What is a simple test to know when someone is “woke” are not?

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A person that is “woke” is conscious of their energy. What do you put your attention on daily? When a person is continually negative and bashing others they have not yet reached a level of spiritual awareness about vibration and frequency.
You create your reality, you draw to your awareness and life experiences WHATEVER YOU FOCUS ON.
When you truly understand this spiritual science principle you CHOOSE to focus on what you desire, not what you detest. That’s when you are “woke.”
You will not bring about unity and change through NEGATIVE ENERGY. It is universal law that Ne-GAY-tive (hate, anger, sadness) energy is SEPARATIVE.
Unity and creation of ANYTHING occur through POSITIVE ENERGY. Positive energy (Love, happiness, ecstasy) is by nature unifying. EVERYTHING IN CREATION originated through positive energy.
A person that is conscious or “woke” will understand the emotions are energy and that energy caries your frequency. They will consciously choose to express through positive energy.


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That doesn’t mean that negative is not present. By universal law, the opposite is always present. But a conscious person will CHOOSE positive in order to manifest and unify.

This is universal law

Luke 6:38 Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

The bible scripture above is an example of a metaphysical idea expressed in the bible. The way we state the idea in modern metaphysical lingo is “what you put out is what you get back.

Another way this idea is expressed is the concept that life is a reflection of our inner essence. In other words, life is the mirror to show you who you are being at your deepest most intimate level.

If there is one common thread that runs through the Khemetic teachings it is that you must go within to truly grasp the reality without. “Out there” is truly what is within you.

It becomes a level of responsibility for what occurs in your life. When you are woke, you accept responsibility for changing the circumstances in your life.

When you are woke, you have a soul consciousness rather than an ego consciousness.

A soul consciousness allows you to recognize you lessons are learned through the opposite experience. In other words. as a soul consciousness you learn to love yourself by overcoming people and circumstances the tell you that you shouldn’t like who you are. It is through the struggle that you gain eternal wisdom.


Reginald Khu-Ahkaru



Who did Africans Pray to before slavery?


The question is, who did Africans pray to before slavery?

This is a question I want to address for the African diaspora that I see asked on memes in social media. I want to address it through teaching the African Spiritual science so we may grow and evolve.


Before I answer that question, as a quick note understand the continent of Africa developed a spiritual system over many thousands of years. A deeper look into the spiritual systems around the continent will show you many of them had the same ideas conceptually but called them different names. Same as we do today with God and Allah. They both express the same idea, just a different name.

Africa after european colonization
Europe carves up Africa “peacefully”

What we know as borders and countries in Africa, didn’t exist until the Berlin Conference in 1884. The Khemetic system that most of us are familiar with is the one I will be referencing and is one of the most recent ancient African spiritual systems. Their system we know the best because they left it in stone.

The question is, who did Africans pray too before slavery?

The quick answer is this, they didn’t pray to anyone because they knew they were gods.

Africans prayed before slavery
Today we think and act from a religious bias

The question itself presumes the idea that ancient Africans were religious who worshiped, prayed, and thought as we do today.  In modern times our thought processes and paradigm have a completely religious bias. We must reorient our thinking from religion to spirituality. The ancient Africans had a completely different but holistic paradigm based on spiritual science principles.

Before I move forward, I want to make sure we’re on the same page so I need to define and explain the difference between religion and spirituality. I also want to express that I am speaking about how these ideas are practiced in our daily lives and not necessarily a strict book interpretation.

What is religion?

Religion is something that you are taught. In the case of the Christian religion, it’s based on a set of doctrines (theories) and dogma that one must accept and follow in order to belong to the religion.

What is spirituality?

For ancient Africans, before slavery, they would say spirituality is what you are born with. It is recognizing that you are a soul in a human body. It is being in touch with your own divine self. It is your natural state. Spirituality is ancient. It’s based on ideas that you are a unique aspect of the creator with a unique spiritual and life experience.

I know from experience as a Christian we were taught that religion and spirituality are the same things. They are not. The idea of a unique spiritual experience was a theological threat to Christianity.

Eliminating the threat of individuality is an aspect of religion to this day.

Africans prayed before slavery
Religion was at war with natural spiritual experience (you can now click image and buy the book)

Christian fathers essentially despiritualized the ancient teachings.

Africans prayed before slavery
Christianity established as a non-spiritual religion (you can now click image and buy the book)

The Ancient African paradigm is that the real you is the Ka (soul), not the physical body. For them, the Ka emerged from the source of creation.

Two major points to understand here is this:

  1. is a Ka or soul is what ancient Africans viewed themselves as, not the physical body. They were eternal beings in a transitory form as a physical body.
  2. is that the Ka formed the physical body. The Ka is eternal and has many physical incarnations for a reason I will touch on later.

The Ka was created from the “stuff” of the Neter of Neters (God) and the Ka created the physical body from itself.

Africans believed only soul real you
The Ka is the “you” expressing itself as a physical body (you can now click image and buy the book)

I know the idea that God didn’t directly create everyone may be difficult for some. But I am expressing the African spiritual science, not religious doctrines.

Natural spirituality was their paradigm. It was different than how we are taught in religion in modern times.

Africa spiritual origin of Christianity
Origin of western religions

Now mind you, the religion that we know is this ancient African paradigm that has been repackaged and given to the world as the Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

So now that you have that foundation of the African spiritual paradigm and its contrast to our modern religious paradigm let’s get to the question,

who did the Africans pray to before slavery?

Ancient Africans, before slavery, knew there was one “God” that created everything in existence from itself. It would be analogous to God being an ocean (with the ocean being symbolic of the entirety of existence).

Africans were monotheistic
Egyptians believed in one God that manifested in many ways (you can now click image and buy the book)

They taught that as a soul, you are a drop in that ocean. As a soul, you are the same “stuff,” as the ocean just not the magnitude.

Sticking with the analogy of the ocean, as Christians, we are taught to believe that as drops, we are different from the ocean. It’s an absurd notion when you analyze it that way.

With the Christian paradigm, because we are different, we have to cultivate a “relationship” to God. When we ask the question, who did Africans pray to before slavery, it is with the mentality given to us through slavery that we even approach the idea.


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Again, it presumes that the ancient Africans thought religiously as we do today. They had a different, holistic, and more empowering paradigm.

Africans prayed before religionSticking with the ocean analogy, Ancient Africans didn’t pray to the ocean. They recognized that they were aspects of the ocean and it was in themselves. They would say that the ocean is a multitude of drops. That’s logical, right? That’s the Ancient African spiritual science concept.

The ancient Africans, before slavery, understanding that they are drops or gods and goddesses would seek to express and harness the power of the ocean already within and through their godself. The aspect of the godself they termed as the higher Ka.

Africans pray before religion
Ask any Christian in the African diaspora how they mentally picture God (Old white dude)

Through a religious paradigm, we have been taught to pray to something outside ourselves believing that we are separate from God and need to cultivate a favorable relationship with God.

The ancient Africans taught that as an eternal Ka, you are on a journey to recognize your own divinity or godself. Expressing yourself as a Ka in flesh through many incarnations is one way that the higher Ka learns and emerges as a god, not the temporary physical body.

Not to diminish our lives in any way, but the lives we live are like the testing ground of ideas through our experiences. It is through human experience that the soul learns.

As a human being, you simply work daily to strengthen your awareness of the connection to your higher Ka for guidance and inspiration.

Knowing they were a Ka; the ancient African didn’t pray to something. They would turn inward, tap into the power of that ocean of consciousness and as gods and goddesses create what they desired.

Africans Prayed Before religionToday because we have been sold and bought the repackaged religion, we have forgotten who we are and feel powerless.

We mostly pray for that repackaged God “out there” to rescue us because the belief is that we don’t have the power to do it ourselves. It’s time to wake up gods and goddesses, tap into your Higher Ka, your spiritual self and create what you desire.

This knowledge was left in stone to rediscover. It is profound! You are powerful and have the power to create!

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Beyond reverence and fear to peace of mind

The Egyptian Trinity

Reverence is a deep respect, awe and even fear of something. When religious we were taught to have a reverence for so much! We didn’t even know why! It was no more than superstition. The Trinity was one of those ideas that we were to have reverence for. But when you study the science it was nothing more than a way to express a formula for universal experiences.

Reverence Trinity
Reverence isn’t warranted when you understand the science

Everybody knows and understands the concept of duality and polarity. It takes interaction of the polarities to produce the third thing or experience. The third thing is not physical, it’s abstract.

For example, a man and woman are polarities, or opposites, in the physical. Before anything happens between them they can experience desire. Desire is the abstract trinity produced from the polarity. The third “force” can’t be known directly you need its polar opposite.


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It doesn’t have to be a romantic situation. Music could inspire a love for it. A canvas could inspire a painter to paint. Lebron James could inspire Kevin Durant to play his greatest game. The inspiration is the third aspect of these particular trinities. Polarity produces the trinity, ALWAYS! It reconciles duality (This makes for powerful life application).

What I just explained is the science behind an idea that we had reverence for in religion. The father, son, and the holy spirit are called the creative trinity. It’s a formula, not an aspect of the Godhead to be worshiped blindly.

The Trinity, in this case, is the masculine number three.

Understanding the idea you can now think of many trinities within your experience. It’s science. It is the basis of numerology that was founded in the Khemetic sciences.

Namaste (the divine in me, recognizes the divine in you)

Reginald Khu-Ahkaru


As successful person of color you are extraordinary

Black power fist

As a person of color that is successful in a career, in business, a relationship and living life in the face of white supremacy and racism, do you ever consider how EXTRAORDINARY that you are? We create our reality from our belief systems.

From a metaphysical perspective consider that what we see in our minds first ends up in our reality. Imagination is like life’s coming previews.

Black power fist
Successful POC have to overcome great odds

But consider that so many of the images we see in the media are anti-POC. You are constantly bombarded with videos, movies, news, magazines, and any number of media outlets that continually show ideas that are negative when in comes to the life and lifestyle of POC.

To put it into context the media images in a lot of ways are hypnotic suggestions. They can have the effect of programming you subconsciously.  As a successful POC you literally have to sift through all the negative images and consciously decided that you are going to be successful.


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If you are white it is the opposite. You get all kinds of images that show you being successful in all kinds of endeavors. You get images of people with successful relationships, large homes, fancy cars, and a lifestyle that anyone would envy.

If you don’t have that lifestyle its not a stretch of the imagination to believe that you can achieve the ideal that is in the videos, pictures, and movies. The people all look like you and probably people that are in your family.

With people of color often times materially successful people are an exception. In order to achieve that type of success one oftentimes have to go against a familial trend of poverty.

How do you do it? To understand the answer to that question is realizing the intricate steps it takes to bring from the mind something to manifest in reality. You had to have overcome a hurdle that many white people do not to be successful.

If you study the deepest aspects of khemetic knowledge you will better understand ideas like prayer and faith. You will get a more scientific understanding rather than the religious idea of those concepts.

It will enable you to move to even greater levels of success. Understand that materials is not the measure of your success. It is great to have nice things. But the true measure of success is from your own inner compass.

That’s what learning the original spiritual teachings of our ancient African ancestors will do for you. You will gain confidence, that will raise your level of self-esteem and self-efficacy. That is the power of knowing and gaining wisdom over belief and having knowledge.

The system of white supremacy is designed to make you believe you are not the norm, that relative to a white person you are less than them, and carry some defect like skin color, hair type etc! You have had to overcome those seeds of mental destruction to gain every good thing you have in your life! DAMN! That’s some deep shit! You are extraordinary!

Namaste (the divine in me, recognizes the divine in you)

Reginald Khu-Ahkaru