What my work does for you here at Khemetic Centered Living

I offer a bridge from a religious mindset of fear and anxiety based Christianity to a more expanded and enlightened Soul Level Consciousness 

Imagine waking up every day without feeling, sad, and angry at yourself, or depressed because you feel you "fell short." That's what it's like when you connect deeper spiritually beyond the dogma you were taught in church. In the teachings Christianity originated from you were taught that you are a unique and beautiful soul having a human experience. As unique aspect of the source of all things, you are living in a physical body for a short time with the ability to live life to the fullest everyday without regret.

Berenewed Stated!

I thank you for sharing your gift of being able to simplify your knowledge and teachings. I found you on YouTube and after a few videos, I came directly to your website like a thirsty puppy heaping for water! Then….after reading from your website…I cried like a baby! Like a relief feeling…Like heaviness had lifted off me. Then…I started saying…Thank you…Thank you…I believe I was speaking to my higher self Ka. Yet I have so much to learn, embrace and put to practice…I am more in relief than in fear! Thank you! Thank you!

Kemetic Class

Khemetic Class


Reginald Khu-Akaru

Khemetic Centered Living

About the Author

Hi, I am Reginald Khu-Ahkaru. I am a recovering Christian and the founder of Khemetic Centered Living, a metaphysical educational membership site and blog, where knowledge becomes wisdom by living through Soul Level Consciousness. I help those awakening to the limiting beliefs and dogma of Christianity to CHOOSING to develop a more enlightened spiritual awareness. When this happens you transition from confining fearful beliefs of religion to having an open and expanded awareness of your true nature and being.

This site is unique in a way that you will not find on other Khemetic sites. The information is researched, documented and goes beyond dates and facts.  My work will show you the difference in living religious and being more spiritual with an emphasis on practical life application. What this will do for you on a personal level is help you develop a deeper spiritual connection, an appreciation for your unique abilities, the beautifully human aspects of yourself, and gain a deeper spiritual connection.

One of the unique aspects of learning the Khemetic knowledge is that it will take the cover off of Christianity and expose many teachings that are in error. This is not meant as an attack on Christianity. However, you will recognize that daily affirming ideas like being born sinful, broken, and unworthy in the eyes of God is a prescription for psychological disaster.

A by product of exposing these errors will cause guilt, shame, and fear to melt away from your entire being. Self-loathing and self-hate are so ingrained within many religious teachings that you are not always aware of how it negatively impacts your life. We will change that here at Khemetic Centered Living by giving you knowledge and tools that will enlighten and empower you.

I recognize that your experience with the Khemetic community may have occurred through negative experiences on social media calling people all kind of names and questioning their intelligence. That will not happen here at Khemetic Centered Living. Your old religious ways of thinking may be challenged but the hope is that it will cause you to expand your consciousness in a way that will ultimately bring you to a state of peace and joy in your everyday life.

The original Khemetic teachings, that were ultimately changed through Christianity, were truly about love for all that are an aspect of the creator and worthy to exist.  As a member of humanity, through all of my work you will be respected and treated with kindness and compassion. Humanity is in need of this knowledge and those that practice and teach it.

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