Black owned does not mean free or cheep

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When a black person has this mentality it is a reflection of how they value themselves. In this black person’s mind, nothing a black person produces can be of value.

They are most likely not an entrepreneur (risk taker) because any failure is not a lesson, it is confirmation of an already low opinion of themselves. Since they have a low opinion of self, anyone that looks like them is viewed lowly as well.

Holding on to religious ideas like being broken and needing to be fixed exacerbates this self-loathing. Add on top of that accepting the idea of worthlessness passed down through generations of being told your skin color makes you less is a cocktail of self-hate.

It is the state of consciousness they view the world through.

Spiritual esteem is a must to explore within

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The universe is waiting for you to have the courage to explore it from within. You must develop spiritual esteem or you will look for confirmation and validation from outside yourself when your subjective inner experiences are like no others.

Those who don’t trust and value themselves will dismiss that unique experience as crazy. Therefore the universe is robbed of wisdom that could enrich us all. Religious doctrines and dogma rob you of your individuality by insisting that every inner experience has something to do with Jesus or can only happen because you are connected to the religion.

But this is not true. It could be ancestors, your higher self or other consciousness. Subjective experience is just that, subjective. That means that it can be unique to only you. For a person, without high spiritual esteem, an experience that does not fit in with everyone else’s negates their experience.

If fear of other possibilities is part of your consciousness you block all other ideas that may only come through you. You have to learn to trust yourself. Trust that you are unique and okay if something within you is different from others. 

You may be the only conduit for knowledge and wisdom that the world needs.

Adam and Eve and the divine feminine


Adam and Eve

Eve should have been a heroine. As a literalized person from Christianity, she became a symbol of disdain. This should have never been. As ancient mythology, she becomes a powerful aspect of the consciousness of humanity.

Symbolism is a major aspect of ancient wisdom teachings. The story of Adam and Eve is a mythological story that has a much deeper and positive meaning for women and humanity when understood from the ancient symbolic paradigm.

There are two creation stories in the bible. The 2nd chapter Adam and Eve 2:4 to 3:24 written about the 10th century BCE.

In the first chapter God created the light 1:1 to 2:3 written around 6th century BCE, this is the younger of the two creation stories.

From the ancient symbolic paradigm, Adam represented the outward physicalized consciousness of mankind. When Adam fell asleep in the story it symbolized a state of consciousness in which the person was unaware. We express this idea the same way today. A person that is aware is “woke.”

Eve was Adams’s helpmeet. In the story, she came from within Adam. Originally she symbolized the archetype of the divine feminine aspect of mankind. In other words, she represents the archetype of the aspect of consciousness within humankind we must turn to for gaining wisdom. Remember because of her Adam became “aware” like the gods.

Because a person that exercised this knowledge and wisdom becomes a threat to the establishment of religion the story was used twofold by Christianity:

1. To subjugate women to men
2. Made gaining inner knowledge and wisdom sinful.

The divine feminine is not female. A woman is used anthropomorphically to represent a “womb-like” state of mind within humankind that can “birth” creativity and wisdom. The Greeks named this state Sophia (wisdom). The ancient Africans called it Ma’at (consciousness). Both represented symbolically as feminine goddesses.

The helpmeet is not literal. Women are not to be subjugated to men. Men must turn to the feminine aspect of consciousness that is within them as well. She is what brings us knowledge and wisdom.

If you dig a little deeper you will find that other symbols in the story have a positive meaning. The serpent for example in ancient Egypt was tied to wisdom. Christianity flipped the meanings to serve the catholic church.

The truth is so much more powerful than the lie.

How to pray spiritually instead of religiously


When you are first coming out of Christianity you feel lost. All the ways you thought about life, God, the world you now look at in a different way. All the things you used to do in religion you naturally begin to question. Your whole way of being is simply stripped from you.

There are a couple of questions I get asked often:

  1. How do I pray?
  2. Who do I pray too?

Today I will address how.

When we were religious we were told to pray about things. We were taught the ritual and even a few words to say at the beginning and the end of our prayers.

Only thing is, those prayers were only part of a much bigger spiritual science concept of prayer. If you don’t believe that then ask yourself why “sinners” could get prayers answered and “saints” couldn’t?

What prayer is and how you pray are religious ideas you will have to unlearn. But learning the truth will be more empowering in your everyday life.

What is the big deal about thoughts?

You will hear in many spiritual circles that monitoring your thoughts are important. you will also hear about thinking positive is important. There is a logical reason for these ideas circulating.

It’s because they are tied to the way you communicate as an aspect of the universe. Everything in the universe is essentially sound organized in a certain formation based on their frequency.

The way you draw experience into your reality is based on the vibrations that you are emitting from yourself. Thoughts have a frequency and “travel” through the universe.

What does this have to do with prayer? Answer: Everything!

Understand this, you are never not praying (double negative intended). That’s because you are always communicating with the Universe via your vibration and frequency. Everything vibrates and the frequency is analogous to tuning into radio signals. You can turn a dial on a radio and tune into different stations.

Your emotions are key to understanding what message you are sending to the universe. Emotions are how you can understand what frequency you are sending out.

When life feels good and positive, you are operating through the frequency of love. which puts you closer to source vibration. When you are operating in life from anger, shame, obligation etc. You are living life through your fears you should monitor your feelings.

You should monitor your thoughts because they are oftentimes what triggers emotions. As Christians were taught rituals and certain words to say in a certain way but we were not taught the science of prayer.

After coming out of Christianity and getting over the uneasy feeling of “I don’t know what to do next” I found out that I am a whole lot more powerful than I was taught. So are you.

This is what you have to unlearn about prayer:

  1. That you have to say certain words
  2. that you have to do certain things a certain way like bowing your head, close your eyes, put your hands together

This is the new idea you will have to learn about prayer:

  1. because you are a vibrational being, you are ALWAYS praying to the universe.
  2. your thoughts carry your frequency through the universe at any given moment
  3. your emotions are triggered by your thoughts

When you learn the science of prayer you begin to “pray” spiritually rather than religiously. When you understand prayer from a science perspective it begins to affect your everyday life.

God is not “out there.” You don’t turn 0n your prayer request when you begin the ritual. You are always connected and always communicating with The All (God). Being spiritual means you recognize you are connected with the divine at all times. It’s not about how you “act” as an individual. It’s about how you are being.

Being includes how you think and how you CHOOSE to move through your day to day life in a vibrational state and frequency that attracts what you desire.

The universe doesn’t speak languages. It “feels” frequency. YOUR frequency! It is not outside of you. You are connected to it from within. That’s praying spiritually. You literally tune into who you are being as a frequency.

Here’s what I mean on a practical level. You are single. You desire to be in a relationship. But you keep running into the wrong type of people. No matter who you are with, the same things keep happening within those relationships.

Guess what? Think about how you think about the opposite sex. Do you have negative expectations? Do you assume that you will get cheated on or abused because of the last relationship?

Those ideas are thoughts and beliefs you have. They manifest into the people and events in your life. It’s not just the thoughts you’re consciously aware of. It is also your subconscious programming. The people you end up in relationships with are your prayers being answered. That’s what you are attracting based on your frequency!

You are ALWAYS “praying” but you have to become aware of what you are thinking. That means consciously and subconsciously.

The journey you’re on is scary at first because you are operating outside of religious ideas that have literally kept your mind captured. But your enlightenment will be such a source of freedom that you will wonder what took you so long. But know that your timing is perfect for you.

Free yourself. Fact-Check that old belief system. Developing that confidence and self-esteem will help you raise your consciousness, your vibration, and evolve into a creator god/goddess. As a spiritual being, you are the seed for anything that is possible in the Universe.

We live in a wondrous Universe that is waiting for creators to explore and create! But you can’t do it if you are fearful and lack self-esteem.

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Understand the real urgency is exposing religion and beating low self-esteem


So many of us don’t realize that exposing religious doctrines that negatively target self-esteem is what the battle is. We want to argue the facts and the historical accuracy of the bible. It is a losing battle. Most Christians believe faith is equal to facts and will never check whether they are or not.

Because to believe in complete faith that what they have been told is true is truth without checking is a sign of their unwavering faith, which is a sign of their strong belief.

What is or is not true about the historically true and factually accurate about the bible is really secondary for me. When you uncover the origins of the bible and the true meaning it can still be useful.

It’s the psychological impairment that is the real issue for me. In order to accept the doctrines of the faith as Christians, we were taught these ideas in the meme. How many of you would state these ideas as affirmations every day?

Christian doctrines psychologically destroy self-esteem. Lack of self-esteem impacts not only you but your relationships, career choices, financially, whether or not you can start a business and many areas of your life you don’t think about.

400 million people of the African diaspora living in poverty worldwide, in some of the richest nations and on a continent with any natural resource you can imagine. Yet we can’t lift ourselves out of poverty. One major reason is low self-esteem. Accepting beliefs like these keep us locked into a reality that is our own hell.

Let’s quit fighting over whether Jesus is real or not. There is something larger at stake. It is the self-esteem lowering doctrines that attack us from the inside out and cause us to doubt our own minds.

We are taught to look to others for confirmation of the negation of ideas that come to us.  This is the true travesty of accepting doctrines of faith simply on faith.

ideas that like original sin which is the doctrine which holds that human nature has been morally and ethically corrupted due to the disobedience of mankind’s first parents to the revealed will of God, is really an attack on humanity.

book quote on self-esteem

Original sin says by nature humans are morally corrupt.  That means you are morally corrupt at birth because of what Adam and Eve did. Think about the implication here! It means that you, me, and everybody are born corrupted and no good.

Now how does that affect your beliefs about people you are in relationships with? If you have a negative experience with a man or woman, do you assume that all men and when are the same nature as them? I know in many cases that is true, but the underlying reason for that mistrust in the opposite sex may never be tied to an underlying religious belief about human nature.

How many relationships are sabotaged because deep down a person feels that they are unlovable? If your basic beliefs about humanity are that they are corrupt, does that not include you? A person that feels unlovable within will question the person that professes to love them and not really trust what they have to say.

book quote on being unlovable and self-esteem

I am expressing possible layers here, not absolutes. The ideas weave in and through our life experience in different ways. But if the foundation the beliefs are built on is negative then the structure of self-esteem is shakey. I know from experience of trying to love someone who deep down didn’t feel lovable. It is exhausting.

How does it affect those that may begin to feel low about themselves? Does that belief help them to rise from the depression?

What if you have started a business and having a difficult time getting things going, do you start thinking your sinful nature may be being punished? You can’t beat God, so do you give up trying?

What about a person whose self-esteem is already low? Already beat down from years of indoctrination, oppression, racism etc. Can you even think that you are smart enough or skilled enough to start a business? The truth may be that the person is an absolute genius, with skills out of this world. But if they don’t believe it, they will stay right where they are and never try.

That’s what accepting negative beliefs about self will do.

Historical facts are good to have, but they will not build your self-esteem. Only strong esteem for self will do that.

We have to reimagine a new world, and that starts with a mind that can believe it is possible and a spirit that will stick with it until the job is done!

What does the cross really mean at Christmas

the pope and the cross

The placement of the cross tells a story about the son/sun traveling through the zodiac.

On December 22,the sun/son “dies” signaling the winter solstice where nights will be longer than days. The son/sun sets in the same position on the horizon for three days until the sun/son will be “born” or “reborn” on the 25th when each day it will set a little higher on the horizon until the vernal equinox when the day is equal to night.

This signals the beginning of springtime or Easter when days become longer than night. The sun/son is then said to “triumphs over darkness” and is “resurrected.”

In the summertime, the sun gets strong and heats the winds that feels like a lions breath (these stories begin in Africa). It enters the house of Leo where the son/sun is known as the “lion of Judah” that comes in power and glory.

Around September the sun/son reaches a point on the horizon where day and night is equal again. It is a place of balance (libra scales) known as the autumnal equinox or “The mount.”

Util October when the sun/son is stung by the scorpion (kissed by Judas because a scorpion sting looks like a pair of lips) and begins its slow death setting lower on the horizon each day until it dies on “the cross” the 22nd of December. (the catholic church changed the original story for dramatic effect and placed the crucifixion in the spring.)

The story of Jesus is the story of the sun/sons travels through the zodiac.

This is why we celebrate these travels of the sun as major holidays tied to “the greatest story ever told.”

Merry Christmas!

Self-esteem is a core component of spirituality

black queen

Self-esteem is not a psychological state. It is at the core of spirituality. You cannot and will not connect to your godself if you have to ask for permission. You cannot read a book and gain self-esteem. You must acquire self-esteem experientially. You cannot get to God through a book, IT is experiential. You cannot trust that inner call if you don’t have the basic component of self-esteem.

The Khemetic origin of what it means to be in this world but not of this world

Who is the real you?

This question may seem simple to answer on the surface from our modern perspective. Today we believe the real you is who you see looking back at you in a mirror. However, from the ancient African spiritual science perspective, the real you is the Ka (soul) and the physical body is the Kas projection into the physical world.

Were you taught the idea of not being of this world as a Christian? Because of the Christian conception of this idea, were you “so heavenly bound that you were no earthly good?” It usually is stated by some as a badge of honor but bound in the misery of their life. No worries, not your fault that you were constantly taught flawed and incorrect religious crap!

Through their flawed doctrines, Christianity has always pitted the soul and physical body against one another. Life becomes a struggle against being human and being spiritual. This is one of the main reasons that so many Christians are always “backsliding.” The doctrines make it impossible for a Christian to be human and live with integrity through religious ideals.

As I have stated in other writings on this site, Christians did take Khemetic concepts and adapt them to their belief system.

This Christian idea of “not being of this world” (John 17:14) is ancient Egyptian in origin. The ancient African paradigm of thought was that the spirit or metaphysical world preceded the material world that we live in. In other words, you are a Ka (soul) that inhabits the metaphysical world. Your body is manifested BY the soul into the material world.

kemetic spiritual science basics for beginners

As a Ka (soul), which is the “real” you according to all authentic ancient Egyptian philosophy, you are not OF this MATERIAL world, but your manifestation (the physical body) is IN the material world.

So much of Christianity was built on denying the physical body of earthly human experience. The early Christian fathers accepted flawed teachings that to enjoy physical life would keep you (the Ka) trapped in the reincarnation cycle.


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  • Tap into your higher consciousness
  • Release yourself from religion

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This is one of the reasons Christians taught misguided concepts like sin and mankind was born in sin. Christians taught the opposite of living a physical life than what the ancient Egyptians taught. For Christians, Just about anything that is joyful in life is a sin because it could keep you mentally and therefore vibrationally attached to physical life.

But this also is the case with anything that can produce strong emotions. For example, hate and anger can be very powerful human emotions. If unresolved through life, the emotions can keep a soul tied to repeated lives of trying to work through dealing with those emotions.

Being not of the world, the ancient Egyptians simply meant, for you, to think of yourself from the perspective of your eternal Ka. As a Ka you created a physical body to experience and ENJOY life!

For the ancient Khemites/Egyptians, it was a privilege to live life in the flesh.

Sin is an imaginary disease created by religion in order to sell you an imaginary cure.

YOU (the Ka) are not of this world and you as a physical body was created to live, love, and learn in THIS world. Whatever you don’t learn in this life you get another chance to learn in another life. Of course, Christianity has taught that you die and go to heaven or hell and that’s the end of it. As you investigate and learn more you will find that those teachings are in error.

The Egyptian idea of salvation was much different from Christianity. Salvation for them was the ability of the Ka to incarnate for another physical life! This concept is an extremely elevated idea beyond what most of us can even consider. Our religious views keep us thinking in terms of punishment for wrongs done to others. But existence is as a soul is NEVER about being punished.

That means as a living breathing physical body you have already enjoyed salvation. You are saved! But so is the racist that reincarnated into the race they hated. If you think in simple religious ideas of right and wrong you cannot grasp the depth of Kemetic teachings on living life as a soul in human form.

Being saved means you can enjoy life to the fullest. That means you will make mistakes. But you (the Ka) are to learn from them. One of the deeper concepts that are hard for Christians and ex-Christians alike is the idea that morality is not part of the soul’s journey. Morality is a religious construct.

That means as a Ka you are to learn and experience the struggle of learning self-love, gaining self-worth and learn these ideas through ALL your physical life experiences. When, as a Christian, you denied yourself of sex on a one night stand, for example, you may have blocked a path to a lesson you as Ka CHOSE to learn. As a soul, it is about the experience, not morality.

Your physical body is in this world, but who you are as a Ka(soul) is not of this world. That’s what the idea means.

Having a one night stand would not have been a sin. It would have been an opportunity to experience and learn as an eternal Ka. YOU (the soul) are not of this world. But you do get to enjoy it through your physical life. That doesn’t mean you are free of consequences. You don’t get punished.

YOU (the Ka) simply get the chance to learn it again or experience, in another life, the hell you put someone else through. For example, someone that is hateful and racist will most likely get reincarnated within the race they hated in the last life.

Not as punishment, but as an opportunity for YOU (the Ka) to learn and reconcile the experience of compassion into your consciousness. This is the idea of karma. Karma is about reconciling vibrational frequencies and not punishment.

The idea of karma reconciling vibration and frequency is a higher level of knowledge. It ties into resurrection and oneness beyond Christianities flawed historical teachings.

For ancient Egyptians, life was an absolute privilege to live. They knew that no matter what happened life was only a transitory expression of the soul. In other words, your body will die but your soul is eternal. Live life! Enjoy it! Whatever you don’t get right, you will get another chance to do it all over again! There is no sin, or hell to go to because of sin. It’s part of learning through opposites or duality.

You next logical step would be to unlearn Christian teachings and learn what they were originally meant so that you may live life in a way that is joyus and lights your soul! Unlearn the superstitions and learn the science.

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How accepting the bible as the ultimate authority destroys your inner voice

How do you make sure that people are following the right rules for your organization? More specifically, how did the Christian fathers make sure that any Christian believed the “right” thing?

The Christian fathers made sure that all Christians then and now would follow and believe the same thing by authoring a book that you could check. Theoretically, this book would have all the answers you needed to stay on track with what you were to accept as a believer. If anyone said anything different from what was written in the book they were to be at least ignored and at the worst a heretic. That book became what we know as the bible today.

A by-product of accepting this book as the ultimate word of God was to shut you off from trusting and connecting to your own inner voice from your higher self. It produced a person that does not hold their own voice, thoughts, and experience in high esteem.

Why was a bible needed in the first place?

The bible was needed because of the claims that early Christian fathers made. No other religion or spiritual system at that time relied on books as their source of truth.

there are many translations today that differ and change the context and meaning of many biblical ideas. If it was the word of this all-powerful and all-knowing God, why couldn’t he keep the translations consistent?

These ideas would be in direct opposition to Khemetic teachings that the essence of who you are is the source of all creation.

There was no authority one had to look too for the ultimate answer, and there was no objective truth. Those ideas were unique to Christianity and essentially despiritualized the religion. If you followed your own voice you became a threat to the power structure of the Catholic Church. the bishops became the link to your salvation in Christianity.

book quote gnostic gospel

You could not come up with ideas that worked specifically for you. Your experience had to fit into the prescribed truth or you were a heretic (anyone that does not agree with their ideas).

If you grew up Christian how many times have you been told every answer you need is in the bible?

How many times were you told that if it’s not in the bible you don’t need to know it?

What is the effect of abiding by these erroneous ideas?

One major effect is that you become intellectually limited. I grew up with people that bragged about only reading the bible. Their world view was skewed and limited in ways that no one could explain to them.

Another major effect was that you don’t make a decision without checking with some authority outside yourself, be it the pastor and/or the bible. You questioned and second-guessed everything until someone told you how to proceed, or you gleened something from the bible that directed you.

Making your own decisions become an act in futility. You feel guilty about your decision because maybe you didn’t ask God the right way or ask the right person.  You constantly second-guess yourself.

What you need to recognize from this day forward is that you are the word of God made flesh! It is you and in you and you NEVER have to check with someone else or a book to know if you are “living right.” Let your vibration or harmony be your guide. Your truth has a vibration. You feel it.

The word is the effect of law a priori. Another way to say this is through common sense and reasoning we can know that everything in the universe is an effect of SOMETHING that cannot be known or observed. Everything is an aspect of that unobservable and unknowable phenomenon. We and IT are the same.

Say to yourself everyday you wake up this affirmation, I am god/Goddess, Nuk-puk-nuk, I Am that, I Am.

Below is an excerpt from the book “Forged” by Bible Scholar Bart D Ehrman. He writes about the attitudes of the day and the reasoning as to why a book was needed to confer the ultimate truth and be the ultimate authority for anyone that followed the Christian religion.

This is important for you to understand because it shows you that regular people came up with these ideas and others chose to follow for many reasons. But they were no more connected to then than you are today.

Forged by Bart D. Ehrman book cover

Christianity was unlike other ancient religions. It was exclusivistic, certain beliefs could make you wrong and certain beliefs could make you right. it insisted that it held the truth and that every other religion was in error

Christianity was rooted in “truth” claims and because of this, from the very beginning Christians needed to appeal to authorities. If you believe this is true over this idea, then what is your authority for saying so? the ultimate authority was God of course.

Early Christian fathers did not believe that God spoke truth to individuals or else there would be enormous problems because someone could claim divine authority for what they taught and others could claim divine authority for the opposite teachings.

Thus, most Christians did not stress personal revelation to living individuals. instead, they insisted that God had revealed his truth in earlier times through Christ through his apostles.

The apostles at the beginning of the church were authorities who could be trusted. but when the apostles died out, where was one to go for an authority? one could claim, and many did, that the leaders of the church appointed by the apostles could pass along their teachings so that these leaders in authority were equal to God himself!

God sent Jesus, who chose his apostles who instructed those successors who passed along the sacred teachings to ordinary Christians. this created a problem because as churches multiplied each of them could no longer claim that they had a leader that had known an apostle or even someone who knew someone that once new an apostle.

even different leaders of different churches could claim they taught the apostolic truth. but these truths stood at odds with other leaders said were the teachings of the apostles. How is one to get around these problems? the easiest fix would be to know what the apostles said through the writings they left behind. these authoritative authors produced authoritative teachings.

The authoritative truth could be found in the apostolic writings. even though it might sound like a perfect solution to the problem it raised problems of its own. the main problem that earlier Christians were not aware of then but are aware of now is that most of the apostles were illiterate and could not write. they could not have left an authoritative writing if their souls depended on it.

another problem was that writings started to appear that were claimed to be writings of apostles but contained all kinds of bizarre and contradictory views.

the views found in these writings were deemed “heretical” or false teachings.” From the book “Forged” Author Bart D. Ehrman.

So basically, early Christian professed they had the entire truth passed down to them and they needed to preserve this ultimate truth for everyone. They needed to preserve the WORD OF GOD. Problem is, no one has ever seen the original writing of these books that are now a part of the bible.

The idea that one book can contain all knowledge and the possibility of all knowledge is absurd. But most Christians believe that any aspect of their life they are not sure of will be answered if only they go to the bible.

The truth is that no other spiritual system was based on the idea that all you needed was inside one book.

The idea that spiritual wisdom came from within yourself was a part of most ancient spiritual systems and Christianity changed it to the detriment of spirituality.

In order to grow up spiritually, you will have to let go of the dogma. It’s not always an easy thing to do psychologically. You are literally unlearning these ideas that are wrapped around so many aspects of your life.

Trusting your own inner voice is the first step to liberation. It will be the ultimate step to expanding consciously. Regain your inner voice by connecting to that higher source within you and TRUST it. When you do, your spiritual esteem will grow and you will become more confident and intuitive.

What is spiritual faith?

Spiritual faith and religious faith are not the same things. One of the biggest crocks of crap we were taught as Christians was their idea of faith. I have seen religious faith defined as knowing the truth without the burden of logic or proof. As a Christian, we are taught faith as accepting an absurd belief. That’s not faith, its mind control.

Book cover Gnostic and Historic Christinanity
In other words, the more you accepted the unbelievable, blind faith honored God

In the ancient Khemetic science Spiritual faith is taking for granted or having a certainty that a desired outcome WILL occur even when there is no physical evidence to prove that it will. This is a powerful manifesting tool!

Religious faith was the BELIEF in things unseen.  There is a huge and powerful difference in religious faith and spiritual faith.

Religious faith as a belief is a rational process. You just believe it, accept it, and you are done. But in reality, religious faith is false because true spiritual faith is much deeper and powerful. It is not a rational thing. It comes from experience and KNOWING. It is an expectation that you have from within yourself. It’s a subjective “feeling.”

Consider this question:
Do you have more faith in negative outcomes?

Faith works in the affirmative or the negative. One of my personal struggles is having faith in the positive in certain areas of my life. I am constantly checking my thoughts and what I daydream about.

I know I have been programmed with that negative perspective, but because I am now aware of it it becomes my choice to continue it. I’m getting better. But, I am still working through the idea of positive spiritual faith.

Spiritual faithPositive spiritual faith is not always a natural state of mind for many of us today. Think about how many negative ideas we are bombarded with every single day through just television commercials. They constantly promote feelings of lack, make us question our health, and wishing we could be someone else or at least in their enviable position.

It all puts us in the mindset of fretting over things seemingly out of our control.

Do you fret over bills? Having enough money? Finding that right Job?

If you do then you have more faith in the negative. Change that programming. One of the biggest ideas to overcome after religion is the idea that God will punish you or put you in peril because he got mad at you or something.

The Universe is geared towards you having whatever you want. Assume it! Take it for granted!

Spiritual Faith is real, and it is powerful! It is beyond believing. It is knowing and with positive expectation that your desire will occur.