Ancient Africans more advance than originally thought

One of the things I endeavor to do is give you knowledge that is truthful and researched. I don’t just regurgitate the same old stuff you can hear anywhere. In the last ten to twenty years, or so ideas about how vast the knowledge of our ancestors were is coming forward by people not afraid to look beyond the dogmatic ideas in the fields of archeology, Egyptology, and the system of white supremacy.

The ancient Africans were not primitive

Our ancestors had some very advanced knowledge. We have to take off the biases that all of us have been taught about the ancients. One bias is that modern society is the most advanced society has ever been. Researchers are finding out that our ancestors had knowledge that we can only know because we have “advanced” in our own “modern” science.


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When we advance, we look back to ancient Africa and realize they already knew it! They just expressed it in a different way, through a different paradigm.

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Namaste (the divine in me, recognizes the divine in you)

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