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Ultimate guide to the Egyptian Spiritual System

When you get tired of arguing about Jesus and religion and are thirsting for true spiritual knowledge that will elevate your consciousness this course is for you! Learn the authentic Ancient African Spiritual System of Khemet/Egypt. It is the most in depth course on the subject you will find anywhere. Six hours of self-paced information and knowledge. It will take you from beginner to advanced in knowledge.

This course is a basic introduction to African Spirituality. If you have no knowledge of metaphysics or African development of spiritual concepts, this course is for you.

Did you know that hundreds of years before the supposed birth of Jesus that there were men known as the Bishops of Christ? How could this be? In this course you will learn the origins of the Christ. It goes beyond disproving Jesus and helping you understand the difference between Jesus and Christ for a more advanced and liberating spiritual level. 

Do you want to learn about bitcoin but too afraid to ask? Do you think you are not smart enough to understand? This course is for those that are aware of the economic revolution that bitcoin will provide but have little to no technical knowledge. You will move from having no knowledge to being able to invest in bitcoin.

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Kemetic Class

Khemetic Class

What others have experienced here


I thank you for sharing your gift of being able to simplify your knowledge and or teachings. I found you on YouTube and after a few videos, I came directly to your website like a thirsty puppy heaping for water! Then….after reading from your website…I cried like a baby! Like a relief feeling…Like heaviness had lifted off me. Then…I started saying…Thank you…Thank you…I believe I was speaking to my higher self Ka. Yet I have so much to learn, embrace and put to practice…I am more in relief than in fear! Thank you! Thank you!

Ann / USA


Thank you for sharing your site in your YouTube reply to my comments on your videos. I like what I’ve seen so far. Looking forward to learning. What I’ve explored on this site so far is wonderful! absolutely wonderful! I’m excited!

Theresa/ USA


I sent you an e-mail this morning. Brother this course opened my eyes and freed me from the shackles Christianity. I now know life is a gift and not a curse. I create my own destiny and not an entity outside of me. This is liberation of the highest order. I have so much to live for and enjoy life. I'm so hungry to discover myself and what I can do. Yes A lot of people do not know their purpose on earth. This course is a first step towards that realization.

MZO/  South Africa


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Reginald Khu-Akaru

Khemetic Centered Living

About the Author

Hi, my name is Reginald Khu-Akaru, I am founder of Khemetic Centered Living, a former middle school teacher, 15 year student of metaphysics, Khemetic science researcher,  formally educated and degreed in psychology and an ex-Christian for more than 20 years and STILL recovering from Toxic Christianity's abusive mental programming.

I know there are thousands of people waking up everyday from toxic Christian programming and realizing they have been taught ideas that have tortured them mentally. But many of them have no reliable source to turn to for guidance. People truly  compassionate and knowledgeable about the origin of Christian doctrines through their Khemetic source are sorely missing.

This is because not enough people really have the depth of Khemetic knowledge where they understand concepts like KRST, The Trinity, and resurrection on the spiritual science level before they became corrupted within Christianity. The lack of knowledge causes them to think in an adversarial perspective about Christianity when it is truly more about unraveling the Khemetic science within Christianity that has become flawed through misunderstanding and misapplication.

I want to help those that have a passion of teaching precise and indisputable Khemetic knowledge. I know you have that passion for being precise because people look up to you for guidance. You are the mentors, teachers, and ex-Christian preachers that live with an integrity inside them that won't allow them to knowingly give incorrect information just because it confirms their point of view. You are those that have a need to speak truth, not just be right.

When you learn the authentic Khemetic Spiritual system you automatically will be more compassionate towards Christians because you understand the errors they were taught. You will understand how to begin helping others unravel the psychological trauma caused by Christian indoctrination.

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