How ancients chose animal symbols [video]

Ever consider how certain animals became symbolic of certain ideas? Did ancient Egyptians put animals on the heads of Neters because they worshiped them? Or was there a deeper symbolic meaning? If you believe our ancestors had a primitive and unsophisticated mind you would believe the former. This video shows how sheep naturally behave. They simply follow the leader. The ancient Egyptians used animals as symbols for ideas. They were extremely exacting in what they used.


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Looking at this video reminds me of being called a member of the “flock” while in church. Jesus was known as the “Good Shepard.” A nick name that originated in Egypt.

In all Khemetic/Egyptian symbolism, when you want to get a deeper understanding of the characteristics of a Neter, learn more about the animal they use to represent the ideas.

The characteristics of the animals is a metaphor for the “superpowers” of the Neter.


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