Where is heaven located? You will be shocked to find that where you were taught heaven is in church is different from what the bible says. There is much documented proof that Christianity evolved from ancient Egyptian spiritual science. The Heaven you were taught in chruch was used as a control mechanism. But the original teachings about heaven were to empower you here on earth. The ancient teachings connected mind, body, and soul.

The real heaven will be more intuitive and spiritually connected to you than the idea you were taught in church. It will also become more practical than what you were originally taught and it will make more common sense to you.

  • In this article, you will learn the science of heaven beyond superstition
  • You will connect bible scripture to confirm the science of heaven in a way that will become obvious once you learn the to decipher the codes
  • You will see that the ancient idea of heaven is a different paradigm than the way we were taught as Christians
  • You will be challenged to think outside of the Christian box of fear, shame, and guilt

The deeper spiritual science not taught in church

In order to answer the question, “where is heaven located?” you must understand the origin of the science and philosophy before it became religion. This will be one of the challenging aspects if you still think from a Christian and western paradigm as heaven being a place.

Sound or as we say today, “vibration” is the organizing principle of the universe. In ancient Egypt, the application of vibration/sound was the essence of everything they did. They built a civilization on the principle of vibration or sound being the organizing principle of all things.

In “the Egyptian book of the dead” or the book of coming forth by day to the natives, Ra states; “I am Ra… I am the eternal… I am the Word… I created the Word.”

Egyptian Ra I am the word
The Word is a metaphor for vibration

The “Word” is simply a metaphor for sound or vibration. What does a vocal cord do to make sound? Answer: Vibrate.This is one of the reasons studying the history and their spiritual science can be so confusing. In the paradigm of ancient Khemet/Egypt “harmony” was the essence of anything that existed.

This idea of  sound or the Word being at the origin of the universe was also stated in the bible in John 1:1; “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” Even modern science calls it the “Big Bang.”

Where is heaven located?
The heavens

Within the ancient Kemetic paradigm, the reason you exist is because your body materialized into matter from spirit with a certain harmony. At the entrance of your spirit into matter, you became a harmonious reflection of the melody or harmony of the planets and stars in the moment of your birth.

Today we call the study of this concept and ancient science, astrology. In ancient Kemet it was a part of their daily philosophy. The ancient Khemetians knew the stars and planets had an electromagnetic vibration that subtlety changes as they moved around the heavens.

Astrology? Really? Why is this important?

For the skeptics (I was one) of the Ancient “science” of astrology, recognize that NASA recently “discovered” the idea that the stars and planets make sounds. Click here

This is important to understand because every cell and organ in your body is an amalgamation of the organizing principle of the universe; sound. Each organ is a unity of cells that harmonize with a certain tone. They each have their own melody that is “tuned” for optimum functioning and health. Illness occurs when a part of your system is “out of tune” or not in harmony. This may sound weird to someone that is newly out of Christianity or Christians, but it’s common knowledge for many outside of Christianity.

Your thoughts have a major impact on your vibration. All thoughts have a frequency.

This was known by the ancient Khemetians/Egyptians. They knew that you are stamped with the mirror of heaven’s vibration at your birth. The totem, that we know as a zodiac sign, represents certain properties of vibration. The totem idea goes much, much deeper in ancient Egypt.

Most people know their sun sign. The reason everyone of a particular sign don’t have the same personality is because the stars and planets are in constant motion.

The slightest movement of the stars and planets changes the melody or vibration/sound you are infused with at the exact moment of your birth. The change in frequency can be extremely subtle.

Thoughts (Thoth) have power

Your thoughts give you the power to change and create different vibrations or melodies within you. In the ancient African framework, Tehuti (Thoth) and Seshat are the neters summoned with human thought (Thoth). Thoth is where the term “thought” originated.

Your thoughts, conscious (Tehuti) and subconscious (Seshat), are the key to creating your life. You bring forth your experience from within you. Life is the mirror projected from your inner vibration.

When you want to create a certain experience in your life it starts with the way you think. This was stated biblically using a different terminology. Proverbs 23:7, “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he…”

Everyone on the planet lives within a certain perspective,  worldview, or way of thinking. Each perspective carries with it a certain vibration that manifests a certain reality.

A deeper more enlightened understanding of this idea, worldview, or perspective is they are what many refer to as dimensions. This is connected to a deeper understanding of heaven beyond church doctrines.

Dimensions are not necessarily physical places

The dimensions are simply terms that describe certain states of mind. Depending on your mood you switch between dimensions in an instant. For example, 3D is when we hold within your consciousness the state of mind such as fear and lack. You view the world from this perspective. You “notice” or perceive the negative aspects quicker than positives. In other words, generally a pessimistic point of view.

4D is when we get a “knowing” that all is well and no matter what, things will turn out ok.  Knowing the universe conspires in your favor. You choose to find the positives in the world. You choose to find the silver lining in the cloud. You’re generally optimistic.

5D is a feeling of unconditional love for self and recognizing the connectedness of all things, including self to The All (God if you will). You recognize that you aren’t perfect, but love and appreciate all that you are. You recognize that you are becoming and your journey is unique that doesn’t have to live to anyone else’s expectations.

They are all states of mind. They are all your inner perspective and filter you choose to view the world with.

Where is heaven located?

As a Christian, I was taught that Heaven is a place somewhere “out there.” But the true essence of “going to heaven” is to really match your physical vibration with that part of you that mirrors the essence of the universe; the eternal you; which is you as a soul. You don’t have a soul, you ARE a soul.

In other words, the physical body that you are “vibes with” the aspect of the eternal you or soul. The bible has many distorted ideas of the Khemetic sciences. However, it does contain many nuggets that I missed due to religious indoctrination.

The idea of thought, perspectives, and dimensions all being within us was one of them.

If you look up the bible verse Luke 17:20-21 you will find that Jesus was expressing the idea of heaven as of a state of mind. It is said, you cannot point to it, you cannot observe it nor can you say there it is. The kingdom of God is within. 

Where is heaven located?
You are the YOUniverse

In other words, heaven is not a place, but a state of mind. The writers of the bible didn’t have the terminology we have today. But Heaven is created within you by the feelings you hold inside (within).

This is how the ancients thought about heaven. But this scripture is not taught in Christian churches. Why?

Because it would be a loss of a control mechanism. What need would Christians have for church and Christianity if they could summon heaven right here, right now?

You are connecting to your soul via your vibration or feelings. Sound/vibration is the organizing principle of creation. Different vibrations or moods are a realization of moving in, out and through certain dimensions of consciousness.

When you shift perspectives (dimensions) you notice different things. Ever bought a car and start to notice all the cars like yours on your morning commute? Every day you start to notice these same cars. They were there before, but now you see them. The only thing that changed was your perspective and all of a sudden there were new experiences, as in cars like yours that were apparently not there before!

I just gave you a powerful example of your ability to shift and create your experience. You do it so easily and without conscious thinking that you don’t realize what’s happening. We all do it!

Live as a child and heaven is yours

Heaven is a much more powerful idea when understood as being within you. When you are happy, elated, joyful and carefree is when you reach heaven. The physical you is bonding or vibing with the natural state of the eternal you.  Getting to heaven should be a daily practice on your part. Living in the moment and enjoying everything you are experiencing in that moment.

Thinking of heaven in this paradigm causes you to connect mind, body, and soul via your vibration.

Unfortunately, in religion, we are taught an extremely debilitating idea that you have to do something special in order to be let into heaven. This is just not true.

As I now look deeper into the bible, I realize how blinded I was of some very powerful metaphysical principles. Another example of heaven being a feeling or state of mind is:

Matthew 18:3 And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

Based on the knowledge of ancient Egypt and vibration this scripture takes on a deeper and more practical meaning. Children become a metaphor. A symbolic representation of how to reach heaven.

Children are joyful and happy for no other reason than TO BE. You need to Be like a child in this respect every day. Make being joyful your focus. Not faking it, but living it!

“In ancient Egypt, inhabited by what the Greeks called the healthiest and most religious people in the world, everyone is first of all absorbed in the moment of life.” ‘The Egyptian Miracle’ by R.A. Schwaller De Lubicz

The ancients lived in the moment. There were no ideas like living a certain “right” way to get to a place called heaven or God will send you to hell for eternity. That is false Christian teachings. The Christian idea of heaven has very little practical value in daily life except to control and keep you in a vibration of fear.

As a Christian, you can’t get to heaven unless you are serving God in the “right” way. This is another false Christian teachings that cause conflict and burnout in Christians.

For us physically, heaven would be living within 4D and 5D consciousness. But know that you literally shift between them all the time based on your moods. There is no discernible physical difference in heaven and earth. The original teachings will confirm this idea.

The ancients didn’t separate physical life from spiritual life as we are taught within Christianity.

The kingdom of heaven is not “out there.” It is the practice of living joyfully every day.  Your eternal soul is your connection to source. The kingdom of heaven and God is a frequency within.

If you are hoping and praying that you are living “right” in order to be accepted into heaven then you are missing out on a beautiful human experience. Anxiety is a vibration/mood that is in disharmony with your soul.

You must make a choice to create heaven within you every day! That is the way the ancients chose to live.

The heart as a symbol for our emotions

Living through your vibration is a principle-centered perspective. It was the paradigm of the ancient Egyptians. Let joy be your guide.

Proverbs 23:7 “As a he thinketh in his heart so is he…”

The heart is still a metaphor for our feelings even today. Are you living light hearted? Heaven is right there.

Through your heart, you KNOW the essence of your being. Through your heart, you connect with the kingdom of heaven.

That is a powerful shift in knowledge and understanding! It the pardigm of the ancient Egyptians!