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Vatican Church

Vatican Church
The originators of Jesus

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Why is this important?
Where did the idea of KRST begin?
Christian Fathers recruited those that were not very bright or educated
The Catholic Church despiritualized KRST
What’s the difference between Gnosis and “Belief?”
What prompted Christian fathers to ordain Jesus and God and Man?
What was a reason for the Christian deviation?
How would the leaders on earth be chosen?

I’m going to start off this article with a bold and controversial statement about the early Catholic Church that I can definitively prove to you:

The Godman called Jesus Christ never existed and I can prove it using the Bible (more on that another time as this article is about why Jesus was historicized by the Catholic Church). He was an invention of the Catholic Church to legitimize its organizational authority and keep you under their control psychologically, physically, and spiritually. Early Church bishops said so.

Bart Ehrman

I can be 100% confident in my statement because of knowledge I have obtained with knowing where the story of Jesus originated and what truly meant.

Why is this important?

Because “The Church” used this doctrine as psychological warfare on the believers. The strongest of the faithful routinely suffer from low self-esteem, lack of self-acceptance, anxiety from fear of hell and/or getting left behind, lack of self-worth, sexual dysfunction and a litany of other psychological traumas.

Not only do they suffer psychologically, but because of the indoctrination, they believe that they are the problem. So many Christians believe this they think it is simply the normal way to live in this psychologically traumatized state. Therefore, exposing what “The Church” has done is important to the psychological health of millions within humanity.




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I know definitively that Christ, not Jesus, originated in Egyptian mythology that filtered through the Gnostics to the Christians in the first four centuries of the development of Christianity. But there was a need, with the formation of the organizational hierarchy of the Catholic Church, to invent an actual personage for the masses to institute power and control over them. This is why Jesus was born.

I know that sounds kind of diabolically conspiracy theory type stuff. It shocked me to find out why it was done. Dr evil as early Catholic Church bishop

I have had the knowledge of KRST (Christ) originating in Egypt for many years. Many questions I had as a Christian have been put to rest, like will I go to hell for eternity for not believing? I can answer that with an emphatic, HELL NO!

But one question has nagged at me until recently, why was there a need to invent a corporeal (flesh and blood) man? Historically the concept of KRST (Christ) had been around for 10,000 years or more. I know that many years may sound farfetched but evidence supports a much longer timeframe for ancient Khemetic civilization than what Egyptologist say.

Where did the idea of KRST begin?

Krst was part of the theology at the Egyptian temple of Ptah.

Krst was about a subjective inner experience and not a belief in someone that was unique and special Godman. EVERYONE, including women, was potentially a KRST in that it was a spiritual principle.

Everyone was potentially a KRST
Everyone was potentially a KRST (Christ)

Were these Christian men just naïve, dumb, and ignorant? Or were they extremely clever? The answer is yes to both questions.

Christian Fathers recruited those that were not very bright or educated

In order for the dogma to take hold, they did need the ignorant (not knowing)  to comply. As time passed many of them accepted the doctrines on faith. Even back then the general public knew the idea of a man dying for three days and coming back to life was impossible and absurd to even claim. That’s why the Catholic Church came up with the concept of miracles. A miracle means that something is outside of a logical, rational cause and effect connection.

However, they needed to convince others to just “believe” it without question as well. The best converts were the ones that accepted this absurdity blindly and without question. The Early bishops wrote books and letters expressing their theories and hypotheses to each other. They were simply crafting and developing their system as any organization would do today. They knew the best mentality of the people they were trying to attract into the fold. And they wanted them unenlightened and ignorant.

Early Catholic Church recruits
Early Christians recruited a not so smart group of people

In the quote above the early Christian scholar, Origen is stating that Christians are well educated in the ways of God but not to smart in dealing with worldly life. In other words, they were not a learned group of people.

Christian fathers wanted ignorant believers
Those that would simply accept what they were told were the “better believers”

Massey is saying that the historical Jesus is based on faith without the ancient knowledge the concepts were derived from. Those that were the most ignorant were said to be the better believers.

Tertullian, an Early Christian father states:

Christian father we must believe the absurd
In other words the crazier it seems it must be believed!

This was the backstory of early Christians. The dumber the better! I know that sounds insulting, I apologize, but I want this understood in no uncertain terms.

The Catholic Church despiritualized KRST

As stated in the beginning, the Godman Jesus was a fabrication of the Roman Catholic Church to subjugate Roman citizens to the Authority of the Catholic Church. They needed to put in place a leadership that was beyond the questions of the people they were leading. Even if the people couldn’t respect the man or the organization they should never be at odds against God for fear of eternal damnation.

The Bible is as much a political document as it is a religious document. The formation of Christianity is due as much to politics and government as it is theology. They cannot be separated.

For the first two centuries, there were many Christian sects that would be called “Gnostic” in modern times. Many formed under different ideas and different leaders. The Catholic Church version of Christianity won out because of a monumental convert in 313 CE; the Roman emperor Constantine. That conversion essentially married theology, government, and politics.

With the Catholic churches need to legitimize the authority of certain men, It also ushered in a despiritualized version of the Egypto-Gnostic mystery systems.

Here’s what I mean. The Egyptians and their Gnostic pupils believed that the soul was the primary entity that existed. The body was a transitory expression of the soul. The soul experienced your inner subjective world as its learning platform. Your thoughts and emotions are what’s real from the soul perspective.

Your inner world is where “God” dwells. KRST was a principle that connected the inner and outer worlds. But when the idea was made corporeal in Jesus it was forever stripped from the individual to have a valid and unique subjective inner experience. Christian Fathers denounced the Gnostics as heretics for even teaching ideas as your own unique experience was the “real” experience.  This idea alone threatened the authority of the Church because you didn’t need to rely on any bishop or priest for your spiritual guidance. You would simply go within.

Gnosis threatened authority
The early Catholic Church fathers believed personal spirituality threatened authority

Spirituality is about your unique inner experience of your world. It doesn’t have to be like anyone one else’s. This was the basis of Gnosis or “knowing.” Knowing meaning that you experience an idea within you.

What’s the difference between Gnosis and “Belief?”

I will use an analogy to express the concept of Gnosis as opposed to “believing.” When you have an orgasm you experience it within you. You know what an orgasm feels like. It might be so good and powerful words can’t even describe what it feels like. The experience of your orgasm is Gnosis.

Belief is a virgin, that has never had sex, but told how good an orgasm feels. That virgin can give you a dissertation on an orgasm, but never truly have an experience of it. They simply believe what they are told about it and spread the word. Gnosis, therefore, is the personal inner experience. Belief is about accepting the experience of another as your own.

For ancient Egyptians that inner experience was the way to gather true wisdom. For the ancient Egyptians and later the Gnostics, wisdom was the highest form of learning.

De lubicz
Revelation is KRST, reasoning is Jesus

From the Egypto-Gnostic perspective, a true revelation could only come from experiencing that which comes from within you. Christianity made belief the highest state of spiritual attainment. According to Christianity all one has to do is profess they “believe” in Jesus and they are “saved.” That thought process is equivalent to the virgin in the analogy. There was no inner experience. Simply a completely rational thought process. Believing the story rather than experiencing your own truth.

Beliefe is connected to a fake godman called Jesus. But wisdom (ma’at) is experiencing the transformation of KRST (Christ) as a revelation in all areas of your life. We have been taught as Christians that in order to experience KRST (Christ), we must believe in Jesus. There never was a Jesus, but there will always be the Universal principle of KRST.

Christian fathers spoke against anyone attempting to validate their own unique inner experience. In this way, they despiritualized KRST and gave the world-historical corporeal Jesus. Every inner spiritual experience was linked to Jesus and nothing else. They made us believe that spiritual experiences could only happen through accepting Jesus as our savior. It’s just not true. A Christian, Muslim, or Jew can and do have the same type of inner experiences. They are a natural part of a SOUL having a HUMAN experience.

Christianity is despiritualized
despiritualization means your inner experience is invalidated by “the faith”

Above Massey writes of an anti-spiritualistic religion. He is referencing the idea that Christian fathers demonized intuition, dreams as a source of wisdom, trusting your own inner compass, and just about anything that you would experience that could not be validated by the church or guided by those in power.

What prompted Christian fathers to ordain Jesus as God and Man?

What did the men who invented historical corporeal Jesus have to gain from it?

There were many sects in early Christianity claiming they had the “true” knowledge. They were all Gnostic in the first two centuries. Christian Fathers battled with them when the Church began to organize in a hierarchy. Each sect had followers but how could an “orthodox (right knowing) Christian” know the difference between a heretic (someone whose position is disliked or denounced) and a “true Christian?”

How the Christian fathers answered that question was to invent the historical man named Jesus from the spiritual myths of the KRST (Christ). The quote from the book Gnostic Gospels tells you why the Church needed to invent historical, flesh and blood, bodily resurrected Jesus. Why was corporeal Jesus needed?:

The doctrine of resurrection
“The doctrine of resurrection serves an essential political function”

Out of this need to organize leaders was born the secret agenda and the need for a historical Godman that bestowed a succession of knowledge and authority that would be passed on to later Generations. About a decade after the conversion of Emperor  Constantine, the Catholic Church had its first ecumenical council, the council of Nicaea. At this council a number of proclamations were instituted that made sure:

  1. You could define what “true Christians” believed
  2. That certain men could claim authority from God through his son

The first two paragraphs of the Nicene Creed pretty much put in place the theological tenants for forming the organizational hierarchy of the Catholic Church.

Excerpt from the Nicene Creed state:

We believe in one God,

the Father almighty,

maker of heaven and earth,

of all things visible and invisible.


And in one Lord Jesus Christ,

the only Son of God,

begotten from the Father before all ages,

God from God,

Light from Light,

true God from true God,

Here’s what I mean. As stated before, Christianity was Gnostic for the first two centuries. Then they started separate theologically on a couple of points that just coincidentally were paramount to the formation of The organizational structure of The Church.

What was a reason for the Christian deviation?

The Gnostics believed that there was the ultimate creator and then lesser gods (Aeons) that created the earth and the material universe (A departure from Egyptian cosmology). Christian fathers ended up rejecting this aspect of Gnosticism because they believed that leadership on earth should mirror heaven.

There could only be one main leader on earth because there was only one God in heaven. They established a doctrine that is labeled today, “one God, one bishop.” It was not only theologically expedient but political as well to denounce the Gnostic idea of God and lessor Aeons creating the earth.

Organization authority esablished with historical Jesus
The organizational authority of the church was established with historical Jesus

Christian father and bishop of The Church Irenaeus wanted to ensure that the bishops on earth had equal authority as God in heaven. Hence the need for the first part in the Nicene Creed: “we believe in one God, Father almighty, maker of heaven and earth.”

With all the quarreling of the different sects the one God, one bishop decree was made. How could someone tell the difference between a true priest and a false (Gnostic) priest?  At this point is where a historical, physically resurrected Godman was needed. There had to be someone that could confer power and authority to certain men on earth. What better way to do this than by God sending his son to earth?

Jesus invented for political reasons
The politics of Jesus

How would the appointed leaders on earth be chosen?

Jesus was said to have his followers on earth. His twelve apostles (again, Egyptian myth). According to The Church, the apostles all got their messages directly from Jesus. No one else could ever make that claim ever again. It actually mattered that this Godman was walking around some three hundred years before the Nicene Creed was authored. Why?

No one would ever experience Jesus in person again
Catholic Church banked on the idea that no one would ever experience Jesus again in person?

Why? Because no one could confirm a physical person. But he could not be denied either if the powerful bishops vouched for his life and authenticity. The laity had been taught to accept (believe) the decrees of the church on faith and without question. It was part of “THE FAITH.”

As stated before, a physical resurrection was an absolute absurdity even then! Any sane person questioned it and the Gnostics outright rejected it as stated below by Gerald Massey.

Gnostics didn't accept a historical Jesus
Even in antiquity, the idea of a man dead for three days and rising again wasn’t accepted

But because of the need for apostolic succession, the Christian fathers had to make a man that conferred power to his apostles before he left and went back to heaven. It was a political move wrapped in theology. Because the bishops and priest are supposedly in direct succession from the apostles of Jesus, the son of God, then they should be obeyed as God on earth.

The pope to this very day, claims his authority based on apostolic succession.

Pope claims his authority from Jesus
The pope claims his authority from the apostles who claim authority from Jesus

THERE WAS NEVER A GODMAN NAMED JESUS. However, western society has lived the ramifications of a historicized concept called KRST (Christ) for thousands of years before Christianity. The early Catholic Church and its bishops developed much ingenuity to get this idea through to its believers.

Implications of a historical Jesus

Again, there was no historical Jesus. For 2000 years the Catholic Church has banked on the fact that no one could fact-check them. Now that time has come where we can find much information at the touch of our fingertips. There was, however, an African science spiritual principle called Iusa; Heru; Horus. When you can break down the components of the myths from ancient Egypt the historical Jesus unravels in a hurry. I do so for you in my e-course, “The First Christians Didn’t Know Jesus.”

Why is it important to bring this knowledge to light? Personally, I don’t care what a person chooses to believe if it brings them happiness in expressing and being their authentic self.

But being made to believe in the doctrines born in the ecumenical councils of the Catholic Church have caused millions of people much pain and conflict within themselves, to say the least. Be they Catholic or Protestant.

People deal with fears of burning in a lake of fire for all eternity because they did not accept some papal edict. Do you know that Christianity is the only religion with the concept of an eternal hell? Think about how psychologically frightening that Idea can be when placed in the mind of a child. The problem is that child grows up and is still haunted by that idea as an adult. Many adults find out this information and its like being dropped off the side of a cliff without a parachute.  It’s emotionally gut-wrenching.

Here at Khemetic Centered Living, I don’t leave your belief system shattered and busted with nowhere else to go. I connect you back to the origin of those teachings. What you will find is that you don’t have to throw away everything you know as a Christian away. The bible can still be useful when the literal, historical cover is taken off the teachings.


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Its time that we expose these ideas that are harmful and damaging to the human psyche. To humanity as a whole. The most insidious doctrine is one must believe in fabricated Godman in order to be saved from hell. It keeps people locked in fear.

That’s not how it was taught originally in ancient Egypt. It was a beautifully empowering teaching. One that you should at least learn about. Especially if you have suffered from the indoctrination of Christian fundamentalism.

You can free yourself and others from the Guilt, shame and fear these doctrines and indoctrination have produced. But, knowledge and education are the keys. You now have a key that can open doors to mental freedom! Find out more! I can lead you to the door, but you have to overcome the fear and cynicism to become enlightened.

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Namaste (the divine in me, recognizes the divine in you)

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