Was Jesus a real person?


Fact Check The Bible And Never Again Feel Duped, Fearful of Going To Hell, Or Shame For Not "Believing!"


The First Christians Didn't Know Jesus E-Course

Biblical And Anceint Egyptian Connections

  • Reveal the remarkable truth about the origin of the returning savior
  • Grasp the unique colorful and interesting native story behind December 25th "birthday"
  • Discover the ancient Egyptian burial custom that originated the concept of resurrection?
  • Verify the ancient etymological origin of the name Jesus and who it was connected to in Egypt
  • Learn what the star in the east is and who the Magi really were

Master The Spiritual Science

  • Learn how ancient Egyptians used "natural" symbols like animal heads to express their thinking
  • Uncover why translating the Hieroglyphs caused the need for parables in the bible
  • Be captivated by the "virgin birth" story based in Egyptian agricultural customs
  • Take in the principles of Egyptian Neters (gods), Horus, Osiris, and Isis and how they are hidden in the bible
  • Grasp the connection to ancient astrology, the winter solstice and the vernal equinox to Jesus



Reginald. You have great way of relating the two. Thank you for being a bridge. Ashe'


…Putting the pieces together has been giving me life lately and Reginald‘s class has been a big part of that!


As I was listening, I thought about this as you were giving information. Alot of people come to consciousness from a spiritual perspective via conspiracy theory/societal deprogramming type of information and lectures. And it takes a minute to roll over into the Christianity vs. Khemetic way of living/ thought process. But i like the fact that you provide direct access to the spiritual aspect of consciousness


Thanks Reginald Martin for sharing all the information and especially the book references. Thank you for debunking myths and sharing ancient knowledge!

Documented and referenced proof you can share with anyone that is searching for answers

Many Christians are open to the truth about their religion. But oftentimes you may not be able to connect them to documentation and references that will help them. This e-course has many references with irrefutable evidence that you can research even further.

  • The e-course is positively oriented, no more attacking Christians for what they believe causing them to be defensive
  • Thought provoking but compassionate, show Christians the connection shared rather than being an advesary so they will be open to your message
  • Many references provided for further research and study
  • Connect bible scriptures to their Egyptian Science origins
  • Compare the original Egyptian science and contrast what it became as a Christianity so that fear, anxiety, and guilt are no longer a part of life

Learn Practical life application of the spiritual science

Ask yourself, If you know this to be a spiritual science, what aspects of it are you systematically studying, observing, and experimenting with in your life? That's what science is. If you can't answer those questions you're not practicing spiritual science because you can't apply what you don't know or understand. Learn the science for practical application in your life. Improve your quality of life!

  • Learn the science of Heru/Horus, Ausar/Osiris, and Auset/Isis for practical application as they were originally meant so you can be a scientist of metaphysical knowledge rather than ideas based in superstition
  • Learn the original scientific intent of the KRST (Christ) that will aid you in your spiritual growth
  • Learn ingenious reason Egyptians used animals symbolically to express ideas that will make the symbolism relevant and invoke your deep inner wisdom
  • Gain clarity on this knowledge in a simple easy to understand framework. You will no longer feel like you are in a fog of confusion

  • The first bible

    You will be shocked to learn what area of the world the books of the first “bible” originated, edited, and put together

  • The 23 Psalms and Burial Customs

    Unlock hidden meanings of ancient Egyptian beliefs in the 23rd Psalms

  • How is Heru/Horus and Ausar/Osiris connected to Jesus?

    Unlock the hidden meanings of many bible scriptures just by learning the mythological origins

  • Documented proof ignored

    Uncover the documented proof biblical scholars ignore verifying “Christians” existed hundreds of years before Jesus

  • Greeks didn't get it

    Learn how Greek ignorance of native mythology has led to western errors in understanding the depth of myths

  • Greek to Christian Errors

    Discover how the Greek thought process led to Christian Fathers continuing the idea of a human like male God.

  • Why was this information not known?

    Discover a very logical and plausible reason this knowledge was hidden for almost 2000 years

  • The Soul and Salvation

    You wouldn’t believe who is actually “saved” according to  original wisdom! Learn the amazing uplifting truth!



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