What did Africans believe before colonization? This Kemet beginners E-Course is specifically designed for beginners learning the pre-historical Egyptian spiritual sciences. This particular e-course touches on the origins of a couple of Christian teachings and doctrines, that cause torment to millions, as a contrast to spirituality in Kemet. However, the focus is primarily on understanding the basics of Kemetic Science (pre-historic Egyptian metaphysics and spirituality).

Learn the paradigm of how the people of this magnificent civilization thought and lived on a daily basis, different than western beliefs.

Learn why Ra, Atum, and Ptah were erroneously called creator Gods of different cults within ancient Egypt and how truly sophisticated the spiritual science of ancient Kemet was. It’s simple, yet powerful!

Discover the truly ingenious reason the ancient Egyptians used animal heads on the bodies of their “gods” and why they were NOT worshiping animals.

Learn the framework for what is known today as “law of attraction” that originated in ancient Africa and will help you become more intuitive and connect to your inner self.

Get a deeper understanding of the divine masculine and divine feminine and how erroneously it is applied today so that it will become liberating for males and females. Women in Kemet were equal to men, not subservient.

Learn the ancient spiritual system and cosmology translated into present-day terms connected in analogy and metaphor that will allow you to get a deeper understanding of ancient Kemetic thinking and raise your level of awareness of self. Get beyond dates and facts!

Learn their paradigm in thinking that will transform how your worldview and your life by giving you consistency and clarity in your life that you may have never thought possible. With consistency and clarity you gain confidence. With confidence, you will live authentically and unapologetically you! Become as bold as the ancestors! You will step out of a mental box that can no longer contain a consciousness that is expanded and enlightened!

Learn up to date information that is pushing the dates of civilization much much farther back into antiquity. Egypt was not an isolated case with their vast knowledge in ancient Africa. Find out where that knowledge originated and connect to the ancients. Learn a system of though rather than from disconnected meme trivia that may be informative, but nothing practical or useful to change your life. Take this course and you will never again view Africans as primitive and without effect on the world. Click “registration” on the menu above the pyramids to sign up for the E-Course.

Course Curriculum

Section 1
Ancient Khemet Introduction [2:33] 00:00:00
section 2
The black land [6:25] 00:00:00
Where did Egypt Start? 00:00:00
Knowledge of the stars 00:00:00
How old is the Sphinx? 00:00:00
Khemetic Spiritual system overview 00:00:00
The Christian Contrast to Khemetic Sprituality 00:00:00
The Khemetic Cosmology 00:00:00
kemet beginners transcript 00:00:00
Kemet Study Beginner’s Book and Resource List 00:00:00

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  1. Solid foundations


    Easy to digest and detailed introduction to Kemetic Science. The assignments had me digging deep past my own insecurities to answer them genuinely and modern examples of Kemetic science cleared grey spots. This is the course to start your Kemetian journey to an authentic life.

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