Khemetic Science: What’s the difference between being KRST-like and Jesus

Being KRST-like is an empowering state, but trying to be like Jesus is an impossible achievement. Knowing the difference will mean powerful personal transformation for 2019 or being stuck at your 2018 level.

As a Christian Jesus was the ultimate example that we all should aspire to be like. Jesus is seen as perfect in every way. He is man and God. From the Christian perspective, he could do no wrong. Ideally, from a Christian perspective, it’s a great move to continually strive to be like Jesus. However, in reality, psychologically it’s a battle that can never be won. Being like Jesus is a different goal than being KRST-like.

But the ancient Africans didn’t view Christ as a historical personage. First of all, Christ was a title, not a last name. It was a concept within the Khemetic principle of universal cycles that was part of being a soul having a human experience. They named this cycle Ausar.

Everything in the universe is part of this cycle the ancient Egyptians named Ausar.

KRST, Christos, Christ is originally the idea about change and transformation. As part of the cycle, being KRST-like became a metaphor that was about the potential of us all to transform on many levels of our life, be it personal, relationships, mentally, physically, etc.

The concept is empowering because it’s not about being like some ideal but being authentically you and transforming into the highest vision of yourself.

It takes enormous courage to go inside, be introspective and extract the parts of you that may not be to your liking and examine them. When you do go inside and become the agent of your own personal transformation, you are then utilizing a spiritual tool that became part of the concept of KRST.

Let me give you a practical working example of how the concept of being KRST-like was used as a tool of spiritual science and personal transformation.


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A little historical perspective for clarity

In Christianity, the Catholic church invented the idea that Jesus was a corporeal being that died and resurrected in the same body. Even back then the idea of a man dying and coming back to life, in the same body, was an absurd concept.  Christian fathers taught that because it was absurd is even more reason why it should be believed on faith.

Jesus invented for political reasons
The politics of Jesus (click cover to purchase book)

The quote above, in italics, is from the Early Christian father Irenaeus. He was stating that the authority of the Church is tied to the succession of the teachings from Jesus to the apostles. Only those apostles know the truth. In reality, it is a complete falsehood.

On top of the idea of believing on faith, this edict was made over 300 years AFTER the supposed death of Jesus. That meant no one could verify the idea and most importantly, no one could deny it either. This was the point that Christianity finally separated from its root religion of Gnosticism.

No one would ever experience Jesus in person again
Catholic Church banked on the idea that no one would ever experience Jesus again in person? YES!

The Gnostics argued against the idea of corporifying Jesus because it was not true to the spiritual system of their African teachers. In ancient African spirituality, the idea of KRST was really a metaphor about renewal within a natural cycle. Any Cycle.

There was a trinity in this African cycle that included Ausar, Auset, and Heru; the masculine, feminine, and child. The Greeks named them Osiris, Isis, and Horus. By any name, we would call them cycles within Nature in modern times. As a matter of fact, the word nature is derived from the African word used to describe this cycle and other elements and components of the universe, which is their word NTR. On a simplified level, NTR simply means nature.

My point with the history lesson is to show you that what we have held sacred and worshiped has been done so out of ignorance. I don’t mean that as an insult to believers. Ignorance simply means not knowing.

Because the ancient Africans viewed the soul as the “real” and eternal you, death was not an end. It was only a transition for one state to the next. in other words, just like all aspects of nature had a cycle, so do you as a soul having a human experience.

The body was a temporary home for the soul (click cover to purchase book)

That was the Africans worldview. Nothing died and vanished. Just like all things in the universe, you are energy that can never be destroyed. It can only change forms. So do you as a part of nature. As a tool for control, Christianity taught that you could burn in hell for eternity. That’s a bunch of crap. Modern science says you are energy and so did the ancient Africans.

How does a non-physical aspect of nature “burn?” What burns? You don’t have a body! With this simple analysis, hell is absurd!

Practical application of being KRST-like

Let get into the practical application of this knowledge. The reason many of my videos and articles are so long is that I don’t want to give you quick unsubstantiated information that leaves you hanging with no understanding of how to use it. I want you to be able to use this in your life. It’s not just a series of interesting facts.

My courses here at Khemetic Centered Living are about deep learning and practical application. The best teacher is experience, and the best teachers gain wisdom from their experience and share it to help others.

At the time of this writing, we are coming to the end of one year and entering into a new year. What this means for you is that the end of this year will be a “death” of sorts. Not a physical death, but metaphorical death just as the concept of KRST meant to be understood originally.

All of a sudden you have an epiphany.  You realize the way you have thought about yourself was the reason you didn’t accept and affirm who you were.

One of the things women deal with universally is that you are not enough. That you are not pretty enough or that men want women with long straight hair past the shoulders. The fact that so many women live relative to what men think will be a KRST moment for millions of women that begin to live life on your terms instead of trying to live to the self-serving standards of men.

The old her died here at the same time the new her was reborn

I think a great movie that shows a woman going through her KRST-like awakening was the Netflix movie Nappily ever after. The scene where the character played by Sanaa Lathan cut off all of her hair was the death of the woman that lived by European beauty standards. She was being dictated too, by others who she should be. She was reborn and with the help of her friends she affirmed her new short natural hair as beautiful!

As with the scene in the movie and for the ancient Africans, death and new life were two sides of the same coin. This was recognized biblically with the scripture, John 10:30, “I and the father are one.”

  1. Ausar was the KRST as a principle of the cycle of change.
  2. Heru/Iusa (pronounced yay-oo-sah) is the principle of the seed birthed or renewed and revealing the potential that was latent in the death of the old. The “son of the father” also symbolized the ability of a phenomenon to perpetuate itself
  3. The new you revealed the potential latent (existing but not yet manifest; hidden) aspect. The new you now revealed what was latent with the seed. What is revealed becomes the “face of the father” or manifests what was at first only potential.

In the movie, without the breakup of her relationship (Another metaphorical death) Sanaa would not have been moved to being reborn or resurrect her new mentality. Through the death of the old attitude came a new being and new life.  It was a transformation from within.

How often are our struggles (the seed; the father) disguised as springboards to something new and better? When you begin to live from that perspective then you can apply the true concept of living KRST rather than waiting on Jesus hoping “He” will do the work for you.

This is the metaphysical or spiritual science of ancient Africa that came to be ignorantly worshiped as Jesus. The new you in the abstract sense is the son or the Christian Jesus that was made a historical person as the ideal we were all to be like.

In the science the son as part of a trinity of masculine, feminine, and child, is the ability to keep being renewed and keep growing through tough times. That’s the science! Worshipping Jesus has made the tool and transformational process useless to believers because they are waiting for someone to come back and save them. That’s the superstition.

Please understand I don’t mean that last statement as an attack. I am stating a fact that is borne out in the lives of the African diaspora worldwide. Too many of us live in poverty and victimized by fear and hopelessness waiting on the saviour. Never realizing that you were born with the power to save yourself.

The Bible confirms your own power by stating is Psalms 82:6, “you are gods, you are all sons of the most high.” And because we know now that the bible is an exercise in patriarchal mentality sisters understand that this means that you are goddesses and daughters of the most high as well. You are half of the whole.

Being KRST-like in the new year

In order to exercise your own KRST power moving forward, you must tap into the divine feminine aspect and go within. Fellas that means you too! If you have been taught to believe the divine feminine is about being female you have been taught wrong. The divine feminine is a functional aspect of the spiritual science, not literal.

For the new year, choose to leave what does not serve you behind and be reborn or resurrected. That is the example of the African KRST principle working in your life. It can be a new day, and a new month, or a new year that is bringing change and transformation. As a scientific concept, KRST is an aspect of you EVERY SINGLE DAY! Not someone to worship only on Sunday.

It baffles Christians when I tell them that I don’t believe in Jesus, but KRST is a part of my life every single day. That’s because each day has the seed of opportunity for my transformation and evolution into the highest vision of myself. I cultivate that seed daily in the womb of the feminine, which is the thoughts and visions of my mind within me. Yaaas brothers and sisters, you can as well, now that you have a better understanding of the science.

What I hope is that you recognize there is a difference between Jesus and KRST. Jesus is a misinformed, misapplication of ancient African Spiritual science. Again, I don’t mean that as an attack or disrespect. It’s a fact and because of the state of so many within the African diaspora worldwide, it has borne fruit. It’s also a painful truth that only you in your god/goddess power can save you.

It’s not trying to be like anyone or anything. That would be a prescription for personal disaster. Whether you are man or woman the potential of KRST (Christ) is always a part of you. This is where, as a Christian, you don’t have to give up everything that you learned. Just recognize that the science applies to you and not just Jesus, or you trying to be like Jesus.

You are an example of KRST every day that you are on this earth! It’s impossible not to be because you are NTR in its most advanced state.

May KRST operate positively and empowering you every day.

Stop trying to be like Jesus. IT DOES NOT WORK! Empower yourself by embracing being KRST-like.

Being KRST-like is a natural aspect of you as a soul having a human experience. Jesus is a fabrication of power-hungry men and will not save you. However, being KRST-like will definitely empower you to new heights in the coming year!

Share this with a Christian that is open and seeking. For those that are a part of the tribe at Khemetic Centered Living please don’t be an agent of division by attacking others, calling them names, and berating them because they don’t know what you know. At Khemeitic Centered Living You gain the knowledge that Christians need in order to “hear” you. When you have a good foundation of knowledge you can teach them and share this in love and compassion.



Namaste (the divine in me, recognizes the divine in you)

Reginald Khu-Ahkaru


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