Khemetic Science: Jesus ain’t real now what else you got?

Many of us conscious or woke people put ourselves at odds with Christianity and Christians when there’s no need to because of a lack of knowledge. I don’t want that to sound like an attack, I’m just stating facts that I want to shed a little light on in this screencast with some deeper knowledge.

The bible is misunderstood and misapplied African spiritual science. If people really understood what it is, they could use Christianity to teach the true spiritual science to those that are open.

I regularly see too many people in social media call our Christian brothers and sisters coons, making inflammatory statements like f*** Jesus, or anyone that believes in Jesus is deaf, dumb, and blind.

Jesus had no race because he never existed

I truly understand the anger. When I first found out that Jesus was never a real person, I wanted to tell my whole family. I just knew they would want to this information. My whole family was Christian, but we were still torn apart by our beliefs about Christianity before I found out about the Jesus misinformation!

My family rejected this knowledge. I had just graduated from college with a degree in psychology. So I understood and was armed on a deeper level with what believing is a white Jesus was doing to my family and my people. Hell, you don’t need a degree to see it! Just look around the world and see the state of the African diaspora. Wherever Christianity went, death and destruction of indigenous civilizations and cultures have followed.

My favorite aunt rejected the knowledge and proudly told said to me, “My Jesus is white” and that my problem was that I had gone off to college and gotten too educated! Imagine what I felt.

I was hurt because she should at least be proud that I was one of the first in the whole extended family to get a college degree! With that hurt and rejection came my anger at her, later the rest of my family and at Christianity. I went on the attack to show them how dumb and stupid they were.

After a while, I realized that I had pretty much alienated myself from my family because of my actions towards them. They were not open to my message. For a while, it saddened and angered me more. But the only knowledge I was armed with at the time was Jesus was never a historical person. He wasn’t real.

I knew on the surface that Jesus wasn’t real and that the ideas came out of Africa. That wasn’t enough to change my families mind. What proof did I have really? In other words, Jesus ain’t real so now what else you got to prove it! I had nothing!

I’ve always been a teacher at heart, even before I became a school teacher. That meant I had to know so that I could impart knowledge to others. So I want to give you some knowledge here that will help you connect the dots for Christians that are open and investigating.

These Christians are different than most and I will explain why this is so crucial later. You can connect with’em rather than alienate them. This is only a primer. You will need to go deeper yourself, but it will be a start for you.

Let’s look at a couple of Christian concepts that are regularly used as points of contention for conscious folk and Christians but are at their root African spiritual science twisted.  Adam and Eve, and the Jesus on the Cross and death. However, understanding the truth of the knowledge is more powerful than the biblical lies.

Let’s start with Adam and Eve. They were never real historical people. Adam and Eve came through the Greek Gnostics as an analogy explaining the Neter Atum. You have to remember Socrates was executed for corrupting the youth and not believing in the Gods of the state. He was teaching African spiritual science.

If you dig deeper you will find that the Greek gods like Hercules and Athena are actually Khemetic Neters with a name change. So is Adam. They changed the names to protect themselves, so they could teach this powerful spiritual science. And I want the African diaspora to understand this.

The Science of Khemet was the Science of Africa. What became Khemetic science was a part of other parts of Africa. My friends at ancestral voices can confirm this through their high-quality research and videos.


In the ancient world, Egypt was the holy land for a reason. Have you ever considered why this knowledge was so sought after and why men would risk death to obtain it a teach it? And so many of the African diaspora still pray to a savior that has yet to save.

One reason is a lack of knowledge which the definition of ignorance. Again, I don’t say that as an attack. I speak it as a fact that through simply analyzing those facts will reveal what I say is true. Researching will confirm them for you.

Egyptian myths are an interplay of numbers

One of the foundational aspects of the Khemetic spiritual system is what we call numerology. It’s the basis of all their myths. Those myths became the personages in the bible simply renamed.

Adam is a cognate of Atum. A cognate means that the word was derived from the same root word.

In numerology, Atum is a metaphor for a numerical philosophical concept called a monad. Philosophically the monad is the principle of numbers and the number one is the principle of numbered things. In other words, the monad is an intelligible but abstract concept, so is Atum. However, the number one can be divided into infinity. The monad is the potential of things, Atum is the concept of the potential of all things to exist.

Within the philosophy of numbers, they can be odd and even, masculine and feminine, and squared based on how they function and what the numbers looked like in their numbering system. Teachers, this would make math fun for kids, trust me.

As an abstract principle, Atum is masculine and feminine. Therefore, as Adam and Eve, you have in Christianity the misunderstanding and misapplication of the Khemetic concept of Atum as a monad.

There are many of these concepts that are a part of the bible. My reason for doing this is to arm you with knowledge and understanding for a Christian that wants to go deeper.

Now I already know if you have listened or read this far you are probably a leader and teacher of some kind or you want to be. You will be the one that will bridge our Christian brothers and sisters over from religion to spirituality. But you have to get the foundational knowledge and not just give them the surface stuff and expect a Christian to change.

Here is a huge one, the Cross.

The cross is actually a profound spiritual science concept

I see this meme that says the Ankh is life and the cross is death.

Well, that’s not true at all when you know the African spiritual science behind the cross. I know what we’ve been taught as the meaning of the Cross as Christians. Jesus died on the cross, so it means death.

In the origins of the concept of the Cross it is actually the ancient numerical concept that is thousands of years old. I’m talking between 30,000 to 50,000 years old. Pre-historical.

The cross is actually a numerical representation of two squared which equals the number four.

One aspect of the Cross is expressing symbolically how matter is formed

Now please understand I am giving you a really stripped-down explanation so that you can have a basis to go research.

The Cross is scientifically explaining a component of any natural phenomenon. There must be a crossing of elements in order to produce anything in our reality. The Neters Shu, Tefnut, Nut and Geb are the foundation for all phenomenon of the perceptible universe. At the basis of this idea is that the number one, or unity, or as we know it biblically the holy spirit descends into matter it divides and crosses many times to form our reality.

Mankind is fixed to the cross, not Jesus, but all perceptible life. That’s the SCIENCE!

The first Cross means that the phenomenon was absorbed and therefore inert and lifeless until the second cross occurred, and the phenomenon or life came forth. Iusa aka Jesus is the number five that represents the idea of any phenomenon to perpetuate itself. Hence the idea that Iusa or Jesus is always or perpetually coming back. Any phenomenon or life could not exist without the foundation of crossing. Therefore, the phenomenon or life is “pinned” to the cross.

In other words, anything in existence comes from an elemental crossing. The cross is not death, it’s symbolic of the foundation of life, of existence! Christianity took it and made It something else. They got it from the Greek Gnostics who had to change the original myths for self-preservation. Don’t stop at their level of knowledge. Go deeper!


This was circa 425 BCE. Before historians had an agenda to erase Africa from history

In Egypt, these elements were called Shu, Tefnut, Geb and Nut. Geb is known as the father of Ausar aka Osiris. Ausar is known as the father of Heru aka Iusa in Egypt and Hercules or Hercules to the Greeks. Ask a Greek mythologist where the parents of Hercules are from and they will tell you Egypt. This is to let you know that when I say the Greek gods are nothing more than Egyptian Neters renamed it’s documented.

The Virgin Mary

But another little known Khemetic Neter was called a virgin. That Neter is Neith who was Called Meri (M-E-R-I) as were many of the feminine Neters in ancient Egypt because of an aspect of their function. Neith’s function was known as the virgin birth before the birth. Her function is that of Crossing. Hence she is the virgin mother Meri or Mary. Geb is the earthly father of Iusa or Jesus. I know, you’ve been told she is a goddess of war because she has been symbolized with arrows. But if you notice the ancient motifs will show the arrows crossed. It all has a deeper meaning that most don’t take the time to research.

Understanding the science will help connect the Khemetic myth in the bible. If you truly want to help awaken our Christian brothers and sisters, I’m going to challenge you to get deeper into this knowledge.

Understand that is truly a science of EVERYTHING. That’s one of the reasons this knowledge became sacred. Because those that possess it become powerful creators in their own right. As Christians and the religious we worship the knowledge as sacred but don’t have a clue about what it is or how it can be used. We are taught is was satanic or from the devil. It’s not true! African spiritual science was demonized!

If you are a pastor that is awakening, you cannot afford to go to your congregation with the knowledge of a meme that amounts to a sewing thimble worth of knowledge in an ocean and expect them to follow you.

If you are awake, you cannot beat people down with superficial knowledge and then get angry at them when they don’t accept it. They don’t have to believe you. Their faith does not need facts. Unfortunately, Christians want to argue facts with faith and us woke folk don’t realize that facts are irrelevant to faith.

No one has to prove their faith and shouldn’t have to. Faith is personal. Faith is not rational, facts are. Faith doesn’t equate to facts, and facts can’t disprove faith. It’s only when someone searches for knowledge when facts become important.


Those Christians that are open will need this deeper knowledge to even begin to investigate. It’s not a matter of getting over Jesus. It is a deeply rooted psychological paradigm that you are dealing with. That’s the foundation of faith.

You must remember as Christian’s we were taught that to even analyze and question the teachings of the bible is sinful and our eternal salvation is at stake. How afraid would you be if the price for questioning meant eternal hell? The fear isn’t rational, so facts aren’t enough when faith is all that matters to a Christian.

You must be more knowledgeable and compassionate towards our Christian brothers and sisters. You must understand the psychological implications to a Christian. Those of the conscious community that is attacking Christians are doing so from a hurt and angry egotistical place. You will not win Christians over by attacking them. That must stop!

My conscious, passionate Brothers and sisters I understand where you are too simply because I have been there. Hurt and angry. An attack on Christian faith with a borage of facts won’t work on a person that feels all they have is faith. Doing so shows an egotistical and arrogant disposition that tells the recipient of the borage that you care nothing about them.

Many of the African diaspora are desperate. They think only Jesus will save them and this world. The African spiritual science will give them a different message and empower all who are courageous enough to break the psychological chains of faith. But we must go deeper!

No Jesus ain’t real! Now what else you got? Study and go deeper. At Khemetic Centered living we are a tribe of leaders and teachers that go deeper, with compassion and knowledge to reach our brothers and sisters that are reaching out. The knowledge is there but its not on the surface. It cannot be taught and explained through a few sentences on a meme.

What was something new you learned?
What was the best benefit you received from reading this article?

How to communicate as Neter (NTR)

Modern science is still looking for a “theory of everything.” in other words, they keep looking for an idea that connects every single thing in the universe. Science does tell you that everything vibrates, but somehow, they disconnect the idea that you are vibration.

The ancient Africans connected the idea of vibration. Science will “discover” this idea sometime in the future. But if you are to ascend to your god/goddess self you need to understand vibration and frequency is EVERYTHING. You will connect to your higher self as NTR (NaTuRe) from within. You are never not connected too, and a part of everything in the universe.


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Your body is vibrating at a certain frequency. Each healthy organ is “tuned” to a certain frequency.

Illness is a certain frequency

Joy is a frequency

Fear is a frequency

Your emotions are frequencies

The things that happen in your life are because of the frequency you choose to operate from, be it consciously or unconsciously through your life programming.

An optimist operates at a certain frequency

A pessimistic person lives life within a certain frequency.

Vibration is everything and the ancient Africans knew this. Our experience is the Frequencies we tune into like channels on a TV or stations on a radio. We have the ability to communicate across dimensions via Frequency. For example, dreams are many different bands of frequency.

Change frequency
A metaphor for what setting intention does for you

Your intentions are like the remote control or tuner you use to connect with the multidimensional universe.

The only difference between you and THE ALL is frequency. Remember the ocean analogy in the screencast “is stating we are gods prideful and arrogant?” It is an ocean of vibration and as a drop in that ocean, you are a certain frequency within. In the physical body what you feel emotionally is how you speak to the universe. You will tune in to experiences that will confirm your feelings and emotions.

When you feel good you are vibing or in resonance with your soul. When you feel negative you are in dissonance with your soul. It’s really that simple. Do you want to know how to find your purpose in life?

Let your joy be your guide. Do the things that make you feel joyous and it will lead you to your purpose. Paradoxically even if don’t find your purpose you will enjoy the journey. As Christians, we were taught on some level that if you enjoyed something too much it was probably sinful. The reason for that idea is based on the Gnostic philosophical inheritance of Christianity. It’s a complete misapplication of Khemetic wisdom.

You have the power to connect to or better create the life you want. You have to CHOOSE the frequency you operate from. That’s a superpower. The ability to choose to find the silver lining in the cloud so to speak.

It’s time to stop connecting to your experience in a negative way that disempowers you. It’s time to Choose to find the positive within the negative and transmute (change) that energy to create a positive outcome for you. That’s what the creator does in creating all things. It does so from a frequency that we would experience as the emotion of joy. Joy is a frequency.

Proof that the Africans thought this way is in the myth of Atum.

Atum “created Joy within himself” through masturbating then spit out and expectorated the foundational elements of the universe, Shu and Tefnut.

Where id the idea of Jesus originate? In this myth of Atum? Iw-saw became the word Iu-sa

The ancient Africans would tell you to let joy be your guide through life. They had a ceremony of the weighing of the heart against a feather. Symbolically one meaning was asking is your heart as light as a feather, in other words, did you live life light-hearted? That is a powerful concept!

Did you live life light-hearted?

Unlike our science today, the ancient Africans had a theory of everything, they understand that the universe doesn’t speak a language, it speaks frequency. All things vibrate. They taught that all of the universe is a frequency. All NeTeRs are a frequency. You are NeTeR.


As NTR, what frequency are you “speaking” to the universe on a daily basis?

Are you optimistic or pessimistic?

Feel me?

Leave a comment below or hit me up via email at

Is the statement we are Gods being prideful and arrogant?

So often in the conscious community, we hear people shout the idea that we are gods. That seems really arrogant and prideful. That’s a no-no for anybody raised with Christian beliefs. That’s enough to get you sent to hell with gasoline draws on.

But the truth is it is ancient African philosophy and upon analysis, very logical. I’m going to teach you the science behind the idea so that you understand it to the depth of your soul and not just words you mouth with no knowledge.

Say it to yourself, “I am god/goddess.” Does it make you feel kind of queasy to make that statement? Be honest. If it does, it’s because of the Christian conditioning and their idea of God is ingrained in you. You are mentally still Christian.

The Christian view of “God” is truly one based in ignorance of the African science that the idea originated from.

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Why is it even important to understand the difference?

Because the Christian view of God keeps believers around the world in mental bondage and poverty. Case in point, over 400,000,000 “believers” of the African diaspora worldwide live in poverty. 400 million! Is this just a coincidence? No, its one of the underlying symptoms of not understanding that they are gods and having confidence in yourself and your abilities to create.
Self-loathing will snatch confidence out of you
The major difference between the Christian religion and the Khemetic Spiritual System is the idea of having a relationship to God rather than recognizing your own divinity.
If you have a relationship to God like Christianity teaches,  then saying I am a god is prideful because you are saying you are equal to this superhuman like being that you worship. Christianity teaches pride as one of the seven deadly sins (it’s not even biblical, they just inserted the doctrine for what amounts to mind control).
But the way the very logical way the ancient Africans thought was that a human being is the ultimate expression and extension of all the elements that make up the universe. They called these natural components NTR/NeTeR/NaTuRe. Every component that makes the universe is part of you.
From the African perspective, you are Neter or Nature expressed as a human being, just like a tree is, or a river, a bird, an insect, or the sun, is the natural expression of nature. Is it prideful to consider yourself a part of NTR (NaTuRe)? Of course not. The African proverb “know thyself and you will know the NTRS” is profound. From that perspective its not being prideful, it’s understanding your place in the universe and how you fit in.
Most indigenous cultures have this same belief about where nature fits with God. It’s why they were so respectful nature.
When you know how to access the NTRs within, you become a powerful aspect of creation and a creator of your own life. You will have the ability to become superhuman. You are Neter. Every aspect of NTR is in you. Our modern idea of God is a misapplication of the African scientific understanding of the workings of the Universe. It’s a misapplication of African spirituality and science.

Why is understanding yourself as NTR as opposed to God important?

Because you then have a foundation for building confidence in who you are rather than trying to placate that big angry, jealous, psychotic in the sky hoping you can gain favor from “him.” Yes, I said psychotic!
I know that sounds disrespectful, but the truth is when you describe all the ideas that people have of this humanlike God (angry, Jealous, vengeful, merciful, loving, etc.) he sounds psychotic.
As Christians, we are taught to accept ideas of being broken, unworthy, nothing compared to God and in need of a savior because of our sinful condition. But in reality, you don’t have to compare yourself to God because you are god expressed as a human being.
let me express this in an analogy the logical way ancient Africans viewed themselves in relation to God. This thought process enabled them to build pyramids that cannot be equaled in modern times. So there has to be something to it.
In the ancient African way of thinking, God is an ocean. You are a drop in that ocean. The only difference between the drop and the ocean is the maganitude. Just like the drop and the ocean, the only difference between you and God is the magnitude, not the substance. That’s the ancient African way of thinking. It a logical progression. That makes sense, doesn’t it? I hope so.
With the Christian way of thinking the drop in the ocean is somehow different from the ocean. You know yourself, that’s absurd!
It’s time to stop praying to God and recognize yourself as NTR and creator. In this way you access the god within you. Those who cultivate a relationship to God will remain in poverty because your self-confidence will always be under attack with ideas of being broken and unworthy. You will have that Christian conflict going on in your own mind.
You are NTR in human form. It’s not prideful to recognize this, it’s prudent in today’s world. That’s the ancient African spiritual science way!
In my new e-course, I go much deeper and give you the science of prayer, what it is and how you pray as NTR rather than to god in hopes he will swoop down and save you. It’s time for us to become a spiritual scientist in order to change ourselves and then change the world. You can’t do that living in ignorance believing superstitiously with a Christian mentality.
The spiritual science truth is more powerful than the lie. “Know thyself, and you will know NTR.” Not God, NTR.
Hit me back via email at , what are your thoughts on this idea? What’s your story and how it has affected you?
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If you are coming out of Christianity I have linked you below to a few of the articles that will be of great benefit to you.
You will get articles that help you with ideas like:

The lower self-confidence the lower the ability to determine value

The lower self-confidence the lower the ability to determine value.
Those who know the cost of everything but the value of nothing.
When you think about it value is something that is totally subjective. A person that does not have the ability to evaluate the worth of something for themselves has a difficult time in areas that don’t have set prices.

These types of people if they have ever considered it, find investing is say real estate a very difficult proposition.

A set price means that everyone else is paying the same thing. Therefore you know the cost of it relative to what everyone else is paying. For a person with low self-esteem price brings them confort. How would you feel about yourself if you ended up paying more for something than everyone else? Probably not to good.

That person would feel cheated in some way.

Because they are unable to determine the value of something for themselves they feel good that everyone else is paying the same price.

As long as everyone else get the same price they feel safe in their assessment because everyone else got the same deal. They won’t feel cheated or like that made a mistake if they didn’t pay the same price.

But consider this mindset as one that is prevalent to people that lack self-esteem. They don’t have the confidence to determine the value for themselves. They need the outside validation that the crowd offers.

This mindset is important to understand because it is a tip of the iceberg sample of a person’s inner workings. It shows up in other areas of life. for example, a person that has this price mentality isn’t comfortable with investing in something like stocks, real estate, cryptocurrency, and other endeavors that take independent evaluation that sometimes may go against the crowd.

For a person with low self-esteem there is safety in fitting in with everyone. Being different may mean that others will not like you for some reason. Them liking you or not becomes the basis of which self is evaluated. A thumbs up from others means you are good. A thumbs down means that you need to prove yourself to them.

A low self-esteem person seeks approval

With investing, going along with the crowd can be the difference in making a lot of money or losing it. As an investor, you have to evaluate investments and get in on them early before the crowd realizes its a good investment. That means you would have to analyze and evaluate on your own without the approval of others in the form of a set price.

This type of mentality can be seen in the dating world. I have often times heard women say that if a man is single, then there must be something wrong with him. That means if he is not with someone else, then he can’t be valuable. If no one else wants him then why should she want him?

That’s a woman that has a price mentality. Unless someone else validates the man for her by being with him then she can’t assess the qualities of the man for herself. She doesn’t have the confidence that she can be right about a man regardless of if he is with another woman or not.

The point being that confidence in yourself is a major key to taking a calculated risk. Risks like starting a business and being confident enough to weather the storms and the up and downs of a startup when it may seem that no one agrees with the value of what you offer as a product or service.

If no one is buying does that mean something is wrong with your product or have you not expressed the benefits to them in a way that they understand the value of what you have? If you are not confident in what you offer then a lack of purchases says your product is sub-par, when in reality it may be your offer.

Those with low self-esteem struggle with independent thinking. As a said, it carries over into many areas of life. With learning Khemetic wisdom you will gain the ability to build your self-confidence from the inside out. whereas with Christianity, you were taught ideas of being unworthy and worthless in the eyes of God.

You must learn why you are a god/goddess which is valuable and worthy of all.

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If you are coming out of Christianity I have linked you below to a few of the articles that will be of great benefit to you.
You will get articles that help you with ideas like:


Controversial! Break free mentally with exposing the secret agenda to invent Jesus

Vatican Church
The originators of Jesus

Table of Contents

Why is this important?
Where did the idea of KRST begin?
Christian Fathers recruited those that were not very bright or educated
The Catholic Church despiritualized KRST
What’s the difference between Gnosis and “Belief?”
What prompted Christian fathers to ordain Jesus and God and Man?
What was a reason for the Christian deviation?
How would the leaders on earth be chosen?

I’m going to start off this article with a bold and controversial statement about the early Catholic Church that I can definitively prove to you:

The Godman called Jesus Christ never existed and I can prove it using the Bible (more on that another time as this article is about why Jesus was historicized by the Catholic Church). He was an invention of the Catholic Church to legitimize its organizational authority and keep you under their control psychologically, physically, and spiritually. Early Church bishops said so.

Bart Ehrman

I can be 100% confident in my statement because of knowledge I have obtained with knowing where the story of Jesus originated and what truly meant.

Why is this important?

Because “The Church” used this doctrine as psychological warfare on the believers. The strongest of the faithful routinely suffer from low self-esteem, lack of self-self acceptance, anxiety from fear of hell and/or getting left behind, lack of self-worth, sexual dysfunction and a litany of other psychological traumas.

Not only do they suffer psychologically, but because of the indoctrination, they believe that they are the problem. So many Christians believe this they think it is simply the normal way to live in this psychologically traumatized state. Therefore, exposing what “The Church” has done is important to the psychological health of millions within humanity.


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How do I get to heaven without dying?
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I know definitively that Christ, not Jesus, originated in Egyptian mythology that filtered through the Gnostics to the Christians in the first four centuries of the development of Christianity. But there was a need, with the formation of the organizational hierarchy of the Catholic Church, to invent an actual personage for the masses to institute power and control over them. This is why Jesus was born.

I know that sounds kind of diabolically conspiracy theory type stuff. It shocked me to find out why it was done. Dr evil as early Catholic Church bishop

I have had the knowledge of KRST (Christ) originating in Egypt for many years. Many questions I had as a Christian have been put to rest, like will I go to hell for eternity for not believing? I can answer that with an emphatic, HELL NO!

But one question has nagged at me until recently, why was there a need to invent a corporeal (flesh and blood) man? Historically the concept of KRST (Christ) had been around for 10,000 years or more. I know that many years may sound farfetched but evidence supports a much longer timeframe for ancient Khemetic civilization than what Egyptologist say.

Where did the idea of KRST begin?

Krst was part of the theology at the Egyptian temple of Ptah.

Krst was about a subjective inner experience and not a belief in someone that was unique and special Godman. EVERYONE, including women, was potentially a KRST in that it was a spiritual principle.

Everyone was potentially a KRST
Everyone was potentially a KRST (Christ)

Were these Christian men just naïve, dumb, and ignorant? Or were they extremely clever? The answer is yes to both questions.

Christian Fathers recruited those that were not very bright or educated

In order for the dogma to take hold, they did need the ignorant (not knowing)  to comply. As time passed many of them accepted the doctrines on faith. Even back then the general public knew the idea of a man dying for three days and coming back to life was impossible and absurd to even claim. That’s why the Catholic Church came up with the concept of miracles. A miracle means that something is outside of a logical, rational cause and effect connection.

However, they needed to convince others to just “believe” it without question as well. The best converts were the ones that accepted this absurdity blindly and without question. The Early bishops wrote books and letters expressing their theories and hypotheses to each other. They were simply crafting and developing their system as any organization would do today. They knew the best mentality of the people they were trying to attract into the fold. And they wanted them unenlightened and ignorant.

Early Catholic Church recruits
Early Christians recruited a not so smart group of people

In the quote above the early Christian scholar, Origen is stating that Christians are well educated in the ways of God but not to smart in dealing with worldly life. In other words, they were not a learned group of people.

Christian fathers wanted ignorant believers
Those that would simply accept what they were told were the “better believers”

Massey is saying that the historical Jesus is based on faith without the ancient knowledge the concepts were derived from. Those that were the most ignorant were said to be the better believers.

Tertullian, an Early Christian father states:

Christian father we must believe the absurd
In other words the crazier it seems it must be believed!

This was the backstory of early Christians. The dumber the better! I know that sounds insulting, I apologize, but I want this understood in no uncertain terms.

The Catholic Church despiritualized KRST

As stated in the beginning, the Godman Jesus was a fabrication of the Roman Catholic Church to subjugate Roman citizens to the Authority of the Catholic Church. They needed to put in place a leadership that was beyond the questions of the people they were leading. Even if the people couldn’t respect the man or the organization they should never be at odds against God for fear of eternal damnation.

The Bible is as much a political document as it is a religious document. The formation of Christianity is due as much to politics and government as it is theology. They cannot be separated.

For the first two centuries, there were many Christian sects that would be called “Gnostic” in modern times. Many formed under different ideas and different leaders. The Catholic Church version of Christianity won out because of a monumental convert in 313 CE; the Roman emperor Constantine. That conversion essentially married theology, government, and politics.

With the Catholic churches need to legitimize the authority of certain men, It also ushered in a despiritualized version of the Egypto-Gnostic mystery systems.

Here’s what I mean. The Egyptians and their Gnostic pupils believed that the soul was the primary entity that existed. The body was a transitory expression of the soul. The soul experienced your inner subjective world as its learning platform. Your thoughts and emotions are what’s real from the soul perspective.

Your inner world is where “God” dwells. KRST was a principle that connected the inner and outer worlds. But when the idea was made corporeal in Jesus it was forever stripped from the individual to have a valid and unique subjective inner experience. Christian Fathers denounced the Gnostics as heretics for even teaching ideas as your own unique experience was the “real” experience.  This idea alone threatened the authority of the Church because you didn’t need to rely on any bishop or priest for your spiritual guidance. You would simply go within.

Gnosis threatened authority
The early Catholic Church fathers believed personal spirituality threatened authority

Spirituality is about your unique inner experience of your world. It doesn’t have to be like anyone one else’s. This was the basis of Gnosis or “knowing.” Knowing meaning that you experience an idea within you.

What’s the difference between Gnosis and “Belief?”

I will use an analogy to express the concept of Gnosis as opposed to “believing.” When you have an orgasm you experience it within you. You know what an orgasm feels like. It might be so good and powerful words can’t even describe what it feels like. The experience of your orgasm is Gnosis.

Belief is a virgin, that has never had sex, but told how good an orgasm feels. That virgin can give you a dissertation on an orgasm, but never truly have an experience of it. They simply believe what they are told about it and spread the word. Gnosis, therefore, is the personal inner experience. Belief is about accepting the experience of another as your own.

For ancient Egyptians that inner experience was the way to gather true wisdom. For the ancient Egyptians and later the Gnostics, wisdom was the highest form of learning.

De lubicz
Revelation is KRST, reasoning is Jesus

From the Egypto-Gnostic perspective, a true revelation could only come from experiencing that which comes from within you. Christianity made belief the highest state of spiritual attainment. According to Christianity all one has to do is profess they “believe” in Jesus and they are “saved.” That thought process is equivalent to the virgin in the analogy. There was no inner experience. Simply a completely rational thought process. Believing the story rather than experiencing your own truth.

Beliefe is connected to a fake godman called Jesus. But wisdom (ma’at) is experiencing the transformation of KRST (Christ) as a revelation in all areas of your life. We have been taught as Christians that in order to experience KRST (Christ), we must believe in Jesus. There never was a Jesus, but there will always be the Universal principle of KRST.

Christian fathers spoke against anyone attempting to validate their own unique inner experience. In this way, they despiritualized KRST and gave the world-historical corporeal Jesus. Every inner spiritual experience was linked to Jesus and nothing else. They made us believe that spiritual experiences could only happen through accepting Jesus as our savior. It’s just not true. A Christian, Muslim, or Jew can and do have the same type of inner experiences. They are a natural part of a SOUL having a HUMAN experience.

Christianity is despiritualized
despiritualization means your inner experience is invalidated by “the faith”

Above Massey writes of an anti-spiritualistic religion. He is referencing the idea that Christian fathers demonized intuition, dreams as a source of wisdom, trusting your own inner compass, and just about anything that you would experience that could not be validated by the church or guided by those in power.

What prompted Christian fathers to ordain Jesus and God and Man?

What did the men who invented historical, corporeal Jesus have to gain from it?

There were many sects in early Christianity claiming they had the true knowledge. They were all Gnostic in the first two centuries. Christian Fathers battled with them when the Church began to organize in a hierarchy. Each sect had followers but how could an “orthodox (right knowing) Christian” know the difference between a heretic (someone whose position is disliked or denounced) and a “true Christian?”

How the Christian fathers answered that question was to invent the historical man named Jesus from the spiritual myths of the KRST (Christ). The quote from the book Gnostic Gospels tells you why the Church needed to invent historical, flesh and blood, bodily resurrected Jesus. Why was corporeal Jesus needed?:

The doctrine of resurrection
“The doctrine of resurrection serves an essential political function”

Out of this need to organize leaders was born the secret agenda and the need for a historical Godman that bestowed a succession of knowledge and authority that would be passed on to later Generations. About a decade after the conversion of Emperor  Constantine, the Catholic Church had its first ecumenical council, the council of Nicaea. At this council a number of proclamations were instituted that made sure:

  1. You could define what “true Christians” believed
  2. That certain men could claim authority from God through his son

The first two paragraphs of the Nicene Creed pretty much put in place the theological tenants for forming the organizational hierarchy of the Catholic Church.

Excerpt from the Nicene Creed state:

We believe in one God,

the Father almighty,

maker of heaven and earth,

of all things visible and invisible.


And in one Lord Jesus Christ,

the only Son of God,

begotten from the Father before all ages,

God from God,

Light from Light,

true God from true God,

Here’s what I mean. As stated before, Christianity was Gnostic for the first two centuries. Then they started separate theologically on a couple of points that just coincidentally were paramount to the formation of The organizational structure of The Church.

What was a reason for the Christian deviation?

The Gnostics believed that there was the ultimate creator and then a lesser gods (Aeons) that created the earth and the material universe (A departure from Egyptian cosmology). Christian fathers ended up rejecting this aspect of Gnosticism because they believed that leadership on earth should mirror heaven.

There could only be one main leader on earth because there was only one God in heaven. They established a doctrine that is labeled today, “one God, one bishop.” It was not only theologically expedient but political as well to denounce the Gnostic idea of God and lessor Aeons creating the earth.

Organization authority esablished with historical Jesus
The organizational authority of the church was established with historical Jesus

Christian father and bishop of The Church Irenaeus wanted to ensure that the bishops on earth had equal authority as God in heaven. Hence the need for the first part in the Nicene Creed: “we believe in one God, Father almighty, maker of heaven and earth.”

With all the quarreling of the different sects the one God, one bishop decree was made. How could someone tell the difference between a true priest and a false (Gnostic) priest?  At this point is where a historical, physically resurrected Godman was needed. There had to be someone that could confer power and authority to certain men on earth. What better way to do this than by God sending his son to earth?

Jesus invented for political reasons
The politics of Jesus

How would the appointed leaders on earth be chosen?

Jesus was said to have his followers on earth. His twelve apostles (again, Egyptian myth). According to The Church, the apostles all got their messages directly from Jesus. No one else could ever make that claim ever again. It actually mattered that this Godman was walking around some three hundred years before the Nicene Creed was authored. Why?

No one would ever experience Jesus in person again
Catholic Church banked on the idea that no one would ever experience Jesus again in person?

Why? Because no one could confirm a physical person. But he could not be denied either if the powerful bishops vouched for his life and authenticity. The laity had been taught to accept (believe) the Decrees of the church on faith and without question. It was part of “THE FAITH.”

As stated before, a physical resurrection was an absolute absurdity even then! Any sane person questioned it and the Gnostics outright rejected it as stated below by Gerald Massey.

Gnostics didn't accept a historical Jesus
Even in antiquity, the idea of a man dead for three days and rising again wasn’t accepted

But because of the need for apostolic succession, the Christian fathers had to make a man that conferred power to his apostles before he left and went back to heaven. It was a political move wrapped in theology. Because the bishops and priest are supposedly in direct succession from the apostles of Jesus, the son of God, then they should be obeyed as God on earth.

The pope to this very day, claims his authority based on apostolic succession.

Pope claims his authority from Jesus
The pope claims his authority from the apostles who claims authority from Jesus

THERE WAS NEVER A GODMAN NAMED JESUS. However, western society has lived the ramifications of a historicized concept called KRST (Christ) for thousands of years before Christianity. The early Catholic Church and its bishops developed much ingenuity to get this idea through to its believers.

Implications of a historical Jesus

Again, there was no historical Jesus. For 2000 years the Catholic Church has banked on the fact that no one could fact-check them. Now that time has come where we can find much information at the touch of our fingertips. There was, however, an African science spiritual principle called Iusa; Heru; Horus. When you can break down the components of the myths from ancient Egypt the historical Jesus unravels in a hurry. I do so for you in my e-course, “The First Christians Didn’t Know Jesus.”

Why is it important to bring this knowledge to light? Personally, I don’t care what a person chooses to believe if it brings them happiness in expressing and being their authentic self.

But being made to believe in the doctrines born in the ecumenical councils of the Catholic Church have caused millions of people much pain and conflict within themselves, to say the least. Be they Catholic or Protestant.

People deal with fears of burning in a lake of fire for all eternity because they did not accept some papal edict. Do you know that Christianity is the only religion with the concept of an eternal hell? Think about how psychologically frightening that Idea can be when placed in the mind of a child. The problem is that child grows up and is still haunted by that idea as an adult. Many adults find out this information and its like being dropped off the side of a cliff without a parachute.  It’s emotionally gut-wrenching.

Here at Khemetic Centered Living, I don’t leave your belief system shattered and busted with nowhere else to go. I connect you back to the origin of those teachings. What you will find is that you don’t have to throw away everything you know as a Christian away. The bible can still be useful when the literal, historical cover is taken off the teachings.

Its time that we expose these ideas that are harmful and damaging to the human psyche. To humanity as a whole. The most insidious doctrine is one must believe in fabricated Godman in order to be saved from hell. It keeps people locked in fear.

That’s not how it was taught originally in ancient Egypt. It was a beautifully empowering teaching. One that you should at least learn about. Especially if you have suffered from the indoctrination of Christian fundamentalism.

You can free yourself and others from the Guilt, shame and fear these doctrines and indoctrination have produced. But, knowledge and education are the keys. You now have a key that can open doors to mental freedom! Find out more! I can lead you to the door, but you have to overcome the fear and cynicism to become enlightened.

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If you are coming out of Christianity I have linked you below to a few of the articles that will be of great benefit to you.
You will get articles that help you with ideas like:


Namaste (the divine in me, recognizes the divine in you)

Reginald Khu-Ahkaru


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Kemetic Spiritual Science: Wakanda and African beliefs before colonization

The Black Panther Movie was fantastic! I love how the Characters and storyline were developed. I loved the depth and beautifully complex narrative presented by the movie. The Hero and the villain were Black which blurred the lines between good and evil within complex layers of humanity.

I had to cheer for the villain when his dying wish was:

Nah, bury me in the ocean with my ancestors that jumped from the ships because they knew death was better than bondage.”

I was like, DAAAYYYUUUM! That line sent chills through me because I could identify with how he was thinking.

I loved the Scenery of Wakanda and the costumes. Going into the movie I wondered how it would mimic pre-Colonial Africa and its belief systems; its cosmology. I wasn’t disappointed.

Wakanda is a fictitious country. But many of the concepts about Africa were based on “real” African philosophy, history and cosmology. What were some of those ideas depicted?

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What did Africans believe before slavery?

African Historian

Pre-colonial Africa was a matriarchal society. That means that they recognized and operated from the “divine feminine” aspect. They were as introspective a society as many Asian societies are today. That introspective perspective is connecting to the divine feminine.

Dahomey worriers

The women in pre-colonial Africa did not have to fight for their rights. They were seen as the “seat” of the house and the male was its occupant. If you notice the symbolism of Auset (means she of the throne) she has a throne on her head. Through her, the masculine must operate. In all pre-dynastic myth and symbolism, the masculine and feminine were represented.

This brings us to the deeper subject of this post, The Black Panther was said to have the power of Bast. Bast was the Neter Represented by the cat. “She” was the protector as was T’Challa was the protector of his people. Bast was the defender of the Pharoah or king.

Black panther
Egyptian Goddess Bast

Many people still think that ancient Africans worshiped animals and nature.  This was not true. The bird head or lion head on the carving of a neter was not a form of worship but a symbolic representation of a function that animal had that was keener and/or stronger than a human naturally possed. The way ancient African symbolism worked, the more you know about the animal the more you can understand about the characteristics the Africans were communicating through the animal symbol on the most subtle of levels.

Today we think in terms of interpretations, ancient Africans had a different paradigm

It was the ingeniously sophisticated way of using “natural symbols” for how the Africans expressed these ideas. These natural symbols become keys to deciphering the myths after the knowledge has been buried or forgotten.  The ancient Africans did not have our modern concept of worship.

Only after the teachings were lost or forgotten did we begin to incorporate the idea of “worshiping” an entity. The mythology and symbolism of ancient Africa was assimilated into the Christian religion throughout the bible. The spiritual aspects of Christianity originated in ancient Kemet. As Christians, we were taught to worship concepts because there was no understanding of the spiritually scientific knowledge the concepts were attempting to convey.

I loved the subtlety of ideas represented in the Characters of Black Panther. It was the use of Symbolism and metaphor at its finest.

If there was no worship what did Africans do?

Today we have been taught to get a relationship to God.  As Christians we are taught that God is different from us and to even consider ourselves as a god is blasphemous and sinful! The Ancient Africans did not think this way.

They KNEW there was only ONE. And that EVERYTHING is the ONE in its own beautiful and unique form. Not different than the ONE. Simply an aspect of the one in its own form.

In Africa, you ARE a god/goddess in human form. God Is; I AM; The alpha and the Omega

Christianity erroneously changed that distinctly empowering African philosophy to an idea that has trapped us in a cage of self-hate and its effects of mediocrity.

The ceremony of T’Challa incorporating the powers of the Black Panther cat was closer to how ancient Africans saw what we call “worship” in modern times. Not the ceremony, but what the Africans believed about developing their own natural divinity.

In reality, our concept of worship would be foreign to ancient Africans. They didn’t worship. Why would you need to worship what you are? The idea for the ancient Africans was establishing a metaphysical connection to the object (in this case a Black Panther) and incorporating the desired function of that object within themselves.

Today we might think of this concept analogous to the saying, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” because our ancestors thought in terms of all things being the source in another form they believed they could incorporate any function of that source into their being. They BECAME all the powerful aspects of the panther.

Because of our biases we just don’t give ancient civilizations much credit for their knowledge. It is becoming more evident that they knew a lot more in many areas than we do today. The ancient civilizations had a different paradigm of thought. If you understand the science of manifesting by being a vibrational match to the object or experience of your desire then you already know this ancient African concept. They simply had taken it to another level.

In a sense, they would become the Panther and have the powers that animal possed. For the animal it was natural. In the movie, T’Challa gained superhuman strength and agility after ingesting an herb. This established a relationship metaphysically to the subject (T’Challa) and the object (the Panther). By identifying with (paying homage in a way) the object T’Challa would then take on the quality or function of that object (the Strength, power, and speed of the Panther). The animals natural abilities became the humans’ superpowers when incorporated.

The other thing to recognize is that these “powers” were not reserved for one special person. ANYONE that acquired the knowledge and wisdom had/has access to the transformational “powers.” Back in ancient times, it was mainly the initiates that had the access to the knowledge.

I am really simplifying the idea here. It goes much deeper and is connected to other concepts within this ancient African cosmology. However, it does give you an idea of the ancient African paradigm and belief system. It was completely different than our western thought processes.

Ancient Africans extended the concept and functionality of the “natural world”

In the movie, the herb was the cause. This is our modern way of thinking. We consider something outside ourselves that gives us the power. But in ancient Africa, it was a recognition of claiming that power from within them. Being source in human form the ancient Africans recognized that they were already connected to the rest of nature.

Because the abilities of the animals exceeded the abilities of a human, the symbolic object (The Black Panther) became representative of “superpowers.” One example is, the cats’ ability to see in the dark became representative of a power the Ancient Africans wanted to incorporate within themselves. It would be the ability to see at night or in the dark.

However, it wasn’t just physical sight to be enhanced. It was metaphysical and “spiritual” sight being enhanced as well. The symbols ALWAYS have multidimensional levels of functionality. Because of our western training, we view the natural world as only things that can be experienced through the five human senses.

The physical world is the effect of a metaphysical cause

The Ancient Africans paradigm of “natural” extended beyond the five senses of a human. It also included the metaphysical. It makes sense when you understand that they did not view the physical world as the “real world.” For ancient Africans, the metaphysical world of the soul was the real world and the physical body only a transitory experience. In other words, according to the ancient Africans, the metaphysical world caused the physical world to materialize into existence.

To understand this idea of extending beyond the senses from your own experience think in terms of a dog whistle. The range of the whistle is beyond human ability to hear it. But it is in the dogs “natural” range to hear the high pitch sound.

Africans recognized this range and beyond as natural. Within their spiritual science the “natural world” is an extension of a metaphysical world that we are connected to from within. For ancient Africans, the body is a spiritual as the soul and the soul as natural as the body. There was no separation as we have done through religion and science in modern times.

By turning inward you would then be able to tap into your own well of spiritual wisdom that we call the divine feminine in modern times. However, most only consider the divine feminine as female. For ancient Africans divine feminine describe a function of nature, not a woman. It would be the ability to also turn within one’s self and connect to your inner self; your intuitive expressions.  Men have this ability as well. The function of the black panther’s sight becomes our superpower of inner sight just as the cat can see in the dark, we can see through our own darkness and become enlightened.

How would you represent the ability to gain “higher” knowledge? A bird that flies’s high?

The Black Panther is Stronger and Faster than a human. It is fierce fighter and protector. Again, all these characteristics or functions is why the ancient Africans would put an animal head on a NTR (NeTeR = NaTuRe). It became a symbolic expression of much deeper ideas and “superpowers” not naturally possed by humans. Not worshiping the animals, but incorporating the powers of the object (the animal).

In other words, they used the known (natural symbols) to give you a clue about the unknown (metaphysical)

Because it is a natural symbol, you have been left a key to decipher the coded messages within the ancient symbolism.

In contrast to ancient Africans, Christianity has always taught a brand of worship that becomes debilitating because you believe you are dependent on the power of God and his whims.

Based on Greek error and misunderstanding of their Egyptian teachers they humanized God. The Egyptian anthropomorphized nature. In other words, they used what is natural as an analogy to give you an idea of a world beyond our physical expression. It was not human in any way. But a human characteristic may be used to express an abstract metaphysical concept.

The Greek way of thinking causes you to think in terms of a relationship you form to a superior being outside of you. Because you have no idea of the science behind the physical world you have to hope the superior being will be sympathetic to you at the time of your requests (prayers).

He may be sympathetic unless he is punishing you (because just like humans, God can be mad at you according to the infantile Greek way of thinking). You can never really be sure if you are in a punishment phase or not. I mean God would punish you for masturbating but turn a blind eye to starving children in Africa.

Colonialism and changing African spiritual science and traditions

Colonialism was motivated by greed and justified with religion. For the African diaspora, the Christian religion is a repackaged fringe aspect of African spirituality given to black people AND the world to enslave us mentally, physically, and spiritually.

For thousands of years, Africans had a cosmology that helped them build one of the greatest civilizations the world has ever known (Egypt). After colonization, we were given a bible that we weren’t allowed to read and images to ensure that our mind was in bondage.

Slave masters NEVER gave our ancestors anything they thought would empower them. Yet the slave masters gave them the bible and as Christians, we didn’t question the motives behind the “gift.”

I don’t intend to disparage Christianity with the above statements. But they can’t be disputed based on empirical evidence.

Because of many of the doctrines of religion and racism, many of us of the African diaspora have high self-esteem, but low group esteem. Low group esteem has been the prescription for lack of cohesion among the African diaspora. It was a nice touch to see Africans begin the Wakanda outreach center. Implying that Africans and African Americans need to connect.

The mythology that was so much a part of African spirituality was not “real” characters. However, they were representations of deeper meaningful ideas and concepts.

The movie represented a fictional country in Africa and were not “real” characters, but on another level, it subtly expressed the ancient African cosmology. It also touched a deeper chord within a people that were starving for powerful representations of Africa.

Make no mistake that Africa had rich traditions. As Christians, we were given a glimpse of those traditions through the bible. But the knowledge was malformed and misunderstood due to Greek then Roman ignorance and misunderstanding the culture and traditions.

Worship is what the ignorant (not knowing, not meant as an insult) do. Invoking your inner strength is what the powerful and confident do. Black Panther gave you a glimpse of Precolonial African civilization.

Now, call on the power and wisdom of the ancestors. You can incorporate it into your inner wisdom and be proud. You are the universe experiencing itself as human for a short time. THAT is the ancient African paradigm!

Members of the African Diaspora have been made to feel ashamed of Africa. NO MORE! You have been given a glimpse of the power and Majesty of Africa through the fictional country of Wakanda. There is so much more to our African ancestors, their way of thinking, and their cosmology.

It’s time you learn the science rather than perpetuating superstitions of the fringe science repackaged as Christianity. Rise, my beautiful brothers and sisters! The knowledge has been left for you with keys to decode it.  Ancient Egypt was the mouthpiece for the continent of precolonial Africa and their belief system. It is all there for you to gain the wisdom of the ages.

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You will get articles that help you with ideas like:


Namaste (the divine in me, recognizes the divine in you)

Reginald Khu-Ahkaru

African Spiritual Science: God hates pride is a lie

God hates pride. As a Christian, I was taught this idea. To equate yourself with God was committing that worst of sins, having an overblown ego filled with the sin of pride. This is based on the Christian doctrine of the “Seven deadly sins.” These sins are not listed as a group anywhere in the bible. That’s simply because they were never part of the original teachings of spiritual science that originated in Africa. It is documented but not well known that Christianity is based on a fringe part of African spiritual science.

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These “seven deadly sins” are based on control and fear. which is a big part of maintaining control of the mind by Christianity.

Seven deadly sins
Christian doctrine, but not biblical

There is all kind of doctrines built up around this idea that God hates sin and being prideful is sinful. And for this reason, we have been disconnected from one of the most powerful realizations that we could ever come too. And that is the understanding of who we truly are and where we fit in the universe.

In pre-colonized Africa, they were monotheistic. Below in the meme is a saying that encapsulates how Ancient Africans believed about what we call God today.God hates price

But what Africans believed was not a matter of being prideful. It was a statement arriving at a conclusion based on their science and philosophy about God. It is where the Christian idea of God originated but was changed over the centuries.

African philosophy about God

The Ancient African belief was that there was only one creator and because it is the source of everything in the universe then nothing in the universe can be different from it.  It was THE ALL. The way they saw it was if something was different than THE ALL then something ELSE had to create it. The implication of being different would mean that something else outside of the creator had to create that different thing. Therefore it could not be THE ALL. That would then imply that God was not the source of ALL. There had to be ANOTHER creator.

Kemetic spiritual science
Monotheism originated in Africa

Africans recognized the fallacy of two creators and built a cosmology and spiritual science based on the idea of one source of all. It never changed no matter what aspect of the Universe was being expressed. It’s one of the reasons most indigenous cultures have a profound respect for all things in nature. They recognize that is it The All expressing itself.

Christian fathers tweaked that idea based on a philosophy inherited from Greek Gnostics. The Gnostics believed there was so much evil in the world that it could not be of God. So they surmised a second level of gods they called “Aeons” created the earth.

African spiritual sciene
This is a Gnostic belief that deviated from their original teachers

Oddly enough, Christian fathers did not agree with the Aeons idea. They professed that there is only one “True God.” But they did subscribe to the idea that creation was different from the God that created it. The reason they did not subscribe to the multiple creator’s idea was based on political reasons to develop and maintain a hierarchy in “The church” for control.

This is evidenced by the Christian creation myth of Adam and Eve. The framework for the myth was copied from the Ancient Egyptian myth of Atum. Except Atum was the source of all the Universe. When Atum came into being the rest of the universe emanated from it.

Another aspect different from Christianity is that Atum was masculine and feminine. Not a lone male God creating everything. Ancient Africans a recognized that it took masculine and feminine to create anything. Masculine and feminine is figurative language. They were not saying that God was a big human being in the sky.

The Egyptian myth is based in explaining the idea of the “monad” in story form. Once you understand the monad principle you will then see why there had to be an Eve that came from Adam. When you compare the Christian mythology to the original numerology you can see that the fathers were aware of the monad, but either didn’t quite understand it or had to do some mental gymnastics to portray God as an all-powerful male.

It is not well known yet, that the source of biblical writings are from Africa, no matter how it was inspired. philosophically the Bible kept the African way of thinking about THE ALL being the creator of and encompassing everything.

See Isaiah 45:7 “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.”

No evil or devil, only science

For the Africans, there was no such thing as evil or a devil. The All (God) is personified but is not humanized. It was scientific and mathematical principles that their philosophy was based on.  Their symbolism expressed these abstract aspect of nature (NeTeR) that were void of human thought and perceptions.

The modern religious view of a male God that would punish you or dictate your life would seem childlike thinking to the ancient Africans.

What we call the devil today is based on the African principle of S.T. (Set). It is the principle of opposition.

For example, to keep a planet from spinning off into space the force of gravity from the sun is in opposition to the planet trying to move away. The Hebrew word SaTan, which means adversary, is derived from the African word S.T. (SeT). The meaning adversary would be closer to the original meaning of opposition than what we have today as Satan being synonymous with evil as an entity. However, it is in opposition to good.

In African spiritual science, it is the principle of duality. In order to create anything, its opposite must exist. Trying to create anything without its opposition would be like trying to clap with one hand.

In other words, the creator is everything in existence. Good or Evil is a matter of perspective and definition. Not an absolute.

The best way I have found to express the pre-Christian African way of thinking is by analogy.

“God” as the ultimate creator is an ocean. You are a drop in that ocean. The only difference between you and the ocean is the magnitude. For what is an ocean but a multitude of drops?

The quote below is not an expression of pride, it’s a recognition of who you are. You are the creator expressing and enjoying itself in human form for a brief time.

The African and Christian contrast on God

Grown up around the idea that equating ourselves to God is a sin is the opposite idea of being humble. Many Christians equate humble with being self-effacing in an effort to be the opposite of prideful. As a Christian, I made statements like I am “nothing without God.” However, the reality is that you are the same stuff as God, just not the same magnitude.

The difference in the original African philosophy of THE ALL and the Christian philosophy of God is this:

In African philosophy, your daily existence was tied to recognizing your own divinity, or the power within you, the power that is you. It was consistent with the philosophy that there is only one creator. Your evolution is finding the god within you. It goes even deeper in that Africans had no concept or word for our concept of worshiping God.  How could one worship what they are?

They invoked the power of the NeTeR (NaTuRe) within themselves. They BECAME that which they desired. If you are familiar with the teachings of the law of attraction you can understand this concept a little better. You become or match the vibration of that which you desire.

The bible actually states this same Idea in the scripture Proverbs 23:7, as a man thinketh in his heart so is he… The heart is the seat of our emotions. Emotions are how we recognize our vibration in the physical body.

On the other hand, the Christian philosophy became about having a relationship to this entity that was outside of who you are. You had to do certain things to gain favor from this entity. You were dependent on how this entity “felt” about you. What “his” will was for you. The worst part of it is was there were so many contradictions you could never really be sure you were on the right path. And even if you were on the right path the smallest infraction could derail you or cause God to be angry with you.

And worse, if you didn’t have a good relationship and gain favor you would be subject to the most horrific punishment of burning in hell for eternity.

One of the aspects you begin to recognize about this separate from God philosophy is the contradictions that it produces. You are supposed to be made in the image of God, but not God.

You live a life on earth, but anything that causes you to enjoy living here is pulling you away from God. It becomes a battle of being spiritual or carnal.

Africans had no such belief. Everything was the source in another form. Salvation was literally the chance to live ANOTHER life! Not be saved from hell.

God hates pride is not true

The idea the God hates pride is erroneous when you equate yourself to God on this plane of existence. You are a god, not THE God because you are the same stuff as the original source.

How empowering would it be to recognize who you are every day? Loving God as its human form that looks back at you in the mirror. Pride in who you are should be the foundation of your daily mantra. That was the Ancient African way. God is not broken, therefore neither are you.


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Namaste (the divine in me, recognizes the divine in you)

Always expecting the hookup exposes your negative self-image

As a black person, when you immediately ask or expect a black business owner to “hook you up” it is a reflection of how you value that owner and their service. Subliminally, it is a reflection of your own negative self-image.

It’s based in being mentally conditioned in a way that makes it difficult for you to determine value.

You probably have never considered the underlying belief system and mentality when you go to someone black, in business, and ask for discounts (the hookup)? Most people think they are asking for a favor in getting a discount for the product or services the owner offers.

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But why do you ask or expect a price reduction from this particular business owner?

The underlying belief is that a person of color is not worth what they ask for in exchange for his or her product or service. Why else would you immediately ask for the hookup?

Young lady looking in mirror
Negative self-image impacts all aspects of your life

In a way, it is saying more about the mentality of you asking for the hookup. It is saying you don’t value someone that is the same race and culture as you would someone of another race and culture. Because you don’t value yourself you don’t value the skills and services of those that look like you.

Value vs. Price

There is a difference in assessing the value of something rather than accepting the price. Value is determined intrinsically. It is based on that person’s internal compass and what they feel about the worth of a thing. Another way to say this is value is based purely on perception. YOUR perception. A person with a negative self-image will not be comfortable with assessing value.

Why? because they might get it wrong! If they get it “wrong” it feeds into a feeling of self-worth that is already low. They would rather find areas of agreement with others. In other words, they would rather pay a price rather than buying based on how they valued.

If you are a person that needs your opinions validated by everyone around you, then you will not be comfortable with assessing value.

A price is chosen for you. A price for something is agreed on by others. When you know the price you can be safe in assuming that everyone else thinks or will think the same way about what this thing is worth. You don’t have to evaluate the worth or value of that product to you. You can reject or accept the predetermined price of that thing. Price is determined for you. You can find comfort in knowing that everyone else paid the same price. Your self-image will be intact because you paid what everyone else paid.

Why is this important to understand? Because people that are uncomfortable with trusting their own internal convictions about certain aspects of their life would rather be told how and what to think. They would rather be told the price of something than having to determine what it’s worth to them.

This is really deep because it exposes a mindset. A way of moving through life on many levels. This is not just a black thing. It is societal but very acute in the black community.

Being religious is one example living with a price based mentality. As a Christian, my moral compass was determined by a set of values dictated by the scriptures. Even if they were contradictory. For example, all human beings are worthy of life and the love of God. Except if you happen to love someone of the same sex. They didn’t stop being human. Something outside of you dictated how you should view the sexuality of another human being and whether they are worthy to be loved. That’s analogous to having a price dictated to you.

In the Kemetic cosmology, their was no issue of loving another human being for a perceived difference. Most indigenous cultures think that way because they believe in the idea that we are all the source of creation in another form. It is only once source therefore we are all it.

That’s how a respect for nature and other animals came about. Even though that animal may need to be food on your table you still thanked it for giving its life to save yours. You respected it. The same with mother earth. Among indigenous people, there was a profound respect for the representation of God in another form.

A  disconnected example is Christians who are white and racist that have used the bible to justify their racism. They don’t determine right or wrong based on set of principles. It is based on rules that become contradictions more times than not.

The point in both examples is that many people would rather be told how to think and how to value people and things rather than to make that determination on based on a set of values that may not agree with the group and society as a whole.

It is fear that drives this need to fit in, comply, and conform for these type people. They don’t value their own uniqueness so they would rather fit in with a group. Even if it means devaluing another human being.

I recently started investing in the fantastic world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. In this space, you have to be able to determine value. But many people of all races and nationalities are not comfortable with making their own assessment about which investments they should make.

They wait to be told by someone they feel has more knowledge and experience what to invest in. That’s very smart on one level. But many won’t do their own due diligence and determine from their own criteria if a particular cryptocurrency is worth the risk for them. They are afraid to determine the value of a currency based on their own criteria. They simply follow the crowd.

You are unique and beautiful

With black people as a group, we have been taught not to value our unique abilities and beauty. Living with racism and white supremacy has fostered a legacy of people that fear not being “normal” and fitting into societies idea of “normal.” Around the world, people of color find value in things that make us seem, lighter and have “good hair” for examples.

We live relative to white society always looking at ourselves through their prism. And because we are not them and “normal” we devalue just about every aspect of who we are.

We are more comfortable living in a “price” dictated society (White supremacy and religious) rather than determining our own value based on our own criteria.

We must begin to think as our ancestors did and recognize that we are the source in human form. We are a god/goddess.  In that way we can value our god/goddess self and the god/goddess self of others.

Because we don’t value our own individual beauty and culture we are unable to assess the value of the business person that looks like us who offers a product or service. Expecting it to be free or asking for a cheaper price has nothing to do with holding them accountable for giving bad service or an inferior product.

Because it is your initial contact with them, it has everything to do with the color of the skin of the business person.

You prejudge that person with the thought they should give you a cheaper price simply because they are black like you and lucky that would give them any business at all. In other words, you don’t value who you are, so you don’t value the business owner that looks like you and what they have to offer.

In your world programmed by white supremacy and racism, It says this: An ice machine at a black restaurant doesn’t make ice as cold as an ice machine at a white-owned restaurant. Therefore, you should ask for a discount. Black skills and know-how is not as good as white skills and know how. Therefore, you should get the “hookup.”

If you are asking for the hookup without assessing the experience and skill of that business person simply because they share your skin color and culture then it is ultimately a reflection of how you view yourself, not that business person.

It takes courage and personal conviction to establish how valuable something is based on no other reason than your own internal system of values. It is so whether you are investing in a business or patronizing it.

it takes moving through the world recognizing that life is your own subjective expression from within.

That is a powerful perspective!

Negative self-image must change

Changing a negative self-image and learning to determine value will be critical for the black community to move forward. It will be a shift in consciousness and mindset. It is a shift in being internally driven rather than externally motivated and controlled.

We must build ourselves within in order to build a community, businesses, and a nation that are a reflection of those inner values. Right now, just about everything we do is a reaction to being priced as worthless in a society that does not value us.

We can no longer afford the “hookup” mentality. We must begin to derive value from our own set of standards. That mentality will be priceless and bring great value to all.

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If you are coming out of Christianity I have linked you below to a few of the articles that will be of great benefit to you.
You will get articles that help you with ideas like:


Namaste (the divine in me, recognizes the divine in you)

Reginald Khu-Ahkaru

How To Help Our Christian family Out Of An Abusive Relationship With Religion



Many of us that are out of Christianity have a perspective to shake some sense into our Christian family. Because we have knowledge doesn’t make us right and we’ll not win them over if we are verbally abusive to them. Understand that our Christian family is already in an abusive relationship with their God and their religion.

Here’s what I mean by them already being in an abusive relationship.

Looking back on my time within Christianity it was like living with someone abusive always in my head.

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As a believer, I lived through cycles of fear and anxiety of endlessly burning in hell brought on by ideas of sin and guilt. Repenting and rededication produced temporary relief from the anxiety until a seemingly arbitrary misstep or transgression, such as a “sinful” thought produces a fall from grace and started the process all over again.

Christian family
Being abusive to our Christian family

I had a relationship with an entity that requires total submission and blind obedience,  unrealistic expectations, sudden mood swings, “He”  saves me even though I’m barely worth saving AND, I should be grateful for this kind of psychotic love!

This is how many abusive relationships can be. Our Christian family lives this every single day! So if you want them to peek from behind the bible you can’t do so in an abusive manner. You can’t attack them and hope they will come over to your point of view.

Why would our Christian family want to leave one abusive relationship (With God) and enter one with you or anyone that wants to continually tell them how dumb they are for believing in Jesus?

Or how they are holding on to the slave masters religion.

They are curious!

This is the thing.  Unless you can explain and show them that it is safe (psychologically) to investigate beyond what they have been taught you will not reach them. They will put up a wall you will never get through or around.

You must have the ability to connect the origin of the bible and how Christianity changed the original teachings. You must do so with love and compassion for THEM and where they are in their journey. Not because you believe YOU have a better way. That’s arrogant with a focus centered on yourself.

Our Christian family is very curious. They have seen the memes about ancient Kemetic science. But psychologically they have been taught to fear for their salvation if they question God (The bible). This fear is ingrained deep into the Christian psyche. Personally, it took years for me to finally get past the question, what if they were right? It’s that way with most. Some more so than others. But it is a real fear. They also don’t want to deal with being put down either. What sane person would accept being attacked and constantly put down?

Unfortunately, too many think getting beyond the Christian indoctrination is like getting over a belief in Santa Clause. Psychologically, it goes much much deeper and has a strong hold on the psyche.

And no self-respecting person will deal with someone putting them down all the time. Would you? Of course not.

What you must do is show them how the bible IS still relevant to their spirituality without the fear and control mechanisms that Christianity has used. You must show them that the bible has many of the original  Kemetic science teachings preserved but often in codes.

The original teachings, that became a part of Christianity, were for initiates into the mystery system of Egypt, not the masses. They used codes in the form of symbols, metaphors, analogies, and myths.

You will have to go through the bible

You will NOT lead our Christian family out of the dogmatic, self-loathing, toxic beliefs of Christianity without first going through the bible. It is their place of safety and comfort. To attack it is not very smart. If you are at the stage of being angry for what you were taught you will not see any value in the bible.

I know because I was in that angry place about Christianity and the bible for many years. I thought the best use for a bible was as a doorstop! Until I started getting deeper into what the Kemetic spiritual system was teaching. Then the bible opened up at a whole ‘nother level beyond the literal and historical teachings of Christianity.

Here’s what I mean.

A whole civilization built on universal principles

Ancient Egyptians built a whole civilization of principles we call the Law of Attraction today. They understood that vibration or sound was the method of creation and that consciousness was the substance with the ability to renew and recreate itself in many forms.

What I just did was state the essence of the Kemetic “Creative Trinity.” The Christian Father, Son, and the Holy spirit. It is Kemetic science taught by Christian fathers and the masses didn’t understand. The ancient teachings of it is preserved in many scriptures of the bible but intertwined with the dogma of Christianity.

In the “Egyptian book of Coming forth by day” (book of the dead), the ancient Kemetians stated the concept of the Trinity that filtered into the bible via their myth like this, Ra said…”I am the Eternal…I am the Word…I created the Word.”

What do vocal cords have to do to create sound or a word? Answer: the vocal cords have to vibrate! That’s scientifically confirmed. How would ancient wisdom teachers pass this idea along to initiates without giving up the secret to people they didn’t want to know? They would use metaphors of course!

The “Word” is a metaphor for the science of Creation used by the ancients. Interestingly enough, modern science says the universe was created with a Big Bang or sound as well! But I digress.

This same concept is stated in John 1:1. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

By connecting this biblical idea to its origins you can teach a Christian about the original intent and meaning of the Trinity beyond the dogma and about the science, not superstitious beliefs.

What became the biblical Trinity is the analysis of the initial impetus of Atum into the substance of the manifested universe.

The “Father” is expressing the active aspect of the INITIAL creation out of the feminine primordial waters of Nun. Spirit; energy; or consciousness is the “substance” of the universe. The son/child is how the ancients expressed metaphorically the ability of creation to renew and reproduce itself.

The number three (The Trinity) is a masculine number which tells you Atum actively came into being AS the universe. Biblically Christians express this concept as God being “the Alpha and the Omega, or “the beginning and the end.”

The concept originated with the ancient Egyptians, they called it Atum-Ra. Meaning Ra or “holy spirit” to Christians was the beginning and the end of all existence.

Christians often say God “works in mysterious ways.” When the ancient Egyptians wanted to express the mysterious aspect of God they spoke of Amen-Ra. Amen meaning the “hidden” aspect of God. Yes, the same Amen at the end of prayers.

The main point for our Christian family

This is the point I want to make. We don’t have to beat Christians up. We don’t have to verbally attack them and be abusive to them. You cannot change any consciousness with the same consciousness that created it.

You have to get beyond the memes and knowledge stage of learning about the ancient sciences if you really want to move the consciousness of our Christian brothers and sisters. You must be able to connect the ancient knowledge to the bible in a way that makes it safe for THEM and not simply satisfy your egotistical need to be right. MANY OF THEM ARE READY!

Once that’s done you can then take them deeper into the knowledge so that they can then gain wisdom. Knowledge is not enough! It is only the foundation that wisdom can be built on. Wisdom is the inner contemplation of knowledge.

Christians are literally our family, our brother, sister, father, mother, grandfather, or grandmother. Or they are some else’s family.

Care for them, teach them, don’t abuse and beat them!

They don’t care how much YOU know unless they know how much you care!


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If you are coming out of Christianity I have linked you below to a few of the articles that will be of great benefit to you.
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Namaste (the divine in me, recognizes the divine in you)

Reginald Khu-Ahkaru

Beyond reverence and fear to peace of mind

Reverence is a deep respect, awe and even fear of something. When religious we were taught to have a reverence for so much! We didn’t even know why! It was no more than superstition. The Trinity was one of those ideas that we were to have reverence for. But when you study the science it was nothing more than a way to express a formula for universal experiences.

Reverence Trinity
Reverence isn’t warranted when you understand the science

Everybody knows and understands the concept of duality and polarity. It takes interaction of the polarities to produce the third thing or experience. The third thing is not physical, it’s abstract.

For example, a man and woman are polarities, or opposites, in the physical. Before anything happens between them they can experience desire. Desire is the abstract trinity produced from the polarity. The third “force” can’t be known directly you need its polar opposite.

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It doesn’t have to be a romantic situation. Music could inspire a love for it. A canvas could inspire a painter to paint. Lebron James could inspire Kevin Durant to play his greatest game. The inspiration is the third aspect of these particular trinities. Polarity produces the trinity, ALWAYS! It reconciles duality (This makes for powerful life application).

What I just explained is the science behind an idea that we had reverence for in religion. The father, son, and the holy spirit are called the creative trinity. It’s a formula, not an aspect of the Godhead to be worshiped blindly.

The Trinity, in this case, is the masculine number three.

Understanding the idea you can now think of many trinities within your experience. It’s science. It is the basis of numerology that was founded in the Khemetic sciences.


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You will gain knowledge the will liberate you mentally, physically, and spiritually.
Compare and contrast Christian teachings of fear, guilt, and shame to the true and original Khemetic teaching the will cause you to live a life through joy, peace, and optimism.
If you are coming out of Christianity I have linked you below to a few of the articles that will be of great benefit to you.
With the purchase of a membership, you will get access to articles that help you with ideas like:


Namaste (the divine in me, recognizes the divine in you)

Reginald Khu-Ahkaru