Breaking the cycle of broke by overcoming thoughts of being black and unworthy

There is an epidemic of poverty and lack worldwide amongst the African diaspora. In order to change this state we will have to change our thinking about how you value yourself and others that look like or reflect you.

One of the major ideas we can change as a collective is how we do business with each other. There is oftentimes an undercurrent of thought that if a black person has a business that provides any type of service or skill then it is cheap. should be free, and needs to have a price break by giving the customer a discount (the hook up).

When a black person has this mentality it is a reflection of how they value themselves. In this black person’s mind, nothing a black person produces can be of value.

They are most likely not an entrepreneur (risk taker) because any failure is not a lesson, it is confirmation of an already low opinion of themselves. Since they have a low opinion of self, anyone that looks like them is viewed lowly as well and their service is devalued, no matter the quality of work.

I submit to you that it is a form of self-loathing and holding on to religious ideas like being broken and needing to be fixed exacerbates this self-loathing. Add on top of that accepting the idea of worthlessness passed down through generations of being told your skin color makes you less is a cocktail of self-hate.

It is the state of consciousness many views the world through that we don’t oftentimes even consider.

To often so many can get into a mindset that anything produced by a black person should be free to consume. Oftentimes there is an attitude of entitlement that goes along with this mindset.

What needs to change is the understanding that no one can give from an empty vessel. At some point, the person that gives and does not receive anything in return simply burns out. At the essence of this “giving” attitude is really a lesson in valuing self. When we are givers but have a hard time receiving it sets an energetic imbalance.

Those that take and don’t give is also an energetic imbalance. both states operate through the most basic universal law; what you put out is what you get back. They both end up in a state of lack because they are essentially operating from the same energetic vibration.

The giver who is unable to determine their worth or feel worthy to receive operates from a place of lack. What they are putting out to the universe is their unworthiness and/or perceived lack of value by giving away what they do and ask for nothing in return. This is different than giving from a place of gratitude and being fulfilled. This person does not charge when they need the money.  They give it away because they ultimately don’t believe that what they do is worthy or worth anything.  The universe returns or reflects that belief in a person’s life by giving them lack.

The taker who takes without giving is operating from the belief they have nothing to give. They operate from a place of lack. Therefore, they try and gain whatever they can for free. The universe will return or reflect the belief they put out.

Make no mistake that on the world stage black people have been made to feel worthless and unworthy even in the face of the truth that what we have given the world is the foundation that modern civilizations are built on. Whether it be politics, economics, religion, government, etc. All these foundations of the western world will be traced back to the Greeks. But guess who taught the Greeks? Africans!

My point being is that if you want to build anything of value it can’t be done from a belief in lack on any level. If you want to receive wealth you have to operate from an abundant mindset. If you want to have your talent make a way for you then you must know that what you have to offer is of value. Oftentimes we operate from a place of ego and receiving adulation from others is all that is wanted. Even when our funds are low and we need to pay the bills.

But, if you are an entrepreneur you must be able to evaluate what you offer and determine a reasonable value that you will be satisfied with in return. If you don’t the universe can only return your belief in worthlessness or unworthiness.

If you are “broke” and horde every penny, then the way to change that is to change your mind first. You must begin to operate from recognizing the abundance in the universe. Then from that place give KNOWING that it will be returned to you. You can’t HOPE that it will be returned. You must KNOW that it will because that is universal law; what you put out is what you get back. In other words, your life is a reflection of your inner beliefs.

As a people, we have operated from a mentality that has trapped so many of us in poverty or just a paycheck to paycheck existence. However, you can change that. If you have a talent, figure out what the value is and expect that it should be returned to you. There is no shame for believing you are of worth and worthy. If you lack funds then understand that feeling the need to hold on tight to every penny is being communicated to the universe.

Change that, know that you are worthy to be abundant. Know that you are worthy and those that look like you are worthy, worthwhile and valuable. Give to those that give to you. When you act on the belief that because a person is black then you should receive their gift free or at a deep discount then lack will be your return. It is a universal law.

That does not mean be irresponsible with your finances. But, in order to change the energy flow of lack, you must give when you can where normally you would want to be “cheap.” Treat yourself and pay 30 cents more for something you would have skimped on before. Be grateful that you were able to help that business owner. That’s a giving mindset for yourself and the business owner! That small change will jumpstart an energetic process that works for you behind the scenes. It will put you at a vibration of abundance that will attract abundance back to you.

This is really what the religious idea of tithing is about. It works when the attitude is in a proper perspective. Many church people KNOW this. But if the tithing is done from a place of fear that you might get punished if you don’t do it then the mindset is off. That is a different mentality than giving with gratitude. Of course, many churches play on the guilt and fear of their parishioners. Hense many of those in the pews remain in poverty.

You are worthy to live abundantly. KNOW that!



Self-esteem is a core component of spirituality

black queen

Self-esteem is not a psychological state. It is at the core of spirituality. You cannot and will not connect to your godself if you have to ask for permission. You cannot read a book and gain self-esteem. You must acquire self-esteem experientially. You cannot get to God through a book, IT is experiential. You cannot trust that inner call if you don’t have the basic component of self-esteem.


Is your first thought to assume the worst in people?

Low self-esteem fear
Low self-esteem fear
Have you considered low self-esteem as a catalyst for being fearful of other people? Deep down, how do you really feel about you? Can you look in the mirror and say to yourself, I love you and truly feel good about it. I don’t mean your public social media persona. I mean really honestly assess how you feel about you.
When I say fearful, I mean expressing yourself on the spectrum of opposites or duality. There are truly only two emotions within the human experience. Love is on one end and fear is on the other. We simply have different names for the emotions that fall along the spectrum from one extreme to the other.
It’s really simple to determine which end of the spectrum you are choosing to operate from. Love feels good, fear feels bad. Emotions of love are happiness, ecstasy, joy, etc.  On the spectrum of fear would be anger, jealousy, depression, etc.
As a culture, many of us of the African diaspora cannot truly look in the mirror and honestly feel love towards our own reflection. There are some many different components that play into this issue. But low self-esteem is at its roots.
We can immediately call out racism as a culprit, and rightfully so. But, we rarely examine how religion has taught us to hate ourselves and assume the worst of others.
Consider this Scripture:
Genesis 6:5 Then the LORD saw that the wickedness of man was great on the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.
That is an absolute that when taken to heart colors your view of humanity. When you add on top of that low group esteem (looking at your culture and people as somehow defective) it becomes a prescription for looking at the world through our own negative belief about people. Which ultimately reflects what we believe about ourselves. These ideas are a source of low vibrational expression of fear. If you assume the worst, about your world it means your main filter of your reality is through fear.
Consider your thoughts, they are who you are being. What rules your life on a day to day basis? Are you a being of love, or fear?
At Khemetic Centered Living it’s not just about learning facts, dates, and knowledge. It about Lifting your whole being from the inside out to create from love, passion, and compassion.#highvibration

Kemetic Spiritual Science: Wakanda and African beliefs before colonization

The Black Panther Movie was fantastic! I love how the characters and storylines were developed. I loved the depth and beautifully complex narrative presented in the movie. The Hero and the villain were Black which blurred the lines between good and evil within complex layers of humanity.

I had to cheer for the villain when his dying wish was:

Nah, bury me in the ocean with my ancestors that jumped from the ships because they knew death was better than bondage.”

I was like, DAAAYYYUUUM! That line sent chills through me because I could identify with how he was thinking.

I loved the Scenery of Wakanda and the costumes. Going into the movie I wondered how it would mimic pre-Colonial Africa and its belief systems; its cosmology. I wasn’t disappointed.

Wakanda is a fictitious country. But many of the concepts about Africa were based on “real” African philosophy, history, and cosmology. What were some of those ideas depicted?


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What did Africans believe before slavery?

African Historian

Pre-colonial Africa was a matriarchal society. That means that they recognized and operated from the “divine feminine” aspect. They were as introspective a society as many Asian societies are today. That introspective perspective is connecting to the divine feminine.

Dahomey worriers

The women in pre-colonial Africa did not have to fight for their rights. They were seen as the “seat” of the house and the male was its occupant. If you notice the symbolism of Auset (means she of the throne) she has a throne on her head. Through her, the masculine must operate. In all pre-dynastic myth and symbolism, the masculine and feminine were represented.

This brings us to the deeper subject of this post, The Black Panther was said to have the power of Bast. Bast was the Neter Represented by the cat. “She” was the protector as was T’Challa was the protector of his people. Bast was the defender of the Pharoah or king.

Black panther
Egyptian Goddess Bast

Many people still think that ancient Africans worshiped animals and nature.  This was not true. The bird head or lion head on the carving of a neter was not a form of worship but a symbolic representation of a function that animal had that was keener and/or stronger than a human naturally possed. The way ancient African symbolism worked, the more you know about the animal the more you can understand about the characteristics the Africans were communicating through the animal symbol on the most subtle of levels.

Today we think in terms of interpretations, ancient Africans had a different paradigm (click to purchase)

It was the ingeniously sophisticated way of using “natural symbols” for how the Africans expressed these ideas. These natural symbols become keys to deciphering the myths after the knowledge has been buried or forgotten.  The ancient Africans did not have our modern concept of worship.

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Only after the teachings were lost or forgotten did we begin to incorporate the idea of “worshiping” an entity. The mythology and symbolism of ancient Africa was assimilated into the Christian religion throughout the bible. The spiritual aspects of Christianity originated in ancient Kemet. As Christians, we were taught to worship concepts because there was no understanding of the spiritually scientific knowledge the concepts were attempting to convey.

I loved the subtlety of ideas represented in the Characters of Black Panther. It was the use of Symbolism and metaphor at its finest.

If there was no worship what did Africans do?

Today we have been taught to get a relationship to God.  As Christians we are taught that God is different from us and to even consider ourselves as a god is blasphemous and sinful! The Ancient Africans did not think this way.

They KNEW there was only ONE. And that EVERYTHING is the ONE in its own beautiful and unique form. Not different than the ONE. Simply an aspect of the one in its own form.

In Africa, you ARE a god/goddess in human form. God Is; I AM; The alpha and the Omega (click cover to purchase book)

Christianity erroneously changed that distinctly empowering African philosophy to an idea that has trapped us in a cage of self-hate and its effects of mediocrity.

The ceremony of T’Challa incorporating the powers of the Black Panther cat was closer to how ancient Africans saw what we call “worship” in modern times. Not the ceremony, but what the Africans believed about developing their own natural divinity.

In reality, our concept of worship would be foreign to ancient Africans. They didn’t worship. Why would you need to worship what you are? The idea for the ancient Africans was establishing a metaphysical connection to the object (in this case a Black Panther) and incorporating the desired function of that object within themselves.

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Today we might think of this concept analogous to the saying, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” because our ancestors thought in terms of all things being the source in another form they believed they could incorporate any function of that source into their being. They BECAME all the powerful aspects of the panther.

Because of our biases we just don’t give ancient civilizations much credit for their knowledge. It is becoming more evident that they knew a lot more in many areas than we do today. The ancient civilizations had a different paradigm of thought. If you understand the science of manifesting by being a vibrational match to the object or experience of your desire then you already know this ancient African concept. They simply had taken it to another level.

In a sense, they would become the Panther and have the powers that animal possed. For the animal it was natural. In the movie, T’Challa gained superhuman strength and agility after ingesting an herb. This established a relationship metaphysically to the subject (T’Challa) and the object (the Panther). By identifying with (paying homage in a way) the object T’Challa would then take on the quality or function of that object (the Strength, power, and speed of the Panther). The animals natural abilities became the humans’ superpowers when incorporated.

The other thing to recognize is that these “powers” were not reserved for one special person. ANYONE that acquired the knowledge and wisdom had/has access to the transformational “powers.” Back in ancient times, it was mainly the initiates that had the access to the knowledge.

I am really simplifying the idea here. It goes much deeper and is connected to other concepts within this ancient African cosmology. However, it does give you an idea of the ancient African paradigm and belief system. It was completely different than our western thought processes.

Ancient Africans extended the concept and functionality of the “natural world”

In the movie, the herb was the cause. This is our modern way of thinking. We consider something outside ourselves that gives us the power. But in ancient Africa, it was a recognition of claiming that power from within them. Being source in human form the ancient Africans recognized that they were already connected to the rest of nature.

Because the abilities of the animals exceeded the abilities of a human, the symbolic object (The Black Panther) became representative of “superpowers.” One example is, the cats’ ability to see in the dark became representative of a power the Ancient Africans wanted to incorporate within themselves. It would be the ability to see at night or in the dark.

However, it wasn’t just physical sight to be enhanced. It was metaphysical and “spiritual” sight being enhanced as well. The symbols ALWAYS have multidimensional levels of functionality. Because of our western training, we view the natural world as only things that can be experienced through the five human senses.

The physical world is the effect of a metaphysical cause (Click cover to purchase book)

The Ancient Africans paradigm of “natural” extended beyond the five senses of a human. It also included the metaphysical. It makes sense when you understand that they did not view the physical world as the “real world.” For ancient Africans, the metaphysical world of the soul was the real world and the physical body only a transitory experience. In other words, according to the ancient Africans, the metaphysical world caused the physical world to materialize into existence.

To understand this idea of extending beyond the senses from your own experience think in terms of a dog whistle. The range of the whistle is beyond human ability to hear it. But it is in the dogs “natural” range to hear the high pitch sound.

Africans recognized this range and beyond as natural. Within their spiritual science the “natural world” is an extension of a metaphysical world that we are connected to from within. For ancient Africans, the body is a spiritual as the soul and the soul as natural as the body. There was no separation as we have done through religion and science in modern times.

By turning inward you would then be able to tap into your own well of spiritual wisdom that we call the divine feminine in modern times. However, most only consider the divine feminine as female. For ancient Africans divine feminine describe a function of nature, not a woman. It would be the ability to also turn within one’s self and connect to your inner self; your intuitive expressions.  Men have this ability as well. The function of the black panther’s sight becomes our superpower of inner sight just as the cat can see in the dark, we can see through our own darkness and become enlightened.

How would you represent the ability to gain “higher” knowledge? A bird that flies’s high?

The Black Panther is Stronger and Faster than a human. It is fierce fighter and protector. Again, all these characteristics or functions is why the ancient Africans would put an animal head on a NTR (NeTeR = NaTuRe). It became a symbolic expression of much deeper ideas and “superpowers” not naturally possed by humans. Not worshiping the animals, but incorporating the powers of the object (the animal).

In other words, they used the known (natural symbols) to give you a clue about the unknown (metaphysical)

Because it is a natural symbol, you have been left a key to decipher the coded messages within the ancient symbolism.

In contrast to ancient Africans, Christianity has always taught a brand of worship that becomes debilitating because you believe you are dependent on the power of God and his whims.

Based on Greek error and misunderstanding of their Egyptian teachers they humanized God. The Egyptian anthropomorphized nature. In other words, they used what is natural as an analogy to give you an idea of a world beyond our physical expression. It was not human in any way. But a human characteristic may be used to express an abstract metaphysical concept.

The Greek way of thinking causes you to think in terms of a relationship you form to a superior being outside of you. Because you have no idea of the science behind the physical world you have to hope the superior being will be sympathetic to you at the time of your requests (prayers).

He may be sympathetic unless he is punishing you (because just like humans, God can be mad at you according to the infantile Greek way of thinking). You can never really be sure if you are in a punishment phase or not. I mean God would punish you for masturbating but turn a blind eye to starving children in Africa.

Colonialism and changing African spiritual science and traditions

Colonialism was motivated by greed and justified with religion. For the African diaspora, the Christian religion is a repackaged fringe aspect of African spirituality given to black people AND the world to enslave us mentally, physically, and spiritually.

For thousands of years, Africans had a cosmology that helped them build one of the greatest civilizations the world has ever known (Egypt). After colonization, we were given a bible that we weren’t allowed to read and images to ensure that our mind was in bondage.

Slave masters NEVER gave our ancestors anything they thought would empower them. Yet the slave masters gave them the bible and as Christians, we didn’t question the motives behind the “gift.”

I don’t intend to disparage Christianity with the above statements. But they can’t be disputed based on empirical evidence.

Because of many of the doctrines of religion and racism, many of us of the African diaspora have high self-esteem, but low group esteem. Low group esteem has been the prescription for lack of cohesion among the African diaspora. It was a nice touch to see Africans begin the Wakanda outreach center. Implying that Africans and African Americans need to connect.


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The mythology that was so much a part of African spirituality was not “real” characters. However, they were representations of deeper meaningful ideas and concepts.

The movie represented a fictional country in Africa and were not “real” characters, but on another level, it subtly expressed the ancient African cosmology. It also touched a deeper chord within a people that were starving for powerful representations of Africa.

Make no mistake that Africa had rich traditions. As Christians, we were given a glimpse of those traditions through the bible. But the knowledge was malformed and misunderstood due to Greek then Roman ignorance and misunderstanding the culture and traditions.

Worship is what the ignorant (not knowing, not meant as an insult) do. Invoking your inner strength is what the powerful and confident do. Black Panther gave you a glimpse of Precolonial African civilization.

Now, call on the power and wisdom of the ancestors. You can incorporate it into your inner wisdom and be proud. You are the universe experiencing itself as human for a short time. THAT is the ancient African paradigm!

Members of the African Diaspora have been made to feel ashamed of Africa. NO MORE! You have been given a glimpse of the power and Majesty of Africa through the fictional country of Wakanda. There is so much more to our African ancestors, their way of thinking, and their cosmology.

It’s time you learn the science rather than perpetuating superstitions of the fringe science repackaged as Christianity. Rise, my beautiful brothers and sisters! The knowledge has been left for you with keys to decode it.  Ancient Egypt was the mouthpiece for the continent of precolonial Africa and their belief system. It is all there for you to gain the wisdom of the ages.

Namaste (the divine in me, recognizes the divine in you)

Reginald Khu-Ahkaru


How To Help Our Christian family Out Of An Abusive Relationship With Religion

Couple screaming


Many of us that are out of Christianity have a perspective to shake some sense into our Christian family. Because we have knowledge doesn’t make us right and we’ll not win them over if we are verbally abusive to them. Understand that our Christian family is already in an abusive relationship with their God and their religion.

Here’s what I mean by them already being in an abusive relationship.

Looking back on my time within Christianity it was like living with someone abusive always in my head.


A new world and new economy has started but most don’t even recognize it! Will you thrive or just skate by to survive?

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As a believer, I lived through cycles of fear and anxiety of endlessly burning in hell brought on by ideas of sin and guilt. Repenting and rededication produced temporary relief from the anxiety until a seemingly arbitrary misstep or transgression, such as a “sinful” thought produces a fall from grace and started the process all over again.

Christian family
Being abusive to our Christian family

I had a relationship with an entity that requires total submission and blind obedience,  unrealistic expectations, sudden mood swings, “He”  saves me even though I’m barely worth saving AND, I should be grateful for this kind of psychotic love!

This is how many abusive relationships can be. Our Christian family lives this every single day! So if you want them to peek from behind the bible you can’t do so in an abusive manner. You can’t attack them and hope they will come over to your point of view.

Why would our Christian family want to leave one abusive relationship (With God) and enter one with you or anyone that wants to continually tell them how dumb they are for believing in Jesus?

Or how they are holding on to the slave masters religion.

They are curious!

This is the thing.  Unless you can explain and show them that it is safe (psychologically) to investigate beyond what they have been taught you will not reach them. They will put up a wall you will never get through or around.

You must have the ability to connect the origin of the bible and how Christianity changed the original teachings. You must do so with love and compassion for THEM and where they are in their journey. Not because you believe YOU have a better way. That’s arrogant with a focus centered on yourself.

Our Christian family is very curious. They have seen the memes about ancient Kemetic science. But psychologically they have been taught to fear for their salvation if they question God (The bible). This fear is ingrained deep into the Christian psyche. Personally, it took years for me to finally get past the question, what if they were right? It’s that way with most. Some more so than others. But it is a real fear. They also don’t want to deal with being put down either. What sane person would accept being attacked and constantly put down?

Unfortunately, too many think getting beyond the Christian indoctrination is like getting over a belief in Santa Clause. Psychologically, it goes much much deeper and has a strong hold on the psyche.

And no self-respecting person will deal with someone putting them down all the time. Would you? Of course not.

What you must do is show them how the bible IS still relevant to their spirituality without the fear and control mechanisms that Christianity has used. You must show them that the bible has many of the original  Kemetic science teachings preserved but often in codes.

The original teachings, that became a part of Christianity, were for initiates into the mystery system of Egypt, not the masses. They used codes in the form of symbols, metaphors, analogies, and myths.

You will have to go through the bible

You will NOT lead our Christian family out of the dogmatic, self-loathing, toxic beliefs of Christianity without first going through the bible. It is their place of safety and comfort. To attack it is not very smart. If you are at the stage of being angry for what you were taught you will not see any value in the bible.

I know because I was in that angry place about Christianity and the bible for many years. I thought the best use for a bible was as a doorstop! Until I started getting deeper into what the Kemetic spiritual system was teaching. Then the bible opened up at a whole ‘nother level beyond the literal and historical teachings of Christianity.

Here’s what I mean.

A whole civilization built on universal principles

Ancient Egyptians built a whole civilization of principles we call the Law of Attraction today. They understood that vibration or sound was the method of creation and that consciousness was the substance with the ability to renew and recreate itself in many forms.

What I just did was state the essence of the Kemetic “Creative Trinity.” The Christian Father, Son, and the Holy spirit. It is Kemetic science taught by Christian fathers and the masses didn’t understand. The ancient teachings of it is preserved in many scriptures of the bible but intertwined with the dogma of Christianity.

In the “Egyptian book of Coming forth by day” (book of the dead), the ancient Kemetians stated the concept of the Trinity that filtered into the bible via their myth like this, Ra said…”I am the Eternal…I am the Word…I created the Word.”

What do vocal cords have to do to create sound or a word? Answer: the vocal cords have to vibrate! That’s scientifically confirmed. How would ancient wisdom teachers pass this idea along to initiates without giving up the secret to people they didn’t want to know? They would use metaphors of course!

The “Word” is a metaphor for the science of Creation used by the ancients. Interestingly enough, modern science says the universe was created with a Big Bang or sound as well! But I digress.

This same concept is stated in John 1:1. In the beginning, was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

By connecting this biblical idea to its origins you can teach a Christian about the original intent and meaning of the Trinity beyond the dogma and about the science, not superstitious beliefs.

What became the biblical Trinity is the analysis of the initial impetus of Atum into the substance of the manifested universe.

The “Father” is expressing the active aspect of the INITIAL creation out of the feminine primordial waters of Nun. Spirit; energy; or consciousness is the “substance” of the universe. The son/child is how the ancients expressed metaphorically the ability of creation to renew and reproduce itself.

The number three (The Trinity) is a masculine number which tells you Atum actively came into being AS the universe. Biblically Christians express this concept as God being “the Alpha and the Omega, or “the beginning and the end.”

The concept originated with the ancient Egyptians, they called it Atum-Ra. Meaning Ra or “holy spirit” to Christians was the beginning and the end of all existence.

Christians often say God “works in mysterious ways.” When the ancient Egyptians wanted to express the mysterious aspect of God they spoke of Amen-Ra. Amen meaning the “hidden” aspect of God. Yes, the same Amen at the end of prayers.

The main point for our Christian family

This is the point I want to make. We don’t have to beat Christians up. We don’t have to verbally attack them and be abusive to them. You cannot change any consciousness with the same consciousness that created it.

You have to get beyond the memes and knowledge stage of learning about the ancient sciences if you really want to move the consciousness of our Christian brothers and sisters. You must be able to connect the ancient knowledge to the bible in a way that makes it safe for THEM and not simply satisfy your egotistical need to be right. MANY OF THEM ARE READY!

Once that’s done you can then take them deeper into the knowledge so that they can then gain wisdom. Knowledge is not enough! It is only the foundation that wisdom can be built on. Wisdom is the inner contemplation of knowledge.

Christians are literally our family, our brother, sister, father, mother, grandfather, or grandmother. Or they are some else’s family.

Care for them, teach them, don’t abuse and beat them!

They don’t care how much YOU know unless they know how much you care!

Namaste (the divine in me, recognizes the divine in you)

Reginald Khu-Ahkaru

Kemetic wisdom teachings: The root of disconnected relationships among black men

two people having sex

Table of Contents

Conditioning men at an early age
Buying into hyper-masculinity is killing our boys and men
The divine feminine principle is practical and universal
What does Kemetic wisdom teachings have to do with men and sexuality?
Get unstuck from the hyper-masculine trap
The divine feminine principle is symbolically hidden in the bible

Disconnected relationships, rage and anger among black men have a hidden but common issue.  In the consciousness community, we have much knowledge about our African ancestors but little in the form of Kemetic wisdom teachings and how to apply them. Why are so many young men resorting to violence in too many of our communities? Why is hypertension so prevalent in the black community?

The easy answer is to blame white supremacy and racism. It’s real. But we CANNOT expect to change whites and make our problems go away!

We have to find ways to do that internally on all levels. That means personally, family, and community.

Why has all the “knowledge” we have accumulated not translated into widespread change in black communities? Yes, the system is stacked against us in many ways. Part of it is even though many conscious folk no longer are religious, they still hold on to their value system they got from religion.

For example, in religion, you could memorize a whole bunch of scriptures but that doesn’t mean the knowledge is applied in your life. As conscious folk we take in much knowledge, but for far too many it isn’t applied to their daily lives.

When I was religious, we used to say “pray about it!” In the conscious community, I hear “spread the knowledge.” They both are having the same effect in the black community. That means neither is bringing about change.

I don’t mean to imply that knowledge is not needed. What I am saying is we need to go to the next level. But how? We have to find creative solutions that will come only through our collective wisdom. The cure for what ails us in our communities will start to manifest when we truly get a grasp of the Kemetic wisdom teachings beyond simply memorizing the words and lines in books. What is the next level?

I want to use ancient Kemetic science principles to connect some dots that may not be so obvious on the surface. It’s about principles the science can teach. But also about the wisdom beyond the knowledge that can be gained.

Wisdom is the inner contemplation of knowledge. There is a direct link to lack of quality of life in the black community and lack of wisdom. Please don’t take that as an attack or put down of black people. It is an observation I will explain here.

In this post you will get a deeper understanding of the idea called the divine masculine and divine feminine principle that because of a lack of wisdom, negatively impacts men. In the Kemetic wisdom teachings, it is understanding the divine feminine principle as a “function” within the universe that will unlock many keys on many levels within the black experience.

By the end of the blog post, you will have the knowledge on how to practically apply the divine masculine and divine feminine principle in your life.

Conditioning men at an early age

Let’s connect this idea to men and sexuality. On the surface, it may seem disconnected, but let’s get deep as the ancestors would.

Why is it that men crave sex so much? This is one of those questions that has perplexed women through the centuries. There are all kinds of pop psychology that want to explain what seems to be an epidemic of men that only want sex and can’t be faithful.

This is not to make an excuse for men. It’s to get deeper into the issue of why men are disconnected from loving a woman deeply. Yes, there are many men that are able to love women deeply and faithfully. However, there is an epidemic of broken trust in the black community between men and women.

Men in any demographic have a shorter lifespan than women. It’s

Black life expectancy
The average life expectancy.

connected to the same reason many men are unable to form deep lasting relationships with women. It’s a quality of life issue that we could connect by understanding the ancient African sciences and Kemetic wisdom teachings beyond simple book knowledge.

The issue starts as young as pre-school age. I have been a middle school teacher for a number of years. I listen to the conversation of thirteen and fourteen-year-old boys and recognized they had already been trained to disconnect from the natural ability to connect meaningfully deeply to others.

I watched as they would take pictures of each other with their cellphones and the young men wouldn’t smile in the pictures. They wanted to look menacing and “hard.”

I would listen to how they would berate any young man that showed sadness or “having their feelings hurt.”

These are the symptoms at an early age, of men that grow up interested in a woman for only that one thing. It’s because of the disconnect.

Here are some of the training phrases that these young men got early from home:

Big boys don’t cry

man up!

Be a man!

How often do you hear mothers and fathers make those statements to young boys on a football field or a basketball court? Mothers and fathers if you make these statement to your young sons you are doing a disservice to them and to the women who will love them.

The middle school kids would reinforce these ideas with phrases like:

Grow some balls!

Don’t be a pussy!

Are you on your period?

Quit acting like a bitch!

What does this teach the young men about how women should be perceived?

This deal is, it ends up being harmful to men psychologically but it also negatively impacts women.

The main problem is not connecting to their feminine side. Don’t shut down on this last statement. With Kemetic wisom teachings, there is a deeper level to understand about the idea of the divine masculine and divine feminine.

This is where too many “conscious” folk have the book knowledge, but not the wisdom that comes from going within to apply the knowledge they get. it’s no different than we did as Christians. We would read bible scriptures just memorizing but not applying. Waiting for Jesus to magically do the work for us.

No personal introspection. No personal responsibility. No way to self-correct. That’s all accumulating knowledge can and has done in the black community.

Buying into hyper-masculinity is killing our boys and men

In our hyper-masculine society, men do not cultivate healthy ways to connect to their emotions. It amazes me that so many “conscious” people have knowledge about divine masculine and divine feminine principle but have no idea how it applies to everyday life.

It amazes me how many “conscious” folk post the training phrases on social media never considering the consequences in our communities, our relationships, and our families.

So much of the knowledge of the Kemetic wisdom teachings was about connecting to what we call today, the divine feminine principle. This concept is lost on most in modern society. They think “Divine Feminine” equates to being and acting like a female.

The divine feminine principle is practical and universal

Divine Feminine principle is a Metaphor used by the ancients to describe functionality within symbolism and myth. It is using the female womb to express a universal concept.

Functionally speaking the divine feminine principle as an ancient metaphor is like:

Divine feminine womb
A metaphor for divine feminine

  • Inside the womb,
  • a container, it’s dark,
  • has water,
  • and all contents in it are hidden from sight
  • and new creations are birthed from it.

It’s a symbolic representation. Not literal. It’s a metaphor to describe functionality. Describing what something is like, NOT what it is. Get a deeper understanding here. The concept is based in Kemetic wisdom teachings and ancient numerology.

The divine feminine principle is about connecting to the inner self. It’s universal for men and women to connect within. That’s the FUNCTION of the divine feminine principle.

But it’s ignorance of understanding and applying Kemetic wisdom teachings and concepts in modern times that is damaging relationships and keeping us boxed into a certain way of thinking and behaving. Divine masculine and divine feminine principle is just such a concept that is misused due to ignorance.

What does Kemetic wisdom teachings have to do with men and sexuality?

In modern society, for the most part, it’s unacceptable for a man to demonstrably connect to his emotions which are part of the divine feminine principle. The emotions that are acceptable for men to show publically are anger and rage.

For men and boys, anger and rage are usually the only emotions they can show without being ridiculed, chastised, or made fun of on some level by the people closest to them. but there are not many other ways that men are allowed to be emotional. EXCEPT, through sex.

Divine Feminine Principle
Men desire to connect to their divine feminine aspect

Most men don’t recognize the underlying reason for the sex drive in them, especially young men. In the younger formative years’ sexual gratification becomes one of the main driving forces in his life.

part of that is the drive to mate and procreate of course.

However, If he only recognizes the physical aspect as his source of joy he will not recognize the sensual inner connections that he can make with an intimate partner.
Sensuality is the inner emotional feelings one has with his/her partner during sex. It is connecting the divine feminine principle in both men and women in those moments. The sensual feelings become part of the bond of an emotionally mature individual.

But most men are stunted emotionally in our hyper-masculine modern society. As stated above, the phrases “man up,” or “be a man,” “don’t act like a pussy,” etc. are all well understood by the time a boy is an adolescent. They are exhortations to not feel what is within him.

They are commands to disconnect from his emotions and inner self; their divine feminine principle.

Through sex with his woman, a man can tap into the deeper aspects of his inner being, his divine feminine, if only for a few joyous moments and not be ridiculed for the inward emotional journey. Sadly, as a society, we don’t really explore that deep and powerful connection beyond sex because of religious hangups.


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As a man understand that the time has come for you to connect deeper within yourself. All the wisdom of the ages is in that inner space. The cures for our families, our children, and our communities will be found in that inner space, not the pages of a book. I’m not saying books and knowledge are not important. They are. But it should be painfully evident that knowledge is not enough based on the conditions in too many of our communities.

Our creative problem solving comes from the divine feminine principle. Contemplating the next move is the use of the divine feminine principle. It all happens within. Then through the divine masculine action is taken.

Get unstuck from the hyper-masculine trap

Brothers, don’t get stuck in the hyper-masculine trap of banning and disconnecting your emotions until you are between the thighs of the object of your desire.

Our ancestors through Kemetic wisdom teachings practiced balance in all phases of their life. They called it Maat. If you barricade yourself within a wall of the manly code of being unemotional then you will have the fate of most men in our society.

That fate is to die at a younger age than the female within your demographic. Brothers, there is a direct connection to the emotional quality of your life and your lifespan. If you don’t think that’s true then ask yourself why the average married man lives longer?

Answer: Because he can connect emotionally with the woman he loves and connect inwardly to himself. That doesn’t mean that one has to be married. Don’t get a marriage license confused with a commitment. All commitments to another human being are a choice we make and honor. When you are with her, honor that commitment with integrity. Marriage license or not.

I submit to you that men have a high sex drive because of the need to connect to their own inner divine feminine principle. The secret is; it’s not just the sex but the emotional expression that lights up the soul. When you orgasm it is a cosmic event. It is a high vibrational state of being. At that moment you have the closest connection to the source. We all crave that connection to the source. However, men are socialized to disconnect.

Through getting a deeper understanding of the Kemetic wisdom teachings and practice of Ma’at men will become more balanced in all aspects of their life. Black men have the lowest life expectancy than any other group in America!

Part of that is because in many ways we are the most abused when showing emotions in what is perceived as a weakness. Women are seen as the “weaker” sex. Women are “emotional.” I have witnessed many Facebook posts that call black men all sorts of names for crying in public when they are deeply hurt. Often times it is done by women. This has to change.

A much deeper understanding is that women are more in touch with their divine feminine principle because it has always been socially acceptable for them to be and not for men. It is less acceptable for her to show here divine masculine side.

She is seen as pushy, aggressive, manly, etc.

We can’t continue to circulate the “knowledge” but not know how to apply it. Lack of understanding the Kemetic wisdom teachings and connecting to the inner self on a regular basis is a prime reason that so many of our young men walk around with an anger that can’t be extinguished. It’s most likely a contributing factor to hypertension and high blood pressure that manifests in our older men.

The former explodes in acts of violence. The latter is a slow seething disconnected journey to death. At their root, both are manifestations of the same underlying issue. The root being disconnected from their inner self. The divine feminine principle.

This has got to change. As black men, we must recognize the Kemetic wisdom teachings and principles that underly our behaviors. We must do so for our own well being first and by default our women, families, and communities will be a beneficiary. Learning the Kemetic wisdom teachings will do this in a way that will free men and women from the hyper-masculine emotionally stunted male.

For a black woman, an inwardly connected aware and enlightened man will be a better partner. As a black man, your life, our families, and our communities depend on gaining and connecting to the inner wisdom of the divine feminine. As a society, we can no longer afford to live disconnected.

The divine feminine principle is symbolically hidden in the bible

Funny thing is, as Christians the idea of connecting to the divine feminine was imparted to us but we didn’t have the wisdom to go deeper. Ephesians 6:2-3, “Honour thy father and mother; which is the first commandment with promise; That it may be well with thee, and thou mayest live long on the earth.” Exchange father and mother with masculine and feminine.

Honoring your mother and father is a good principle to live by. But in the scope of recognizing your own godhood how would that make you live longer? But being balanced and practicing maat would be a practical application that would make you live longer.

It takes on a deeper meaning beyond the literal way we were taught the Bible. It is a remnant of Kemetic wisdom teachings hidden with literalism.

As long as we have:

  1. emotionally disconnected men,
  2. disconnected knowledge not applicable in our daily lives

“Know thyself” is a command to connect to the divine feminine principle within. Balck men of gotten caught up in a hyper-masculine trap that is manifesting our destruction in many ways. Be you man or woman, the power to change the world, OUR world, will be birthed from honoring the divine feminine principle. The creative solutions will come from within.

As men we must learn to connect with our inner vibrational world. That is done through the heart and emotions. We can’t continue to live disconnected and hope our relationships and communities will thrive. It will take courage to go against the tide of hyper-masculine images that we are bombarded with in the media. It is necessary. It is through the wisdom of our ancestors that will guide us out of the wilderness.

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