How to recognize phony Kemetic teachings

You are new to this knowledge. You are excited about what it can offer you. But there are so many voices, who can you trust?

Because I’ve been where you are on this journey, I’m going to help you avoid the phony Khemetic teachings and become a more discriminating student with this new guide. You don’t have to learn from me, but you will be armed to choose a good teacher for yourself.

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What you will gain from reading this guide:

Not just my opinion. I give you a foundation to how these ideas should be taught through documentation from excellent, authorities on Egyptian spiritual science, you can research and verify at a later date when you are ready.

I will teach you the NUMBER ONE MISTAKE ALLLL the bad and  ill-informed teachers make!

I will teach you how to recognize the SECOND BIGGEST MISTAKE the rest of the bad ill-informed teachers make!

You will learn the basic framework surrounding the Khemetic teachings that will help you quickly recognize phony teachings

I will give you common-sense examples and explanations of the Khemetic knowledge to help you better understand the framework so you can know how to choose good teachers

Good teachings can help you to understand these ideas and be a shortcut to sifting through a mountain of information.

Bad teachings will make you feel confused and frustrated.


Stop apologizing for your existence and live boldly!

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Whether you are learning from me or someone else, I want you to know this basic foundation so you can quickly recognize the phony incorrect teachings.

So here are tips for exposing phony Khemetic teachings number one through five.

The entire body of Egyptian science is concerned with the essence of NaTuRe.The above quote is your first clue to what bad Khemetic teachers don’t understand. The quote is basically saying that the ideas the Khemetic Science is teaching are so big that words can’t fully express them, so symbols are needed instead.

  1. These bad khemetic teachers do not understand what an allegory is. An allegory is defined as a story with two levels of meaning. The first is, of course, the surface story and the events happening in the story. In our case, it is Egyptian/Khemetic myths.

They, of course, will give their knowledge away and often times tell you they are not a teacher (self-deprecating because they don’t want to be held accountable for what they teach).  But the cost in time lost and frustration is immense to you!

There are generally two types of erroneous teachings regarding the myths:

A. They believe the stories to be about literal historical people that were African ancestors. This is completely untrue and makes this knowledge absolutely useless to you except for entertainment purposes.

For example, Ausar or Tehuti are ascended masters just like Jesus

The problem here is that all three of them are based on the personification of Egyptian NeTeRs (NTRs) or NaTuRal laws of NaTuRe. in today’s terminology, we say Universal laws. The ancient concept of Universal is what they called divine. In other words, Universal = Divine.

bad khemetic teachers Documentation that there is more to the story than what’s on the surface

NTRs represent functions of NaTuRe and the personages are anthropomorphized representations of the functions that cannot be expressed or explained with words because they are often times expressing concepts that are outside of our five human senses.

Anthropomorphic simply means taking some aspect of a human or animal to express how the Universal laws work. For example, the idea that God sees all doesn’t mean God is like a human being with eyes. It simply means that NaTuRe is conscious and aware of its existence. As humans when we see something we are aware of it. Consciousness does not have eyes but is aware.

The Greeks and Romans humanized the idea of universal laws. In other words, they believed that their gods were human-like, that interacted with mankind, had babies that were half mortal and half god/goddess.

The above quote from the book, “Sacred Science” is telling you that myths were the ancient Egyptians way of expressing abstract ideas that words couldn’t totally convey.

The personifications of natural laws are not literal or historical people. Those that teach you they were real people are in grave error.

2.  The second bad Khemetic teachers type is, they know the story is a myth, however, they believe the myth is the message

In other words, once you learn the myths, you got it! That’s all you need to know. Not true!

For example, Set and Heru/Horus mythically battle each other because Set killed Ausar/Osiris and cut him into pieces. A pretty gruesome death! At some point, Heru defeats Set and avenges his father’s death. Heru becomes known as the Avenger. You will see and hear this on many websites and youtube videos.

 More documentation that there is more to the myth than the story

The problem is that the bad Khemetic teachers end their knowledge with the story as if that is the knowledge you are to learn and memorize.  In reality, there are deep abstract metaphysical principles that the story is meant to convey.

The “Sacred Science” quote above is explaining that the Myths are to be used like a prop that helps evoke your own intuitive wisdom regarding the function of the universal laws. The THING (the story) is not the message that is being described. The story is expressing a universal application of principles.

Set And Heru as examples

For example, Set and Heru as principles have different functions depending on whether the event or phenomenon is more universal or more individual. On a universal level, the battle is about the opposites of darkness and light coming into play in the creation of the universe.

Light battled the chaotic darkness and won. Obviously, because we are all in existence. We are all a spark of light as an aspect of the creator enjoying life as a human being.

On the NaTuRal level is the battle of day over night.  Set defeats Heru/Horus at nightfall and wins. Horus defeats Set in the morning and light is victorious over darkness. It is a continuos “battle” of these forces or opposites for eternity.

On a mental individual level, it’s about conscious enlightenment (light) over ignorance (dark).

The myth is explaining universal applications of NeTeR or NaTuRe in our life experience. All of the myths are expressing ideas in the same fashion. Universal to individualized.

Set cutting up Ausar/Osiris is expressing a basic function of Set as the Neter of negation of Oneness by splitting and creating duality. He “cut” or split Ausar into pieces. In NaTuRe when something dies it “breaks down” and decomposes. As a principle, Set is what decomposes that which was once whole.

Limited knowledge of what mythology is by the bad teachers

Most people get stuck on two levels with this khemetic knowledge.

One is that the myths proves the bible is false history.

two that the myths are the whole story. Learn the myths and you got it! WRONG!

If you only know the myths as stories, then you will completely miss the deep esoteric wisdom expressed in these stories. I expressed three levels in which these “Universal” or “divine” laws apply to creation. Unfortunately, many of these bad Khemetic teachers only regurgitate what they read.

Then they explain to you what they believe the story means on one level. You then struggle to try to understand the nuances of other aspects of the myths and science. Never being able to grasp or connect the deeper knowledge as intended.

The problem there is that is THEIR limited interpretation of this knowledge is not about fixed ideas. It’s more about understanding how the principle can show up in different ways (universally) in creation and your life. Not what the teacher wants you to know. Again, these ideas are “divine” or as we say today, universal.

With their limited fixed explanation, the bad Khemetic teachers are no different than a church preacher giving you a sermon and their interpretation about what each scripture and story is supposed to mean. Most of us accepted and believed on faith that it was historical. That is an error in teaching these Khemetic concepts.

 Documentation that the images are to evoke your inner wisdom

Ancient Egyptians taught that true wisdom is a revelation from within your own inner well of knowledge and wisdom, not believing and accepting someone else’s interpretation. So, any teacher telling you the meanings of the myths as a fixed idea does not understand the depth and universality of the information being encoded into the story.

Ancient Khemetic/Egyptian myths are some of the most beautifully and intricately designed tools for teaching the planet has ever known. They are a framework of symbolic expression that connects the rational outer mind to deeper inner knowledge and wisdom. here is our modern definition of myth that most of us trained in the west to think of them:

Modern myth is:

“a traditional story,”

“a widely held but false belief,”

“a misrepresentation of the truth,”

“a fictitious or imaginary thing”

Modern myth is NOT how the ancient thought of your used mythology. They were symbols for ideas that couldn’t always be expressed in words.

The above quote (From The Egyptian Miracle) is talking about that “aha!” moment (the shock) you have when the light bulb comes on. Your consciousness is expanded at that moment. You awaken something from within.

That’s what this knowledge can do for you. It will put you in a frame of mind that there are no limitations to what you can achieve!

3. Teachers that have no clue and don’t even know the basic truth that the foundation of the myths is actually numbers or numerology.

In other words, in the original myths, are explaining how the numbers characterize how aspects of nature function. In ancient Egypt, numbers were not just about counting things. They expressed NaTuRal functions. For example, the number One meant a whole; something that was unified. Two meant opposition and sexuality in the fact that it takes two opposites to create.

Auset “Mother Nature” feeds or nourishes universal man

Auset “The Great Mother” feeds or nourishes universal mankind

The myths are explaining the different functions of the numbers as the neters descend into matter. The above picture is about the functions of nature personified. Therefore, the myths and the numbers are linked in order to be true to the original idea of Muthoi (origin of the word myth) as “wise formulas.”

African spiritual science
Myths were formulas in their origin

 Documentation that the myths are based on numerical formulas or “universal laws

Often the same personages appear in different myths because the functions can play out in different ways. For example, the principle of perpetual renewal is Iusa (Yay-oo-sah) a.k.a. Jesus. Iusa is on the universal level of creation. He is the son of Atum and Iusaas.

 Documentation of the link of myth and numbers

Hr as perpetual new light and Iusa as the culmination of the Neters as man are based in the number two as the duality of light and dark and the number five as universal or cosmic man that is pinned to the cross of the four constituent elements at the foundation of all creation. Heru and Iusa are the same functions of new; continuation; perpetual renewal, in different aspects within the numerology.

One aspect of the Cross is expressing symbolically how matter is formed

One aspect of the Cross is expressing deep universal principles

Documentation the same principle can show up in different myths with different names

If you don’t know the numbers you cannot understand why Heru changes names to Iusa (Yay-oo-sah). They are both the same principle. It’s no different than our life journey the same person, in principle, shows up in a different body and name until we learn the lesson. In other words, you end up dating the same type people over and over because of who you are and the way you think. They look different but are principally the same type.

When you understand the principle being expressed you can then easily see how it is being expressed in the bible but using different names. Understanding the coded language in the myths also bring the bible alive again from the grave of literal historical facts. I personally faught within myself that the bible could still have any value or relevance. But when I began uncovering the coded language it opened up again.

It can get really complex, but too many “teachers” only know some very basic ideas, like the myths, and want to present them as the totality of Pharaonic teachings. Don’t get fooled. The story is a piece of the puzzle, not the whole puzzle.

The teachers should be able to reference their findings and document them for you to verify.

  1. They should know that the essence of ancient khemetic teachings is that sound/vibration is the source of everything in the universe.

Many bad Khemetic teachers are oblivious to metaphysical concepts. This idea of vibration is truly what the “word of God” is. It’s not a book, it the essence of creation as sound/vibration/harmony. You are that essence in human form. Sound creates all forms.

Documentation that sound is the organizing principle of creation “the Word”

5. The last point to recognize phony khemetic teachers is they use confusing terms to seem more knowledgeable than you. They simply want to look smart on Facebook. Any good teacher will simplify the material and put it in a language you can understand.

Using outdated terminology makes these ideas confusing

The bad khemetic teachers will use the ancient words they read without the ability to put it in terms that we use in modern times. If you can’t understand the words then they are not communicating the ideas. As a  school teacher, I always knew part of teaching new concepts was connecting my students to concepts they were familiar with so they could understand the new stuff. in other words, the new idea is similar to this that you already know.

If you are just learning for the sake of knowledge and some fun facts then learning words you have very little connection to nor understanding of may be fine. But if you are learning to understand and apply, it is frustrating!

If you can’t make a thirteen or fourteen-year-old understand it then you don’t know it. This one goes back to them only having the ability to read and regurgitate.

It’s analogous to copying someone’s homework but not understanding it enough to be able to explain it. One of the bad Khemetic teachers tricks is to make you feel like something is wrong with you for not understanding their bad teaching so that you don’t ask questions they can’t answer.

Think about good teachers back in school and how they made you feel. They made you feel confident about what you were learning and that you were capable of learning it. Not the opposite of being so unsure that you can’t even ask them a question for fear of feeling dumb.

It amounts to no more than ego gratification for these types. They want you to follow them, but they need to feel like they’re the smartest person in the room. Making you feel confused and helpless does that for a lot of them.

Any good teacher should use language and terms that aid YOU in understanding. You should not conform to the knowledge of the teacher. The teacher should be able to reach you on your level and bring you and your consciousness up.

Two basic types of teachers

What many of these bad Khemetic teachers amount to is functioning like a librarian.

But what we really need are those that function as a scientist when it comes to this knowledge.

This guide can be very helpful to you. I wish I would have had it when I first began learning this knowledge. It will really accelerate your studies by cutting through the erroneous teaching that runs rampant.

If you enjoyed this report and found it useful for your learning, I know you would enjoy gaining more authentic Khemetic knowledge. The next logical step would be to take me up on learning this beautiful science. In addition to the course and bonuses, you will have access to all non-ecourse articles


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I truly wish you well on your journey of wisdom and elevating your consciousness through the Khemetic teaching. This knowledge is about enhancing your life and developing you to the idea that you are more than your physical body. When you learn and grasp the essence of these teachings you truly become a god/goddess (Is The Statement We Are gods Being Prideful And Arrogant?). It’s so much more than gaining interesting facts and knowledge.

If you want to truly begin to restructure your whole psyche for success and bold living then you have to learn the difference between Jesus and KRST.

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I honestly didn’t want it to be but, the bible can still be relevant and valuable to those who dare to explore beyond the literal and historical facts and untruths. Those that are stubbornly stuck on the historical facts and the literal just don’t get it! There is so much more to it all!

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The Trinity

The Christ

The resurrection


The Cross




The Fall of mankind


They all were spiritual science thousands of years before Christianity ever existed.

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Why Ancient African spiritual systems didn’t have devils or evil explained

In African spirituality there were no devil’s or Satan. As spiritual science there was only energy that was naturally polarized as opposites within creation. There was no room for a make believe monsters in African spiritual systems.

Within the Ancient Kemetic spiritual tradition, the soul as an energetic being of light is the true you. The true you incarnated to learn, raise its level of consciousness, and transmute negative physical experience into its polar opposite of positive energy. By doing this body would become a vessel in which it learned to trust the eternal soul. The result of the symbiotic relationship would produce a person that is at peace and balanced.

The ancient Africans symbolically represented that idea of peace and balance, as the sun between two mountains. It meant that when individualized consciousness, symbolized as a double ma’at, reached an enlightened state of peaceful balance it had climbed the mountain where the spirit of God and flesh meets. The enlightened soul could then sit on the throne as lord and master of the human condition.

In that moment the the ancient Africans said that person becomes known as a Krst.


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In this context the ancient Africans didn’t develop ideas of evil entities so powerful that a humanized God couldn’t control them. It was about the Journey of a soul to turn negative energy into positive.

These are the facts we’ll explore in this video:

1.           Etymology or the study of the origin of words is important to connect the dots and dispel the Christian errors deceit

2.           Satan, as a word, originally was defined closer to the ancient African spiritual science meaning before it came to mean the devil and evil

3.           The original concept of, the fallen angel, Lucifer came from Kemetic science and was a positive expression of an abstract metaphysical concept. Only one early translation of the bible equated Lucifer with Satan

When you trace the journey of the soul through the African spiritual paradigm you find that Christianity flipped spiritual concepts that were inherently positive to one’s that provoked fear and anxiety in believers.

By tracing the Ancient metaphysical concepts of Horus, Jesus, and Lucifer through Etymological origins and the original ancient spiritual teachings from kemet you will find powerful and uplifting connections for humanity that can change the world for the better.

With these ancient African symbolic and metaphorical ideas of reaching and living life peaceful and balanced we will take a deep dive into African spirituality and debunk Christian errors filled with a powerful make believe horned monster known as the devil.

You have nothing to fear. You are a god or goddess and the entity known by the names of Satan, Lucifer, the devil, or el diablo do not exist! They are all misapplications of African spiritual science. Because you are a god or goddess there is nothing so powerful that you can’t control it. You literally have the ability to create your life. That’s what this ancient African knowledge is attempting to get across to those that study it and apply it.

Anyone can create consciously or allow the fear-based training programs from Christianity to control your life.  I know from experience that negative Christian programming is a constant battle even years after dismissing the religion.

Through the African spiritual science I will connect the dots to expose Christianity in a way that you have never heard before. This will be a deep dive into African spirituality. I will be very detailed so that you can understand the connections and disconnect from any ideas of being powerless.

Get your pen and paper ready to take some notes!

So let’s get to it.

The development of Christianity over the centuries became a misrepresentation of ancient African spiritual concepts.

It’s time for us to delve deeper into these ancient African mythology for the truth. It will be easy to see that Lucifer; Imhotep; and Jesus are all aspects of the Kemetic/Egyptian concept of the migration of the soul from spirit into body, then its experience of life, and its exit at the death from the physical body.

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Anthropomorphizing vs humanizing

Now before we move forward you have to understand the difference between a crucial aspect concept  of anthropomorphizing within African spiritual science and humanizing by the Greeks and Romans.

Anthropomorphizing simply means using human characteristics or something in nature to symbolize an abstract metaphysical idea.

Africans anthropomorphized metaphysical or spiritual concepts. Understand metaphysical and spiritual both simply express something not material or physical. When the Greeks and Romans copied the African neters or metaphysical functions of nature they humanized them. Humanizing is at the foundation of religious belief systems today. You will see this as I break down Heru moving forward.

In ancient African spiritual science, Heru or Horus as he is known by the Greek Gnostics, is an expression of a multidimensional natural metaphysical function personified as a mythological personage. All Kemetic mythology at its foundation is numerology. The mythology is a way to explain how the functions of nature work. Heru as a function of nature is the ability to be created and return or be renewed into infinity.

One way this abstract metaphysical idea was symbolized was as a child. Symbolically a child is new when born. For the human race any child born means that humans will keep multiplying and existing. The ancient Africans represented this fundamental function of the creative universe as a trinity of Man, woman, and child.

They are anthropomorphic representations of the idea that the seed will be implanted in a womb to produce an offspring. This trinity concept is universal to all of creation. It means energy in the universe will forever be renewed. In modern time we say the same thing with the law of energy conservation we learned in grade school. That law states, that energy can never be destroyed, it can only change forms. Thinking of it in a metaphysical context means that energy will be transformed. Negative energy can be transmuted or changed into positive, but no energy is ever destroyed or goes away.

Africans personified but never humanized these functions as the Greeks and Romans did. The mythology was a very elegant way for the Africans to transmit these complex ideas.

Because the Greeks and Romans humanized the African concepts is one reason we live with the idea of a God that is jealous, has favorites, will watch you masturbate, then send you to hell for enjoying it.

When anthropomorphizing the ancient Africans might say it’s “LIKE” God can see and know everything, to express the omniscience of consciousness. It’s using a human characteristic to give you an idea what the omnipotence of consciousness is like.

But in the Greek and Roman tradition, God is humanized with the idea that “He” is watching you and will punish you for doing wrong. In high school we studied Greek gods who were said to have children by humans producing half-human, half-god beings. Humanizing a God became the Christian tradition through the Greeks. Jesus was supposed to be God and man for example.

But the Ancient Africans did no such thing. Africans before religion, would say humanizing God is childlike thinking. There were no powerful forces of evil or devils in African spiritual systems. Only energy that existed as polarized opposites.

Just like the idea of scientific method in modern times, the spiritual science of Kemet and ancient Africa was based on observation and experimentation. Religion is based on belief and superstition. As the great Stevie wonder would say, “when you believe in things you don’t understand you suffer, Superstition ain’t the way.”

Now that you understand the difference between the African way of anthropomorphizing rather than humanizing let’s break down the ancient African spiritual science and illuminate the connections of Heru, Imhotep, Lucifer and Jesus.

Stay with me, it’s not as preposterous as it might sound once the ancient science is understood. I’m going to break it down in a simplified easy to understand way.

So let’s take a deeper dive and look at the ancient Kemetic principle of Heru. It’s a multidimensional concept on multiple levels and given names to denote different levels within the Kemetic framework.

Heru and Jesus connection

Here is how Heru or Horus as the principle of renewing or being constantly reborn is connected to the Christian Jesus etymologically with the name and functionally via nature and mhythology. In the beginning of the universe Iusa (pronounced yeh-oo-sah) is the ever-coming son of God produced by Atum when he masturbated (see video on Atum I did for more details).

The son of God was Iusa in the trinity of Atum and Iusaas at the beginning of creation. Etymologically, Jesus is a cognate of the word Iusa. The name Jesus didn’t exist before the 15th century. That’s when the letter /j/ was invented an embellishment of the letter /i/, like making an inverted nike swoosh. (see my video African Spirituality: Where did the name Jesus originate?)

The letter /i/ was pronounced back then with a yeh sound. The Egyptian word Iusa, meaning the ever coming son of God became Yeshua in Hebrew and Iuseous in Greek and later Jesus in English with the hard /j/ pronunciation. Again, iusa/yeshua/Iuseous, is the universal function of the potential of the universe to be born and return again and again. That was of course before Christianity corporealized the idea of Iusa or Jesus in the 4th century at the council of Nicaea.

Isn’t Jesus supposed to return according to Christians? By connecting the Ancient African science, now you know why he has had the longest running orgasm in the history of mankind. Because he’s been coming… back for almost 2,000 years! Ok, a bad pun, but you get what I mean.

Never the less, you uncover a Christian error through the African spiritual principle known as Iusa through it’s linguistic connection. Truth is that Jesus is not coming back because he was never here.

Christians don’t hate the player, hate the game being played. I can never understand why Christians want to watch my videos and try to convince me in the comments of how wrong I am.

I have researched tons more information, have more documentation, and yet I’m wrong. Go figure!

Let’s keep going so that we can make the rest of the connections of Satan and Lucifer.

The Two Reh

Let’s look at the function of the born, reborn, and renewal on the creation level in the African spiritual science. What I am about to teach you here will be new and never before heard.

So, we have to go back to the beginning of the Kemetic creation myth to connect some dots. We have to now consider how the ancient Africans taught was the state of the universe before the big bang. The ancient Egyptians called this state Nwn or the watery abyss and chaos in a state of infinity.

For the ancient Africans, the universe before creation was symbolically inside the watery “womb” of the creator. That’s a reference to the divine feminine aspect in case anyone was wondering. Inside the womb it was dark and timeless. In this state God did not know itself until the big bang occurred.  At that moment consciousness, known as universal Maat, came into being.

 At that instance of awakening and enlightenment from within God was able to look on its “face” and experience itself. The Unity of nwn opened or separated and the two “Reh” came into existence. They we called the two reh because they are polarized opposites.

To denote opposites Africans would use certain letters to represent a certain function and reverse the same letters to express its opposite function. In this case rh and hr became the representation of dark and light. This is where the epic mythological battle of heru and set began. They were both the two reh.

You must understand Set as its natural function to grasp the idea of how set can battle heru at the beginning of creation and be one of the two reh. This will also foreshadow a later connection. Set as a function of nature is opposition or separation. Remember, unity as the Nwn opened or separated. That is the same function of but named reh at creation. As a function of nature, reh negated, opened, or separated unity. Rh is the same exact function as set but more on an abstract universal level. Ancient Africans would change the names to give you a clue as to whether an idea was abstract and metaphysical or more specific to the physical.

As the two reh the abstract universal functions are about the opposites of light and dark at the beginning of creation. The dark r-h as the opposite of light would be in opposition to h-r or heru. On human level darkness was symbolically a metaphor for ignorance. When wisdom was gained light won over darkness. Heru was also the light that won over darkness in the beginning of the universe.

Notice the reversal of the letters rh and hr to show opposites. The letters became a symbol or metaphor to express polar opposites.

From the ancient Egyptian function and word S.T. came its Hebrew cognate Satan. Originally Satan didn’t mean evil or the devil. It simply meant adversary.

In other words, someone or something that was in OPPOSITION or adversarial to you. The opponent or adversary would keep you away from God. Again, Satan is etymologically connected to the Egyptian word S.T.

The Greeks had the same concept as Satan, they called it diabolos which means one who divides. We know from that the d-i prefix means two. So el diablo didn’t originally mean evil. Only a separator.

If we stick with the idea of universal function of opposition or separating then we can see the similarities in the original Hebrew and Greek words and their connection to the ancient African neter of Seth.

So how did Satan or the devil come to be represented with horns? Simple, because seth was the function of separation, the natural representation for the function of separation and opposition for Set became the horns of a cow. Yup, they were following the natural horns symbol used by the Africans to represent opposites so Satan grew horns.

Do you get the idea that our minds were being toyed with? The truth was being hidden right under our noses. But we were given different meanings to keep us from ever getting to the truth. Hmmm

So, heru as one of the two reh at the beginning of the universe is light that is in opposition to darkness. It’s only a matter of perspective to choose whether light is in opposition to darkness or darkness in opposition to light. Hence, they could be interchangeable as the two reh.

For the Africans it was understood that polarized energy was necessary for anything to be experienced. They didn’t define energy as good or evil. Just opposition. When a person believes there is evil it allows one to position themselves as a victim.

 But the ancient Africans understood that there are no victims. They would say that on your journey as an eternal soul you incarnated to learn and grow through human experience and raise your level of consciousness. The difficulties caused by others is an opportunity for you to learn how to transmute and change what you have defined as negative into something positive.

Now as a soul you Journey from unity through life experience and back to unity. This journey will take many incarnations in many forms and many opportunities to gain understanding and wisdom from any lesson you might not have learned in a particular lifetime.

What ever you don’t learn in this life you will get the opportunity to learn in another. You most likely will get the chance to hop on the other side of the line so to speak and get into the other persons shoes.  If you were the bad guy in this life you might get a chance to be the good guy in the next. If you are a good guy or gal you might get the chance to be the bad guy or gal. That’s one way reincarnation works. It not about good or evil. Its about learning through experience.

So now you can understand how Satan is connected to Set etymologically as a cognate, and through the principle of opposites symbolized by reh and Set in the mythology.

Now lets connect Imhotep.

Connecting Imhotep

Our English word soul originates from the latin word sol which means sun. We live on earth in our solar system orbiting the sun. The Latin word s-o-l and the English word s-o-u-l are homonyms. Again, a slight tweak to hide knowledge in plain sight? hmmm

Anyway, Symbolically the ancients were saying that within each human being is a spark of light that is representative of the enlightened wisdom of the universe or creator within.

Well this idea connects us back to heru and on the journey of the soul or being of light as a spark of God. Remember at the beginning of the universe is when the light came on for God, so to speak, and it became aware or conscious of itself.

PTH (PTaH) is how the ancient Egyptians represented the idea of light descending from heaven and being “trapped” in matter (the physical body). If the soul or light was trapped, what function of nature trapped the light? Set of course aka our good Christian buddy Satan.

As stated before, the Africans, would represent the opposite idea of the light leaving matter by reversing the letters in a “play on words” as in PTH becoming HTP or hotep.

HTP (HoTeP) is the ancient African idea of the soul being “released” from the body.  For the ancient Africans, the light or soul would go to a “peaceful” place when released from the physical body. Hence in modern times Imhotep meaning “in peace.”

Imhotep as the “prince of peace” is a nickname for Jesus as the Christ that originated in these teachings of ancient Kemet.

That’s one level.

Through etymology and the African science principles regarding the journey of the soul you connect the words Imhotep and Jesus back to heru as light. There is much more to this idea but I’m trying to keep this video streamlined as possible.

Now let’s move to the last connection and we will be complete. The idea of lucifer as the fallen angel of God and thrown out of heaven.

Lucifer the fallen angel

Lucifer the “fallen angel” became equated with Satan In the King James Version of the bible in 1611. It is the only version at the time that did so. This was not the case originally. The idea of Lucifer originated within the temple of Ptah in ancient Egypt where they taught about the spark of God descending from heaven and falling into matter. When you understand the ideas a functions of nature rather than a story they become pretty clear. Remember the English word soul and the Latin word sol are homonyms. Also, the idea of Iusa (Yay-oosah), Yeshua or Jesus was part of the teaching at the temple of Ptah.

Lucifer was the name for the manifestation of the light or a new soul descending from heaven into matter. Hence the biblical idea of Lucifer as the “fallen angel.” Heru/Horus as the Egyptian principle of “perpetual renewal” was given what amounted to a nickname Lucifer when it was a new soul descending into matter. Lucifer from Latin root means “bearer of light.” La Luz still means light in Spanish today. So in Ancient African spirituality, lucifer is a new soul being born into the physical body trapped by the opposing force of Set.

Understanding this idea and the origin of the symbolism you can quickly connect the idea in the bible scripture Luke 10:18, “Yes,” he told them, “I saw Satan fall from heaven like lightning!” Understand the bible is written in coded language to obscure the esoteric meaning. Christian Lucifer as Satan is connected to “falling from heaven and lightning.” As stated before, Lucifer is only connected to Satan in the King James Version of the bible. Truth hidden in plain sight again? hmmm

One of the reasons kemetic spiritual science will be so important for humanity moving forward is that it is the specific ancient spiritual system that will uncover the errors and deceit of Christianity and help humanity rise above the fear of negativity to reach the mount and sit on the throne as the king of glory.

Err sorry, that sounded like something a preacher would say huh? How many preachers are preaching that message with no idea of the truth underneath those words. Speaking about a savior coming back!


you are not alone!

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The ancient Kemetic natural function many of us know as Heru is represented by a newly grown plant sprout, or a new born lamb (as in lamb of God), a new vine (Netzer), or a new sunrise (Sun/Son of God) that happens day after day. Each of them has in common that whatever they were born from has the ability to renew itself over and over.

Through the Ancient African principle of being born and/or renewed into infinity I have connected how it is represented as different names and different aspects of the science being represented. I have also touched on and exposed Christian errors and deceit.

The different functions can represent creation of the universe or the migration of the soul. These principles will have names specific to those aspects.

Let’s quickly recap

Iusa or Jesus is the ancient African theoretical concept that the universe will exist and be renewed indefinitely

Heru is the original universal light that is opposed to darkness

Reh is opposition to light at the beginning of creation

Imhotep is the light or spark of God exiting the physical body

Lucifer is the light bearer or spark of light descending from heaven. Not the devil or Satan.

The bearer of light as the spark of God within will lift you to the mount and have you sit on your thrown wearing you shining crown of glory (enlightenment). That means you will reach the mount when your darkness is illuminated from within by the wisdom you gain from your life experiences. You are the KRST in potential. The new light shining from within.

That is why there were no devil’s or evil within African spirituality. It is only your opposition. You are a god or goddess with the power to overcome any opposition. That’s why Africans didn’t believe in an entity so powerful that God couldn’t control it. That’s because you have all the power over your opposition. However, you may have to go through some tough times to gain the wisdom to overcome that opposition. Allow the eternal self to guide you to the mount.

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African Spirituality vs Christianity: Did Jesus raise Lazarus from the dead?

The bible story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead is retelling of the ancient mythological characters of Osiris and Horus as aspects of the journey of the soul in ancient African spirituality. The individual we know as Jesus Christ in modern times never existed. Everything about the individual was essentially back dated beginning in 325 CE at the council of Nicaea.

Here is what you will learn in this video

  1. Two themes of African spirituality that are central to the biblical gospel stories
  2. The esoteric or secret meaning of Osiris
  3. Metaphorical keys to unlock esoteric language of the Lazarus story
  4. The esoteric meaning of Horus a.k.a. Jesus
  5. And finally Breaking down the story and etymology of Lazarus, Mary, and Martha

What you know as Jesus Christ actually existed as part of the ancient African spiritual system at least 10,000 years before Christianity.

I know this is a bold statement in the face of all the seeming evidence that exists. But the truth is that outside of the bible there is no documented evidence that proves a historical Jesus Christ. Remove the bible and his extraordinary deeds and miracles don’t exist, except as the mythology of ancient Egypt.

In this video I will help you fact-check the bible. The ancient Kemetic System is the only African spiritual system that will allow you to fact-check the authenticity of the bible as a revelation. News flash, It’s not!

I will breakdown step by step the parts of the African spiritual system that became the biblical miracle of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead.

I’m going to break it down in a way that it will forever and consistently be broke!

You must understand the mythological characters and what they esoterically symbolized before Christianity in order to fact-check and decode the bible story.

We’ll need to start with two central themes within the ancient African spiritual science the nun and the soul.

The central theme surrounding the stories of Osiris and Horus is about the journey of the spirit from the beginning of creation, emergence as an individualized soul, and the return to its origin.

The journey from the nun and back

Within the spiritual system of Africans there is a common theme that everything in the universe began for one primordial source called the Nun. The nun was an infinite abyss of watery chaos.

The ancient Egyptians gave what would be considered an analysis of what was within the nun  and the primordial gods the Ogdoad and the subsequent awakening of Atum.

Now, I called the Ogdoad gods but that’s an error. They were not gods. In the African system they are functions of nature. In the Ancient Egyptian system, a general name for these functions are Netchers. Our English word nature is a cognate of the word netcher.

In the ancient African cosmology Osiris and Horus as metaphysical functions that are part of our physical world are natural too. The ancient Africans would say the soul is as natural as the body and the body as spiritual as the soul.

The ancient Africans taught all conscious spirit that began from the oneness of unity in the nun has infused within it the will to return to it. Upon the return or resurrection back into oneness consciousness will be more enlightened and evolved through its journey than when it began.

This is the central cosmological theme of the Ancient Egyptians. They had a saying that encapsulated the idea, In the beginning is Ba and in the end is Ba. Translated it means in the beginning is sprit, and in the end is spirit.

So let’s move forward to the central Character in the Journey.

The journey of the soul

The soul became the central figure of this journey of the beginning and the return for the ancient Africans. For the ancient Egyptian spiritual system they taught that there was a non-material world that is the foundation of our material world. They did think of it as separate as we do today. They acknowledged the idea of sounds and light beyond our physical senses to experience but just as real as physical experience.

In the world beyond our senses the soul exists as an energetic aware consciousness with infinite knowledge and intelligence. Having infinite awareness is central to understanding what Osiris represents.

The soul would journey from the beginning in the nun, drop down or fall into the physical body and forget what it was. Along the way it goes through difficulties that it must work through until an enlightened realization that causes the soul to remember its own magnificence.

The ancient Egyptians told  story of the souls journey through the myth of Ausar and Heru who became Osiris and Horus when the Greeks and then Romans came to Egypt. I have to introduce the name of Ausar because of its etymological importance later.

So the journey of the soul is the second part of two central ancient Egyptian themes that if foundational to exposes the biblical Jesus Christ story. The names have been changed to protect the deceit. Let’s move forward to the specific Characters in the Egyptian mythology. I will break them down and then connect them to the Lazarus miracle.

What does Osiris symbolize?

Now that you have this cosmological background now start with Osiris and what he represents. In the story of the journey and return to the Nun, the Osiris is the portion of the soul the ancient Africans called the intermediate Ka that falls from heaven into the human body. The fall is not direct into the human body but I have to kind of edit the story here.

The ancient Egyptian idea of what constitutes a soul is much more detailed than what Christianity taught. In early Christianity they dumbed down the idea so much that the term soul loses any significance for what energetic aspect of you is being affected. For example, the higher Ka never descends into the body. It stays above as a look out and guide for the Osiris.

You can think of the body as an automaton or zombie mind and the shade or intermediate Ka animates it. The physical body is ruled by its lower Kas of emotion, our mind, physical, and psychological make up. When you are constantly stressed out dealing with illnesses then your lower Ka is in control.

The Osiris or intermediate Ka is trapped inside the physical body wants to awaken this physical expression of itself to the full knowledge of its higher Ka or higher self as we call it in modern times. But the zombie mind wants to believe that it is the primary aspect of its existence. An ongoing battle ensues between logical mind and intuitive spirit.

If you understand what I just said, Then you have the elemental foundation of the Jesus story and what it means conceptually. give me a nod yes and a hallelujah then I know you understand. If not, it will become clear as I unfold the story.

The Keys to unlocking the esoteric meaning

Now I need to give you a key to unlock the esoteric meaning Jesus story in the gospels.

What is lost for most that read the bible is that the point of view of the Characters is from the soul, not a human body. (secret meaning quote)

A key to understanding the bible is understanding Osiris is as a stage the cycle of the souls journey before returning back to the nun. Osiris is metaphorically the spark of light that’s implanted as a seed of divinity within mankind. Osiris as the soul or light is bound up within the body but genderless. The one leg means the soul is not male or female. He is buried and waiting to be resurrected so that he can connect with the wisdom of the father which is the higher Ka.

In the bible the words death, dying, and die are talking metaphorically about the soul. Jesus dying on the cross esoterically means the soul descending into the body.

Blind, asleep, and deaf are states of the ego and physical person. Lazarus was asleep

Light refers to the spark. But it can also refer to enlightenment which is wisdom. The sun can be exchanged for light. I am the light of the world can mean all of the above.

Osiris is an archetypal aspect that’s a part of every human being on the planet. Osiris is the soul within all mankind that is the seed buried in the womb of thy flesh with the potential to evolve into an enlightened being.

Next is Horus

The esoteric meaning of Horus a.k.a. Jesus

So Osiris is “buried” in this body. While buried in the body the soul is said to have “died.” Get it? Dead and buried. From the point of view of a soul earth is the underworld. The soul is in the heavens fully aware and comes down into the underworld and metaphorically dies. This is why Osiris is called the god of the underworld. He is the spark of divinity buried in mankind that its higher self hopes it can wake up. While in the in body the soul is in the valley of the shadow of death.

While in the underworld the zombie and it’s ego can take over and get caught up in what is happening in life.

This newly realized state of awareness is called Horus a.k.a. Jesus. Horus or Jesus heals the blind or awakens them. In that moment KRST is born or resurrected. Again, depending on the point of view. I was blind but now I see means you have become enlightened and aware. This is a key to unlock more scriptures and their esoteric meaning.

The glyph for Osiris is a clue to the idea of becoming a KRST. His glyph is an eye and a throne. The eye is a symbol for awareness, this should also connect what the eye of Horus is about. Horus is the new realized state of awakening or having your eyes opened. Or better yet, your third eye opened.

The ancient Egyptians symbolized the mental and psychological aspect within the unaware person as a stubborn donkey. The Osiris or intermediate Ka finds it difficult to control this stubborn donkey.  But his job is to guide this stubborn donkey along its path of awakening and becoming a fully realized and aware consciousness.

Remember the story in Mark chapter 11:1-11 and Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey to triumphant cheers from the crowd? Now that you have esoteric keys you can decipher the symbolic meaning that as a KRST he was in control of the lower Kas or ego.

This all is happening while the soul is in the valley of the shadow of death or the underworld of earth. That’s the esoteric meaning. But we are taught the exoteric idea has a historical event happening to a physical person. Historicizing this mythological teaching about a spirits desire to awaken us to our enlightened state strips it of its relevance the story could have even today.

Jesus and KRST are horus and Osiris as two different states of being. Jesus or Horus in the function of the revealer or awakener of the Osiris and savior of the seed of divinity within mankind. In ancient Egypt death came through ignorance. Not of the body but the second death for the soul that never becomes aware is lost.

Therefore, Horus or Jesus is the soul’s salvation when wisdom is gained. When enlightenment occurs you become a KRST. On one level, Horus a.k.a. Jesus is the archetypal function or act of a human being acquiring wisdom, not a historical person.

Breaking down the story and etymology of Lazarus, Mary, and Martha

Now let’s have a little fun and look at one of the miracles of Jesus and Lazarus through the decoded symbolism.

One of the names for Osiris before the Greek rename was Ausar. He was known as the Neb-Karast or Lord KRST.

The origin of the name Lazarus is a modification of the original title of AL- Ausar or the Lord. It was the Arabic prefix AL added to the name Ausar. As the name was translated through different languages the A was dropped and an s was added at the end to form the name Lazarus.

Lazarus had two sisters, Mary and Martha. Both names are a cognate of the Egyptian word M.R. or Meri. One meaning or the Egyptian name is beloved. But on a spiritual science level it means to magnetize or draw in. This is where the law of attraction ideas come from. Remember in the movie The Secret they alluded to the Greeks having the Secret centuries ago. Well guess where the Greeks got the secret from? Their African teachers of course.

Have you ever wondered way Jesus had so many Mary’s around him? It because in the Spiritual science the natural function of feminine neters were the environment that attracted certain seeds to produce experience.

The two sisters in the miracle of Lazarus were actuality the ancient Neters of Isis and Nephthys. Isis is symbolized with a throne on the top of her head and Nephthys is symbolized with a square and a right angle symbol within the square on the top her head. This is the symbol for a house in Egyptian hieroglyphs or mdu-netchr as the natives call it.

You will recognize these two as Egyptian feminine functions of based based on how they are introduced in Luke 10: 38 – 39. It is cleverly coded esoteric knowledge that is right under our nose. But unless you know the African connection you will miss the veiled symbolism.

So here is the introduction of Mary and Martha, I mean Isis and Nephthys.

38 As Jesus and his disciples were on their way, he came to a village where a woman named Martha opened her home to him. 39 She had a sister called Mary, who sat at the Lord’s feet listening to what he said.

In these two scriptures Martha or Nephtys opened her home to him and Mary sat at the lords feet. the hieroglyphic symbols of isis and Nephthys are cleverly disguised and referenced.

Of course once you know the keys the rest of the story reads like a play. But it is no more than the spiritual science being explained to those that would know the esoteric symbols of Osiris being awakened from the dead by Horus function of the revealer of wisdom and truth.

We have been taught that Jesus performed a miracle. In reality it is a story of what is possible with you. You have the seed or spark of god within you. On a deeper more expanded level it is about you assimilating your life experience to a point that you become energetically balanced.

In Buddhism it is called the middle way. It means not to be too extreme either way. In the Khemetic system it is practicing Ma’at, or being balanced.

The story of Lazarus is not a miracle for you to marvel at and worship. It is explaining an archetypal journey that we all must make if we are to rise consciously. We must awaken from our slumber.

The end, thank you for watching. Like, subscribe, and share.

What was the word of God before the bible? Kemetic Science vs Christianity

One of the questions I often get asked is did ancient Kemet have a bible or some sort of holy book? It’s usually asked by someone that is or was Christian. The unspoken implication in that question is that since Christianity had a book to tell you what to believe everybody including ancient Kemet had to have one as well. The assumption is having a book like a bible was the norm in antiquity like it is today.

But the question is asked from an understandably religious bias. If all you’ve known is religion you will think in religious ways about spirituality.

When you grow up Christian you make a few assumptions:

  • Christianity came straight out of the box fully formed with everything we’ve believe in modern times.
  • That everyone believes in something just like all Christians believe in Jesus.
  • That reading was something everyone has always done even in ancient times

These are biases that I must address for you before I can address the idea of a Word of God in ancient Kemet. I’m going to break it down the bible history and explain the ancient African view of the word of God so it will forever and consistently be broke.

Here is what you will learn in this video:

Why did Christianity need to form a bible?

What problem did creating a bible solve for The Church?

How did these Christian doctrines shape your way of thinking about how you move through life?

What did ancient Africans view as the word of God?

What does bible say?

What is the real word of God?


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Why did Christianity need to form a bible?

Understand at the time of the formation of Christianity in the 4th century there were literally thousands of manuscripts floating around claiming authority about spiritual matters. The Catholic Church was in a theological battle with Gnostics who did not believe in a corporealized Christ.

The religion you know as Christianity today developed over four hundred years. The concept of Christ Existed at least 10,000 years before Christianity in Africa as part of the temple of Ptah teachings.

Greek Gnostics had taken what amounts to a fringe aspect of the Egyptian mystery schools and created their own schools in Europe and Asia minor.

The Gnostics preachers or prophets as they were known back then, would teach on how to gain wisdom and enlightenment. Prophet originally meant speaker. Not someone that could see the future. It would be closer to your idea of a preacher today. So, when you see that word in the bible recognize what its meaning in its historical context, not how you have defined it today. For these prophets, men and women, Christ was a state of enlightenment not a person. It had been that way for thousands of years before Christianity invented a man today you call Jesus. Christ was never his surname.

These Gnostic preachers had followers that subscribed to their teachings. Many of them had certain “books” that they would preach from. The fact that Gnostics wrote this ancient knowledge down was a breakdown in the ancient African oral tradition. In the African Esoteric tradition the knowledge was forbidden to be written down.

These Gnostic preachers and books would teach ideas like Christ is within you. These preachers were more closely aligned with the ancient Kemetic idea of a Christ as an archetype of human expression as a soul. It was a title designating an enlightened individual.

For the Gnostics no one needed an intermediary like a priest or preacher to connect to god. They taught that you could go within and “talk” to God personally.

That became a threat for the hierarchy of The Catholic Church. They didn’t want people that felt they could talk to God themselves because that meant they couldn’t stand on the claim that Jesus passed his knowledge on to his disciples who then passed it on exclusively to the priests and bishops of the Church. The Church decreed that God did not talk directly to anyone after Jesus and his disciples.

They called it apostolic succession. In other words, Jesus gave the knowledge to the apostles, the apostles give the knowledge to the bishops and the ultimately pass it on to the people. A flesh and blood Jesus made them special because he bestowed knowledge on them and no one else. How convenient!

They had to find away that the words of Jesus could be passed on and everyone could be on the same page. Literally.

Because the Gnostics did subscribe to the Idea of a resurrected flesh and blood Christ, the Church denounced Gnostics and their teachings on an inner Christ as heretical. These same men learned their information from Gnostics for 300 years until the council of Nicaea in 325 CE. There was still no official bible then. That didn’t happen until approximately 40 years later.

So, that was the backdrop of the climate of the time that the bible was formed in. The bible is as much a political document as it is a supposed holy book. Arguments over theology shaped the bible from the beginning and the power of the Roman military shoved it down the throats of anyone that dared oppose the Church. Christianity developed over time. What we have today is not how it was in the beginning.

The oddest thing was that the Catholic Church pushed the development of the Bible to a population that was 90% illiterate. It was never meant for the masses to read, only to be heard and directed by the pope and the bishops.

What problem did creating a bible solve for the church?

So the problem The Church needed to solve was, how was an orthodox or “right thinking” Christian supposed to tell the difference between truth and hearsay or “wrong thinking” of the Gnostics? Now mind you, heresy is only a matter of perspective.

There were many different Christians sects in many different countries by the 4th century and they were not unified in their beliefs. The Catholic Church had to find a way that they could unify all the different Christians and let them know what orthodox or “right thinking” was. The new idea they came up with was that Christ incarnated on earth and gave his message to the apostles. There was no belief in a flesh and blood Jesus before the council of Nicaea.  Many at the Council of Nicaea that were wanting to stay true to the original teachings argued against a flesh and blood Jesus.

The idea of man dying and coming back to life was absurd to the Gnostics and anyone at that time who wanted to be true to the original teachings. Think about it? If someone told you that a man around the corner or over in another state died for three days and came back to life, what would you say to that? That’s what most people back then thought when The Church came up with the idea of the resurrection Jesus.

 The Catholic Church won the battle and got everyone to agree to apostolic succession and that Jesus was God and man 300 years after his supposed death and resurrection. No one could verify it, but most importantly they couldn’t deny it either. Try to imagine how you could verify something today from 300 years ago. It would be pretty difficult to do.

Years later they came up with the idea of putting the accepted books of the time into the first bible.  The bishop of Alexandria, Egypt, Athanasius circulated a list of the accepted books to be included in the “bible” in 367 CE. They became known as the Codex Sinaiticus.

I stress accepted because there were books like those, we call the apocrypha today. The Gnostics preached from them but didn’t have the right message for the Catholic Church and they were excluded from the bible. They excluded those books because they would give you too much information.

For example, there were books like the gospel of Thomas that had a different message taught by Jesus. The Gospel of Thomas talked about finding the light within. Thomas means twin. In the gospel of Thomas Jesus identified Thomas as his twin but also says that his light is part of everything we could see and experience in the Universe.

That is a very different message than the Church that Jesus was an exception to everything in the universe.

The Gospel of Phillip said rather than being called a Christian any person with inner Knowing or Gnosis should be called a Christ. Again, a different message than The Church. Many of the Books the Church did not allow in the bible had these types of messages about Jesus.  These messages were staying true to ancient African teachings that were thousands of years old. They also recognized that Jesus was never human. Both of the messages from these gospels and others subscribed to the idea that Christ is a state of a person becoming aware of their own personal issues or gaining enlightenment.

Unlike the Church that taught that Jesus was someone you needed to look to for your truth. Believe in him and you would be saved.

Whereas the ancient teachings were about you doing inner work to grow and expand, the Church basically said no inner work was needed, just accept Jesus and believe and salvation is yours. In the beginning it was salvation from ignorance. That message obviously changed over the centuries to being saved from hell, for The Church.

Because Christianity was claiming they had a new never before heard or seen revelation and ultimate truth believers had to appeal to authority to validate their claims. That authority became the bible.

In this way a Christian would effectively be despiritualized because your authority is outside of you. You don’t trust that inner call unless it lines up with what the bible or someone in authority says. Spiritual work is really about you developing your spiritual self-esteem and having the courage to follow your own heart and inner power.

As a soul your higher self is always in communication in many ways. But if you don’t know how to recognize the signs and trust them you cut yourself off from important and necessary information.

Spirituality is about your personal connection to the source of all. Not to an authority outside yourself.

How does the indoctrination Christianity shape your long-term thinking?

Christianity at its essence attacks your self-esteem and unless you examine these religious doctrines you will live with many of them because its all you know.

 It’s doctrine of original sin is anti-human. It implies an automatic guilt that forces individuals to find relief from that guilt by inventing imaginary devils and demons that blame can be placed on for undesirable behavior. You know, the devil made me do it!

In ancient Egyptian teachings ignorance was the path to wickedness. If you think about it Christian teachings were that Adam and Eve got kicked out of the garden of Eden for a sin. What was the sin? Eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. In other words, the ability to have knowledge and make choices about one side or the other is a sin. As Christianity is practiced ignorance is viewed as being spiritually elevated.

Think about it, In Christianity those that follow the doctrines with the least amount of questioning and obedience are the most faithful which implies the most spiritual. Obedience becomes more valued than individual self-expression. Blind belief and obedience creates individuals with poor self-esteem that plays out in so many of the isms within our society.

At the foundation of racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. is rigidity of beliefs that make people feel they are under attack within a society that is forever changing. Individual expression will forever be a threat to rigid rules and doctrines.

The early Christians fought against individualized spirituality taught buy the Gnostics. When I say individualized, I mean having the ability to learn and gain wisdom through your unique expression of the creator.

The Gnostic learned all of what they know from the ancient Egyptians. However, when they began to put the secret teachings in writing it was a breakdown in the oral traditions of Africans and the mystery schools. They set in motion the events that spawned the bible and the erroneous belief that it was the word of God and the ultimate authority in your life.

What did ancient African view as the word of God?

The original concept of the word of God has nothing to do with a book of any kind.

What we know as they Hieroglyphs through the Greeks were called the Mdu-Netchr. A direct literal translation would be words of nature. But to think of it literally would be a mistake. One has to understand how that ancient Africans metaphorically represented the idea of a word.

For the ancient Africans the essence of nature was what is termed today as energy and vibration. An idea that would be more descriptive than vibration is harmony. Everything in nature is created and evolves because of a harmonious congruence.

Harmony or vibration is expressed in nature through and through. Harmony is how nature is systematically formed and organized. When they spoke poetically of the word they metaphorically meant vibration or Harmony.

The original Kemetic language is no longer spoken in Egypt. But it was a language based on sound. The ancient Africans believed the essence of anything in the Universe was its vibrational complex. Through the modern science of Cymatics it has been proven that sound produces form.

The ancients new this as well. You can see this idea symbolized with the Egyptian Netchrs of Ptah and Osiris. They are both one legged as if wrapped all the way up to their chest, but both have their hands free. They both have something to do with the Ka as that which fixes spirit into place. They both are standing on what looks like a pedestal of some kind. It actually symbolized the idea of sound that forms vibrational structures. Their hand free means that they have the ability to create.

Ptah is creator on a universal level and Osiris is particularly on the earth level.

Point being the ancient knew sound was important. If one knew the vibrational essence of the name one possed its power.

You can see a connection to this idea in the Genesis 2:20 when it states, “And Adam gave names to all cattle, and to the foul of the air, and to every beast of the field…”

If you have been keeping up with my videos then you know Adam is a cognate of the Egyptian God or Netchr Atum. The Idea that God gave everything in nature a name or vibrational complex would make more sense than Adam doing it. But again, you see the Church hides ancient knowledge in plain site.

I grew up with the idea taught to me that there is power in the name of Jesus. Well that name didn’t exist until the 15th century but the Idea goes back thousands of years in Africa. Horus or Jesus was a healer, right? In other words, sound can be important to helping you heal. This idea goes into what I call next level Kemetic science 2.0. It goes beyond just learning into applying the knowledge in your everyday life. Like how you can use sound and thought to produce positive effects in your life?

Now Let’s examine the idea of sound or harmony to understand what the true word of God is beyond a book and how it relates to you.

What does the bible say?

In the gospel of John chapter 1:1 it states, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” Guess where this idea originated from? You guessed it, ancient Africa, specifically Egypt.

Christianity teaches that Jesus as the Word was the only representation of God on earth. The thing is as a historical reference to Jesus this is false. The Christian idea effectively obscures ancient truth in plain sight with its deceit. Here’s what I mean.

In ancient times the Word or Logos as the Greeks called it was a metaphor. It was a double entendre in that it has meanings on multiple levels. This idea was represented by the mythological Ra. I know we are told that Ra is a sun god. But that is not true. Ras essence is the foundation of creation.

Allow me to explain. In ancient Khemetic terms the Word became a metaphor for vibration. Remember, sound produces form. We even talk of a big bang as the start of creation in modern science.

 Think about it, what has to happen before a word can be uttered? Your vocal chords have to vibrate. In the ancient Book of coming forth by day or Book of the dead as it is commonly known, Mythological Ra states, I am Ra… I am the eternal… I am the Word… I Created the Word. That was at least 5,000 years before the gospel of John. That means Ra is the source of all of creation. That means that vibration or sound is a component of all of creation.

But how is Ra always connected to the sun or being a sun god? It’s because photons or electromagnetic light is another component of Ra. The word myth etymologically comes for the Egyptian word Muthoi, which one meaning is wise sayings. Wise sayings can be enlightening. Therefore, the Word can also be light or enlightenment.

The Sun shines and lights or illuminates the world for all mankind.

So the idea of the word of God should take on the ancient paradigm. That means that as a physical body you are a symphony of cells that have a frequency of light and sound to form your essence from spirit. Ra says I am the word. That means within you is the spirit of God. You are the human representation of Source as light and sound.

As a function of nature Horus a.k.a. Jesus became the newly enlightened soul through the Word. Ra is an aspect within Horus. But Horus specifically references the instant the enlightenment occurs. I’ll use a slice of bread as an analogy to explain how the ancients thought.

Ra as the word is like a slice of bread. That bread can be put in a toaster. Once the bread is done you call it toast. Toast is the new and specific state that the bread is in.

Ra is the bread and Horus is the new state of toast so to speak. At its essence toast is bread. But it is a changed state from bread. Ra is the word and Horus or Jesus is referencing the newly enlightened state of being. That is when you become a Krst.

As a Christ that word is your essence as a vibrational complex at a new higher level of consciousness.

The word is the essence of source

The word is light and sound. Now when I say you, I’m using the ancient African paradigm of the concept. That means you as a s-o-u-l which is a homonym of the latin word S-o-l or light on its journey back to the Nun.

You are the Word made flesh! John 1:14 states this same exact idea, but we were taught that this Word that became flesh was an exception called Jesus. In fact, it’s all of us that is the Word. It is anything that’s in the universe.

You are a vibrational being, made in the image of the source of all things!

Science says it, Ancient Khemet said it, and so does the bible. Christianity simply twisted everything to make carnal Jesus the great exception.

The idea that the entire universe has components of light and sound is not just woo woo, its confirmed scientific fact! In new age vernacular it is the idea of a hologram. If you break off a piece of a hologram the whole can still be seen in the piece. You are a piece or image of the whole.

What is the real word of God?

The ancient Africans didn’t have a book that was the Word of God. Through their oral traditions the word became the vibrational essence that represented God. That’s what the their writings called the mdu-netchr meant. They were the sounds of nature or sounds of God. They had an idea called the true word or Makheru. It meant to vibrate as the creator. When you see the term true word biblically they are speaking of you understanding the vibrational essence. This is Kemet science 2.0.


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The Africans taught that everything that begin from the source had the will to return to the source and merge with it. But the merging is not a physical one. It is the ability to vibrate on the same frequency as the source.

That means that as a soul; a being of light and sound you must assimilate experience and vibrationally reconcile those experiences to the point of being steady and balanced. That means you develop a knowing and attitude that the universe is a friendly place. That means you don’t walk in fear, or anger, or hate.

You simply love who you are and all the rest that represents the creator. When you reach this point, you will have raised your consciousness and your vibration. It is a constant process that you are working through in life. To many people think that being spiritual means that you shouldn’t have difficulties. That’s not true. You live in a universe based on duality. In other words, the opposites of light and dark exist as potential in any situation. As you begin to learn and grow you handle difficulties differently as you become enlightened.  You illuminate the darkness from within. That doesn’t mean something negative necessarily. Illuminate could mean you simply become aware of something.  (yin yang)

When you operate with this knowledge you are BEING the Word of God. You never needed to read a book for to find truth. Your truth is within you. That was the threat to Christian fathers. That you wouldn’t need to depend on them for your knowledge and wisdom.

A book cannot contain or access all knowledge within the Universe. The answers to your love life, your career, your finances can be found within you. You just must tap into that light within with confidence and certainty. Just like any book, the bible cannot be and never was the word of God. It’s a misapplication of Kemetic teachings. Depending on the exoteric interpretation of the bible keeps you in a low-level vibrational experience.

This next statement is metaphorically the tip and the iceberg. So, listen carefully.

You are the light of the world or Word of God made flesh! That’s Kemetic science level 2.0

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How to gain the courage to unlock your truth

As Christians, we were taught that the bible was the ultimate truth and the authority that we should defer to if we had questions and doubts. We were taught it has ALL the answers. It can be disconcerting once you set out on a spiritual path to trust yourself as the authority in your life.

But that’s what spirituality is about, learning to trust your inner being and divine connection for your truths.

The exact reason why the church invented the Bible was because they didn’t want people espousing something different from the accepted truth given by the pope, bishops, and later the protestant pastors and preachers.

If you are new to this spiritual journey, your truth is within you. Your unique experience is the most relevant experience in the universe. It is valid to stand alone from others.


Symbolism metaphor and religious beliefs

The ancient Egyptian/Khemetic ideas were communicated different ways on many different levels for different levels of understanding.

The word of God was never and has never been about a book. If you take the time to study the medu-netcher you will find that they don’t have static meanings and interpretations.

They are ideographs or ideas in pictures and words. The meme is expressing only one aspect of a multi-faceted multidimensional concept.