How the cross is connected to Egyptian symbolism

Cross connect egyptian symbolism
The double crossing is the foundation of consciousness

The Christin cross is Egyptian Symbolism. The basis of all Egyptian symbolism and myth is numerology. The foundation of the bible is Egyptian mythology, therefore, the foundation of the bible is numerology. Christian fathers knew this. But, they mistook Gnostic allegories as a real person. The number 5 is active, volatile, creative, life, resurrection, re-erection (Heru).

The number 5 is masculine, active, volatile, creative, life, resurrection, re-erection (Heru).
Auset feminine is 2 squared and feminine.

Ausar is 3. Heru the “child”, is the addition of “mother” and “father” or 2 plus 3 which equals 5. See Virgin birth, and resurrection.

The ancient Egyptians taught that every phenomenon is a reactive effect. In other words, there must be opposition or duality in order to have an experience.

To explain that idea via an analogy it is like trying to make a clapping sound with one hand. It can’t be done! You need the second hand that stops or is in opposition to the other hand in order to clap and make a sound.

The ancient Egyptians represented numbers 1 – 10 with dots and lines. This was not by accident or because they didn’t know how to write characters as we do in modern times.

Masculine numbers
Masculine numbers visually uneven

The lines represented how the numbers functioned and how they conceptually connected and shaped each other. The symbols they formed functioned in a certain manner. So goes the cross.

The first crossing is cause absorbed or death. The second crossing is the foundation of life or consciousness. It is the vital phenomenon.


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It’s a deep esoteric concept that is limited by the Christian explanation of the cross. The science behind the configuration is completely lost.

What is also lost by many in the “conscious” community is the underlying foundation of numbers that link the bible and ancient Egyptian spiritual science.

Many want to make the bible and anyone that believes the bible is the word of God the enemy. I completely understand. I was in that same frame of mind for a long time.

But what I realized was that if I was going to reach Christians with the knowledge that can free them from the mental chains of Christianity, I had to walk with them, not against them.

We know that the Egyptian myths are the foundation of the biblical stories. Learning that at the foundation of the myths is numbers ties Christianity and Egypt together. It links Christians back to the ideas of the original teachings.

The teachings before they were misinterpreted and miscommunicated. Learning those links will allow you to connect to Christians in a non-combative way. It gives you a way in that they can accept.

Just don’t lead with Jesus ain’t real! LOL

That door will be shut in your face real quick, fast, and in a hurry!


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