetains named Seth, can be that which forces us to rise from an apathetic state.

Another way to view the UNIVERSAL LAW of opposition/contrast is there are times we don’t have clarity in the direction we want to move in our lives, maybe a relationship or a career, but the contrast of what we don’t want helps us figure out what we do want.

That’s the PRINCIPLE of Seth in practical application. It’s not about evil. it’s the ability to recognize the opposition as something you do not desire in life.

You are never a victim, you are a creator. In Kemet this was understood. They knew that everything was energy and that our experience in life is the reflection of this underlying universal principle. It’s our vibration being reflected back to us.

Universal Law

Please understand the depth of this statement. Opposition is universal law. Nothing can exist without it. It is duality that formed the universe. 

In the Khemetian myth Atum did not know itself so he created Shu and Tefnut. This principle is stating that one cannot experience anything without being in RELATION to something or someone. That IS duality.

Trying to clap a make a sound with one hand is what it is like without duality.

Seth is simply a name for the opposite or that which is opposing or in contrast. Obviously, the opposing experience that was defined in a negative way became “evil.” That force that is support was called Neb-Het or Nephthys.

Opposition was how Atum experienced itself. This is a very simplified explanation without getting into the numerology. But, It goes much deeper.

The trick is to recognize the opposition and figure out what YOU must do within, to change the reflection without. Seth (opposition) is in any and all experience. Evil is simply a symbol of the powerless to not take responsibility for their creation.

What you put out is what you get back. Another way to look at that idea is that life is feedback.  If what is happening in your life and the world is something you don’t desire YOU have the power to change it.

“You are not here to cry about the miseries of the human condition, but to change them when you find them not to your liking through the joy, strength and vitality that is within you; to create SPIRIT (my emphasis) as faithfully and beautifully as you can in flesh.”

The personified God as a man or Evil as the devil are simply the Khemetian universal law of Ausar and Set defined in mythological terms. They are the dual poles of the same thing, energy.

You are the creator of all in your world. You are never a victim. In order to change your circumstances, we have to go deeper into your consciousness and extract the wisdom of the ages that is within. Understand the principles handed down from KMT and you have the power to change your world as you choose.