Adam and Eve and the divine feminine

Eve should have been a heroine. As a literalized person from Christianity, she became a symbol of disdain. This should have never been. As ancient mythology, she becomes a powerful aspect of the consciousness of humanity.

Symbolism is a major aspect of ancient wisdom teachings. The story of Adam and Eve is a mythological story that has a much deeper and positive meaning for women and humanity when understood from the ancient symbolic paradigm.

There are two creation stories in the bible. The 2nd chapter Adam and Eve 2:4 to 3:24 written about the 10th century BCE.

In the first chapter God created the light 1:1 to 2:3 written around 6th century BCE, this is the younger of the two creation stories.

From the ancient symbolic paradigm, Adam represented the outward physicalized consciousness of mankind. When Adam fell asleep in the story it symbolized a state of consciousness in which the person was unaware. We express this idea the same way today. A person that is aware is “woke.”

Eve was Adams’s helpmeet. In the story, she came from within Adam. Originally she symbolized the archetype of the divine feminine aspect of mankind. In other words, she represents the archetype of the aspect of consciousness within humankind we must turn to for gaining wisdom. Remember because of her Adam became “aware” like the gods.

Because a person that exercised this knowledge and wisdom becomes a threat to the establishment of religion the story was used twofold by Christianity:

1. To subjugate women to men
2. Made gaining inner knowledge and wisdom sinful.

The divine feminine is not female. A woman is used anthropomorphically to represent a “womb-like” state of mind within humankind that can “birth” creativity and wisdom. The Greeks named this state Sophia (wisdom). The ancient Africans called it Ma’at (consciousness). Both represented symbolically as feminine goddesses.

The helpmeet is not literal. Women are not to be subjugated to men. Men must turn to the feminine aspect of consciousness that is within them as well. She is what brings us knowledge and wisdom.

If you dig a little deeper you will find that other symbols in the story have a positive meaning. The serpent for example in ancient Egypt was tied to wisdom. Christianity flipped the meanings to serve the catholic church.

The truth is so much more powerful than the lie.


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