Ptah and the origin of the fall into matter

Ptah is the active and causal principle of fire who is held captive in matter through his “fall” into space, time, and matter. This is where the idea of the biblical fall of man originated. Ptah “opened out earth and time.”

The creative trinity is expressing an alchemical concept of their needing to be three aspects to create any phenomenon. Atum opened the Nun and was the first elements of the perceptible Universe. Atum itself is a trinity. Ra as the opener of the substance that the universe is created from and Ptah is the opener of space, time, and matter or the physical earth.

Of course underneath all of this is the Neter of Neters called Amen but the ancients say we have no idea what its components are as they are incomprehensible to the human mind. We can only know Amen because of the effects. Meaning we can see and experience so there had to be something that underlies all of what we experience.

Again, what we know as names were letters of concepts in the original khemetic language expressing functions of nature.

Ptah, as the physical expression of creation, is the effect of the creative action started by Atums fire or desire. Atum is the source of the idea of the Fall from absolute unity. Biblical Adam is a cognate or derived from the word Atum.

Ptah is continuous creation because anything that materializes or comes into being in the perceptible universe has to first have the desire to exist. This is where the ideas of law of attraction states there must first be desire as the most important step to manifest anything. It is alchemy 101.

Ptah is analogous, to the trunk of a tree that splits in two by his fall into corporeality. In other words, duality occurs to create the perceptible Universe. Many branches spring from the two halves but each keeps the character of the half it derives from. The first branch produces neters of cause and activity (masculine) and the second branch produces Neters of form or the containers for the active seed, which is the feminine aspect.

This is why Ptah is symbolized with one leg. It is androgynous. Going back to the gender principle, Ptah had qualities of masculine and feminine or active and passive. 

As the branches descend further towards the materializing they may intertwine and cross but the qualities of Ptah and the ternary of creative neters are always aspects of anything created or it couldn’t exist. It would be like have two branches of desserts, like cakes and pies. They are both different but flour is needed as an ingredient in both to be made.


When imprisoned in the lowest depths of the matter in which he “works” his active heat is the hidden force in the generation of any physical expression. Just another way of saying desire is the first step of any creation or manifestation. Nothing happens without desire that is Ptah first.


Atum as the first impetus to exist was the initial fire for the perceptible universe. That seed of desire had to have the nourishment of Ra as the holy spirit. As stated in an earlier unit, the seed nourished in the spirit or metaphorical soil became the fruit or ability to perpetuate itself.

Ptah and the fire (desire) to create all potential forms. when you desire to create a beautiful cake, or build a huge house, develop a beautiful yard around that house, or start a business, then the passion and desire of Ptah is what’s working through you. it’s the passion to make, build, or create anything. That is the universal principle. Ptah is known as the “master craftsman.”

On an individual level, your Ka as an aspect of Ptah, is the desire to manifest a physical body. Our cells and organs have Kas as well. It’s the principle of as above so below. Again, in order for anything to manifest anything in the physical the fire of the Ka is its source with the Ba as the spirit aspect that will animate or bring it to life.

Ba and Ka are inseparable components in creation.

The passion that is the Ka becomes the force that attracts the Ba and acts as the container for the Ba that animates the perceptible universe and the individual Khat or body.

Ptah’s desire and passion as a force that is the Ka is known as the Father of fathers of the Neters. Without the passion and desire nothing would ever come into existence. Horus is the “face” of the Father; the ever-coming son that is the result of the seed being planted so to speak in spirit. It is what comes out of the seed.

You will see this fire represented in sexual ways. The phallus or obelisk. The virility of a bull representative of the desire and fire. Those symbols should give you insight into other Neters.

Notice how the same principle changes names depending on if it is more universal or individual. Coming through the dimeson of the Dwat the desire to create reality is represented by Osiris. Notice his one leg as well. These similarities in symbolizing the neters should always be seen a a clue and part of the framework to help you understand intuitively information about the neters. They become functional equivelents no matter what world they operate within.


Coming down to earth the principle of perpetuation that was Iu at the universal level becomes Horus at the individual level.

Horus as an aspect of light became known as Lucifer. Only readers of the King James version of the bible see Lucifer as connected to something evil. Before then Lucifer as light was connected to the morning star, which was actually the planet Venus.


In ancient Kemet the fall is about how spirit falls into matter/nature, not the sin of man as it became through the Gnostics and then inherited by Christianity.

What force holds the spirit in matter? In Kemet the neter Seth means opposition. This force of opposition holds spirit in flesh. The desire to exist becomes the trap of spirit in flesh.


When you begin to unravel the ancient Egyptian Neters, you can’t help but expose the origins of Christianity and understand where it came off the tracks of a spirituality that uplifted mankind to one that beats individuals into a fearful submission to illogical and irrational faith in misinformation.


Revealing the divinve Ka in the triad of the human soul and gaining superhuman powers

Table of Contents

Are you saved?
The basics of the divine Ka explained
Origin of “the Father”
Biblical symbolic connections to the Ka

Your Christian friends probably think you’re crazy, right? How could you start questioning the Bible and Christian teachings?

Have you failed miserably, by Christian standards, to follow the rules and doctrines that are humanly impossible to adhere to? Have you judged yourself in a way that causes you to see yourself as broken and damaged because you couldn’t live up to those standards?

In this article, you will get a basic primer on the false Christian idea of the soul that will give you clarity on why you want to learn and follow this concept minus the dogma and judgment.

Most people follow Christian teachings with the idea that the reward is to unite with the “Father in heaven” while many others just see the teachings as a bunch of rules that keep everyone in check.

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The idea of uniting with the father has some spiritual truth to it. It is based in ancient spiritual science, not superstition that has no foundation of knowledge accept to simply believe on faith.

One of the aspects of early Christianity you must understand that’s not well known is that Christianity was built on the idea that ignorance produced a much better follower of Jesus.

Book cover Gnostic and Historic Christianity
Best believers are those most ignorant

In other words, the less you knew the easier it was to accept the ideas of faith and not question or analyze them. The idea of the soul was one that Christian father deliberately dumbed down for its followers.

Are you saved?

That’s a question that you hear being asked by Christians often. It is based in fear and indoctrination. Basically asking are you saved from hell? That’s the fear part that so many of us as Christian would cling too. That when we accept Jesus we are saved from hell. But originally it didn’t mean that? Salvation was about the ability to reincarnate.

As a Christian, I was taught that we have a body and a soul. One is physical and the other non-physical and eternal. It was a concept reduced to a very vague idea, called a soul, that in fact is very intricate and detailed. Much more than I can go into this short article. But I can give you the basics that you may want to research further.

The idea of your relationship to the soul may need to be broadened. Here’s what I mean. As Christians, we are taught that you have a soul that needs to be saved.

But in reality, know that you ARE a soul. It is not something separate from you. it’s not something you become when you die. Your soul is as natural as the body and your body as spiritual as the soul. They are an intricate unity of mind, body, and spirit that we talk about as separate aspects but really are not. They are so intertwined that in the science of spirit they cannot be separated.

Christianity really did a number on us to incorporate fear and control within its doctrines. Their idea of salvation is completely different from the ancient Egyptians. Christians fathers wiped out the idea of reincarnation and replaced it with ideas like dying and going to heaven or hell. Salvation was the soul being saved from burning for eternity in hell. Did you know that Christianity is the only religious system that has an idea of a soul that can be tormented in an eternal hell?

For the ancient Egyptian reincarnation was a reality. For them, salvation was the ability to be reincarnated to live another life. If you didn’t gain wisdom and unite with your higher Ka you could no longer exist as an individualized unity of Ba And Ka (more on that later) but there was no eternal hell. The inability to unite the Ba and Ka was called the second death. You would simply no longer exist as an individualized unit. Since you are alive and reading this, YOU ARE SAVED!

Book cover Egyptian book of the dead massey
You are saved now!



The ancient Egyptians talked about separate parts but knew that the soul is a symphony of vibration and frequencies. Trying to separate the soul from constituent elements is like trying to separate sounds in a musical piece. You can talk about the different instruments that are included in the music and even how they come together to produce the music that we hear. But there is no way we can separate and dissect the actual music that is produced from all the different instruments.

Like a music piece, you can know the instruments that produced it, but aspects of the Ba and Ka can only be known through their effects.

What I am about to express here is the tip of the iceberg in this spiritual science. The ancient Egyptians broke down the constituent elements of the soul to the most minute detail. It is based on many thousands of years of spiritual science.

According to the ancient Egyptians, there are three main constituent elements of a human being.  The Ba, The Ka, and physical body (more on this later). These elements can be broken down further into seven parts. What this article will focus on are the three aspects that are connected to the teachings of Christianity and distorted by using the vague term soul.

Book cover opening of the way

Most spiritual systems break down the parts of the human being to contain the physical elements and the non-physical or metaphysical elements. They use different names but are conceptually the same.

The Christian religion dumbed down their teachings of the soul. They went from the original teachings of a triad to simply the soul and body. But this idea of the soul is too vague to really aid you in developing and recognizing your “God-self” which the aim of the original teachings.

Why should you invest the time is understanding the true teachings about the soul?

Because there are those of us that seek an uncommon depth in understanding to ferret out the truth. The goal of many spiritual systems is to unite the constituent elements of the human soul and the body. When it is accomplished you are able to live a life with “superhuman powers.”

Book cover Stolen Legacy
The Egyptian priests were viewed as superhuman in the ancient world

You are able to develop what the Bible calls the seven gifts of the holy spirit when you unite the spiritual triad. But as Christians, you are taught that many of these gifts are evil or satanic.

As stated before Christianity oversimplified this idea into only two parts the soul and the body.

In order to understand the Egyptian concept of the soul, you are going to have to do two things most likely different than you have before.

  1. You will have to trust your intuition (this is practicing maat, accessing wisdom from within)
  2. You will have to think as the ancient Khemetians/Egyptians their cosmology
Book cover Egyptian Miracle
The real you is not the physical body

For the ancient Egyptians, the real you is the entity that animates the physical body. What we as Christians and other traditions call the soul, is a vague application of a powerful concept.  The Kemetic belief of the soul as the “real” you, when speaking about anything to do with spiritual matters, is their orientation and not the physical body. This entity is eternal. It creates that physical body that is simply a transitory expression of the eternal aspect of the true self.

This is all very abstract, but what I will do is break it down as the ancient Egyptians did.

The basics of the divine Ka explained

The ancient Egyptians had a much more expressive idea of what we call the soul today. I will use their terminology and define it with our modern terms. I will go through the mythology to express the same exact ideas in another way to hopefully give you a better understanding. The whole time you are reading this if you get a flash of intuitive inspiration flow with it. That is your inner wisdom coming through to help you experience the idea, not simply understand it intellectually.

The ancients had three levels of consciousness or triad to produce a form, be it human or a tree or an atom.  Any physicalized form must contain these components. one is the Divine Ka, two is the lower Ka, and three is physical matter, in our case we will be talking about the physical body.

The divine Ka actually has two elements within it. The breath of life or the Ba must be present to animate (bring it into being) anything in the physical universe. The aspect of the Ba is incomprehensible by the human mind. The Ba is the universal spiritualized aspect that couples with the divine Ka to create an individualized expression of The All(God).

The divine Ka is what allows the Ba to situate, localize, or fix itself in the

Divine Ka as the container
The Divine Ka holds the Divine Ba in place

physical. The divine Ka is the container, so to speak, for an otherwise universal aspect to individualize. In other words like water in a glass, the Ba needs a container to have any form. These two aspects together are the spark of God within each of us and all things in the universe.

The angel on my shoulder origin

The divine Ka/Ba then creates that third or trinitarian aspect that is the source of the human body called the lower Ka. The lower Ka is the personality that is born in flesh. It is the aspect that can be affected by the human emotions. It is the aspect that gives intuitive impulses to you in the physical.

It is also tethered to the experiences of being human. It likes the drama of it all.

We call this lower Ka aspect our astral (energetic) body. The ancient Egyptians called it “the shade.” Just like the divine Ka, It is situated outside of space and time.

To understand how the divine Ka and the lower ka work with our physical mind is the analogy of the good angel (divine Ka) and the Devil (lower Ka)

Homer Simpson
When enlightened you connect to the Father (divine Ka)

sitting on each shoulder. The idea of a devil on one shoulder should let you know the analogy is a Gnostic/Christian one. 🙂

But you can think of the divine Ka and the lower Ka as analogous to one being in the valley and can only see what is in the immediate vicinity. The divine Ka is high on a mountain and can see things long before the lower Ka and the physical mind encounter them. “the father knows what you need before you ask.”

The lower Ka can get blinded by what’s in front of it so to speak. It can get caught up in “the world.”  That’s why it is the devil. It can be moved by your emotions and physical experience. It can become egotistical because it wants to be the prime mover in your experience. But when enlightened it can call on the divine Ka (the Father) for aid in navigating through the valley. “Ye though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil, for thou art with me…”

The Divine Ka is above the physical emotions and experience. It is the direct connection to the universal One. It cannot be affected by your physical experiences. That’s why it is the angel. The Divine Ka is not egotistical. Uniting with it will bring a peace and calm in your life that you have never known.

One thing that will happen when uniting with the Divine Ka is you will become more intuitive. It will give you knowledge and wisdom that bypasses the brain. You will just get “a knowing” that will “download” to you in an instant.  However, it may take you 20 minutes to explain what it all means. Connecting with the Divine Ka is like building a muscle, the more you use it the stronger the connection becomes.

The “force” of the divine Ka is intertwined within all of creation. Therefore it can have many levels and its different names depending on the level.

The ancient Egyptians expressed this same idea in myth as well; Ptah on the universal level, Ausar/Osiris for the physical human level.

The story of the immaculate conception is telling you the science behind the creation of a human soul. Auset(Isis) turns herself into a bird, hovers over the mummy (lifeless matter), flaps her wings so vigorously (the air from the wings represent the breath of life or Ba) that Ausar becomes erect (the divine Ka) ejaculates and Heru is born. From death comes life. In the Bible, this concept was stated as “I and the father are one.” In other words, the divine Ka and the lower Ka are one.

Origin of “the Father”

Jesus and Heru
The letter /j/ is an embellishment of the letter /i/ no letter /j/ until the 1600’s

The divine Ka is called the father of the fathers of Neters. The Son has “the face” of the father. Meaning that the only way you can know of the Divine Ka is from what it produces. The son is representative of the part of the cycle to reproduce or perpetuate itself. A way the ancients expressed the idea of the ever-coming son as Iu the Sa (Iusa = yay-oosah). The Greek Gnostics called it Iuseous.  The Hebrews called it Yeshua. Later that same idea was erroneously historicized and called Jesus.

The idea of the Khemetic science was to give you a science of being and becoming or evolving. Through your personal Journey, you are to learn to unite with the “father” who is in heaven (a place not of this earth, please see Luke 17:20-21).

This means when you become enlightened (uniting your lower Ka and Divine Ka) you will gain what the ancients thought were “superhuman” abilities. We might call them psychic abilities in modern times. They were aware of these ideas back then. The Bible calls them the seven gifts of the spirit (1 Corinthians 12:8-10).

Dvine Ka and psychic abilities
Superhuman abilities when connecting to the divine Ka

When you are able to connect you can then open yourself to spiritual experiences that are literally out of this world. You are no longer bound by the human body and the logical brain. You gain the powers of ESP, self-healing, telekinesis, wisdom, the ability to tap into future events in your life and many others.

Many of us already have these gifts but have been afraid to express them and use them. As Christians, we got boxed into thinking only Jesus could do these things. Or if you were connected to fearful circles, as stated before, those gifts were from Satan.

In actuality, they are natural aspects of our human experience. They are abilities connected to the universe that anyone can tap into. Some of us are more gifted in certain areas than others. Like having the ability to run fast. Some people have psychic abilities equivalent to a  gifted Olympian like Usain Bolt. We can all run, just not like an Olympian.

We all have the gifts, just maybe not as gifted in some areas as others. and that’s ok. Just work with who you uniquely are.

The point to understand here is that they are not some religious idea that only one Godman had. They are a part of your human expression.

Biblical symbolic connections to the Ka

The lower Ka can get caught in an egotistical net. Symbolically speaking you can be as stubborn as an ass/mule when the ego is involved. Hmmm, didn’t Jesus ride in on an ass in a bible story? It’s a symbolic reference to the ego being in control.

The lower Ka can get caught in the net (ancient Egyptians viewed the body as a net the soul is captured in)  of the reincarnation cycle because it can never rise above the tendencies of the ego and physical mind. Hmmm, “follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” In other words, help them rise above their ego!

Jesus Fishers of men
A net is an ancient Egyptian symbol of the body in relation to the soul

Are you getting the deeper symbolic ideas being expressed in the Bible beyond the superstitious worship? One must connect lower Ka and unite with the “father” (divine Ka).

There is so much more to you than your physical body. You are the universe expressing itself in human form for a short time. You are superhuman.

As said before this is more of a primer on this knowledge. It is much more intricate than I have put forth here.

My hope is that you will share what you are learning with those that are seeking due to the pain and confusion they are living in. Humanity needs healing from doctrines that have caused so much fear, guilt, and shame.

Namaste (the divine in me, recognizes the divine in you)

Reginald Khu-Ahkaru

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Why does love hurt so much?

In ancient Egypt the trinity was a very common concept. As Christians we only think in terms of a trinity of the creator as Father, son, and holy spirit. As a science formula of the neters it actually applicable to daily life in understanding how we can operate mentally. Also as a way to diagnose our interactions within our relationships.

Scientifically a relationship has to be established between opposing (dual) forces.  One becomes two and simultaneously a third aspect is formed that has to reconcile the opposites. That third aspect is the relationship. It reconciles the opposites.

That third aspect isn’t tangible and can birth new relationships because it is in constant reformulation depending on the opposition.

Let me explain below.

So, why does love hurt so much? So many fear being hurt they are afraid to love. Being vulnerable is the possibility of experiencing that which you fear the most. The fear is of the pain that can come with opening yourself up and bearing your soul to another person.

You put your heart in their hands and they have the ability to crush it, squeeze the life out of it all because you revealed the inside of you to them.

You may be in love with the idea of being in love but live in fear of being hurt. So you live your life attempting to never be vulnerable.

What I just expressed is a basic Kemetic science idea called the trinity. Yeah, I know as a Christian you were taught the trinity was something to worship. In actuality, it’s part of a deeper science that can aid you in navigating through life’s pitfalls.

Your experience is the symbolic metaphor for a universal principle. That may sound detached and sterile. But it will help you through the question why does love hurt so much?why does love hurt so much

We consider this idea divorced from our daily lives. The ancients understood these concepts on a deeper scientific level and expressed them in ways that we now read as scriptures and deeply held religious concepts. Again science may sound sterile, but it is about the method of working through these ideas on a practical level in your life.

Religion and lack of personal responsibility

Society has lost the meaning behind the ideas and what wisdom the ancients were trying to impart because of the overlay of religion. So much religion is about handing the responsibility of your personal and conscious development to an imaginary being that will do the work for you.

The ancient Egyptians had no such belief and a deeper look at the science will reveal that your deepest most intimate and personal fears are paradoxically the most universal to everyone.

It takes courage to love. It takes courage to be vulnerable and live with the opposite possibility of being hurt to your core. fear of being hurt

But the reward for that courage is experiencing the deepest most gratifying love you will ever know in a lifetime.

Because love and fear are opposite ends of the same expression when you hold on to one you block the other. One CANNOT exist without the other, but also they cannot exist in the same experience simultaneously. Like a seesaw one side has to be up and the other down. When you shield your heart with fear you block love.Love and duality

It’s science. This is the spiritual science of Kemet/Egypt. If you are are not experimenting, observing, and practicing it’s not science, it’s wishful thinking. That’s what I meant by science earlier in the post. Not to sterilize it, but to bring to the forefront practical application. What methods are you using to develop yourself and grow consciously?

Have you prayed about it but not know the science behind prayer? Do you just hope magically that something good will come about just because you believe? That was how I coped in religion. I could never be sure of anything. Constant anxiety.

If you are not being a scientist, you are doomed to be held captive by the fears that will never be illuminated from lack of observing from within. That’s what being religious does for you. It keeps you in the dark without ever having to take responsibility for your own behaviors.

The answer to why does love hurt so much?

Why does love hurt so much? Because you had the courage to be vulnerable. You had the courage to face and explore the fear of being hurt. Courage or vulnerability are third components of the love/fear duality. They are the relationship between the opposing emotions that reconciles them in some intangible way. Now you get the opportunity to learn about your strength.

One of the biggest deterrents for loving fully is the fear that if you open up and get hurt you can’t recover from heartbreak. Know that you will survive. You will get through this pain. It’s part of the journey of evolving into the highest version of yourself.

Your recovery is part of a deeper concept the ancients named Ausar. The science of it is the cycle of birth, death, and resurrection. As Christians, we were taught it as the resurrection of Jesus.

In Kemetic science, it was the concept of one aspect of yourself or consciousness dies and the new aspect is reborn. This was expressed biblically in John 10:30, “I and the father are one.”

In other words, as one aspect dies another is reborn. Death and rebirth or resurrection are two sides of the same coin.

It is the relationship of the seed, soil, and fruit; It is the Neters of Ausar, Auset, and Heru applied practically in physical life. As a religious idea, the power and application of it were obscured.

The vulnerability is the soil or medium in which love or fear grows within the relationship.

From the beginning, that person birthed a desire within you. Desire is another component (fruit) of another trinity that develops from the meeting of two people. heartbreak can be the fruit of a break in trust. Now you must have the courage to be open to love again. That will be the resurrection.

The point to understand here is the Trinity is not one static concept as we were taught in Christianity. It is fluid in that depending on the situation new resolutions are constantly birthed from the tension of two opposites.

It’s understanding the science that will help you rise above the fears. You now have knowledge that can bring wisdom in your journey. Not just a superstitious belief that faith in some being, outside of you, will magically heal your pain. You have the power and responsibility to do that for yourself.

I have felt that love, lived through that pain and loved again. To love a second time is a definite act of courage. But know that you can’t ever experience it again if you hold on to the fear.

In any relationship, there is always a trinity. There are many trinities that will develop from tension and duality. How will you resolve them? You must practice the science in order to come to a resolution.

As the great Frankie Beverly and Maze stated the idea, “Joy and pain, are like sunshine and rain.”  Feeling one or the other is the reconciliation of the Trinity. The seed for love is always planted in vulnerability. That’s the metaphysical science behind love. It’s what you can practice beyond religion.

The Trinity is more than an explanation of the Godhead. It’s a universal formula that underlies all existence of the universe. Incuding our relationships.

How the cross is connected to Egyptian symbolism

Cross connect egyptian symbolism
The double crossing is the foundation of consciousness

The Christin cross is Egyptian Symbolism. The basis of all Egyptian symbolism and myth is numerology. The foundation of the bible is Egyptian mythology, therefore, the foundation of the bible is numerology. Christian fathers knew this. But, they mistook Gnostic allegories as a real person. The number 5 is active, volatile, creative, life, resurrection, re-erection (Heru).

The number 5 is masculine, active, volatile, creative, life, resurrection, re-erection (Heru).
Auset feminine is 2 squared and feminine.

Ausar is 3. Heru the “child”, is the addition of “mother” and “father” or 2 plus 3 which equals 5. See Virgin birth, and resurrection.

The ancient Egyptians taught that every phenomenon is a reactive effect. In other words, there must be opposition or duality in order to have an experience.

To explain that idea via an analogy it is like trying to make a clapping sound with one hand. It can’t be done! You need the second hand that stops or is in opposition to the other hand in order to clap and make a sound.

The ancient Egyptians represented numbers 1 – 10 with dots and lines. This was not by accident or because they didn’t know how to write characters as we do in modern times.

Masculine numbers
Masculine numbers visually uneven

The lines represented how the numbers functioned and how they conceptually connected and shaped each other. The symbols they formed functioned in a certain manner. So goes the cross.

The first crossing is cause absorbed or death. The second crossing is the foundation of life or consciousness. It is the vital phenomenon.

It’s a deep esoteric concept that is limited by the Christian explanation of the cross. The science behind the configuration is completely lost.

What is also lost by many in the “conscious” community is the underlying foundation of numbers that link the bible and ancient Egyptian spiritual science.

Many want to make the bible and anyone that believes the bible is the word of God the enemy. I completely understand. I was in that same frame of mind for a long time.

But what I realized was that if I was going to reach Christians with the knowledge that can free them from the mental chains of Christianity, I had to walk with them, not against them.

We know that the Egyptian myths are the foundation of the biblical stories. Learning that at the foundation of the myths is numbers ties Christianity and Egypt together. It links Christians back to the ideas of the original teachings.

The teachings before they were misinterpreted and miscommunicated. Learning those links will allow you to connect to Christians in a non-combative way. It gives you a way in that they can accept.

Just don’t lead with Jesus ain’t real! LOL

That door will be shut in your face real quick, fast, and in a hurry!

Egyptian myth is the foundation of the trinity


Trinity Ausar auset, heru
The trinity is based in metaphysics

As Christians, we had reverence for the trinity. The idea comes from the Egyptian roots of Christianity. The meme is a personification of nature.

In modern terms, we would say it is personification of universal laws. Auset would equate to our idea of “mother nature.” Ausar would be “father time.” he is the principle of the cycle of death, birth, and regeneration personified.

From this myth comes Christian ideas of resurrection, the Virgin birth, Christ, the son/sun of God, salvation, the lamb of God, the Good Shepard, the only begotten son, and many many more.

A look at Etymological origin of the names would uncover many biblical stories. The trinity has a science behind it.

Origin of sin and why you should question the doctrine

Egyptan Ptah sin
Sin is a fabricated erroneous theory

Sin is an idea founded from a very negative philosophy about the creation of physical expression. It’s a theory, not a law.

You are not a born sinner! When I was a Christian guilt and shame were such a major part of my day and the people around me I thought it was normal!

Hamartiology is the “study” of sin within Christian theology. Ok? But where did they get the idea? They screwed up the original, liberating teachings from the temple of Ptah in Egypt.

A “doctrine” is a theory. In other words, Christian doctrines are theories someone made up and I accepted the toxic beliefs. I’m so glad I fact checked! No more guilt or shame as a part of my day!

The concept of sin was based on the idea that being physical was a flawed aspect of the creator established by lesser “Aeons” or supernatural beings. This was based on a Gnostic belief system.

The belief system originates from a negative perspective. Many of the Christian doctrines are built on this negative foundation. We must examine these ideas and the impact on individual psychology and the psyche of humanity.

Let’s educate and be compassionate to those coming out of Christianity. Don’t berate and attack.

The ancient Kemetic principle that connects Lucifer, Imhotep, and Jesus

Ancient Kemetic principle Ptah and Ausar
Both are different stages of souls migration

Table of Contents

Basic Kemetic Symbolic Framework
Functional Equivalents
The Kemetic Principle known as Heru
The ancient Kemetic principle in practice
Lucifer was not Satan
How Lucifer, Heru and Jesus are connected to the Kemetic principle of perpetual renewal
Heru and Jesus Etymology
Christian readers of the King James version of the bible have been misled about the idea of Lucifer. No, I am not a Satanist nor trying to open your mind to Satanism. What I want to do is give you factual, researched information that will free you from the dogma of Christianity.

  • The fact is the origin of the word and idea of Lucifer did not have a negative meaning before the King James version of the bible.
  • The Greeks nor the Romans (the inventors of the Roman Catholic Church) equated Lucifer with Satan.
  • The original concept of Lucifer came from Kemetic science and was a positive expression of an abstract metaphysical concept.

Christian misrepresentation of ancient African spiritual concepts is the cause of much confusion in the western world. Christian origins greek errorNot understanding the basic principles is the cause of much confusion in the conscious community. It will be easy to see that Lucifer; Imhotep; and Jesus are all representations of one basic principle but have different names based on the stage or level being expressed within the highly sophisticated yet elegant Kemetic framework. Lucifer, Imhotep, and Jesus are all part of the Kemetic/Egyptian concept of the migration of the soul from spirit into matter, then life and death.

Basic Kemetic Symbolic Framework

Kemetic symbolism has basic fundamental frameworks that will help you delve deeper into their wisdom and your own.

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For example, Ptah and Ausar/Osiris have one leg to symbolize that the soul is genderless outside of a physical body. This idea is common to a number of African spiritual traditions. Through the Greek Gnostics, there is a biblical remnant of the “genderless” soul idea. In Galatians 3:28 when Pual says, “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” Not being male or female means there is no gender.

One of the confusing aspects of understanding the Kemetic system is people not recognizing the basic principles and the framework of the symbolism.

A framework is simply a way to organize information. Symbolically, the one leg of Ptah and Ausar is based on a framework. It becomes a clue as to how you should view the symbols no matter where they are in stories and myths.

The Kemetic/Egyptian system is one of the most organized and consistent spiritual science systems you will ever come across. But you must look at the system as an organized science of knowledge and not a religion, or a primitive group of people unable to comprehend the deep metaphysical concepts. The truth is the Kemetic spiritual science is extremely sophisticated and nuanced.

The sophistication comes from the symbolic expression of the ideas. In modern times we focused on words and verbal expression of ideas. Most people in ancient times could not read and write. Words and language can be a very limiting way to express concepts that are multifaceted. Whereas words lend to expressing ideas linearly, symbols can express ideas multidimensionally.

For example, I write about a scene on a spring day with the birds chirping, the sun shining on my face with a breeze blowing and the freshness of the air all around me. In writing, I expressed these events linearly, one after the other. But, they all were going on simultaneously and with multiple levels of experience.  I have to express it linearly with language as well. But a symbol or a picture comes close to putting you in a state of experiencing the scene as it happens through your imagination.

The symbols, analogies, myths, and hieroglyphs of ancient Egypt captured the multidimensional experiences. They were “designed” to “evoke” your own inner wisdom from your level of knowledge. Today, we want to interpret many of these ideas as static with only one meaning. However, they were not designed that way.

As humans, we experience life on multiple levels, in multiple dimensions, and with many facets.  But how do you communicate that idea through time and space to humanity? How do you give keys to decipher the information within the information when the key has been lost or forgotten?

Functional Equivalents

The ancient Africans were geniuses in their thinking and design of the symbols of the Medu Neter (their name for the hieroglyphs). However, many of the most sacred ideas were never written down. They were forbidden to do so.

Within the symbolism, there are codes within the codes that act as a key. These keys can be called functional equivalents. The one leg of Ptah and Ausar is a functional equivalent. A female or male within the symbolism and myth is a functional equivalent.

A functional equivalent means that no matter where it is in the symbolism or myth it functions the same way. It is equal in function on all levels. For example, with all the neters on all levels, they are paired as masculine and feminine except for Maat. No matter the level, a masculine neter represents certain functions within the symbolism. Same for a feminine neter.

Principles and anthropomorphizing vs humanizing

Heru is an expression of a multidimensional natural scientific principle expressed as a mythological personage. It is an anthropomorphized way to express a metaphysical and abstract idea. Anthropomorphic simply means using human characteristics to symbolize an abstract idea.

All of the (NTR) NeTeRs are principles of NaTuRe personified. Africans personified but never humanized these principles. A very elegant way to transmit these complex ideas.

In other words, Africans would say it’s “LIKE” God can see everything, to express the omnipotence of consciousness. It is using a human characteristic to give you an idea what omnipotence is like. But in the Greek tradition, God is humanized with the idea that “He” is watching over you. Greek gods were said to have children by humans producing half human half god beings. Humanizing God became the Christian tradition through the Greeks. Jesus is God and man.

Skull caps covered to symbolize a non-thinking aspect of nature.

Another functional equivalent for the NeTeRs is the crown of the skull is ALWAYS covered in the original Egyptian drawings and carvings. It expressed the idea that the NeTeRs don’t think or have the ability to change their nature. In other words, a humanized vengeful or Jealous God was not part of ancient African spiritual science. The NTRs are really mathematical formulas or the science of numbers personified.

The Kemetic science is based on observation and experimentation. Religion is based on belief and superstition. With religion, rational and logical thinking has to be suspended in order to accept ideas on “faith.” That was never the case in the African spiritual system. Logic was never at odds with science or just plain common sense.

Because of its multifaceted dimension, the ancient Kemetic principal called Heru/Horus is the thread that connects Lucifer, Imhotep, and Jesus on different levels within the Kemetic framework. Once you understand this principle the Kemetic/Egyptian System will not be confusing. and you will be enlightened about what Lucifer originally meant.

You will then be able to uncover deeper concepts and connections in the Bible. Contents of the Bible originated in ancient Egypt. The ancient concepts that were the foundation of the bible were spiritual science truths. The Dogma that became truth claims in Christianity is misunderstood, misinterpreted, and outright lies.

The concepts I am about to express in this article will cause cognitive dissonance in Christians as well as anyone in the Kemetic knowledge community that has looked at this information and taken the Neters as literal and historical personages.

It’s not meant to hurt anyone. I give you the facts and resources to verify if you so choose.

The Kemetic Principle known as Heru

So let’s take a look at the ancient Kemetic principle called Heru/Horus. It is a multidimensional concept on multiple levels and given names understood by anyone immersed in that culture. It is well documented in antiquity that the Greeks learned their ideas from the ancient Egyptians. But they were not immersed in the culture so often times the multifaceted multidimensional aspect of ideas were not transmitted or lost.

Herodotus quote on Green naming gods
The Greeks changed the names of Egyptian NeTeRs and made them the Greek gods we know in western mythology

The Romans got the ideas transmitted via writing. They could only connect to the ideas through language and therefore a linear way of thinking. Again, aspects of the multifaceted multidimensional ideas were not transmitted or lost.

So we must go through the symbols to get a deeper understanding of what the ancient Africans were transmitting to us.

Heru/Horus is the ancient Kemetic principle of perpetual renewal. In other words, the concept of something that continually repeats. Heru or Heru-cles/Hercules in Greek, is the ever coming son/sun of God. Iusa (pronounced yay-oosah)/Yeshua/Jesus is always coming back.

In the trinity of Ausar and Auset, Heru is the child (Hercules’ parents are from Egypt according to Greek myth). Within the symbolic language of a trinity, the child represents the ability of a phenomenon that has the ability to repeat or perpetuate itself (the symbol of the child also has multiple meanings and aspects). It is an anthropomorphic representation of an abstract idea using a child as the symbol of renewal and perpetuation. The child is also a functional equivalent within the symbolic system.

It’s that simple. Without going off on a tangent, know that Ancient African words were often based on the sound activating certain brain synapses (another aspect not well known). YES, it’s that sophisticated. So names of certain principles changed in order to evoke different vibrational expression within the physical body and/or to note different levels of universal expression.

It’s the same principle as chanting Om, Ah, or Oo. The different sounds activate different energy centers (chakras) in the body as well as brain synapses.

As stated earlier, another layer within these ideas is based in numerology which is really the foundation of the Kemetic mythology. They are formulas. Kemetic mythology is different from the Greek mythology that we have been trained on in the west. Greek mythology was more a form of entertaining stories.

African spiritual science
Myths were formulas in their origin

The mythological figures within the Greek mythology have a basis founded on the knowledge of their Kemetic teachers. BUT, again, they lacked the nuances that being immersed in a culture would afford to understand the concepts. So they just made up stories where knowledge was lacking to entertain the Greek audiences.

This is not widely known, but through the numerology and etymology (origin of words and meaning), you will connect the Bible stories and symbols to the Kemetic mythology very quickly. You will also see very clearly that Christian Fathers were trying to express certain concepts but didn’t quite understand. I have an audio course here that can help you delve a little deeper into the numerology that connects the bible and Kemet.

In the image below is a rough analysis and explanation of the principle of perpetual renewal (the child) and how it moved from abstract to concrete and different planes of existence. The principal changed names at different levels, but conceptually it the same idea at different levels.

Ancient Kemetic principle heru
Heru = Child, Iusa, and Nefertum

The ancient Kemetic principle in practice

In the Trinity Heru/Horus is the son or child. Symbolically, one meaning for the child represents the ability of the human race or any phenomenon to perpetuate itself. The child or son is a functional equivalent within the Kemetic framework. A child can also mean living joyous and happy for no other reason than being happy. See the idea about heaven for a deeper explanation on the joyous child.

On the universal level, the principle of Heru/Horus is “nicknamed” Iusa (pronounced yay-oosah). It is the ability of the Universe to continue and perpetuate.

You can discover deeper symbolic meanings based on the etymology of African words and names. Often times the names give clues to the symbolic meaning. Here’s what I mean:

PTH (PTaH) is how the ancient Egyptians represented the idea of spirit descending and being “trapped” in matter (the physical body). They would represent the opposite ideas of the spirit leaving matter by reversing the letters in a “play on words” as in PTH becoming HTP.

HTP (HoTeP) is the ancient African idea of salvation or the soul being “released” from the dead mummified body (Ausar).  For the ancient Africans, the soul would go to a “peaceful” place. Hence in modern times hotep

Heru and Jesus
Jesus origins in Memphis

as meaning peace. ImHoTeP means “in peace.” ImHoTeP as the “prince of peace” is a nickname for Jesus as the Christ that originated in these teachings of ancient Egypt. In ancient Egypt, it was the idea of a resurrected soul into the underworld of Amenta.

The consonants HTP (HoTeP) are the reverse of PTH (PTaH).

That’s one level. The soul leaving the physical body. Ancient Egyptians believed in reincarnation. Therefore the soul would get many chances to leave a body. Perpetual renewal.

Lucifer was not Satan 

Lucifer (Isaiah 14:12), the “fallen angel” became equated with Satan In the King James Version of the bible. This was not the case originally. The idea of Lucifer originated within the temple of Ptah in ancient Egypt. Also, the idea of Iusa (Yay-oosah), Yeshua or Jesus was part of the teaching at the temple of Ptah.

Lucifer does not mean Satan

However, rather than Satan, Lucifer was the name for the manifestation of a “new” soul in flesh (Ptah).  The new soul came down or “fell” into matter. Hence the biblical idea of Satan as the “fallen angel.” Heru/Horus as the Egyptian principle of “perpetual renewal” was given the nickname Lucifer when “born” or fallen into flesh. Lucifer from Latin means “bearer of light.”

Understanding this idea and the origin of the symbolism you can quickly connect the idea in the bible scripture Luke 10:18, “Yes,” he told them, “I saw Satan fall from heaven like lightning!” Christian Lucifer as Satan is connected to “falling and lightning.” As stated before Lucifer is only connected to Satan in the King James Version of the bible.

How Lucifer, Heru and Jesus are connected to the Kemetic principle of perpetual renewal  

One of the reasons Egyptian spiritual science can be so confusing is not understanding the underlying framework and structure of their symbolic and mythological system.

Heru/Horus is not a “god.” Heru is the name of a “NTR” (principle of NaTuRe) within Kemetic sciences that equates to anything that has the ability to perpetuate or renew itself.

Ancient Kemetic prinicple examples
Images of perpetual renewal

The ancient Kemetic principle of Heru is a newly grown plant sprout, or a new lamb (as in lamb of God), a new vine (Netzer), or a new sunrise (Sun/Son of God) that happens day after day. Each of them has in common that whatever they were born from has the ability to renew itself over and over. In other words, perpetual renewal.

So what does that have to do with Lucifer, Jesus, and Imhotep? You should already have a clue about Imhotep from the section above.

As a NEW soul or light “falling” into matter the ancient Kemetic principle of Heru is known as Lucifer. As a NEW soul “exiting” or rising from the dead body into the underworld Amenta Heru is known as Imhotep (in peace).


Heru, as the ancient Kemetic PRINCIPLE of perpetual renewal, is both Lucifer (New light/soul coming down to earth) and ImHoTeP (The light/soul exiting the body and leaving earth) depending on which aspect of the souls journey the ancient Egyptians were speaking about.

Heru and Jesus Etymology

Jesus (Iusa = Yay-oosah) and Imhotep are two different “nicknames” expressing the same ancient Kemetic principle but actually mixing up two different Egyptian levels. Heru and Jesus are connected through etymology and numerology. Lucifer, Imhotep, and Jesus (Iusa or yay-oosah) all evolved over time as “nicknames” for one principle Egyptians called Heru = the road or the way.  In the bible John 14:6 Jesus says, “I am the way…”  It’s a direct connection to the meaning of Heru.

heru and Jesus


But you must know the symbolic meaning and the principles in order to connect the concepts to the bible scriptures. Now don’t berate Christians with this knowledge. TEACH those that are curious with evidence and facts. Don’t attack them believing it will shame them into changing their mind.

Would you accept being talked down too? No self-confident, self-respecting person would.

Back to the top

Exposing The Myth of How to Serve God daily to Fight Off Depression

You have been taught how to serve God daily the wrong way! SERVING God is a myth and a prescription for burnout and depression that you were taught as a Christian. It is a flawed premise that goes unquestioned because you are taught that the bible and its teachings are inerrant. But, to even accept that idea one has to suspend logic and rational thought because of so many illogical contradictory stories and teachings in the bible. I don’t mean that statement as an attack. It is fact.

You burnout due to the theological practice of Christianity that teaches being human and serving God is different than living life Joyfully and authentically as you. That theology is a departure from its Kemetic/Egyptian origins.

As a Christian, you form a love/hate relationship with a humanized God. You are taught to love God but end up hating yourself because you can’t ever be the Christian idea of perfection. You sin and feel guilty. You repent and for a short time feel good. Think an “impure” thought, which is a sin and again feel shameful. Repent and feel good, if only for a moment. You realize you can’t be perfect but is resigned to repeating the never-ending cycle of loving God but hating yourself for never being able to measure up.

It’s a psychological prescription for depression that runs so deep that it can take years to unravel. How do you get beyond toxic teachings like this?

This constant inner turmoil and conflict is a direct result of an flawed Christian theology that makes being human different from God.  The humanized God is a Christian holdover from its Greek Gnostic heritage. The Greek idea of Gods that interact with humans has infected western thought for centuries. They even changed the idea of myths from something that is a formula connected nature to a story that is untrue.

The sad part is most Christians believe it is normal to be in this type of turmoil because it’s how EVERYONE lives. It’s just normal.

How to serve God daily
Serve you and the universe

With the origin of monotheism in ancient Africa, there was no distinction between the physical or the metaphysical. Ancient African cosmology expressed the idea that there was only one source and all things in the universe were that source in another form.

Kemetic spiritual science
Monotheism originated in Africa

In the cosmology of ancient Egypt, the idea of all being the source in another form never wavered. So even though those in the Levant were expressing ideas of a male human-like God around 2500 BCE the ancient Egyptians didn’t.

Recognize your own divinity

This is important to understand in distinguishing how Christians “worship” God to this day. In the western Religions, one was to develop a relationship to this all-powerful male deity in hopes that “He” would show favor in some way.

Ancient Egypt, on the other hand, saw life as a journey of recognizing your own divinity and uniting with the highest aspect of your eternal soul called the Divine Ka.

In ancient Egypt, you were not put into an adversarial position with God, self,  and living your life. For them, living life was expressing God in all that you did. This cosmology produced a culture of self-love and self-acceptance as a foundation for everyday life.

In the audio “The Interpretation of Symbolic Forms, The Mythic Dimension.” Joseph Campbell states:

“As the Hindus say, ‘To worship a god, one must become a god’; that is, one must find that part within that is the deity’s equivalent.”

This idea is how the ancient Egyptians viewed their Connection to God. Their journey was becoming the deity’s equivalent. That’s blasphemy as a Christian due to ignorance and misunderstanding of the ancient source teachings it derived from.

The ancient Egyptian belief on how becoming the deity’s equivalent connects to many new age ideas today around the ideas of vibration and frequency. In my studies of this mystical spiritual system, I found connecting the dots very simple because of the consistency in their cosmology.

Part of the issue with Christian burn out was the assault on the psyche every single day. Ideas like; You are born in sin, you are broken and therefore need to be fixed without the power to do it for yourself. And at all times attempting to live to an impossible example named Jesus put you at odds with self-acceptance.

No wonder depression and anxiety run so rampant within Christianity. So many people live life believing they are sinful, broken and weak compared to Jesus and see it as normal. In a way, the “suffering” becomes a badge of honor for many Christians. What a mind f**k! That’s no way to live life!

You must learn the difference between Jesus and KRST

In order for you to stop this pain, you must get back to the basics and the origin of the ancient science that was so twisted by Christianity. You are God/Goddess in human form. You are not different!

You must also understand there is a huge error Humanizing the idea of Jesus that originated with Christianity that the even the Gnostics battled against. This may seem like a weird statement but only if you don’t understand the African origin of the idea.

That statement is this: There is a difference between Jesus and Christ. Jesus is a fabricated humanized idea of the powerful ancient African concept of KRST. That concept existed for 5,000 years or more all over Africa (called by different names) before Christian fathers in their ignorance deified an abstract metaphysical concept the Africans called KRST.

Until the second century, Christians considered themselves Gnostics. There was much theological infighting over the first and second centuries, but the split came for good when the Roman Catholic Church deified the ancient Egyptian spiritual concept of Iu the Sa or Iusa (pronounced Yay-oo-sah). It was passed on to the Greeks through the name Iuseous, and later became the name Jesus in English.

Gnostic bible
The savior was not about believing

Jesus is one special person that all Christians are to worship and emulate. KRST (Christ) is in a part of all things. There is a huge difference between those two ideas when it comes to practical application in your life. According to the ancient teachings, KRST is a state of being within you. Not a human being you try to copy.

As an ex-Christian, I DO NOT believe in Jesus. But KRST is and will be a part of me every single day I live on this earth. It is part of me recognizing my own divinity. Esoterically speaking, KRST within has both masculine and feminine aspects.

If you want to free your mind you must learn the difference between Jesus and KRST.

How did the ancients connect with God?

Uniting with God in ancient terms meant to match the vibration of the All.

Look at Luke 17:20-21; And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation:

21 Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.

This scripture you will not hear spoken in many Christian Churches because it tells you that heaven is within. The symbolism of Egyptian Maat as a feminine neter symbolizes that “truth” lies within. You create heaven from within you, not go to some place in the sky with streets paved with gold and a land of milk and honey! That is erroneous Christian teachings of the ancient Kemetic Sciences.

Vibration is how the universe organizes itself on every level

Universal consciousness is a frequency that is an exercise in creativity through what we interpret verbally as joy and love. Just as the Creator creates through inspiration and ecstasy, so do you. Think about it like this on the physical level. A child is created through the joy or ecstasy of a high vibrational state we call an orgasm.

That state of being in ecstasy is a metaphor for creation in the universe. It is how you should endeavor to create your life every single day, that’s your heaven! You don’t serve God, you recognize that aspect within you is god/goddess and express it in all ways by “bringing forth” (creating) into the physical all that is representative of that joy. That’s how to serve God daily!

How to serve God
Your reality is a reflection of that which is within you

Serving God is childlike understanding

No longer think in terms of serving God. The ancient Africans that initiated the Christian idea of monotheism would view our modern day idea of a human-like God as childlike understanding. How do you “serve” a Universal law that does not have the ability to think or change it’s orientation?

Serving God Atum
Skullcap not visible is not arbitrary

The fact that the Neters or universal laws do not think is symbolized by the ancient Egyptians personification of the neters as not having skullcaps.

As Christians, we are taught of a jealous and vengeful God. This is just not the case.

Do as a god/goddess and live life through your joy and passion every single day and create! In that way you serve the authentic you AND the universe by simply being. The idea of KRST fits within this concept and becomes a part of your life, rather than someone you worship for an hour or two on Sunday.

The Christian way to serve God daily does not work. Anything that puts you at odds with self-acceptance will eventually fail. As Christians, we were taught that we were the FAILURES and never examined the impossibility of living within that dogmatic belief system. You end up depressed, despondent and burnt out because you couldn’t reach the impossible example fearing you are going to burn in hell.

How to serve God Daily

Learn to serve you. And by serving you the universe gets the best of who you are at a vibrational level, which is your essence. This allows others to be their best and connect via a beautiful vibration of love to one another.

The idea of serving is a part of so many teachings, not just Christianity. It is teachings that tell you that you should care more about others than yourself. It is a form of sacrifice, that Jesus did for our sins. It is a flawed premise. Taking care of self should not be seen as negative. Women with children and husbands often times have trouble with speaking up for their needs because of the flawed premise that they should never put themselves first.

I like the analogy of putting the oxygen mask on yourself first instead of the children when an airplane cabin depressurizes to illustrate that if you don’t take care of you, you can’t take care of your family.

When you take care of you, then you operate from a higher frequency and vibration.

Connecting to others via vibration and frequency is the paradox of unity. It is recognizing that being able to fully accept our own individuality and uniqueness is the basis of how we accept others. When you exercise your right to self-care you are fully loving and accepting of yourself.

You begin to recognize that the different expressions of the source in all forms have the right to exist as they please. This enlightened way of being and thinking unifies us all at the deeper level of vibration and frequency. Because you can love and appreciate your authenticity and uniqueness you can then appreciate the beauty, authenticity, and Uniqueness of others. And that they are source energy in service to express itself in the most joyous way possible.

YOU DON’T SERVE God, That’s a childlike unsophisticated and ignorant (not knowing) way to view a universal law. You ARE god/goddess in human form with KRST always working within you. You betta recognize and create heaven that is reflected back to you as life. When you create from your place of joy depression cannot exist within you. One way to do this is by serving your needs and taking care of you.

How to serve God


The above quote is an expression of the ancient Kemetic philosophy that Christianity twisted and then spread those misinformed ideas. That is not an attack but documented facts.

In the above quote, he is stating that the ancient Egyptians saw mankind as the ultimate and most complex expression of the consciousness that created the universe. We are the image of the creator and within us is the reflection of the universe from which we were spawned. It is us and we are it. You need to serve that which you are. Live life and joyfully create your vision daily.

Serve you and the universe will connect you with others in a way that being authentically you will fit with them like a puzzle. Who you are will simply fit who they are.

No sacrifice, KRST is a living expression within your daily evolution as a god/goddess.  That my friend is the enlightened version of KRST. As I said before, I don’t believe in Jesus, but KRST/Christ is a part of my life EVERY SINGLE DAY.

The idea of KRST empowers me. It allows me to live life to the fullest and authentic was possible. I don’t get down because I missed a mark (sinned) because I am the perfect representation of the creator at ANY moment.

Know this, you do not SERVE God, you are god/goddess. Express and create life through your joy. Let joy be your guide. In this way, long-term depression will be a thing of the past. That doesn’t mean you won’t get down sometimes. You are beautifully human. But as a KRST you have the power to change and evolve at any moment.

Why is the Trinity all male?

As a Christian, I never really questioned the idea of an all-male Trinity. As I studied more of the Kemetic sciences and metaphysics in general I became aware of the ideas of the divine masculine and divine feminine.

I just assumed that the Christian idea was based on a patriarchal perspective. But deeper study into the origins of the idea in ancient Africa reveals a very logical and non-sexist or patriarchal slant.

Egyptian God
The  Kemetic Trinity

The essence of the Trinity is in numerology. The males are used to represent the basic principle of masculine as an active function within creating the universe. Masculine does not equal male. If you need a deeper dive into understanding what the divine masculine and divine feminine represent click here.

The active or masculine principle

The basic numerology is the idea that all the Universe is absolute unity (one) that becomes aware of itself. This awareness produces duality (two) and in a simultaneous process becomes the initial “stuff” or “materia prima” in which everything in the universe is formed from. We call that stuff spirit, holy spirit, consciousness etc.

The initial instant of negating unity and becoming is an active process. It contains all properties of the original unity (one) which is passive or feminine in its original state. The initial impetus to express itself is active or masculine.

Going from one to three is a simultaneous and active process. The trinity is composed of the hidden or unknown aspect of the creator which is called Amen. The materia prima or holy spirit, or consciousness as we term it in modern times, is called Ra. This consciousness has the ability to perpetuate itself. This idea of being able to perpetuate itself is represented as the child in all Kemetic trinities. In the case of the “Creative Trinity” and Christianity that aspect is called the son.

The child or the ability to recreate itself or perpetuate itself is an active principle.

Within the khemetic trinity of Amen, Ra, and Ptah the aspect of physical matter is taken into account with Ptah.

Neter Ptah
Ptah the masculine active principle of physical creation

Ptah being an active principle within physical creation is still symbolized bound with one leg that is represented on one level as unity. It is sprit that is not male of female.

But again it is an active masculine principle. So all of the aspects of the trinity are active. It is the masculine number of three.


Within Kemetic Numerology that was preserved by the Greeks, numbers were masculine and feminine, square and triangular, positive and negative, odd and even.

Because unity contains all aspects the “monad” is seen as both masculine and feminine.

E-course Egyptian Spiritual Science Mastery: The Numerology of Oneness, Duality, and the Trinity

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The number two is seen as being feminine. Because it was visually “even” and therefore not volatile. The number three was “uneven” in its structure and the way they wrote the numbers.

Feminine numbers
Feminine numbers visually equal

The ancient Egyptians used “tic marks” to write the numbers one – nine. They did so as a visual mnemonic device not because they were primitive and couldn’t do better. It was an extremely simple yet sophisticated way to represent ideas beyond the written number. Unlike what we do in modern times.

The number four would be a feminine number as it visually would be even.

Masculine numbers
Masculine numbers visually uneven

add the numbers 1 + 2+ 3+4 = 10 all describing specific functions of the universe contains all possibilities in the universe.

The numbers three and nine are not properly represented in the photo to the right. It should be one on top and the two on the bottom. See how the number five is a combination of two and three.

Visually it lets you know that five has the properties of the functions of the numbers two and three. Same with all the other combinations. Three has the properties of 1 and 2. the number two has the properties of one but also the new properties of duality.

Egyptian numbers
Numbers one and three

The trinity as all the properties of one and two.

Conclusion on the Trinity

The Trinity was not meant to represent a male patriarchal view point. Christianity actually kept intact that initial expression of the Trinity or what is called the “Creative Trinity.” It’s the first level that forms anything that can be expressed in any way in the Universe.

But at Trinity is at the foundation of anything. It’s a Universal conceptual framework. It is the initial push out of unity. Not a God to be worshiped and feared.

Through numerology you will deeper and unfiltered understanding of what the ancients were teaching. It goes much much deeper than I can go into in one article.