Symbolism metaphor and religious beliefs

The ancient Egyptian/Khemetic ideas were communicated different ways on many different levels for different levels of understanding.

The word of God was never and has never been about a book. If you take the time to study the medu-netcher you will find that they don’t have static meanings and interpretations.

They are ideographs or ideas in pictures and words. The meme is expressing only one aspect of a multi-faceted multidimensional concept.


The origin of many spiritual concepts is from numerology

The ancient Africans were masters at expressing profound ideas through symbolism.

Below is how they used different symbols to express an idea in different ways. The foundation of these symbols is numbers. For the ancient Africans, “all is number” a term you may have heard expressed by their Greek students of the ancient mystery schools.

The ancient pyramids symbolize on one level unity (1), duality (2), trinity (3 each side is a triangle) , foundation of life (4 the double reaction or cross) the foundation of the pyramid is a square, and the ability to perpetuate life, (5 the pyramid rises up like a phallus to penetrate and seed the building block and nurturer of creation; spirit or mother to produce the created or child).

The cross is simply another way to represent those same numbers on one level.

Mankind, represented by the child/son/iusa/Jesus pinned to the cross is the perpetuating seed of the universe. These numbers and symbols are a symbolic “shorthand” for the formula to create reality.

You god/goddess are the seed that sprang from the union of spirit and desire. You are not a finished product. You are the potential of all that can exist. You are on a journey or path back to unity.

The pyramid and the cross are the same idea represented two different ways. Don’t believe me?

Draw a cross like a plus (+) sign and imagine picking it up from the middle to stand on its four points. It will be shaped like a pyramid.

Jesus didn’t die on the cross. KRST was born on the cross. That KRST is you and all of creation.

I don’t believe in Jesus but KRST is an aspect of my life every day. It is spiritual science to use, not worship.


Khemetic spiritual resurrection [video]

What you will learn in this presentation:

  • What the resurrection meant as spiritual science before Christianity
  • The actual meaning of the word’s death, dying, and to die in the bible
  • The vibrationally positive ancient African spiritual science idea of gaining your salvation
  • You will move from elementary school belief in Jesus to how to apply the advance spiritual science meaning of Christ in your everyday life

If you were ever a “believer” this screencast will elevate your spirit and help you evolve to a higher level of consciousness.

It will help you understand the idea of Christ and the resurrection at a more elevated level than Christianity. It will also make the idea something practical in everyday life that can bring peace and healing to your mind body and spirit.

If you are questioning your Christian beliefs this will be a major help to you. I recognize the fear that I felt when I first began to question Christianity is something that may be a part of your psyche as well. It’s normal.

I want you to know that I will not ever shatter your belief system and leave you wondering what to do next. I believe people who do that are self-centered, lack compassion, and do not understand what it does to the human mind when it cannot reconcile conflicts.

This video may challenge you on a lot of levels, but I promise you will be empowered and uplifted. It is only the beginning. But it is an amazing foundation for you to begging your journey from the dogma to more uplifting and mentally freeing spiritual beliefs.


Spiritual esteem is a must to explore within


The universe is waiting for you to have the courage to explore it from within. You must develop spiritual esteem or you will look for confirmation and validation from outside yourself when your subjective inner experiences are like no others.

Those who don’t trust and value themselves will dismiss that unique experience as crazy. Therefore the universe is robbed of wisdom that its only avenue will come through you. Religious doctrines and dogma rob you of your individuality by insisting that every inner experience has something to do with Jesus or can only happen because you are connected to the religion of Christianity.

But this is not true. It could be ancestors speaking to you, your higher self, or other consciousness. Subjective experience is just that, subjective. That means that it can be unique to only you. For a person, without high spiritual esteem, an experience that does not fit in with everyone else’s negates their experience. They don’t want to seem out of place or weird. 

I think this is especially true for a person with low self-esteem. A person with low self-esteem needs the validation of other people. They look for ways to belong, to fit in. Now I understand that we are all social creatures. But when you are willing to give up something unique about yourself to fit in then that is a travesty.

If fear of other possibilities is part of your consciousness you block all other ideas that may only come through you. You have to learn to trust yourself. Trust that you are unique and okay if something within you is different from others. 

You may be the only conduit for knowledge and wisdom that the world needs. Don’t deprive us of your unique self by living in a cage of conformity and sameness.

Bring that spiritual esteem out and in the open. Trust it and live your authentic self.


Adam and Eve and the divine feminine

Eve should have been a heroine. As a literalized person from Christianity, she became a symbol of disdain. This should have never been. As ancient mythology, she becomes a powerful aspect of the consciousness of humanity.

Symbolism is a major aspect of ancient wisdom teachings. The story of Adam and Eve is a mythological story that has a much deeper and positive meaning for women and humanity when understood from the ancient symbolic paradigm.

There are two creation stories in the bible. The 2nd chapter Adam and Eve 2:4 to 3:24 written about the 10th century BCE.

In the first chapter God created the light 1:1 to 2:3 written around 6th century BCE, this is the younger of the two creation stories.

From the ancient symbolic paradigm, Adam represented the outward physicalized consciousness of mankind. When Adam fell asleep in the story it symbolized a state of consciousness in which the person was unaware. We express this idea the same way today. A person that is aware is “woke.”

Eve was Adams’s helpmeet. In the story, she came from within Adam. Originally she symbolized the archetype of the divine feminine aspect of mankind. In other words, she represents the archetype of the aspect of consciousness within humankind we must turn to for gaining wisdom. Remember because of her Adam became “aware” like the gods.

Because a person that exercised this knowledge and wisdom becomes a threat to the establishment of religion the story was used twofold by Christianity:

1. To subjugate women to men
2. Made gaining inner knowledge and wisdom sinful.

The divine feminine is not female. A woman is used anthropomorphically to represent a “womb-like” state of mind within humankind that can “birth” creativity and wisdom. The Greeks named this state Sophia (wisdom). The ancient Africans called it Ma’at (consciousness). Both represented symbolically as feminine goddesses.

The helpmeet is not literal. Women are not to be subjugated to men. Men must turn to the feminine aspect of consciousness that is within them as well. She is what brings us knowledge and wisdom.

If you dig a little deeper you will find that other symbols in the story have a positive meaning. The serpent for example in ancient Egypt was tied to wisdom. Christianity flipped the meanings to serve the catholic church.

The truth is so much more powerful than the lie.


Experience is real even if the history is not

Allow me to make this clear, there was never a Jesus that is written about in the bible. However, I do understand that as a Christian I had an inner subjective experience that I had to quantify and name Jesus because that’s what I was taught to do by the church. That was my level of understanding.

As I have grown in knowledge, understanding, and compassion for those that “believe” I recognize that when they say and believe Jesus is real they are expressing a very real subjective inner experience. While I don’t believe in historical Jesus, I don’t discount their experiences.

We argue about the history so much that we really don’t recognize the true experience is within us. Think about it! Every Christian that proclaims Jesus is real doesn’t think they are touching or experiencing a flesh and blood individual. What they are talking about is their inner experience.

The foundation of Christian thought is that belief in the “real” person and events told as history is what yields spiritual nourishment to the soul. But this is just not true. Millions have beautiful spiritual experiences that have never believed in Jesus.

Their Christian faith has taught them that the experience they feel is unique to Christianity. That only because of their faith that Jesus lived and died for their sins is because they even have the experience.

What they are not aware of is the experience is not unique to humanity. It is part of a soul in human form having the experience. We ALL have inner experiences. They are “real” experiences.

This becomes my level of compassion for those that “believe.” those of us that know the facts can be ignorant of why believers believe and their very “real” experience they have been taught and told to equate with Jesus.

Us “conscious” folk must grow and evolve as well to be more compassionate. We can know that Jesus is not “real.” But we should not discount what a Christian “feels.” Our inner experiences are very real and our bodies cannot tell the difference. Science has proven that if a sprinter imagines running a hundred meeter dash in their mind that the muscles will fire off in their body just has if they were running on the track! Do you understand how powerful that is? Your mind has power over your body!

When the time is ready we can let them know that Jesus and KRST are different. KRST, for thousands of years, has been about an inner archetypal experience. We can acknowledge the experience even if we don’t acknowledge historical Jesus. When we can do that we elevate ourselves consciously.

That’s also an elevated way to engage with Christians rather than being confrontational. What good does it do to destroy someone else’s faith when they are not ready to take that step? What does it say about the person doing the destroying?

Even if you are just now stepping away from Christianity it is good to recognize what is spiritual and what is religious. You are born spiritual and taught religion. As a soul having a human experience you are always connected to the Source. You cannot ever be disconnected, no matter what religion taught you.