This course is an Eye-opening resource for anyone that is interested in the origins of Christianity and the Bible Gospels.

You will uncover hidden gems as answers to questions the clergy were unable or deliberately kept you in the dark about and would not answer. It is 6 modules, self-paced.

You will walk through a path of success that is a process of taking you through stages of learning the Kemetic wisdom.

As you progress through the course and become more knowledgeable you will unwrap treasures:

1. You will uncover an ancient African spiritual system that sustained a continent of people for thousands of years and put a spotlight on the influence that African people have had on world religions, political systems, medicine, etc.

You will be elevated and awakened beyond the biases that are so pervasive about Egypt and African spiritual systems.

You will build a foundation of appreciation for how advanced these ancient Africans were and raise them to their rightful place on the world stage of advanced and influential civilizations.

2. You will be able to highlight, through comparing and contrasting, the systems of Khemet and Christianity the negative psychological impact that many Christian doctrines have that crater basic self-esteem.

It is massively important to growing and elevating spiritually so that you achieve good healthy relationships.

You must have the confidence that you can advance in your career and business, and achieve financial stability and bigger numbers in your bank account.

3. The Khemetic system is the only ancient system that will directly link Christianity and introduce you to metaphysical concepts. Everything we were taught to worship, as Christians, was originally metaphysical knowledge to aid us in tapping into the secrets of the universe.

Christianity only touched on the ideas from a superstitious perspective. Opening your eye (third eye) to the metaphysical science surrounding prayer, the Trinity, and the Cross, for example, will evolve your consciousness to more sophisticated levels.

It will positively empower you in your everyday life when you unhook mentally from religious doctrines that effectively block you from plugging into your higher-self.

The rules of religion promote a vibration of fear that keeps you stuck in the quicksand of 3rd-dimensional reality.

Through this course, you will be taught the original ancient Kemetic foundation of those religious concepts were meant to do so that you build a foundation of trust and well-being within yourself that will elevate you to 4D and 5D level of consciousness.

4. You will peel back the layers of Egyptian mythology from the Ancient African paradigm that will effectively unlock the biblical allegories and shower you with the knowledge to open portals to your own wisdom.

You will plug into universal truths that will be more powerful and psychologically uplifting than how you were taught in church.

By the end of the course, you will have a more profound and evolved understanding of repackaged confusing and contradictive religious doctrines.

You will choose to live life from the consciousness of an empowered god/goddess.

You will achieve a level of liberation mentally and psychologically that will cause you to wonder what took you so long to get here.

You will discover the treasure of a liberating way of life that will free you from the confining Europeanized religious cage that spirituality happens for a few hours on Sunday morning but real life is different (secular) than the rest of the week.

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This course was formerly The Ultimate Guide To The Egyptian Spiritual System. The name of the course has changed to better reflect the nature of the content.

Module 1:

  • Learn the Seven foundational beliefs of the ancient Egyptians that include their foundational monotheistic beliefs about God and mankind, the soul and what is the “real” you, and the most important organ in our body that metaphysically connects us to the entire Universe
  • Explore the basic framework of Khemetic science at the foundation of all the Neters like Osiris and Isis; Set and Nephthys; Neith, that will expose Bible personages like Jesus; Mary and Joseph; Lazarus and Martha
  • Develop knowledge of the ancients more comprehensive and holistic term for law of attraction that will help you become more positive and optimistic throughout your daily life because you are enlightened
  • Through the use of analogies, quickly grasp the modern science equivalent of the ancient Neters for quicker and better comprehension that will by default make the knowledge more practical and you will become a better teacher of this ancient knowledge
  • Reframe your way of thinking so you can capture the essence of how the ancient Egyptians believed true wisdom and truth could be gained so that you will automatically become more intuitive and in tune with the Universe
  • Take apart the ancient Egyptian concept of “know thyself,” how it is connected to the Neters that will help build your self-esteem , truly love your own authenticity
  • Formulate, from an ancient pre-colonized African centered paradigm the self-confidence to achieve your dreams and believe in your creator abilities  as opposed to the Christian idea of God that produces self-loathing, fear that holds you back, lack of pride in a form of negative self-talk like “I am nothing without God,” “I am a wretch”
  • Discover the concepts the Egyptians called “The Three Worlds” That will put the Neters in a hierarchy that will help you grasp the framework taught by the Egyptians
  • Reveal why understanding the origin and meaning of a root African word that will give you a deeper connection to the universe and by default will uncover how and why feminine Egyptian Neters show up as personages in the bible related to Jesus, which reveal deeper biblical connections that can confirm and empower you

Module 2:

  • Learn the origin of Amen and what it meant in African spirituality before it was adopted as the ending of prayers
  • Learn how Amen is connected to an obscure group of Neters called the Ogdoad that is a major key to the concept of resurrection
  • Learn the advanced conceptual meaning of ancient Egyptian idea of the Ogdoad and how it relates to our modern science concepts
  • Empower your entire life by understanding the origin of the resurrection and how it was first connected to the Nun

Module 3:

  • Learn what Atum is in the pantheon of the Egyptian Neters, when you understand his function as a Neter and his name as a cognate you will recognize how he shows up in bible scriptures and practical life application
  • Learn how Atum as a basic element and function of the Universe is paramount to understanding how anything is created and manifested in the universe. Without this function you cannot manifest anything in your life, EVER! This is true spiritual science, in contrast to religious superstition
  • Learn the More ancient African concept of the Trinity that will help you better understand scientifically how to manifest more abundance in your life, or the love of your life, the new job, bill money, etc
  • Learn the original function of the Neter that spawned what became the Erroneous Christian Ideas of the devil and Satan
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the Neter Osiris based on a little known secret that gives you insight into his function in the Dwat or “Underworld” and your daily life
  • Learn to recognize Horus as a Neter and how the principle shows up in different levels of the Egyptian “Three worlds”, You will no longer be confused by Horus/Heru, it will become obvious and give you insight into empowering concepts surrounding KRST
  • Learn and understand the Neter Isis by a simple analogy that you learned as a child in grade school the will give you a simple and profound understanding of what she relates to in modern times
  • Learn how the Neters Shu, Tefnut, Geb, and Nut function as Archetypal Elements that will also help you understand Trinities better and take the cover off of bible symbolism like the cross and even more bible personages
  • Learn the true symbolic meaning of the Al-chemical elements of Fire, Air, Water, and Earth and how they are represented by the Egyptian Neters

Module 4:

  • This is a majorly important module for anyone that truly wants to understand the essence of the Egyptian/Khemetic spiritual Science and what we now call the law of attraction
  • Learn the empowering concept of how to get to heaven without dying and what that really meant for the ancients
  • This is where you learn what prayer is and how to apply it beyond Christian indoctrination, In this module learn the deeper more empowering idea of prayer beyond superstition that when applied will cause you to live life more grounded happy, and optimistic
  • Through understanding Ra, you will break the cycle of erroneous Christian Idea of Serving God that was a prescription for Christian “burn out.” By default, of learning this principle you will gain a since of direction and finding your purpose in life. When you apply it you will NEVER again live conflicted and confused about how you should live your life. You will have clarity!
  • Learn why the sun became associated symbolically with Ra and African symbolism
  • Learn to connect what you already know in Christianity to better understand the concept of Ra
  • In this module you will be given a simple but powerful technique, “The Transmutation Method”, that will be a guide to helping you recognize what steps to take on the journey towards realizing your purpose
  • Learn what is truly the “Word” of God that will shock you beyond measure but more importantly use the idea for practical application and empower you in your daily life!
  • Do you know that Christians are taught you have to die to get to heaven, but the bible says something totally different? Learn where the ancients AND the bible said heaven is located that will help you live an amazing life!

Module 5:

  • In this module, you will get and understanding of the Neter Ptah and how he and the Neter Seth became a ball of confusion for Early Christian Fathers, Misunderstanding of Ptah and Seth as Neters is the source of Christian ideas like the The Fall, The Fallen angel, Satan, Lucifer etc.
  • Learn how the Neter Seth and misinformed, psychologically damaged Greek Gnostics and Christian Fathers outlawed sex accept for the loophole of marriage, it will set a foundation to free you from guilt and shame surrounding sex
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the Feminine Neter Neith and why her function is the basis of the most important Christian symbol and a revered saint that is in fact Egyptian/Khemetic science on the level of quantum physics
  • To many “conscious” people spout off that the cross means death. But that’s only because they regurgitate someone else’s erroneous ideas. Learn a deeper Egyptian science meaning behind the cross. It was sacred before Christianity. Without it, you would not exist

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Course Curriculum

section 1
You Have to Think How the Egyptians Thought in Order to Walk the Khemetic Centered Living Walk [12:31] FREE 00:13:00
section 1A
Stop being confused by Egyptian Gods and FREE 00:00:03
The three worlds of the “Neters” 00:00:00
The celestial world and archetypal neters as the cause of all [4:34] 00:00:00
Expanding your idea on the Dwat as a tool to transform your life [10:39] 00:00:00
The terrestrial world and the name Ta-meri [6:02] 00:00:00
Healing the toxic patriarchal hyper-masculine psyche through the divine feminine [23:40] 00:00:00
Understand the four learning centers for clarity of symbolic connections to gain intuitive wisdom [11:55] 00:00:00
The Trinity and its practical application in your love life [8:23] 00:00:00
Section 2
Amen and the Ogdoad 00:00:00
The Nun, the origin and meaning of resurrection 00:00:00
section 3
Ra is not a sun god [6:30] 00:00:00
The Science of Ra in relation to the creation of the universe and life [10:58] 00:00:00
Spiritual Science Life Application: How to get to heaven before you die [23:02] 00:00:00
Spiritual Science Practical Application Prayer: How do I pray now that I don’t believe? Who am I praying too? [22:38] 00:00:00
Spiritual Science Practical Application Serving God: The ancient Khemetic way to serve God and fight off depression [16:10] 00:00:00
Section 4
Atum. Iusu, and Iusaas: The original Trinity [4:36] 00:00:00
The Neter Seth and the origin of the devil [7:40] 00:00:00
Osiris is more than the “god” of the underworld [15:22] 00:00:00
How to interpret your dreams and tap into other dimensions in the Dwat [14:13] 00:00:00
Horus/Iusa/Jesus [3:51] 00:00:00
Anubis as the guide, transformer and the empowering Egyptian idea of salvation [3:56] 00:00:00
Nephthys the witness of the resurrection not Mary Magdalene [3:53] 00:00:00
Isis as mother nature [2:15] 00:00:00
Archetypal Neters Shu, Tefnut, Geb, and Nut as the foundation of creation [6:41] 00:00:00
Section 5
Ptah and the physical world (terrestrial) [8:37] 00:00:00
The Neter Seth, the origin of the idiotic reason sex became sinful with a marriage loophole [14:08] 00:00:00
Neith The Virgin Mary [5:17] 00:00:00
The Egyptian spiritual science importance of the cross beyond Christianity [7:54] 00:00:00
section 6 bonus books
Law of Attraction is only the tip of the Iceberg: Advanced Metaphysical Concepts for Illuminated Living [2:00:00] 00:00:00
The Anatomy Of Manifesting What You Want Every Time: The Forgotten Science Of Prayer Beyond Myth And Superstition [1:30:00] 00:00:00
The Mechanics of Dreams and Their Magic Beyond Interpretation [50:00] 00:00:00
Ultimate Egyptian Quiz 00:30:00
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