Egyptian Spiritual Science Mastery E-course Outline

Module 1 Exposing the biblical creation story as Egyptian Numerology [18:30]
Unit 1 Toxic Biblical Creation Story [6:52]
Unit 2 Unit One Transcript The Creation Story
Unit 3 Christian Fathers Screwed it up [6:52]
Unit 4 Unit two Transcript Christian Fathers Screwed It Up
Unit 5 Why the doctrine of Adam and Eve destroy self-acceptance [5:36]
Unit 6 Unit Three Transcript Why Doctrine Of Adam And Eve Destroys Self-Acceptance
Module 2 Egyptian Mystery System Mastery: Duality as a basic framework to Decipher Egyptian Symbolism [26:57]
Unit 1 Duality [2:21]
Unit 2 Unit Four Transcript Duality
Unit 3 The basic framework [7:48]
Unit 4 Unit Five Transcript The Basic Framework
Unit 5 Symbolic Analysis [7:35]
Unit 6 Unit 6 Transcript Symbolic Analysis
Unit 7 Deeper understanding of Ma'at [10:09]
Unit 8 Unit Seven Transcript Deeper Understanding Of Maat
Module 3 Egyptian Mystery System Mastery: The Divine Trinity as a basic formula [21:36]
Unit 1 The Formula [10:09]
Unit 2 Unit Eight Transcript The formula
Unit 3 Practical application of the trinity [8:01]
Unit 4 Unit Nine Transcript Practical Application Of The Trinity
Unit 5 Video: How did the name Jesus originate? [3:10]