Many of the ideas we were given as Christians to worship and revere had their origin in ancient Egypt. We revered ideas like Adam and Eve. We worshiped ideas like the trinity never knowing the philosophical basis of the ideas. In this course I break down the numbers one, two, and three also known as the Creator, Duality, and the Trinity. It will give you a foundation to better understand the Kemetic/Egyptian science of numbers that are the basis of the Egyptian myths and the biblical stories of Adam and Eve, the Egyptian principle of Ma’at and the biblical concept of the trinity. They are all Egyptian in origin.

Course Curriculum

Section 1
Toxic Biblical Creation Story [6:52] 00:00:00
Unit One Transcript The Creation Story 00:00:00
section 1A
Christian Fathers Screwed it up [6:52] 00:00:00
Unit two Transcript Christian Fathers Screwed It Up 00:00:00
Why the doctrine of Adam and Eve destroy self-acceptance [5:36] 00:00:00
Unit Three Transcript Why Doctrine Of Adam And Eve Destroys Self-Acceptance 00:00:00
Duality [2:21] 00:00:00
Unit Four Transcript Duality 00:00:00
The basic framework [7:48] 00:00:00
Unit Five Transcript The Basic Framework 00:00:00
Symbolic Analysis [7:35] 00:00:00
Unit 6 Transcript Symbolic Analysis 00:00:00
Deeper understanding of Ma’at [10:09] 00:00:00
Unit Seven Transcript Deeper Understanding Of Maat 00:00:00
The Formula [10:09] 00:00:00
Unit Eight Transcript The formula 00:00:00
The Trinity and its practical application in your love life [8:23] 00:00:00
Unit Nine Transcript Practical Application Of The Trinity 00:00:00
The numbers four and five as the foundation of all creation and corporeal man 00:00:00
The numbers four and five are the foundation of creation in Egyptian numerology. These elements must come together to create anything in the universe. These numbers are what the biblical allegories are expressing in story form.

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    Be prepared for the best “math” lesson you’ve ever taken. Breathlessly brilliant.