In this e-course, you will connect the dots of bible scripture from its origins, to discover the origin and identity of Jesus, and have the meaning of the Christ revealed. You will get an enlightened understanding of biblical scripture and concepts that changed from the mother of spirituality to the Christian religion.

You will bring to light a deeper understanding of scripture beyond the literal interpretation that has the effect of locking you out of deep spiritual and metaphysical knowledge. By contrasting religion to the spiritual teachings of the originators you will quickly learn the basics of the ancient Egyptian spiritual system that can be used as a framework to develop your own spirituality beyond religion.

This e-course is not about bashing Christianity. it’s about helping those that have doubts about living with the dogma of religion gain freedom from any fear of hell, guilt over the death of Jesus, confusion about living “right”, contradiction over being human and spiritual, and any shame associated with Christian indoctrination.

If you are Christian with questions, learn in the comfort of your home in anonymity. Get a quick and basic primer to set yourself on a course of discovery and peace within. You are born spiritual but taught religion. Know that the universe is a safe and loving place. No longer live life through your fears. Total course time approximately 120 minutes of video. You will get the latest information on ancient Egypt in 9 information-packed video modules. Total time approximately 120 minutes.


Course Curriculum

Section 1
The first Christians [17:57] 00:00:00
Section 1A
the originators of monotheism [16:09] 00:00:00
Life, Death, and the Soul in Ancient Egypt [22:00] 00:00:00
How myth became history [8:08] 00:00:00
How did the Greeks and Romans Miscommunicate the ideas [6:13] 00:00:00
The virgin birth story [8:21] 00:00:00
How can the son impregnate the mother? [4:57] 00:00:00
Heru myth to Jesus [8:57] 00:00:00
Heru, Christmas, and Jesus connection [11:22] 00:00:00
Heru the light bringer [8:04] 00:00:00
The original Christ [17:22] 00:00:00
The biblical connection and conclusion [5:58] 00:00:00

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