African Spirituality vs Christianity: Did Jesus raise Lazarus from the dead?

The bible story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead is retelling of the ancient mythological characters of Osiris and Horus as aspects of the journey of the soul in ancient African spirituality. The individual we know as Jesus Christ in modern times never existed. Everything about the individual was essentially back dated beginning in 325 CE at the council of Nicaea.

Here is what you will learn in this video

  1. Two themes of African spirituality that are central to the biblical gospel stories
  2. The esoteric or secret meaning of Osiris
  3. Metaphorical keys to unlock esoteric language of the Lazarus story
  4. The esoteric meaning of Horus a.k.a. Jesus
  5. And finally Breaking down the story and etymology of Lazarus, Mary, and Martha

What you know as Jesus Christ actually existed as part of the ancient African spiritual system at least 10,000 years before Christianity.

I know this is a bold statement in the face of all the seeming evidence that exists. But the truth is that outside of the bible there is no documented evidence that proves a historical Jesus Christ. Remove the bible and his extraordinary deeds and miracles don’t exist, except as the mythology of ancient Egypt.

In this video I will help you fact-check the bible. The ancient Kemetic System is the only African spiritual system that will allow you to fact-check the authenticity of the bible as a revelation. News flash, It’s not!

I will breakdown step by step the parts of the African spiritual system that became the biblical miracle of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead.

I’m going to break it down in a way that it will forever and consistently be broke!

You must understand the mythological characters and what they esoterically symbolized before Christianity in order to fact-check and decode the bible story.

We’ll need to start with two central themes within the ancient African spiritual science the nun and the soul.

The central theme surrounding the stories of Osiris and Horus is about the journey of the spirit from the beginning of creation, emergence as an individualized soul, and the return to its origin.

The journey from the nun and back

Within the spiritual system of Africans there is a common theme that everything in the universe began for one primordial source called the Nun. The nun was an infinite abyss of watery chaos.

The ancient Egyptians gave what would be considered an analysis of what was within the nun  and the primordial gods the Ogdoad and the subsequent awakening of Atum.

Now, I called the Ogdoad gods but that’s an error. They were not gods. In the African system they are functions of nature. In the Ancient Egyptian system, a general name for these functions are Netchers. Our English word nature is a cognate of the word netcher.

In the ancient African cosmology Osiris and Horus as metaphysical functions that are part of our physical world are natural too. The ancient Africans would say the soul is as natural as the body and the body as spiritual as the soul.

The ancient Africans taught all conscious spirit that began from the oneness of unity in the nun has infused within it the will to return to it. Upon the return or resurrection back into oneness consciousness will be more enlightened and evolved through its journey than when it began.

This is the central cosmological theme of the Ancient Egyptians. They had a saying that encapsulated the idea, In the beginning is Ba and in the end is Ba. Translated it means in the beginning is sprit, and in the end is spirit.

So let’s move forward to the central Character in the Journey.

The journey of the soul

The soul became the central figure of this journey of the beginning and the return for the ancient Africans. For the ancient Egyptian spiritual system they taught that there was a non-material world that is the foundation of our material world. They did think of it as separate as we do today. They acknowledged the idea of sounds and light beyond our physical senses to experience but just as real as physical experience.

In the world beyond our senses the soul exists as an energetic aware consciousness with infinite knowledge and intelligence. Having infinite awareness is central to understanding what Osiris represents.

The soul would journey from the beginning in the nun, drop down or fall into the physical body and forget what it was. Along the way it goes through difficulties that it must work through until an enlightened realization that causes the soul to remember its own magnificence.

The ancient Egyptians told  story of the souls journey through the myth of Ausar and Heru who became Osiris and Horus when the Greeks and then Romans came to Egypt. I have to introduce the name of Ausar because of its etymological importance later.

So the journey of the soul is the second part of two central ancient Egyptian themes that if foundational to exposes the biblical Jesus Christ story. The names have been changed to protect the deceit. Let’s move forward to the specific Characters in the Egyptian mythology. I will break them down and then connect them to the Lazarus miracle.

What does Osiris symbolize?

Now that you have this cosmological background now start with Osiris and what he represents. In the story of the journey and return to the Nun, the Osiris is the portion of the soul the ancient Africans called the intermediate Ka that falls from heaven into the human body. The fall is not direct into the human body but I have to kind of edit the story here.

The ancient Egyptian idea of what constitutes a soul is much more detailed than what Christianity taught. In early Christianity they dumbed down the idea so much that the term soul loses any significance for what energetic aspect of you is being affected. For example, the higher Ka never descends into the body. It stays above as a look out and guide for the Osiris.

You can think of the body as an automaton or zombie mind and the shade or intermediate Ka animates it. The physical body is ruled by its lower Kas of emotion, our mind, physical, and psychological make up. When you are constantly stressed out dealing with illnesses then your lower Ka is in control.

The Osiris or intermediate Ka is trapped inside the physical body wants to awaken this physical expression of itself to the full knowledge of its higher Ka or higher self as we call it in modern times. But the zombie mind wants to believe that it is the primary aspect of its existence. An ongoing battle ensues between logical mind and intuitive spirit.

If you understand what I just said, Then you have the elemental foundation of the Jesus story and what it means conceptually. give me a nod yes and a hallelujah then I know you understand. If not, it will become clear as I unfold the story.

The Keys to unlocking the esoteric meaning

Now I need to give you a key to unlock the esoteric meaning Jesus story in the gospels.

What is lost for most that read the bible is that the point of view of the Characters is from the soul, not a human body. (secret meaning quote)

A key to understanding the bible is understanding Osiris is as a stage the cycle of the souls journey before returning back to the nun. Osiris is metaphorically the spark of light that’s implanted as a seed of divinity within mankind. Osiris as the soul or light is bound up within the body but genderless. The one leg means the soul is not male or female. He is buried and waiting to be resurrected so that he can connect with the wisdom of the father which is the higher Ka.

In the bible the words death, dying, and die are talking metaphorically about the soul. Jesus dying on the cross esoterically means the soul descending into the body.

Blind, asleep, and deaf are states of the ego and physical person. Lazarus was asleep

Light refers to the spark. But it can also refer to enlightenment which is wisdom. The sun can be exchanged for light. I am the light of the world can mean all of the above.

Osiris is an archetypal aspect that’s a part of every human being on the planet. Osiris is the soul within all mankind that is the seed buried in the womb of thy flesh with the potential to evolve into an enlightened being.

Next is Horus

The esoteric meaning of Horus a.k.a. Jesus

So Osiris is “buried” in this body. While buried in the body the soul is said to have “died.” Get it? Dead and buried. From the point of view of a soul earth is the underworld. The soul is in the heavens fully aware and comes down into the underworld and metaphorically dies. This is why Osiris is called the god of the underworld. He is the spark of divinity buried in mankind that its higher self hopes it can wake up. While in the in body the soul is in the valley of the shadow of death.

While in the underworld the zombie and it’s ego can take over and get caught up in what is happening in life.

This newly realized state of awareness is called Horus a.k.a. Jesus. Horus or Jesus heals the blind or awakens them. In that moment KRST is born or resurrected. Again, depending on the point of view. I was blind but now I see means you have become enlightened and aware. This is a key to unlock more scriptures and their esoteric meaning.

The glyph for Osiris is a clue to the idea of becoming a KRST. His glyph is an eye and a throne. The eye is a symbol for awareness, this should also connect what the eye of Horus is about. Horus is the new realized state of awakening or having your eyes opened. Or better yet, your third eye opened.

The ancient Egyptians symbolized the mental and psychological aspect within the unaware person as a stubborn donkey. The Osiris or intermediate Ka finds it difficult to control this stubborn donkey.  But his job is to guide this stubborn donkey along its path of awakening and becoming a fully realized and aware consciousness.

Remember the story in Mark chapter 11:1-11 and Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey to triumphant cheers from the crowd? Now that you have esoteric keys you can decipher the symbolic meaning that as a KRST he was in control of the lower Kas or ego.

This all is happening while the soul is in the valley of the shadow of death or the underworld of earth. That’s the esoteric meaning. But we are taught the exoteric idea has a historical event happening to a physical person. Historicizing this mythological teaching about a spirits desire to awaken us to our enlightened state strips it of its relevance the story could have even today.

Jesus and KRST are horus and Osiris as two different states of being. Jesus or Horus in the function of the revealer or awakener of the Osiris and savior of the seed of divinity within mankind. In ancient Egypt death came through ignorance. Not of the body but the second death for the soul that never becomes aware is lost.

Therefore, Horus or Jesus is the soul’s salvation when wisdom is gained. When enlightenment occurs you become a KRST. On one level, Horus a.k.a. Jesus is the archetypal function or act of a human being acquiring wisdom, not a historical person.

Breaking down the story and etymology of Lazarus, Mary, and Martha

Now let’s have a little fun and look at one of the miracles of Jesus and Lazarus through the decoded symbolism.

One of the names for Osiris before the Greek rename was Ausar. He was known as the Neb-Karast or Lord KRST.

The origin of the name Lazarus is a modification of the original title of AL- Ausar or the Lord. It was the Arabic prefix AL added to the name Ausar. As the name was translated through different languages the A was dropped and an s was added at the end to form the name Lazarus.

Lazarus had two sisters, Mary and Martha. Both names are a cognate of the Egyptian word M.R. or Meri. One meaning or the Egyptian name is beloved. But on a spiritual science level it means to magnetize or draw in. This is where the law of attraction ideas come from. Remember in the movie The Secret they alluded to the Greeks having the Secret centuries ago. Well guess where the Greeks got the secret from? Their African teachers of course.

Have you ever wondered way Jesus had so many Mary’s around him? It because in the Spiritual science the natural function of feminine neters were the environment that attracted certain seeds to produce experience.

The two sisters in the miracle of Lazarus were actuality the ancient Neters of Isis and Nephthys. Isis is symbolized with a throne on the top of her head and Nephthys is symbolized with a square and a right angle symbol within the square on the top her head. This is the symbol for a house in Egyptian hieroglyphs or mdu-netchr as the natives call it.

You will recognize these two as Egyptian feminine functions of based based on how they are introduced in Luke 10: 38 – 39. It is cleverly coded esoteric knowledge that is right under our nose. But unless you know the African connection you will miss the veiled symbolism.

So here is the introduction of Mary and Martha, I mean Isis and Nephthys.

38 As Jesus and his disciples were on their way, he came to a village where a woman named Martha opened her home to him. 39 She had a sister called Mary, who sat at the Lord’s feet listening to what he said.

In these two scriptures Martha or Nephtys opened her home to him and Mary sat at the lords feet. the hieroglyphic symbols of isis and Nephthys are cleverly disguised and referenced.

Of course once you know the keys the rest of the story reads like a play. But it is no more than the spiritual science being explained to those that would know the esoteric symbols of Osiris being awakened from the dead by Horus function of the revealer of wisdom and truth.

We have been taught that Jesus performed a miracle. In reality it is a story of what is possible with you. You have the seed or spark of god within you. On a deeper more expanded level it is about you assimilating your life experience to a point that you become energetically balanced.

In Buddhism it is called the middle way. It means not to be too extreme either way. In the Khemetic system it is practicing Ma’at, or being balanced.

The story of Lazarus is not a miracle for you to marvel at and worship. It is explaining an archetypal journey that we all must make if we are to rise consciously. We must awaken from our slumber.

The end, thank you for watching. Like, subscribe, and share.

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