Why does love hurt so much?

why does love hurt so much


why does love hurt so much
Love is always connected to its opposite

Why does love hurt so much? So many fear being hurt they are afraid to love. Being vulnerable is the possibility of experiencing that which you fear the most. The fear is the pain that can come with opening yourself up and bearing your soul to another person.

You put your heart in their hands and they have the ability to crush it, squeeze the life out of it all because you revealed the inside of you to them.

You are in love with the idea of being in love but live in fear of being hurt. So you live your life attempting to never be vulnerable.

What I just expressed is a basic Kemetic science idea called duality. Your experience is the symbolic metaphor for a universal principle. That may sound detached and sterile. But it will help you through the question why does love hurt so much?why does love hurt so much

We consider this idea divorced from our daily lives. The ancients understood these concepts on a deeper scientific level and expressed them in ways that we now read as scriptures and deeply held spiritual concepts. Again science may sound sterile, but it is about the method of working through these ideas on a practical level in your life.

Religion and lack of personal responsibility

Society has lost the meaning behind the ideas and what wisdom the ancients were trying to impart because of the overlay of religion. So much religion is about handing the responsibility of your personal and conscious development to an imaginary being that will do the work for you.

The ancient Egyptians had no such belief and a deeper look at the science will reveal that the deepest most intimate and personal fears are paradoxically the most universal.

It takes courage to love. It takes courage to be vulnerable and live with the opposite possibility of being hurt to your core. fear of being hurt

But the reward for that courage is experiencing the deepest most gratifying love you will ever know in a lifetime.

Because love and fear are opposite ends of the same expression when you hold on to one you block the other. One CONNOT exist without the other, but also they cannot exist in the same experience simultaneously. Like a seesaw one side has to be up and the other down. When you shield your heart with fear you block love.Love and duality

It’s science. This is the science of Kemet/Egypt. If you are are not experimenting, observing, and practicing it’s not science. That’s what I meant by science earlier in the post. What methods are you using to develop yourself and grow consciously?

If you are not being a scientist, you are doomed to be held captive by the fears that will never be illuminated from lack of observing from within.

The answer to why does love hurt so much?

Why does love hurt so much? Because you had the courage to be vulnerable. You had the courage to face and explore the fear of being hurt. Now you get the opportunity to learn about your strength. Know that you will be ok. You will get through this pain.

You now have experienced the concept the ancients named Ausar. The science of it is the cycle of birth, death, and resurrection. That person birthed a desire within you. That desire died with the heartbreak. Now you must have the courage to be open to love again. That will be the resurrection.

I have felt that love, lived through that pain and loved again. To love a second time will take much courage. But know that you can’t ever experience it again if you hold on to the fear. That’s the science.  As the great Frankie Beverly and Maze stated the idea, “Joy and pain, are like sunshine and rain.” That’s the metaphysical science behind love.


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