Misapplication of the Neter Set and White Supremacy’s Endurance


By the end of this screen cast you will understand the Neter Set and the misapplication of this Neter by people of color that helps keep racism and white supremacy in place

You will learn the difference between being a librarian and a scientist in respect to ancient Khemetic knowledge

Why praying and spreading knowledge are not enough to end white supremacy and racism

Let’s talk khemetic science rather than finger pointing and attacks

So let’s get to it!… Read more

Controversial! Break free mentally with exposing the secret agenda to invent Jesus

Table of Contents

Why is this important?
Where did the idea of KRST begin?
Christian Fathers recruited those that were not very bright or educated
The Catholic Church despiritualized KRST
What’s the difference between Gnosis and “Belief?”
What prompted Christian fathers to ordain Jesus and God and Man?Read more

Revealing the divinve Ka in the triad of the human soul and gaining superhuman powers

Table of Contents

Are you saved?
The basics of the divine Ka explained
Origin of “the Father”
Biblical symbolic connections to the Ka

Your Christian friends probably think you’re crazy, right? How could you start questioning the Bible and Christian teachings?… Read more

Kemetic Spiritual Science: Wakanda and African beliefs before colonization

The Black Panther Movie was fantastic! I love how the Characters and storyline were developed. I loved the depth and beautifully complex narrative presented by the movie. The Hero and the villain were Black which blurred the lines between good and evil within complex layers of humanity.… Read more

Always expecting the hookup exposes your negative self-image

As a black person, when you immediately ask or expect a black business owner to “hook you up” it is a reflection of how you value that owner and their service. Subliminally, it is a reflection of your own negative self-image.… Read more

Being spiritual does not mean act a certain way

So many people think being spiritual means you are supposed to “act” a certain way. You shouldn’t do this or that because you are “spiritual.” If you hold on to that idea, recognize that you are not being authentically you.Quote

Being you means that you are journeying through this experience.… Read more

Can you practically apply Kemetic knowledge?

Kemetic knowledge from our ancestors was based on principles that never changed, not rules (like Christianity).  One of the basic Kemetic principles was/is that our outer experience is generated from within.

This is a deeply philosophical existential idea. In other words, humankind has pondered how did God and the universe come into existence?  … Read more

Kemetic Spirituality vs Christian Religion

Kemetic spirituality vs. Christian religion

The Christian religion was birthed from ancient Kemetic knowledge. However, just like a classroom game I played with my students called “telephone”, when I was a school teacher the initial phrase started with did not get to the last student.… Read more

What is ancient Khemet?

What is ancient Kemet?

Where was kemet located?

For most people, ancient Kemet is synonymous with Egypt. Egypt definitely owes a lot of its culture to Kemet. However, Kemet is the name for an area in Africa that “bubbled” up from the southern Nile river valley all the way into present-day Egypt.… Read more