You've Wanted To Develop A Deeper Spiritual Connection But Always Felt Something Was Missing

Maybe You Are An "Awakening" Christian Tired of Trying to Live Perfectly and "Falling Short?"

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    Do you wake up daily feeling like there is no hope?
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    Do you live with constant anxiety and second guessing yourself due to internal conflict?
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    Are you tired of feeling like you can't be yourself because others may judge you?

Hi, I'm Reginald Khu-akaru. I am an "recovering Christian."  I don't believe in Jesus, but KRST is a part of me every single day. I live life with clarity of purpose, confidence in who I am, content on my journey, without fear, and empowered because of discovering the true spiritual science behind Christianity. 

There Is An Elevated Spiritual Level For You That Will Fill Your Day With Clarity And Peace That You Were Not Taught In Church

I am going to challenge you to think differently but in a way that will empower you. What you may feel right now is anxiousness because you don't feel like you have any control, your whole life is in an upheaval because you have doubts. Your whole self was constructed around beliefs that you no longer hold and now you are wondering, what's next?


You are going to embark on a spiritual journey that will be build you from the inside out. That means you have to begin to turn inward and monitor what you are feeling at any given moment. The next step is to figure out why you are feeling what you are feeling.

There are ancient tools and processes that you have had access too but never explained in Church. There are words you heard in church and were taught that had different meanings and applications before Christianity. When you learn their original meaning and apply them as they were intended you will feel so free and empowered you will wonder why you had not felt like this before.

But, it will take you having a little courage to trust the direction you are going now. It is not an accident.

One of the biggest struggles as a Christian was feeling like you had to live life perfectly or you constantly "fall short." One of the first things you will need to overcome is the belief that you need to compare yourself to others or some impossible ideal.

That idea of "falling short" is a part of being in a religion. There is an empowering and freeing difference between living and being spiritual as opposed to religious. More on that a little further down the page.

You will find that Christian Fathers changed many of the "spiritual" concepts in order to create the religion.

Through your courage, here is a fact you may be finding difficult to consider now: 


When You Learn There Is  A Difference Between Spirituality and Religion You Free Yourself To Begin Growing As An Eternal Spirit

What is the difference between religion and spirituality?

Yes, I know that as a Christian you were taught that religion and spirituality were synonymous. However, a really quick analysis will help you to step in a more enlightened direction. Here is the difference between being religious and being spiritual.

1. Religion is what you are taught. 

Religion is filled with rules to follow that are oftentimes contradictory and impossible to implement in your life. Because there is a "righteous" way to do things, you have to live in a constant state of second guessing yourself about almost anything you did. You live life in comparison mode. In other words, here is the ideal, now live up to it. The fact is because the ideal was perfect you were always going to fall short. It was a built in failure mode.

You constantly went through cycles of "sin" and repent, "sin" and repent, sin and repent, over and over. It takes its toll on you mentally to a point that you can't think very highly of yourself.  At that point you must look at other people you begin to judge in relation to yourself.  You might be bad off, but not as bad as them. Do you know what I'm talking about here?

2. Spirituality is what you were born with. 

Christianity developed from the ancient Egyptian SPIRITUAL system. Within the ORIGINAL TEACHINGS, it is beautifully and profoundly understood that you are a soul having a human experience. A deeper understanding of that perspective alone will FREE YOU, MENTALLY, in a way you never thought possible.

With spirituality it is understood that you and your life experience is unique. Because you are unique there in no need to compare yourself to anyone or anything. You are free to BE. And so are others. There is no longer and need to judge because no two life experiences are or should be alike.

The aspect of a unique experience was a theological threat to Christianity. It is well documented that Christian Fathers changed spiritual ideas into religious ones that would keep believers bound to the religion. In order to belong you have to "believe." 

By teaching you from the perspective of an Eternal Soul living a temporary and transitory experience in physical form,  the rules and ideas of religion become unenlightened barriers to living life to the fullest. No pressure to fit into someones box. You don't fail or fall short, you simply create and opportunity to learn.

Christianity Had JUST ENOUGH SPIRITUAL Elements To Keep You Hooked

Thats the big secret about Christianity that we were not aware of simply because you were taught to see the form and structure of religion as perfect and inerent. If there was any confusion it was you that's at fault and not the system itself. 

But you know from experience that there are many contradictions you could not reconcile that drove you nuts!

There is a deeper spiritual level taught to Christian Fathers that they didn't want passed on to you.

The ancient Egyptian symbol of Ma'at

The ancient Egyptians taught that your inner experience is the "real" experience. Without getting into a lot of detail here they symbolized this idea within a principle they called Ma'at. Your inner experience is subjective and unique.

The Greeks learned this idea from that ancient Egyptians, they renamed it Sophia. 

Two Christian concepts originally connected to the idea of Ma'at but later changed are Prayer and Heaven.  

Those two ideas are connected to an even larger concept that once you grasp it it will change you forever in the most positive of ways. Your quality of life will be better day in and day out.

One of the major questions that newly awakened Christians have is, how do I pray? 

Followed closely by who do I pray too?

The Ideas you were taught about prayer through Christianity were left a lot of the spiritual aspects out. Yes, you could hit and miss, but did you really know why one prayer was answered and another one was not? 

What I found out was that true prayer and nothing to do with what religion you belong to at all. The truth is you don't need to belong to any religion to get your prayers answered. You already know that from experience.

I am sure, you know "sinners" that got prayers answered before "saints" ever did. So that should clue you to the idea that there is something more to it than what you have been taught about prayer. 

A woman praying

As someone that is awakening it's time for you to graduate to more advanced spiritual concepts that will connect your mind, body, and soul.

Christianity and its dogma kept spirit and body at odds with each other which in turn produced conflict and confusion in your mind.

Once you unravel the religious dogma you will feel like you are coming out of a mental fog

There is a spiritual science behind the ideas of "prayer" and "heaven" 

Science means the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the natural world through observation and experiment. 

Think about it, as Christians we were mainly told that we needed to pray but the vast majority of us had very little instruction on how prayer worked.

Some of us were given the A.C.T.S. (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication) but obviously these instructions do not always produce the desired effect. Once you learn the spiritual science you will realize that, when you follow the A.C.T.S. to the letter your prayer most likely won't be answered because you produce contradictory forces within yourself. 

When you learn the science you will know immediately which area of the A.C.T.S. nullifies what you prayed for. Prayer will become part of your daily routine in a way that is not intrusive. As a matter of fact you will welcome it. But you have to first learn the original spiritual science of prayer.

Heaven taught by the ancient Egyptians actually had practical daily life applications. These ancient Africans knew how to live life to the fullest. They taught about lessons that would be part of your eternal experience as a Ka (soul). Their idea of heaven was in integral part of the lessons.

Learn The Ancient Spiritual Science 

  • What if I told you that instructions were left on how to connect deeper spiritually but early Christian Fathers set up blocks to your ability to learn that knowledge? 
  • The true meaning of prayer, how to pray, and how to access heaven was lost because of ignorance and a need for theological control
  • You can learn this spiritual science and change you life in a way that will be profound!

What would you give to live life everyday without struggling with the anxiety, sadness, or depression of "falling short?"

The ancient concepts that were the foundation of Christianity were meant to help you navigate through life as a unique soul having a human experience. You were meant to live this life joyfully and with gratitude every single day.

But along the way you were taught ideas that actually put you at odds with your soul experience.

I want to teach you these ancient concepts with updated language for quicker and better comprehension. 

You have so much more power over you life than you have been lead to believe!

This ancient spiritual system gives you the ability to learn about yourself holistically and gain wisdom. 

You actually have heard many of the ideas spoken of in church but using different words and without the necessary instruction on how to apply these concept to your life. You will get the instructions here.

What I will do is use your church knowledge to help you connect and grasp the ancient spiritual concepts. What most people don't know is that because the foundation of Christianity comes from the ancient Egyptian system you don't have to give up everything you know and completely change to believing something else.

It just a tweak to the ideas in many cases, but it will be one that empowers you. You will be secure in knowing the original intent behind the spiritual science rather than guessing.

Introducing: How To Amplify Your Spirituality Through The Egyptian Principle Of Ra

What does it mean to amplify your spirituality?

It means you begin to operate more connected to what the ancient Egyptians called your Higher Ka (soul). 

  • 1
    By connecting to your Higher Ka: You will automatically reorient how you think about, who the "real" you  is, your life and personal experiences. By connecting, fear and stress will become less and less a part of your daily experience.
  • 2
    Connect to your "Father in Heaven": You will automatically become more intuitive. Which will allow you to receive knowledge and wisdom from beyond yourself that will help guide you.
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    Figuring out your life purpose: You will learn a simple technique that will begin orienting you to you higher life purpose. It will help keep you on track and guide you back when you lose your way.

What People Are Saying About This Course

“I'm learning the foundational principles.”

“I’m learning the foundational principles of the spirituality and science of the universe! No other course has addressed the connection between spirituality and science in such a meaningful method to help me truly understand. I am able to even better connect my understanding as a scientist to my spirituality. Don’t hesitate to buy this course! Your life will be so much better for it!"


“This Khemetic Centered Living teaching provides what I needed"

“this Khemetic Centered Living teaching provides what I needed for my spiritual path...The "Who, What, When, Why, How" which overrides the "Christianity - Believer thought processes." We are not supposed to "believe", we are supposed to "Know". Thank you!"


“This has changed how I view myself"

“This has changed how I view myself. I have given up my Christian guilt and the anger and self-condemnation that goes with that. I am free to love myself completely and know I can achieve anything I put my mind to. I would most definitely recommend this course! For those that are ready to be awakened.


You Are About To Embark On A Journey Of Enlightenment and higher Spiritual Wisdom!

This is the knowledge that you knew deep down was missing. You had no way to know because you were in a closed system of knowledge. You now have an opportunity to take your life to the next level by getting connected and elevated spiritually with knowledge that will fascinate and inspire you!

Egyptian principle of ra e-course

What People Are Saying

Incredibly moving spiritual journey...

“Incredibly moving spiritual journey to reconnect more deeply with African Spirituality! This course is a giant step towards breaking the stronghold of false teachings on the psyche and spirituality of many who are seeking a way out."


Gives me a sense of freedom

“Gives me a sense of freedom from my old ways in Christianity that I never did agree with."


Reginald Khu-Akaru

Khemetic Centered Living

About the Author

Hi, I am Reginald Khu-Ahkaru. I am a recovering Christian and the founder of Khemetic Centered Living, a metaphysical educational membership site and blog, where knowledge becomes wisdom. I compare and contrast the origins of the Christian religious doctrines versus where they originated in ancient Egypt. Where Christianity left off, I will help you pick up and gain the deeper spiritual connect you have been searching for. You don't have to throw all you learned away. I will use the Christian knowledge to help you learn the Ancient Egyptian knowledge.

Finding Good Sources For This Knowledge Was So Frustrating!

Like many you may have been introduced to this knowledge through social media. It seemed that everyone was an authority based on the memes they were sharing. and best of all it was free! I would often times ask questions but could get no satisfactory answers beyond what they shared on the memes.

It felt to much like my in-the-know Christians! When I was young and had questions they couldn't answer, I got, "God doesn't want you to know that." (LOL)

What I found was that the free knowledge was so often off base that what I saved in money cost me countless hours trying to unravel so much misinformation. I wanted a good course. But no one was offering any online. I got bits and pieces of information that were useless for practical life application. I wasted a lot time with ill informed sources. Not to mention the aggravation and frustration I endured having to work through all the confusion.

I watched youtube videos of "teachers" doing 10 minute mic checks and then simply did what amounted to reading from the book! If they were really creative they put it on a powerpoint slide. But, I knew it was from a book because I had read the book they were reading from. It was a waste of time for me. I completely understand that when you don't know anything, something is better than nothing. I was hungry so I dived into everything. Unfortunately, I found most of it a waste of time.

Even many of the websites that were said to be teaching Egyptian/Khemetic knowledge just simply passed along what I found to be regurgitated misinformation like:

"Ra is a sun god." Not having any Idea how deep and useful the idea of Ra is for practical life application! How was it connected to my Christian teachings in a way that can help me understand the ancient concept but help me grow spiritually?

These misinformed ideas is what most people are passing around that was so frustrating in learning this knowledge. This course will have resources and documentation that you can validate.

"Woke" Khemetic People Are Not Nice And Adversarial

One of the other issues that frustrated me while I was researching this knowledge was how mean  "woke" Khemetic People were. They claimed to be trying to wake others up, but the vitriol they spewed from what they had to say was a turn off.  

It seemed they were angry at the world! I understood why because of my journey through learning this knowledge. I learned over time that you simply can't be an adversary to people, call them names, insult their character, put down their belief system and expect them to be open you your message.

If they really studied this knowledge on a deeper level they would see so many beautiful connections in the bible and to Christianity. They would see that originally Christianity was meant to be an entry point into the advanced spiritual knowledge.

As a teacher, I personally use Christianity as a tool for compare and contrast. Through deep study I learned that Christian don't have to give up Christianity. It's the dogma and negative programming that is not spiritual. I help "awakened" Christians see that they can move beyond the dogma, feel safe psychologically, and uplifted through mind, body, and spirit.  

No Need to be in an adversarial position. Because I know the essence of these teachings, love and compassion will always be first and foremost within any of my content and courses.

Egyptian principle of ra e-course

Here's some of the main ideas you will learn in this e-course

  • Learn the empowering original SPIRITUAL concepts that will unlock wisdom and guidance
  • This is where you learn what "prayer" truly is and how to apply it beyond Christian indoctrination, In this course learn the deeper more empowering science of prayer that when applied will cause you to live life more centered, happy, and optimistic
  • ​Do you know that Christians are taught you have to die to get to heaven, but the bible says something totally different? Learn where the ancients AND the bible said heaven is located that will help you live an amazing life!
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    Through understanding Ra, you will break the cycle of erroneous Christian Idea of "serving" God that was a prescription for Christian "burn out." By default, of learning this principle you will gain a sense of direction and finding your purpose in life. When you apply it you will NEVER again live conflicted and confused about how you should live your life. You will "serve" in a way that will light your soul
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    ​Learn to connect what you already know in Christianity to better understand the concept of Ra on a spiritual level
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    ​Learn what is truly the "Word" of God that will shock you beyond measure but more importantly use the idea for practical application and empower you in your daily life!

P.S.: I know you have probably been searching for awhile for what has been missing. You crave a spiritual connection for a reason. You are not here by accident. Don't miss out on an opportunity to learn and grow.

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