Ptah and the origin of the fall into matter

Ptah is the active and causal principle of fire who is held captive in matter through his “fall” into space, time, and matter. This is where the idea of the biblical fall of man originated. Ptah “opened out earth and time.”

The creative trinity is expressing an alchemical concept of their needing to be three aspects to create any phenomenon.… Read more

Why is the Trinity all male?

As a Christian, I never really questioned the idea of an all-male Trinity. As I studied more of the Kemetic sciences and metaphysics in general I became aware of the ideas of the divine masculine and divine feminine.

I just assumed that the Christian idea was based on a patriarchal perspective.… Read more

Kemetic wisdom teachings: The root of disconnected relationships among black men

Table of Contents

Conditioning men at an early age
Buying into hyper-masculinity is killing our boys and men
The divine feminine principle is practical and universal
What does Kemetic wisdom teachings have to do with men and sexuality?
Get unstuck from the hyper-masculine trap
The divine feminine principle is symbolically hidden in the bible

Disconnected relationships, rage and anger among black men have a hidden but common issue. 

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How to apply Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine principle

Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine principle

Table of Contents

What is the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine principle?
The Khemetian NTR (NaTuRe)
How can I apply divine masculine and divine feminine principle?

Open, in the “light” is masculine. Hidden, in the “dark” is feminine.The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Principle or the gender principle is an often talked about but woefully misunderstood esoteric concepts.… Read more