Experience is real even if the history is not

Allow me to make this clear, there was never a Jesus that is written about in the bible. However, I do understand that as a Christian I had an inner subjective experience that I had to quantify and name Jesus because that’s what I was taught to do by the church. That was my level of understanding.

As I have grown in knowledge, understanding, and compassion for those that “believe” I recognize that when they say and believe Jesus is real they are expressing a very real subjective inner experience. While I don’t believe in historical Jesus, I don’t discount their experiences.

We argue about the history so much that we really don’t recognize the true experience is within us. Think about it! Every Christian that proclaims Jesus is real doesn’t think they are touching or experiencing a flesh and blood individual. What they are talking about is their inner experience.

The foundation of Christian thought is that belief in the “real” person and events told as history is what yields spiritual nourishment to the soul. But this is just not true. Millions have beautiful spiritual experiences that have never believed in Jesus.

Their Christian faith has taught them that the experience they feel is unique to Christianity. That only because of their faith that Jesus lived and died for their sins is because they even have the experience.

What they are not aware of is the experience is not unique to humanity. It is part of a soul in human form having the experience. We ALL have inner experiences. They are “real” experiences.

This becomes my level of compassion for those that “believe.” those of us that know the facts can be ignorant of why believers believe and their very “real” experience they have been taught and told to equate with Jesus.

Us “conscious” folk must grow and evolve as well to be more compassionate. We can know that Jesus is not “real.” But we should not discount what a Christian “feels.” Our inner experiences are very real and our bodies cannot tell the difference. Science has proven that if a sprinter imagines running a hundred meeter dash in their mind that the muscles will fire off in their body just has if they were running on the track! Do you understand how powerful that is? Your mind has power over your body!

When the time is ready we can let them know that Jesus and KRST are different. KRST, for thousands of years, has been about an inner archetypal experience. We can acknowledge the experience even if we don’t acknowledge historical Jesus. When we can do that we elevate ourselves consciously.

That’s also an elevated way to engage with Christians rather than being confrontational. What good does it do to destroy someone else’s faith when they are not ready to take that step? What does it say about the person doing the destroying?

Even if you are just now stepping away from Christianity it is good to recognize what is spiritual and what is religious. You are born spiritual and taught religion. As a soul having a human experience you are always connected to the Source. You cannot ever be disconnected, no matter what religion taught you.



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