What my work does for you here at Khemetic Centered Living

I offer a bridge for those that have a desire to grow beyond religious indoctrination, Learn leading edge, authentic Khemetic Spiritual Science that by its very nature will unravel flawed Christian doctrines and its toxic negative programming and uplift your consciousness!

Imagine waking up every day without feeling, sad, and angry at yourself, or depressed because you feel you "fell short." That's what it's like when you can shed the negative and abusive mental programs taught in church. Just like all mental abuse, the negative programming can impact your life for years and years. But just like a fish that doesn't know its in water, you can be unaware of how the negative effects the programming are having on your life until you wake up one day and realized that life has passed by and you wished you would have... (input regret(s) here)

Berenewed Stated!

I thank you for sharing your gift of being able to simplify your knowledge and teachings. I found you on YouTube and after a few videos, I came directly to your website like a thirsty puppy heaping for water! Then….after reading from your website…I cried like a baby! Like a relief feeling…Like heaviness had lifted off me. Then…I started saying…Thank you…Thank you…I believe I was speaking to my higher self Ka. Yet I have so much to learn, embrace and put to practice…I am more in relief than in fear! Thank you! Thank you!

Kemetic Class

Khemetic Class


Reginald Khu-Akaru

Khemetic Centered Living

About the Author

Hi, my name is Reginald Khu-Akaru, I am founder of Khemetic Centered Living, a former middle school teacher, 15 year student of metaphysics, Khemetic science researcher and student,  formally educated and degreed in psychology and an ex-Christian for more than 20 years and STILL recovering from Toxic Christianity's abusive mental programming.

It wasn't enough for me to just get knowledge. As a Christian I always felt something was just not right but I could quite put my finger on why. I wanted the ability to transform my life life in ways that were uplifting and positive. But how I was taught to think and live through the indoctrination was analogous to driving with my feet on the break and the gas at the same time. I lived in constant mental and emotional conflict.

It wasn't until I began to l examine my religion and its indoctrination that I finally figured out why I was always in turmoil. 

My courses and this website are dedicated to helping you unchain your mind from the indoctrination and elevate your consciousness. Not to simply accumulate interesting facts to regurgitate and beat people over the head with.

I know there are thousands of people waking up everyday from toxic Christian programming and realizing they have been taught ideas that have tortured them mentally. But many of them have no reliable source to turn to for guidance. People truly  compassionate and knowledgeable about the origin of Christian doctrines through their Khemetic source are sorely missing.

This is because not enough people really have the depth of Khemetic knowledge where they understand concepts like KRST, The Trinity, and resurrection on the spiritual science level before they became corrupted within Christianity. The lack of knowledge causes them to think in an adversarial perspective about Christianity when it is truly more about unraveling the spiritual science within Christianity that has become flawed through misunderstanding and misapplication.

My passion is to help those that are struggling with transitioning from Christianity and its religious indoctrination. 

When you learn the authentic Khemetic Spiritual system you automatically unravel Christian indoctrination. You will be more compassionate towards yourself and Christians because you understand the errors that were taught in Christianity and how you and others were programmed. You will understand how to begin unraveling the psychological trauma caused by Christian indoctrination.

If you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area I am available to speak and teach.

Do you value yourself?

There will always be free and VALUABLE information given at this website as long as I can keep it running. 

If you are of the mindset that "knowledge" should be free I get it. But let me ask you something, have you ever paid for a book? Did you buy any of the books I have referenced on this website?

If you have then you are fully aware that gaining knowledge is not free and you are willing to pay for it. You have simply fell into a mindset and consciousness that devalues OUR OWN knowledge and wisdom for any number of reasons. You cannot pay money for wisdom, but it always comes with a price.

The end effect of the mindset that we should not charge (because we have low self worth) or pay for knowledge is a cycle of poverty amongst the African diaspora world wide. It is a consciousness that at its root says that what we produce from our own minds and consciousness is not valuable. We rant against white supremacy and racism but yet accept its message that what reflects us and our collective consciousness is worthless and should not be paid for. The fact is, what we have given to this world as a people is priceless, not worthless.

Until we can value and support our own creativity, wisdom, and resources we will forever remain financially spiritually impoverished. It is not enough to simply take something you find helpful and therefore valuable and not give back something in return. That's not how the universe works. It is built on the most simplistic of all universal laws, "what you put out is what you get back."

If you have found no value here Khemetic Centered Living then by all means do not give one dime and don't buy anything. However, if you find the knowledge and information here valuable I humbly ask for your financial support. Ase'


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